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Vondelpark: An Oasis in the Heart of Amsterdam

Place Details

Name: Vondelpark

Rating: 4.7 / 5

City: Amsterdam

Country: Netherlands

Address: Amsterdam

Website: Visit the Website

Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday: Open 24 Hours


About Vondelpark

I’ve always said a lot about a city based on parks, and Vondelpark is a great example of a true reflection of the chaos and dynamic city life that Amsterdam offers the park. You have the hippies hanging out, people from all over the world listening to all types of music and enjoying the weather, and the athletes playing soccer and sports on one side. Vondelpark has an incredible amount of history, but it’s truly the cultural vibe here that makes this park so incredibly popular.

Regional Guides

There are plenty of great things to do in Vondelpark, including two different cafes with kids’ parks attached to them called Speeltuin in Dutch. One is called the Groot Melkhuis, which features a playground in the back and a cafe with canal-side seating offering drinks and food. There’s a full restaurant on one side of the Groot Melkhuis and a cafe on the other with a terrace.

Vondelpark scenery with greenery, calm waters, and Dutch architecture
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

In addition to that, there’s also Vondeltuin, which features a giant sandbox and playground and a cafe serving drinks, cocktails, wine, beer, and food like fries, bitterballen, and other Dutch delights. Beyond this, a kid’s swimming pool is also known as the Kinderbad.

The Vondelpark also features plenty of other great things to do, like the Rose Garden, Brewery ‘t Ij, the craft beer tasting room, and a number of ponds, statues, and famous landmarks, making it a great spot to picnic in Amsterdam.

Groot Melkhuis

Tranquil café setting with tables by Vondelpark pond in Amsterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Among the numerous spots to visit in Vondelpark is a unique mention belonging to the Groot Melkhuis. This exquisite café features a kid’s playground called a Speeltuin in Dutch, which encapsulates the soul of Amsterdam with its canal-side seating.

The cafe provides a wide array of drinks and food for the passersby, letting them enjoy the park’s beauty while sipping on a warm cup of cocoa or biting into a sumptuous sandwich. However, Kroofth Melkhuis is more than just a café.

At its back, there’s a delightfully designed playground for children. Families can relish their refreshments as children play in a safe and nurturing environment.

Moreover, it does not have a split face; a full-fledged restaurant resides on one side while the other hosts the café with a spacious terrace. This unique blend of relaxation and entertainment makes Kroofth Melkhuis a must-visit spot in Vondelpark.

Vondelpark’s Hidden Dutch Magic with Delights: Vondeltuin

Vondeltuin Café in Vondelpark, Amsterdam - Serene outdoor café with rustic charm and vibrant community spirit
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Yet another jewel waiting to be discovered in Vondelpark is Vondeltuin, a café noted for its giant sandbox and playground – perfect for a family on a delightful picnic.

A palette of Dutch culinary delights, including fries, bitterballen, cocktails, wine, beer, and other beverages, complement the sandbox’s fun quotient. The café, with its assortment of beverages, caters to every taste bud, making it a favorite hangout spot for Amsterdammers and tourists.

A Dip of Fun – Kinderbad Swimming Pool

Vondelpark is not just about cafes and playgrounds. For the little water lovers, the park houses Kinderbad – a kid’s swimming pool. The pool offers a clean and secure environment for children to splash around and make the most of their day in the park.

Vondelpark Beyond Cafes and Playgrounds

Traditional Dutch snacks and craft beer at 't Blauwe Theehuis, Amsterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Beyond these attractions, Vondelpark brims with numerous other activities and landmarks. From the fragrant Rose Garden to the tasteful craft beer tasting room at Brewery ‘t Ij, the park has corners that connect with everyone.

The park’s many statues, ponds, and famous landmarks make it a perfect picnic spot, offering an in-depth perspective of Amsterdam’s lively culture and lifestyle. Vondelpark transcends the usual city park archetype to become a space that truly represents Amsterdam’s spirit.

The Parrots of Vondelpark

Rose-ringed parakeet in Amsterdam's urban setting
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Parrots in Vondelpark Amsterdam might seem odd considering the city’s northern European geography. Not many can pinpoint exactly how these tropical birds established their presence here.

One tale revolved around a local enthusiast who started a bird colony that, over time, expanded radically. Another somewhat dramatic rendition suggests a truck accident involving an American company. As per this version reported by Het Parool, a newspaper in Amsterdam, the incident led to the large-scale release of birds from exotic locales.

Over the years, these winged nomads have supposedly spread out, marking their territory across Amsterdam. While the real story remains shrouded in mystery, what stands out is the thriving community of parrots that have made Vondelpark their home away from home.

A distinctive feature of the parrots resides in their chosen places – the towering trees. Particularly, they are observed around Groot Melkhuis and Brouwerij ‘t IJ, where they’ve created a micro-tropical oasis within the urban landscape.

Their number observed comfortably in trees demonstrates adaptability and the park’s thriving ecosystem that welcomes diverse species. A trip to the Vondelpark promises a well-spent day.

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