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Begijnhof: A Local’s Perspective and Tales of The Past

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Place Details

Name: Begijnhof

Rating: 4.5 / 5

City: Amsterdam

Country: Netherlands

Address: Begijnhof 1, 1012 WS Amsterdam

Phone Number: +31 20 622 1918

Website: Visit the Website

Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday: 9:30am-6pm


About Begijnhof

The Begijnhof is a tranquil escape in the heart of Amsterdam, offering visitors a peak into the centuries-old beguine. Unlike your typical monastic setting, it teemed with ‘beginnings’- women who practiced monastic-like lives, taking vows of chastity yet maintaining the liberties to leave and marry at will.

Narrating tales of intrigue from within the rustic courtyards, paired with an unseen spectral presence, the ancient courtyard can intrigue even the most hardened skeptics. At the heart of numerous tales lies an elusive phantom, a woman known only by her commitment to monastic-like living – a ‘beginning.’

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Begijnhof’s Midnight Specter: The Tale Of The Laundry Basket Lady

Photo of charming historical Amsterdam townhouse in Begijnhof area, featuring classic Dutch design and lush greenery.
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Under the full moon’s glow, the legend goes that a mystical phantom traverses the square around the landmark pump—a ‘beginning’ who returned to her sanctuary heartbroken after an ill-fated love affair. Tied to an unusual condition of avoiding burial with her sisters, her spirit found solace under the lonely shade of a circus cast at the pump.

Clutching a laundry basket, her spectral figure wanders the Begijnhof courtyards as if time never touched this medieval remnant. As the clock strikes one, she vanishes, inexplicably punctual, leaving the echo of her story reverberating through the square.

Do you, too, have a chilling tale from Amsterdam’s winding canals and age-old structures? Let’s expose the city’s ghostly underbelly together.

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