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We’re thrilled you’d like to connect with us, and we appreciate your interest in ViaTravelers. Use the information below to contact Kyle or the ViaTravelers team about press inquiries, speaking appearances, and advertising opportunities, or chat about the site.

ViaTravelers is dedicated to helping readers make the most of their travel experiences before, during, and after they happen. Bucket lists are a thing of the past.

No destination is too far, too big, or too small, and certainly, no place is boring. We aim to help our readers finally take that trip they’ve always wanted or learn something from other cultures.

Since 2019, more than 10 million readers have visited ViaTravelers to learn about big and small destinations worldwide, including ways to save for a trip, how to plan a trip, and what products are best to help make those tough travel days seem that much easier.

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More than 1 million readers visit ViaTravelers each month. Our primary demographic is higher-income millennials (ages 25-40) interested in exploring the world while maximizing their travel experiences.

Learn more about our audience and sponsorship opportunities in our Media Kit (PDF).

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Want your product reviewed? You can mail stuff (like travel gear, gadgets, books, and guides) to the ViaTravelers team. We will even review your product for free by sending us the product directly.

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