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Address: 228 Rue de Rivoli

Phone: +33 1 44 58 10 10

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Rating: 4.6

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Starting Rates: $2,165.00

About Le Meurice

Le Meurice, a palatial retreat nestled in Paris’s heart, is a timeless epitome of elegance and luxury. Overlooking the majestic Tuileries Garden, this hotel weaves a captivating blend of historic charm and contemporary comfort. A stone’s throw from the Louvre and the shimmering Seine, it’s perfect for culture enthusiasts. Inside, it flaunts Versailles-inspired interiors, with intricate gold detailing and crystal chandeliers adorning grand salons. The 160 rooms and suites are richly appointed, breathing life into the 18th-century Parisian aesthetic. Alain Ducasse’s gastronomic restaurant is a culinary paradise, while the tranquil Spa Valmont rejuvenates the senses. Le Meurice is not just a hotel, but a Parisian icon.


Le Meurice, a luxurious property of the esteemed Dorchester Collection, is synonymous with luxury and comfort in Paris. Situated in the heart of the city on Rue de Rivoli, this captivating hotel is everything one would expect from an establishment and property of its stature.

The hotel boasts a renowned restaurant, Le Meurice, which has been awarded two Michelin stars for its exquisite gastronomy. The hotel offers a comprehensive concierge service that meets all its guests’ needs, providing a seamless and enjoyable stay.

Le Meurice, Paris, also features a heavenly spa that offers utter relaxation and rejuvenation. The Dorchester Collection’s luxury is manifested within Le Meurice’s walls, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled sophistication and tranquillity. It is, without a doubt, the perfect getaway for those seeking luxury and comfort combined.

Overview of Le Meurice – Dorchester Collection

Le Meurice Review Paris
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Le Meurice, part of the prestigious Dorchester Collection, is the epitome of luxurious living in the heart of Paris. Established in 1835, Le Meurice is a dwelling place for royals, celebrities, and artists. Each room in Le Meurice, whether a standard guest room or a lavish suite, is meticulously designed to represent traditional French elegance while offering state-of-the-art amenities for a comfort-filled stay.

The Dorchester Collection stands for excellence and refinement in luxury hotels, and Le Meurice truly reflects these core values. This collection offers an array of exquisite hotels around the globe, and Le Meurice stands as the crown jewel among them.

Every aspect, from the fine dining options to the spa treatments at Le Meurice, is designed to redefine luxury. It provides an unrivaled blend of classic charm and modern amenities, making it one of the most sought-after locations within the Dorchester Collection.

Key Features

Le Meurice, Dorchester Collection, is one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris, France. Featuring a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, Hotel Le Meurice has been known for its grandeur since its inception. With a panoramic view of the Louvre Museum, guests can book a room or suite with elegant Louis XVI-inspired designs.

Review of this hotel often highlights its Michelin-starred restaurant, managed by the world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse, offering a delectable culinary journey amidst gilded decor inspired by the Salon de la Paix at Versailles.

Le Meurice also features a world-class spa with a steam room named after the famous French architect Charles Garnier, where guests can indulge in various treatments and therapies.

The hotel provides seamless 24-hour room service and has a professional concierge team to assist guests at all times. With such an elaborate infrastructure, Le Meurice ensures a seamless check-in and check-out experience and a memorable stay.

Hotel Name Location Room Types Amenities
Le Meurice Paris 228 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France Classic Room, Superior Room, Deluxe Room, Junior Suite, Suite, Presidential Suite Michelin-starred restaurant, Bar, Spa, Fitness Center, Meeting Rooms, Concierge, Room Service, Free Wi-Fi

Reviews for Le Meurice Dorchester Collection

Reviews for Le Meurice, a renowned luxury hotel in Paris, tend to be overwhelmingly positive, with countless accolades highlighting its elegance and exceptional service. Le Meurice, famously known for its decadent décor and desirable location, continuously receives raving guest reviews that praise its unique blend of classic luxury and modern comfort. Many reviewers mention how well the room is decorated and the thoughtfulness of the interior design at Le Meurice.

They often commend the hotel staff’s attentiveness and professionalism that goes above and beyond in catering to their needs and requests, as well as further details like how the general manager and concierge promptly coordinated excursions for them, contributing to a highly personalized and superb luxury experience.

Whether it’s a birthday surprise, a romantic rendezvous, or a family vacation, reviewers agree that Le Meurice always hits the mark. These rave reviews continue to solidify Le Meurice’s reputation as a fantastic hotel and a memorable experience for any traveler.

Where Is Le Meurice?

Le Meurice, an iconic hotel in the heart of Paris, is in a prime spot on Rue de Rivoli between Place de la Concorde and the Louvre Museum. Paris is renowned for its romantic, majestic charm, and Le Meurice is no exception.

Established in 1835, this hotel has served its guests unparalleled elegance and service. Its prime location is within walking distance of the Musée du Louvre, and the Tuileries Garden enhances its appeal to tourists and art enthusiasts.

Le Meurice is conveniently located near Charles de Gaulle Airport and is a short walking distance from a metro station. You’ll have no problem getting around the city.

The Louvre, the world’s most famous museum, and the Tuileries Gardens offer proximity to this cultural landmark and an inspirational garden view. The grand opera house, Garnier, not far from here, adds to the city’s architectural landscape. With every room in Le Meurice offering a unique perspective of Paris, it stands as a symbol of the city’s rich history and ornate beauty.

Hotel Services

Hotel services and facilities are vital in making a stay memorable and comfortable. Le Meurice, Paris, stands out among the most prestigious hotels with its luxurious offerings. Guests can delight in their elegantly designed room, equipped with the latest facilities and 24-hour room service. This ensures that needs, whether a midnight snack or extra pillows are promptly met.

Their services include a dedicated concierge professional ready to guide you on city excursions, transportation arrangements, and special event planning. No stay is complete without savoring the culinary delights of their in-house restaurant.

At Le Meurice Original Palace Hotel’s restaurant, guests have an amazing dining experience with a menu showcasing the best international cuisine. Indeed, the hotel’s commitment to providing superb service and facilities sets Le Meurice apart from nearby hotels in the hospitality industry.

Rooms and Availability

Le Meurice offers a wide range of luxurious rooms, each meticulously designed to meet the needs and tastes of their distinguished guests. Varying in size from intimate settings to expansive suites, Le Meurice’s rooms are renowned for their blend of historical charm and contemporary comfort.

The rooms are spacious and warmly decorated, featuring fine furnishings and attractive artwork, evoking an ambiance of sophistication and refinement. The availability of the rooms at Le Meurice depends on the time of the year, and it’s advisable to book well in advance due to the Dorchester Collection establishment’s high demand.

All rooms have a flat-screen TV, WiFi, access to the hotel’s fitness center, air conditioning, and a minibar. Suites with multiple rooms have a separate tub and a grand view of the city below.


One of the most prestigious establishments in the culinary world is the restaurant Le Dali, Meurice, located across from popular attractions such as The Louvre and the beautiful Tuileries Garden in Paris, France. Renowned for its glorious dining space, Le Dali epitomizes luxury and gourmet delight.

The Michelin-starred restaurant Le Meurice is the brainchild of world-class chef Alain Ducasse, who ingeniously crafts an innovative menu featuring classic and contemporary dishes. You can make restaurant reservations inside or from rooms to enjoy a fantastic afternoon tea or breakfast.


Besides its sumptuously opulent meals, Le Meurice is equally famous for Bar 228, a cozy yet high-end bar offering an impressive selection of signature cocktails and refined light fare.

The bar is supervised by experienced mixologist Philippe, whose creativity and attention to detail add a touch of uniqueness and elegance to every drink.

Property Amenities and Services

In the heart of Paris, nestled on the prestigious Rue de Rivoli, adjacent within walking distance to the historical Tuileries and the architectural marvel, the Garnier, they proudly offer our world-class amenities and services.

When you check-in, you will be pampered by their unrivaled concierge service, committed to ensuring an exceptional stay. Whether you need a reservation at a fine dining restaurant or a ticket to a show, their dedicated on-site concierge is your assistant for all your needs.

Le Meurice features a free fitness center, as well as high-speed WiFi. The rooms are highly accessible for disabled guests, and the hotel is friendly to guests bringing pets. The reception staff on the ground floor offers a currency exchange and can help with special requests.

Comfort comes in style with their 24/7 room service, ensuring a homely and luxurious stay. To view prices for their different rooms and services, visit their website.


How much is dinner at Le Meurice?

On average, dining at Le Meurice Alain Ducasse costs around €274. This price typically includes an appetizer/main course or a main course/dessert. Please note that this estimated total price does not include the cost of drinks, as those prices can vary significantly.

What is Le Meurice famous for?

Le Meurice is renowned as a historic luxury hotel in the heart of Paris, France. It is famous for its opulent décor inspired by the Palace of Versailles, its two Michelin-starred restaurants led by Alain Ducasse, and its notable guests throughout history, including royalty, celebrities, and artists like Salvador Dalí. Additionally, it was one of the first Parisian hotels to introduce telephone service, showcasing a pioneering spirit in embracing technology.

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