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AARDY Travel Insurance Review: Is it Worth It?

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Getting the right travel insurance can give you the peace of mind you need during your trip, but which plan should you choose? AARDY Travel Insurance is the ultimate platform to compare policies and pick the right one for your needs. 

Although traveling to exotic countries and famous destinations is a dream come true for most people, it comes with risks. Think about it; you’re alone in a place with minimal knowledge about the language, culture, and other aspects. 

Apart from that, things don’t always go according to plan, either. What if you have to cancel your trip or your flight? That’s what travel insurance is there for. 

The policy you choose provides a safety net while planning a vacation alone or with your family. This way, you can avoid financial and emotional risks and enjoy your getaway peacefully. 

However, choosing the wrong travel insurance can also lead to nasty consequences, such as unnecessary expenses and minimal coverage. If you want to get the best international travel insurance, check out this AARDY travel insurance review for details. 

What is Travel Insurance?

Before starting my AARDY travel insurance review, here’s a brief introduction to travel insurance for newbies. Look at it this way. Most of us have a home or health insurance for ourselves and our families to protect us when needed. 

These insurance policies cover accidents, natural catastrophes, emergency healthcare, and loans. Similarly, when traveling, you face new risks and uncertainties that must be mitigated before leaving your home. 

For example, you might have to cancel your flight and travel bookings if a family member falls seriously ill. In this case, you will lose the advance payments you made for your reservations. 

Even worse, if you face a health crisis, accident, or lose your baggage in a foreign country, you will need travel insurance to back you up until you reach home safely. 

Believe it or not, as the likelihood of such risks is increasing daily, more Americans are opting for travel insurance plans than ever. Statistically, the number of people covered by travel insurance has increased by 49% from 2016-2018. 

Typically, you can go for travel medical insurance or travel health insurance, depending on your needs. Besides that, some policies cover salient areas like trip cancellations, travel delays, and interruptions.  The more clauses your insurance covers, the higher the costs will be. Apart from medical and trip cancellation insurance, other options for coverage include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Baggage and other belongings
  • Trip interruptions
  • Accidental death
  • Rental car insurance

Which of these aspects you need to be covered depends entirely on your vacation plans and personal needs. 

AARDY Travel Insurance Review

Aardy travel insurance web page

Now that you know travel insurance and the importance of choosing the right policy, let’s start with my AARDY travel insurance review.

While many insurance platforms and companies provide the best travel insurance quotes for individual travelers and family vacationers, you cannot possibly check them out alone. 

That’s why the insurance platform you choose is crucial to ensure you get the coverage you need at an affordable price without going through any extra hassle.

Apart from offering travel insurance deals like other insurance platforms, AARDY lets you compare travel insurance plans and prices.  But is AARDY travel insurance worth the price and legitimate? Go through my complete AARDY travel insurance review for details. 

What is AARDY Travel Insurance? 

AARDY logo

AARDY Travel Insurance is a policy comparison platform that unites multiple insurance companies under one roof. Its system aims to provide the right insurance solution for all travelers.  The type of trips you take and how frequently you take them matter substantially when buying travel insurance.

For example, if you often move across the globe for business purposes, paying heavily for an insurance policy covering injuries incurred during adventure sports is pretty useless. 

Most travel insurance companies have multiple policies that let you pay only for the coverage you need for yourself and your family. However, finding the perfect fit is tricky, and if you settle for the first option, you can spend your money in vain. 

That’s what AARDY wants to help you out with. It has a 5-star rating on Trustpilot with many positive user reviews and a reputable list of partner insurance companies, making it a trustworthy option. 

Besides that, it has a user-friendly interface that lets you find the right insurance plan quickly, with impeccable customer support at every stage of operation.

If that makes you excited enough to protect your travel plans immediately, read the further sections of my AARDY travel insurance review for more information. 

How Does AARDY Work? 

How Aardy works

Are you looking for cheap travel insurance or an insurance plan that fits your needs perfectly? AARDY uses the comparison business model to help users achieve the ideal travel protection. 

If you’re confused about how AARDY works, consider it like When you search for a product you need on Amazon, you get hundreds of search results, all with different price ranges and features. 

This helps you compare which company offers the most reasonably priced facilities. You can also compare the reviews posted by previous buyers to see whether the claims put forward by the brands carry any truth. 

That’s precisely how AARDY works. It is one of the largest travel insurance marketplaces in the US, where travelers can insure their trips using a basic search engine. 

All you have to do is log into the site and get started by providing the necessary information about yourself and your trip. After that, the website will present accurate quotes from more than 30 plans created by leading insurance companies to help you choose your plan. 

You can even filter your preferences beforehand to avoid getting irrelevant search results. Once you find the plan you’re interested in, you can navigate to the insurance provider through AARDY and book an insurance plan for yourself. 

Pros of AARDY Travel Insurance

Now that you know what to expect from AARDY travel insurance, you are probably ready to decide. Before you do, look at these benefits of AARDY to see what you’re signing up for. 

Accessible Interface

The website has a catchy interface that makes it easy to use, even for beginners. 

Multiple Insurance Options

Whether you’re looking for travel medical insurance, trip cancellation, or health insurance, AARDY travel insurance can help you. 

Reputable Insurance Partners

AARDY partners with multiple well-known insurance companies to bring you the most inclusive and affordable travel insurance plans. 

Carefully Curated Plans

You get tailor-made plans according to your needs when you click the search button.


By using AARDY, you don’t have to scrounge through a long list of insurance options, saving you time and energy while planning a vacation. 

Ample Resources

Apart from travel insurance comparison services, the AARDY website has informative resources regarding travel insurance to help you choose the right plan. 

Legit Contact Details 

Unlike other platforms that only provide email support, AARDY provides a direct contact number and a live chat option to reach a representative whenever you want. 

Highly-Rated Platform

Aardy reviews

With more than 4900 customer reviews, AARDY scores a 94% on Trustpilot

Cons of AARDY Travel Insurance

While there are significant positive aspects to AARDY travel insurance, the platform has some drawbacks. Here’s a list to put things into perspective for you. 

Limited Insurance Options

AARDY brings you more than 30 coverage plans that fit your needs for comparison, but they all belong to only 5-6 leading insurance companies. 

Delayed Replies

Although the provided contact number is legit, sometimes it takes time for representatives to receive your call. 

Doesn’t Run Well On All Internet Browsers

The AARDY website is user-friendly, but some user reviews show it does not work well on Google Chrome

Key Features 

For further information, here are some key features of AARDY travel insurance that will help you finalize your decision. 

Travel Insurance Providers

AARDY partners with reputable travel insurance companies from the US to give users the best options available.

Aardy insurance providers

Every insurance company on the platform has an A or A+ A.M rating to ensure the honest handling of your claims. 

AARDY Travel Insurance Resources

Aardy insurance review

AARDY travel insurance resources are perhaps the most attractive facility on the platform. If you’re buying travel insurance for the first time, this website offers all the information you need to help you identify the right plan for yourself. 

You can find productive information about any insurance-related topics combined with crucial aspects like individual specifications of different countries and dedicated reviews of each insurance company. 

Aardy resource

Similarly, the AARDY insurance travel blog features news updates and trends in travel insurance to keep you up-to-date about the industry’s events. 

AARDY Customer Service

Aardy Contact Page

If you face any issues while using the AARDY insurance website, refer to the FAQ page for resourceful answers. Similarly, you can directly call a representative through the number provided or reach out instantly using the live chat option. 

Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use – 5 / 5
  • Value for Money – 5 / 5 
  • Features – 4 / 5 
  • Customer Service – 4 / 5

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AARDY Travel Insurance Alternatives

Undoubtedly, AARDY travel insurance is one of the best ways to compare insurance plans and buy one for yourself. However, if you think it isn’t the right option for you, check out these alternatives: 

Travel Insurance logo is another popular policy comparison website that works just like AARDY. The only difference is that while AARDY only compares plans from 5-6 companies, Travel Insurance partners with more than 15 providers to bring you diverse choices. 

Besides that, the website also includes a learning center with interesting articles and tips for new customers. 

World Nomads

World Nomads Logo Black Background

World Nomads is another website that provides comprehensive international travel insurance plans to fit every need. You can choose coverage regarding adventure activities, trip cancellations, and accidental situations. This unique platform covers lost or misplaced valuables such as cameras, laptops, and smartphones.

Travelex Insurance Services

Travelex Insurance Services Logo

Instead of comparing travel insurance plans from multiple companies, if you want to assess plans directly from a single company, Travelex Insurance Services is the ideal option. 

The website lets you choose two travel insurance plans according to your needs. Moreover, you can customize your chosen plan and only pay to cover your needs. Read our full Travelex insurance review for more information.

Is AARDY Travel Insurance Worth it? 

AARDY Travel Insurance Review: Is it Worth It? (2024)

Did you know that the risks involved while traveling make it necessary to purchase an insurance plan? Read this AARDY travel insurance review for details. 

Product Brand: AARDY

Editor's Rating:


  • Accesible Interface
  • Multiple Insurance Options
  • Reputable Insurance Partners
  • Highly-Rated Review
  • Ample Resources


  • Delayed Replies
  • Clunky Web Browser
  • Limited Comparison Tools
  • Limited Contact Info

It all boils down to the ultimate question: is AARDY travel insurance worth your time? After compiling this extensive AARDY travel insurance review, I can say that the platform is legit and worth trying for those seeking the right insurance plans. 

Not only does the platform offer diverse choices, but it also makes it easy for you to browse through them and contact the policy providers. 

Whichever insurance plan you pay for, keep all your traveling receipts and documents handy to extend your claim in emergencies. 

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