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Linn Haglund

Linn Haglund, the spirited soul behind Brainy Backpackers, is a travel enthusiast with a deep-seated passion for responsible tourism. Originally from Norway, with Italian roots (and a secret Finnish connection), she has spent the majority of her adult life exploring the globe and immersing herself in a diverse array of cultures.

Her journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Communication that whisked her off to Spain and England, interspersed with an adventurous summer break in Madagascar. She spent several years slow traveling through Australia, New Zealand, and Asia before trying her hand at the corporate world in Norway.

However, Linn soon discovered that her calling lied beyond the confines of a conventional 9-5 job. In 2014, she relocated to Spain for the third time to pursue a career in customer service and sales, all while indulging her wanderlust spirit.

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