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Meet Our Team

Please say hello to our team of travel experts. We are a distributed team of travel fanatics from across the world.

Kyle Kroeger, Owner & Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Kyle Kroeger at Yellowstone National Park

Kyle Kroeger is the founder and owner of ViaTravelers. He’s also a dad, husband, and seasoned traveler. Kyle started ViaTravelers during a trip to Italy since he’s known to be a street traveler (“via” is Italian for street and a way of means to travel).

Kyle helps travelers find their next adventure through his videography and photography that can be seen on the ViaTravelers YouTube channel, whether it’s exploring new places or revisiting old favorites.

If he isn’t traveling, he’s likely daydreaming about visiting his favorite travel destinations.

James Oliver, Editor

James Oliver

James is a British-American writer and editor for ViaTravelers who has been writing since he was wee. As someone who has spent much time trotting around the globe, James appreciates traveling smart and comfortably, and has every intention of helping ViaTraveler’s readers do the same.

Christy Articola, Contributing Writer

Christy Articola Headshot, Writer

Christy is a writer and avid traveler who lives just outside of Denver, Colorado. She’s been writing pretty much daily for all of her life and surely will for the whole rest of it, too. In addition to writing, she is the owner and operator of a busy pet-sitting business. She loves traveling for live music, traveling to warm and beautiful places, traveling to national parks, and traveling literally anywhere at any time for any reason.

In her free time, she loves spending time with loved ones, reading, sewing, painting, cooking, being outdoors, and planning her next adventure.

Sandy Allen, Contributing Writer

Sandy Allen, Travel Writer

Sandy is a freelance writer based in Richmond, Virginia. Her specialties range from hotels, islands, and yacht charters to theme parks, urban settings, mountain getaways, and other family fun. Her work appears at AFAR, PierShare, Cozymeal, and more.

  • Favorite Destinations: British Virgin Islands, Florida Keys, Outer Banks, New York City, and the Great Smoky Mountains

Woodrow Matthews, Contributing Writer

Woodrow Matthews

Woodrow has been traveling his whole life, having visited all 50 states during his childhood. Formerly a hotel manager, he is currently living in France teaching at a business school, and working on his Ph.D.

He spends most of his free time discovering new places with his wife on the Cote d’Azur and all around Europe. He enjoys writing about lesser-known destinations, hotel and experience reviews, and money-saving strategies for travel.

  • Favorite Destinations: Tahiti, French Polynesia; Cyclades, Greece; Bali, Indonesia

Sheena McGuire, Contributing Writer

Sheena McGuire

Sheena is a freelance writer and a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She is starting her journey to live in as many places as she can and currently resides in Utah with her husband and French Bulldog.

Sheena loves getting out in nature and spends her free time hiking, star-gazing, sunset viewing, and searching for independent bookstores and coffee shops in each place she visits. 

Two bucket list items are to camp along the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park and stay in an over-water bungalow in the Maldives.

  • Favorite Destinations: Atlanta, Moab, Grand Tetons, the Scottish Highlands, the Irish countryside

Tiana Thompson, Contributing Writer

Tiana Thompson, Where Tiana Travels

Tiana is a freelance writer, avid traveler, and San Francisco native who packed her bags in 2019 and headed for Paris, France, where she has lived since.

She is a self-proclaimed foodie and a strong advocate for solo travel who encourages others to step outside their comfort zones and explore the world on their own. She is currently undergoing a Masters in Digital Marketing at HEC Paris and is passionate about using her writing skills to share her unique travel experiences with others on her own travel blog.

When Tiana isn’t busy traveling or studying, she can be found eating her way through the city of Paris, cuddling with every dog she meets, or planning her next big adventure.

  • Favorite Destinations: Chiang Mai Thailand, Zanzibar Tanzania, and the French Riviera

Brittney Liu, Contributing Writer

Brittney Liu

Brittney is a travel enthusiast and animal lover originally from Oahu, Hawaii. She currently lives in the French Riviera with her husband (and our other writer), Woodrow.

She loves discovering new places through food and history. When she’s not traveling, you can most likely find her somewhere on a beach reading a good book. She loves having a mix of luxury and adventure travel. No destination is too off the beaten path for her to want to visit.

  • Favorite Destinations: Milos, Greece; Moorea, French Polynesia; Budva, Montenegro