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What Are the Best Potato Chips? Best Chips for Road Trips

What Are the Best Potato Chips? Best Chips for Road Trips

When it comes to potato chips (or crisps to many of you), there are a lot of different opinions out there. Some people prefer the classic salted chips, while others love getting creative with their flavors. Even those who swear by only eating one specific brand of chip.

Here is a list of some of the most popular potato chips on the market, based on taste, texture, shape, and packaging.

Erm…did you guys get the Will Smith Oscars treatment? Isn’t this a travel blog? Yeah, it is, and what do you think the number one travel snack is? Huh?

That’s what I thought. So, uncomfortable hostility is out of the way, what are the best potato chips for travel? Is there a top road trip chip? Which salty, crunchy snacks are best for the plane?

These are the types of important, consumer-focused questions that Via Travelers cares about most, and have been asked time and time again.

We’re aware this list is sure to generate a lot of debate. Let us know how right or wrong we are in the comments below!

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What are Potato Chips?

Slices of Potato Chips

Freaking yummy, but that’s beside the point. Potato chips are a type of snack food. They are made from potatoes that have been sliced into thin strips and then normally deep-fried. Nowadays many potato chips are baked, rather than fried.

Potato chips are a popular snack food on the go and are often served with dips or sauces outside the realm of travel and eating on the go. There are countless different brands of potato chips on the market, so it can be challenging to know which ones are the best.

There are some name brands that are kinda garbage, and some store brands that make chips that are more suitable for gods rather than us mere mortals. Every nation on Earth has hundreds, if not thousands of different flavors, varieties, and brands of potato chips – and that’s just counting potatoes.

Do you even have any idea what can be made in delicious chips and which chips are most popular or prolific in each country? Do you?!

And you thought reviewing potato chips was irrelevant to a travel site. For shame.

History of Potato Chips

Potato chips are a popular snack food that is made from thin slices of potatoes that are deep-fried. George Crum supposedly invented potato chips in 1853. Crum was a chef at a restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York. One day, a customer complained that his French fries were too thick and soggy.

Crum decided to slice the potatoes very thin and fry them until they were crispy. The customer liked the new dish, and potato chips were born. Nowadays potato chips form the largest snack food sector in all markets.

Different Types of Potato Chips

Nowadays, there are two main types of potato chips; baked and fried.

The Baked Potato Chip

Bowl of Bake Potato Chips

Baked potato chips are a healthier option than regular chips. They are made with potatoes, olive oil, and salt. They are a great snack when looking for something crunchy and salty.

There are many brands of baked potato chips on the market, but some of the best include Kettle Brand, Lay’s, and Cape Cod.

These brands offer a variety of flavors and textures, so you’re sure to find one that you love. If you’re looking for a healthier option, try baked chips instead of regular chips. You’ll be glad you did!

The Fried Potato Chip

Bowl of Fried Potato Chips and a Glass of Beer

There are many different potato chips on the market, but which one is the best? In my opinion, the best potato chips are those that are fried.

The simple reason for this is variety. There is a wider variety of delicious fried chips out there because it is faster, easier, and cheaper to make potato chips by frying them than by baking them.
Then, there are the techniques employed in frying these slices of crunchy heaven. One of the most popular types of fried potato chips is extra-crunchy and super-adult kettle-cooked chips.

Kettle-cooked chips are a type of chip that is made by boiling potatoes in oil. The potatoes are then cut into thin slices and fried in oil at a low temperature.

Baked Potato Chip vs Fried Potato Chips

When it comes to potato chips, there are two main types: baked and fried. Baked potato chips are made by baking potatoes in the oven while frying potatoes make fried potato chips in oil. Both types of chips are delicious, but which is better?

In general, baked potato chips are healthier than fried potato chips, because they’re baked and use WAY less oil. Baked potato chips have less fat and calories than fried potato chips. Baked potato chips also tend to be more crispy and crunchy than fried potato chips of the same thickness.

Oh yeah, I went DEEP here. That said, there are some drawbacks to baked potato chips. Firstly, they often have a weaker flavor than fried potato chips. This is in part the lower fat content (and fat = flavor), and less salt, in keeping with the baked chip’s healthier image.

Secondly, some of them out there can be a bit dry and cardboard-like. That’s right, I said it. If a potato chip can survive out in the open for days and still have the same bag-fresh crunch that can’t be natural.

Thirdly, there are just fewer varieties and options out there, which is kinda sad. I yearn for the baked chip to replace my yummy fried fatties, but alas, it is not this day.

Baked potato chips are the healthier option, but they’re not necessarily the tastiest. If you’re looking for the best flavor, you’ll probably want to go with fried potato chips. However, if you’re looking for the healthiest option, baked potato chips are the way to go.

Why are Potato Chips Addictive?

Potato Chip

Thin and Thick-cut chips for a hearty crunch

There are a few different potato chips to choose from, but my personal favorite is the thick-cut chip – particularly if it’s crinkle-cut. The thick-cut chip is nice and hearty with a crunchy bite, and the wrinkled grooves are scientifically proven to enhance the flavor of the chip.

Thin chips have their place in the world. There’s nothing quite like the delicate crunch of a classic Lays or Walkers chip from the grab bag in your lunchbox.

Plus, store-brand potato chips, typically even thinner (because it’s cheaper) are great “training” chips for toddlers that won’t slice their gums up like a rogue Dorito or Kettle Brand chip.

Lots of flavor options

When it comes to potato chips, everyone has their preference. Some people like a strong flavor, while others prefer a more subtle taste. Some just like the salt – heck I’ve known people to throw out the salt in those salt-you-own bags.

Suffice it to say, there are lots of flavor options available for potato chips. You can find sour cream and onion, barbeque, jalapeno, paprika, and salt and vinegar flavors, yadda, yadda, yadda, but the world is a mighty big place and there’s a ton of chip flavors out there!

Did you know Walkers did a squirrel flavor once? Lay’s makes a cucumber flavor in China. Kettle Brand has delved into Maple Bacon flavored kettle chips, and even Pringles have been known to make mint & chocolate and cinnamon & sugar flavors for the winter holiday season!

Wide selection of brands

There is a wide selection of potato chip brands on the market, so it can be tough to decide which one to buy.

I say large, but I can’t think of fewer foodstuffs that have quite as wide-ranging a market or variety across the world.

Some of my favorite brands include Kettle Brand, Pringles, Cape Cod, Terra, and Walkers/Lay’s.

Many organic and gluten-free options

Organic and gluten-free potato chips are becoming more popular as people become more health-conscious. Some of the best organic potato crisps or chips are made by small companies, such as Abeles & Heymann in Brooklyn, New York.

Provide a satisfying crunch and crispy texture

Potato chips provide a satisfying crunch that can be addictive, and you won’t stop eating. There’s something about a potato chip that just makes it irresistible.

Maybe it’s the satisfying crunch you bite into it or the salty, savory flavor that makes your taste buds come to life. Whatever the reason, potato chips are one of America’s favorite snacks – and there are plenty of brands to choose from.

Yes, it’s true; potato chips have a crispy texture that makes them better than other snacks. The crunchiness of the chip is satisfying and addictive, and it’s hard to stop eating them once you start. No other snack can compare to the delicious crispy crunch of a potato chip.
Fight me on this.

What Makes for a Great Potato Chip?

A few factors need to be considered when trying to answer this question. First, what kind of potato chip are you looking for?

Are you looking for a classic flavor or something more unique? Second, what brand do you prefer? There are a lot of different brands out there, and each one has its following. Finally, what is your budget? Potato chips can range from a few dollars to over $100 for a single bag.

Ultimately, it’s what YOU think is great. Unless those chips are made by literal Nazis or Putin; those chips are awful.

No MSG Is At the Top of the List For Most People

Astute observers will quickly note that the potato chips I’m eating while writing this have monosodium glutamate – like virtually all processed food. MSG is a flavor enhancer that is typically associated with Asian food, but there are a lot of potato chips that have them as well. That’s why you can’t have just one!

According to the Mayo Clinic, there isn’t any link to the reported side effects that MSG has reportedly caused. At all.

Calling the aftereffects you might feel from eating “too much” MSG (which is probably just plain old overeating, because it makes stuff so finger-licking yummy) Chinese Restaurant Syndrome is however kinda racist, as well as unfounded.

If you live in the developed world, you’re eating MSG all the time.

Baked Chips? A Healthy Alternative?

Blergh! Even just a few years ago those baked potato chips used to send a chill up my spine! No – not because of the beast I was feeding during my chip addiction phase – I had lots of pimples then.

I shuddered because most used to taste about as good as eating a salted cardboard box! Oh, children of today, you will never know the pains we have suffered.

The good news is there are a ton of exceedingly moreish baked potato chips to be had these days, and they’ve always tended to have more potassium than their fried counterparts.

There is also typically less fat content and artificial flavors per serving in baked chips, and some varieties offer a boost of Vitamin C as well. As for me, I’ll get my extra potassium from a banana. Not that I would be relying on chips for all my nutritional sustenance, no, that would be crazy…crazy…

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Unique Flavors and Time Tested Favorites Bring It Home

What ultimately makes a potato chip rise to the top or fall to a miserable failure is the flavor of the chip.

You want some extra powder on your fingers if you’re getting cheese-flavored chips, right? If you’re eating sour cream and onion, you should be caked in cream and onion powder! Those barbecue chips? You should be able to baste some spareribs with your fingers when you’re done with them!

But then again, do you want all flavors to cake your fingies? Swimming in salt n’ vinegar, cheese and onion, or jalapeno might be too much!

Do you see? The important questions! There’s also got to be a uniqueness to the flavor. Ok – so nacho cheese is good, sure. However, if given a choice, I’ll take salt n’ vinnies every single time.

Cheddar and sour cream? That’s a winner for me! However, being too unique can be a problem for some – for instance, Lay’s Thai Baked Scallop with Butter flavor is a bit much for me

Don’t Be Afraid of the Local Brands

Did you know that there are over 1000 different brands of local potato chips in the United States alone that are stocked on just regional store shelves?

Some of these small-batch chips are amazing and deserve the extra price associated with them!

The best one I’ve ever tried is from Rocky Mountain Natural Products. Their jalapeno fiesta chips give you a real kick in the pants through your tongue with a beautiful combination of sweet and spicy.

The benefit of the local brand is that you’re generally getting local ingredients, fewer preservatives, and you’re supporting local jobs with each purchase.

Thick Cut, Extra Crunchy, and Not So Greasy

The final aspect of a great potato chip is the thickness of its cut. Those thin, spindly potato chips that crumble in your hand might taste great, but they make a better batter for baked chicken than they do an actual chip.

PRO TIP: Potato chips are GREAT for making batter!

A potato chip should be thick enough to resist handling breakage (especially when dipped), crunchy enough to provide you with an awesome eating experience, but not so crunchy that you give yourself outpatient oral surgery when you bite down on one.

Curved over potato chips, Kettle chips. I’m looking at you here.

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As a Bonus: GMO-Free

No matter where you stand on GMOs, the fact that some potato chips have begun labeling their products as being GMO-free is helpful to some customers. If you want to avoid GMOs in your diet, you no longer have to completely exclude the potato chip these days. That is a beautiful thing!

Best Potato Chips

A few factors need to be considered when trying to answer this question. What kind of potato chip are you looking for? Are you looking for a classic flavor or something more unique?

What brand do you prefer? There are a lot of different brands out there, and each one has its own following. Where are you going and for how long? This could influence what chips to bring based on quantity and packaging.

Finally, what is your budget? A bag of potato chips can range in price from $1 to over $100 – for a single bag! Let no stone remain unturned – it’s time to answer the important questions about travel.

Here are a few of the best potato chips:

Utz Origianl Potato Chips

Bag of UTZ Original Potato Chips

Utz Original Potato Chips are some of the best potato chips you can buy and are a favorite of the older crowd.

They are made with 100% real potatoes, and they have a delicious, salty taste that everyone will love. It has a perfect balance of salt and potato flavor, and they’re not too greasy. They’re also not too hard or too soft – they’re just right. I always enjoy eating them, and I never get tired of their simplicity.

Wise Chips

Bag of Wise Natural Potato Chips

Wise Chips are a perfect choice if you’re looking for some of the best potato chips around. With a delicious, classic taste, Wise Chips will satisfy your cravings. It is made with only the finest ingredients.

These chips are perfect for snacking at any time of the day. So if you’re looking for a snack that you can trust, reach for a bag of Wise Chips.

The brand offers a variety of potato chip flavors, such as:

  • Original
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Sour Cream and Onion
  • Barbecue
  • Jalapeño Pepper

365 Whole Foods Market Rippled Chips

365 Whole Foods Market Chips are a great way to snack on something healthy and delicious. These store-brand chips are made with whole grains and are a good source of fiber. They also contain antioxidants, which can help protect your body against disease.

365 by Whole Foods Market has a wide variety of chip flavors to choose from, all of which are delicious. My personal favorites are the salt and vinegar chips, but the barbecue chips are also a close second.

The cheddar and sour cream chips are also really good, and I love that there are so many different flavors to choose from. Rank these as some of the BEST store-brand chips around

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Cape Cod Chips

Bag of Cape Cod Potato Chips

The Cape Cod chips are a brand of potato chips made in the United States. The company that produces them is called the Cape Cod Potato Chip Company.

The chips are made with potatoes, sunflower oil, and salt. They come in different flavors, including sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, cheddar cheese, and barbecue.

Terra Organic Exotic Potato Chips 

Terra Organic Plantain Chips are a great choice for those looking for a healthier option for potato chips, or just something a little different.

They do several varieties of vegetable chips but their exotic potato chips with sea salt are my absolute fave. They’re a good source of fiber and vitamins A and C. Some of these brightly colored chips also have a slightly sweet flavor that makes them a delicious snack.

I do have two criticisms; the bags are tough to open and the shards of some of these bad boys may cut you up something fierce if you don’t chew properly!

Kettle Brand Potato Chips

Bag of Kettle Brand Sea Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips

Kettle Brand Potato Chips are one of the best-selling brands of potato chips in the world. They come in various flavors, including Jalapeno, Sea Salt, and Barbecue. Kettle chips are made with all-natural ingredients and are cooked in small batches to ensure quality.

As far as I’m concerned, these are the daddy of all kettle chips, and seeing them in stores, cafes, airports and my own lunchbox brings me comfort and reassurance. Thank you Kettle Brand.

Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Chip

Pack of Lay's Salt & Vinegar Flavored Potato Chips

Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Chip is one of the best chips. They have a great flavor that is perfect for any occasion.

Lay’s potato chips are among the best because they are not too greasy, have the perfect amount of salt, and have a great flavor. They also have a nice crunch that I enjoy.

There are a lot of great Lay’s potato chips flavors, but my favorites are:

  • The salt and vinegar flavor.
  • The classic Lay’s potato chip.
  • The sour cream and onion flavor.

Deep River Snacks Cracked Pepper Potato Chips

Bag of Deep River Snacks Salt & Cracked Pepper Chips

Deep River Snacks Cracked Pepper Potato Chips are one of the best potato chips that you can buy.

They have a great flavor and the perfect amount of pepper. They’re also made with real potatoes, making them healthier than most potato chips.

Pringles Potato Crisps

Box of Pringles Potato Crisps Chips

Pringles Potato Crisps are one of the best types of potato chips that you can find on the market. They have a great flavor and a perfect crunch that everyone loves. Plus, they come in various flavors, so you can always find one that you will love.

Better Made Krinkle Cut

Bag of Krinkle Cut Potato Chips

The wavy chip sounds like Ruffled, and it is the best wavy potato chip. But for the moment, I will think about the magical chips from Detroit.

They don’t have a place everywhere but should have. The chips provided depth, and hearty, russet potatoes taste, unlike any others on the menu.

The scent of earth remained light and airy, though it had an extremely pleasantly airy texture. The aftertaste reminded me of a potato, not stale bread. I’ll never be happy.

The second choice was easily accessible Boulder Canyon – the fruit-filled Avocado Oil. It gives them a delicious buttery flavor.

Deep River Snacks Black Truffle Potato Chips

Bag of Truffle Kettle Potato Chips

Deep River Snacks Black Truffle Potato Chips are some of the best chips that you can buy. They’re made with real black truffles, which give them a wonderful earthy flavor. They’re also gluten-free and non-GMO, making them a great choice for people with dietary restrictions.

Miss Vickie’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chip

Assorted Miss Vickie's Kettle Cooked Potato Chip

These are delicious snacks that can be enjoyed on the go. Miss Vickie started her company in 1987, and Miss Vickie’s chips are now sold in over 20 countries. Miss Vickie’s chips are made from locally sourced potatoes, and each batch is kettle-cooked to perfection.

Miss Vickie’s chips come in various flavors, including Original, Salt and Vinegar, and Cheddar Cheese. Miss Vickie’s chips are also available in a gluten-free option. Miss Vickie’s Kettle Cooked Chips are the perfect snack for your next adventure.

Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips

Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips combine the great taste of sweet potatoes with the crunch of a tortilla chip. These chips are perfect for snacking, whether at home or on the go.

Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips are made with real sweet potatoes, GMO-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free. They’re also certified kosher and vegan.

What’s not to love?

So if you’re looking for a delicious and healthy snack option, be sure to try Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips.

Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips

Pack of Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips

Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips are a popular snack food in the United States and for a good reason. These chips are thin and crispy, with just the right salt.

They’re also very versatile; it pairs well with various dips and sauces. Their chips are made from 100% Hawaiian-grown potatoes, kettle-cooked in small batches using locally-sourced sunflower oil.

The result is a delicious chip perfect for snacking on the go. So if you’re looking for a tasty snack to take on your next adventure, be sure to give this snack a try.

Ruffles Potato Chips

Package of Ruffles Original Potato Chips

Ruffles Potato Chips are a popular snack food around the world. The Ruffles brand is owned by Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo. They are made from peeled and sliced potatoes, then fried in vegetable oil.

The chips are then seasoned with salt and other flavorings. It comes in many flavors, including sour cream and onion, cheddar cheese, barbecue, etc.

These chips are often eaten as a snack or side dish, but they can also be used as an ingredient in recipes. For example, Ruffles can be crushed and used to coat fried chicken or fish.

SpudLove Organic Potato Chips

SpudLove Organic Potato Chips Package

SpudLove Potato Chips are the perfect snack for those on the go. These chips are made from organic potatoes and are fried in vegetable oil.

This gives them a crispy texture and a delicious flavor. These snacks are also low in sodium and fat, making them a healthy option for travelers. In addition, the brand provides chips that are GMO-free and gluten-free. So whether you’re looking for a tasty snack or a healthy option, SpudLove Chips are perfect.

Golden Flake Sweet Heat BBQ

Single Pack of Golden Flake Sweet Heat BBQ Potato Chips

The company was founded in the 1920s and is based in Birmingham, Alabama. Golden Flake’s most popular flavor is Sweet Heat BBQ, a Thin and crispy potato chip coated with a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce.

The chips are available in regular and mini-size bags, and they can also be found in some vending machines.

Golden Flake also offers a variety of other flavors, including salt and vinegar and cheddar cheese. If you’re looking for a delicious snack to enjoy while traveling, these snacks are a great option.

Calbee Mega Potato Chips

Hot And Spicy Calbee Mega Potato Chips

Calbee Mega Potato Chips are a popular snack food in Japan that travelers may not be familiar with. These chips are made from real potatoes, and they are very thick and crunchy. The Calbee company is known for its high-quality chips, and the Mega Potato Chips are no exception.

They have a strong potato flavor, and they are very addictive. Travelers looking for a new snack to try should give these chips a try.

Koikeya Suppo Mucho Chips

Single Pack of Koikeya Suppamucho Potato Chips

Koikeya Suppo Mucho Chips are a popular type of potato chip in Japan. The chips are thin and crispy, and they are flavored with salt and a variety of other seasonings. Koikeya Suppo Mucho Chips are deeply addictive, and it is easy to eat an entire bag in one sitting!

If you are looking for a delicious snack to take on your next trip, pick up a bag of Koikeya Suppo Mucho Chips.

Terra Foods Yakijaga Chips

Terra Foods Yakijaga Chips are a popular type of potato chip in Japan. The chips are made from yakijaga, or mountain yam, a starchy root vegetable.

Terra Foods was founded in Hokkaido, Japan, in 1992, and the company’s chips are still made in the same region using traditional methods. The chips are fried in vegetable oil and then flavored with salt.

Terra Foods’ Yakijaga Chips are uniquely thin and crispy, and they have a slightly sweet flavor. The chips are currently only available in Japan, but they can be ordered online for delivery to other countries. Travelers looking for unique and delicious snacks should try Terra Foods Yakijaga Chips.

Oishi Potato Chips

Oishi is a snack company based in the Philippines. Oishi potato chips are made from thick-cut potatoes that are fried in vegetable oil. The chips are then seasoned with salt and other spices.

Oishi offers a wide variety of flavors, including original, sour cream and onion, barbecue, and cheese. The company also makes a line of Oishi Snacks, which includes items such as pretzels, crackers, and popcorn.

While Oishi chips are not widely available outside of the Philippines, they can be found in some Asian markets and online retailers.

Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips

Single Pack of Jack 'n Jill Potato Chips

Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips are a popular snack food in the Philippines. The chips are made from locally grown potatoes and are flavored with vinegar, salt, and pepper.

Jack ‘n Jill is one of the most popular brands of potato chips in the Philippines and can be found in most supermarkets and convenience stores. The company also offers various other snacks, such as cassava chips and plantain chips.

Crackle Snacks Potato Chips

Crackle Snacks potato chips are a delicious and healthy snack option perfect for travelers. These chips are made with real potatoes and are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

This snack is also certified gluten-free and vegan, making them a perfect snack for those with dietary restrictions.

In addition, Crackle Snacks potato chips are baked, not fried, making them a healthier option than traditional potato chips. Travelers will love the convenience of being able to pack a healthy and delicious snack that can be enjoyed on the go.

Good Boy Bake Organics Potato Chips

Pack of Good Boy Organics Baked Organic Potato Snack

Good Boy Bake Organics potato chips are a great option for those who are looking for a healthier alternative to traditional potato chips. This snack is made with organic potatoes and is baked, not fried. This makes them lower in fat and calories than traditional potato chips.

In addition, they are gluten-free and contain no artificial ingredients. They come in various flavors, including sea salt, vinegar, and rosemary. They are also vegan and Kosher. Good Boy Bake Organics potato chips are a great option for travelers who want to enjoy a healthy snack on the go.

Orion Thick Cut Potato Chips

Single Pack of Orion Muddukdduk Potato Chips

Orion is a potato chip brand that is popular in Korea. The chips are thick cut and come in various flavors, including original, cheese, and sour cream.

Orion potato chips are a common sight in Korean supermarkets and convenience stores, and they make a great snack for travelers looking for something tasty and inexpensive. If you’re looking for a savory snack to munch on during your travels, give Orion potato chips a try!

Haitai Honey Butter Chip

Single Pack of Haitai Honey Butter Chip

Haitai Honey Butter Chip is a potato chip coated in a sweet and savory honey butter flavor. It is a popular snack food in Korea and has gained popularity in the United States in recent years. The chips are relatively thin and have a light, crispy texture.

Haitai Honey Butter Chips are typically eaten as a snack or side dish, but they can also be used as an ingredient in other dishes such as salads or stir-fries. If you’re looking for a unique snack on your next trip, Haitai Honey Butter Chips are a great option.

Panpan Potato Chips

When it comes to potato chips, there’s no brand more iconic than Panpan. What sets Panpan apart from other brands is its unique flavor.

While most potato chips are either salty or savory, Panpan potato chips are known for their sweet and sour taste. This signature flavor has made Panpan a favorite among travelers and snack lovers alike. So next time you’re in the mood for something different, be sure to try a bag of these chips. 

Stips Chips Salted Egg Potato Chips

Single Pack of Stip's Chips

Stips Chips Salted Egg potato chips are a delicious and unique snack perfect for travelers. This potato snack is made with real salted eggs, which give them a savory and salty flavor that is irresistible. In addition, the chips are lightly fried, so they are crispy and crunchy.

This tasty snack is a great snack to take on the go, and they are perfect for sharing with friends. If you are looking for a delicious and unique snack, you should try Stips Chips Salted Egg potato chips.

How to Make Homemade Potato Chips

Cooking Homemade Potato Chips is a great way to enjoy your favorite snack food without all the unhealthy additives. First, you’ll need some potatoes. You can use any type of potato you like, but I recommend using a russet potato because it has low moisture content and is ideal for making chips.


  • Potatoes
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt
  • Flavoring such as Cheese powder, Garlic powder, BBQ powder, Sour Cream Powder, etc. (Optional)

Directions For Cooking Baked Potato Chips

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Cut the potatoes into thin slices with a sharp knife, discarding the skin. Soak the potato slices in cold water for about 20 minutes—drain and pat dry with paper towels.

Combine the potato slices, oil, garlic powder (optional), salt, and pepper in a large bowl. Spread the potato slices in a single layer on two baking sheets. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown and crisp, turning once during baking.

Directions For Cooking Fried Potato Chips

Preheat oil in a big pot. Cut potatoes into thin slices using a mandoline or a sharp knife. Fry potatoes in batches until golden brown and crispy, about 3 minutes per batch. Sprinkle with salt (for with other flavorings) and serve hot.

Final Thoughts

Potato chips are a great snack food, but they’re also an excellent vehicle for delivering your favorite flavors. Whether you want to try something new or stick with what you know and love, there is a potato chip out there that will satisfy all of your cravings.

If these options sound too complicated or time-consuming, don’t worry – we’ve also included a recipe for how to make your potato chips at home. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bag (or two) and get snacking!


What are the best potato chips?

There are many great potato chip options out there, but some of the most favorite brands include Ruffles, Doritos, and Lay’s. They all have a delicious buttery flavor that everyone will love.

What are sweet potato chips?

Sweet potato chips are a healthy alternative to regular potato chips.

They’re high in fiber and vitamin A, and they have a delicious sweet and salty flavor that everyone will love. Plus, they’re easy to make at home, so you can enjoy them anytime.

How do you make homemade potato chips?

You can make homemade potato chips by slicing potatoes thinly, soaking them in cold water, and then frying them in oil until they’re golden brown and crispy. You can also bake them in the oven for a healthier option. Be sure to season them with salt (and other flavorings) before serving.

What are some of the best flavorings for potato chips?

Some of the best flavorings for potato chips include cheese powder, garlic powder, BBQ powder, and sour cream powder. These all add a delicious depth of flavor to your chips that everyone will love.

What are some of the healthiest potato chips?

Some of the healthiest potato chips include those made with less oil, like baked or air-fried chips.

You can also find chips made with healthier oils, like olive oil or avocado oil. These options will still be delicious and satisfying, but they’ll be better for you than traditional fried potato chips.

What are the best gluten-free potato chips?

There are a few great gluten-free potato chip options, but our favorites include Lay’s, whose potato chips are Gluten Free, and Ruffles’ Gluten-Free Potato Chips. These chips are just as delicious as their traditional counterparts, but they’re perfect for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

What are the best-flavored potato chips?

Some of the favorite flavored potato chips include Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips, Doritos Nacho Cheese Potato Chips, and Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips. These chips are all packed with a delicious flavor to satisfy your cravings.

What are the best organic potato chips?

There are a few great organic potato chip options, but our favorites include Late July Organic Sea Salt Potato Chips and Kettle Brand Organic Potato Chips. These chips are made with high-quality ingredients, and they taste great.

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