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The Robot Hut Museum

Tucked away into a lovely spot that can be best described as the middle of nowhere, John Rigg has a little place that he calls the Robot Hut Museum. Getting to the Robot Hut is like taking a page out of a Norman Rockwell painting: the roads are small and winding, the drivers all wave at you as you pass them by, and the pastures are often brown unless you go to visit this place in the spring.

Robot Hut Museum

The museum is located in rural Elk, Washington, which is a little unincorporated corner of the state close to Spokane and the Idaho border. You’re more likely to see a broken tractor being towed by a farmer than advanced tech concepts on these back roads. Yet in the middle of it all lies the Robot Hut, a place you can only tour by appointment.

That’s right – to visit, you’ve got to send John, the owner, an e-mail with a requested date, time, amount of visitors, and everyone’s approximate ages. He’ll let you know if the time works for him.

What to Expect in the Private Robot Hut Museum

His Big Red Barn is a Brand New World

Step into the Robot Hut Museum, and you’ll feel like a time machine has transported you through the history of robotics. You may not even realize it, but you’ve probably seen Rigg’s robot work on shows like seaQuest DSV, The Big Bang Theory, and even Discovery’s Science Channel. There are over 4,000 items in his collection, spanning an entire century of film & TV’s love affair with robots.

Even if you’ve never heard of his name, Rigg’s robot-building skills have reached people near and far – even if he does live in a place where all you can see is farmland. People gather their funds together to own one of these incredible, robotic works of art. When these masterpieces are put up for auction, each starts at a solid few thousand dollars.

You won’t believe your eyes when you walk into the big red barn – there’s a giant robot right on its side. And talk about innovation: Rigg has a ton of robots, from his most recent ideas to unique finished products he’s so proud of. Step inside and explore an unknown world of creativity like you’ve never seen before.

Get ready for an incredible experience as you wander through the Robot Hut Museum. See up-close and personal all your favorite robots from TV – think of The Jetsons’ Rosie, the robot maid, and Star Wars’ R2-D2 and C-3PO – so cool! What a great time you’ll have exploring this section dedicated to iconic robots.

In another corner, you won’t be able to believe your eyes with the incredible full-screen absorbing activity. You’ll get to witness how far humanoid robotics has come – it’s absolutely unbelievable. Just look at ASIMO by Honda and Boston Dynamics’ robots – their lifelike movements and agility will blow you away.

There are rows upon rows of robots, but there are also full-sized replications of some of Rigg’s favorite robots of all time. That makes visiting the Robot Hut an extraordinary adventure for interested customers.

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There Isn’t a Robot That’s Unwelcome

Tucked in with the Santa Claus robots, the God robots, or even Steve, the robot butler, are some very recognizable robot faces: Tobor, B-9, Johnny Five, R2-D2, C-3PO, and even Huey, Dewey, and Louie from Silent Running. The robots tower overhead yet seem friendly, warm, and inviting.

That’s all because of the love that Rigg puts into the creation of each robot. If you get the chance, ask him to pull out the binder of pictures that he has of robots that he was commissioned to create. Every picture tells a robotic story.

Then there are the pinball games with robot themes that dominate one corner of the big red barn. While his neighbors are working on their farms in the hot summer sun, Rigg is undoubtedly tucked into this cool corner of Elk paradise, having a wonderful time in the company of all his robot friends.

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Travel Tips and Recommendations for Visiting

The Robot Hut Museum is a highly-recommended destination if you are a robot fanatic. It’s full of spectacular robotic wonders and treasures, so schedule your visit in advance.

Luckily, John – the fantastic owner – will fit you in if you shoot him an e-mail. So what are you waiting for? Get planning that fantastic trip to the Robot Hut now.

If you’re eager to get the absolute most out of your trip to the incredible Robot Hut Museum, make sure to book your accommodations ahead of time. There aren’t many choices directly in Elk, but nearby Spokane has a number of great hotel options. The Apple Tree Inn is a great budget option, while the Best Western Plus Spokane North would be a step up.

While Robot Hut Museum is the cherry on top of your stay in Washington, there’s plenty else to explore and do. Hop in the car and take a short ride from Elk — before you know it, you’ll be discovering wonders at Riverside State Park or Mount Spokane State Park. Don’t miss out on the outdoor adventure!

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Where is the Robot Hut Museum located?

Based in Elk, Washington, this museum is like an immersive journey through time, taking visitors from the fantastic beginnings of robots to the mindblowing technology we have today.

Is the Robot Hut Museum suitable for children?

Of course! It’s meant for those who are obsessed with robotics and robot history. John Rigg made it clear: if you want to access his fantastic museum, you have to prove it. He wants people he can share all his incredible knowledge with.

Are there guided tours available at the Robot Hut Museum?

You have to schedule an appointment on their website and send an email to the owner for confirmation. He’ll let you know if he’s got any openings so you can check out and tour this awesome spot.

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