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Meet Our Team

Please say hello to our team of travel experts. We are a distributed team of travel lovers that believes in a world without borders.

Kyle Kroeger, Owner

Kyle Kroeger is the founder and owner of ViaTravelers. He’s also a dad, husband and seasoned traveler. Kyle started ViaTravelers during a trip to Italy since he’s known to be a street traveler (“via” is Italian for street and a way of means to travel).

Kyle helps travelers find their next adventure through his videography and photography that can be seen from the ViaTravelers YouTube channel, whether it’s exploring new places or revisiting old favorites.

If he isn’t traveling, he’s likely daydreaming.

Favorite Destinations: Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo, Strasbourg, Kyoto

James Oliver, Editor

James is a British-American writer and editor for ViaTravelers who has been writing since he was wee. As someone who has spent much time trotting around the globe, James appreciates traveling smart and comfortably, and has every intention of helping VT’s readers do the same.

Jen Sako, Contributing Writer

Jen is a Pittsburgh-based writer with a background in hospitality and tourism. Her specialties include sales and marketing technology and travel content. When she isn’t on assignment, Jen catches up on her many newsletter subscriptions, watches nocode tutorials, and spends time with her family.

Woodrow Matthews, Contributing Writer

Woodrow has been traveling his whole life, having visited all 50 states during his childhood. Formerly a hotel manager, he is currently living in France teaching at a business school and working on his PhD. He spends most of his free time discovering new places with his wife on the Cote d’Azur and all around Europe.

He enjoys writing about lesser-known destinations, hotel and experience reviews, and money-saving strategies for travel.