9 Best Apps & Sites Like Expedia For Travel


Although Expedia is a terrific resource for booking tickets, the dynamic nature of reservation services ensures that you’ll always be able to find a better deal. If buying travel or accommodation through Expedia causes you more jet lag than pleasure, maybe you should look into other options.

Numerous online travel agencies, or “reservation portals,” make it easy for travelers to search for and book flights, hotels, and rental cars.

It doesn’t matter what kind of tourist you are—you may find the cheapest route to a destination or the complete booking alternatives with enormous inventories. We’ve put together a list of the best alternatives to Expedia so that you can focus on the fun part of planning your next holiday!


Need that sweet, sweet info right now? Here’s the lowdown.

Best Apps & Sites Like Expedia For Travel

If Expedia isn’t enough to satisfy your craving for great deals and large discounts, we have listed the best Expedia competitors. Give them a try, and let us know which one you like the most.

1. Booking.com – Best Deals Overall


Why We Chose It:

This market leader has one of the complete platforms for planning trips. We at ViaTravelers use them ALL the time.

Since its start in 1996, Booking has become a leading company and one of the most comprehensive trip planning systems available. On one page, you can look up and book a hotel, plane tickets (including one-way and multi-city flights), tour excursions, and even terminal taxis.

Booking.com has more options per location than most competitors. It has over 28 million accommodations, including hotels, hostels, B&Bs, vacation homes, and high-end guesthouses. The platform also works well for pricing, with flight and hotel prices that are usually lower than average.

The user interface of the website is also easy to use. You can look for a hotel on the home page by listing your destination and dates. Then, use the wide range of options, such as price range and distance from the city center, to narrow down the list and find the best fit.

You can also look for a specific hotel or get ideas by looking at hotels organized by destination, building type, or topics like the best Michelin-starred hotel restaurants in town or the best cities for vegan tourists.


  • Lots of options to choose from.
  • The platform is simple.
  • Several filters to better your search.


  • Difficult to tell whether adjustments can be made with Booking.com or the vendor directly.

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2. Skyscanner – Best Budget Site


Why We Chose It:

You can compare the prices of flights, hotels, and car rentals. Again, these guys are a favorite resource at VT. Use a metasearch engine like Skyscanner (which compares prices from all OTAs, airlines, and other Expedia alternatives for hotels or car rental companies) to find cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals.

You can search with set dates, compare prices from month to month, or choose “Cheapest Month” to help you find the best deals.

There are also options for airports close together or non-stop flights. You can define a search for hotels that offer free cancellation, have a cleanliness rating of 4.5/5 or higher, or are either 3 or 4 stars. They can even help you organize flexible car rentals.

Once you’ve found the best deal, you can click the link to go to a third-party site where you can finish making your reservations.

Do you want to be a free spirit? The Search Everywhere option lists the best deals on all domestic and international flights on the homepage. You must enter your departure airport first, and Skyscanner will show you the good word!


  • Option to toggle searches between specific dates or monthly calendars simply.
  • The Search Everywhere option is useful for last-minute planners.


  • As a third-party website, further clicks are necessary to complete the transaction.
  • Changes/cancellations must be handled directly with the vendor rather than through Skyscanner.com.

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3. Hopper – Best Price Predictor


Why We Chose It:

The firm says to have a 95% accuracy in anticipating the lowest airfare and hotel rates. Hopper has an iOS app and other mobile traveling apps like Expedia that try to save users money on airline tickets by using past data and technology to anticipate when flights would be the lowest.

Enter your desired destination and departure date, and Hopper will provide a color-coded pricing chart showing how much tickets are expected to cost. The lowest-priced color is green, followed by yellow, orange, and red.

It will also suggest whether you should buy now or later. You can also monitor a trip and stay updated about the ideal buying time. In addition, Hopper now includes pricing projections for hotels and vehicle rentals.

It has added new features to “freeze” pricing for a limited period for a cost and unique app-only discounts. While Hopper allows you to purchase flights and hotels directly from the app, some people report they use it more as a research tool before reserving straight with the airline or accommodation.

Want to learn more? Read our full Hopper app review to learn more about how this app can help you travel more for less.


  • The color-coded scheme makes determining the best days to buy simple.
  • The app is simple to use.
  • Ability to track tickets and receive notifications when the optimal moment to buy presents itself.


  • Some users have stated that the software is more useful as a reference source. 
  • It’s uncertain whether Hopper will match a lower-cost trip found elsewhere.

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4. Kiwi.com – Most Innovative


Why We Chose It:

Uses a comprehensive meta-search algorithm to search the internet for the best flights, trains, buses, and other ways to get around.

Kiwi is a good choice for travelers who want to visit more than one city and save money and those who want to travel by plane, train, or car.

Kiwi is a metasearch engine that looks at guided tours from different airlines, puts them together, and gives you booking options if you’re looking for specific dates or more general things (up to 60 nights!).

Some people will find that being able to make more than one reservation for a single trip is more convenient than having to do everything over and over again – I know I do. But you must sign up for the Kiwi Guarantee program if you want to be covered for rebooking and refunds if your reservation is changed or canceled.

With Kiwi’s Nomad option, you can list places you want to go and how long you want to stay there, and the website will give you the most cost-effective routes to think about.


  • Innovative itineraries will get you wherever you need to go if you’re on a multi-stop journey.
  • Kiwi Guarantee provides new flight and cancellation insurance.
  • The nomadic option is appealing to those who value flexibility.


  • It is possible that you will not fly out of the same airport from which you arrived.
  • There is a cost for Kiwi Assurance.
  • Charges a single price for airlines, railways, and buses.

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5. Kind Traveler – Best for Eco-conscious Travelers


Why We Chose It:

A give-and-get business strategy and travel discount site that includes the ability to book rooms with extra perks, easily donate to environmental groups, and more.

A humble hotel booking agency called Kind Traveler said that in 2022, more hotels cared about people and the environment, gave money to charity, let people volunteer, and offered better services like lower resort fees or a welcome gift.

With a minimum $10/night donation to a good cause, Kind Traveler Hotels will give you special discounts and perks when you book a room. Donating to Manta Trust can get up to $33 off the nightly fee at the Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives and other benefits like a food service credit, an Earth Lab or Alchemy Bar session, and hotel rooms.

The group helps fund coastal research to protect the island nation’s huge but fragile reef manta populations. You can choose from more than 140 cooperating places to stay, from the Hawaiian Islands to Bozeman, Montana, to the Maldives. Some charities help with civil rights, the arts, education, and environmental protection.


  • All affiliated booking hotels on this Expedia-like site include a local give-back element.
  • Exclusive discounts and benefits.
  • More hotels are located in some of the world’s most stunning locations.


  • In comparison to other hotel bookings, availability is still somewhat limited.
  • Some of the mentioned conditions are available upon request.

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6. I Like Local – Best for Positive Social Impact


Why We Chose It:

You can choose from various travel experiences for booking vs Expedia while knowing that 100% of the proceeds benefit local partners!

I Like Local is an Agency whose reservation service is meant to send dollars spent straight to the group’s travelers who plan on visiting. Check the site to learn about various travel opportunities in Indonesia, Kenya, and Cambodia. Homestays and farm stays are available, as well as health and cultural activities like culinary and biking tours and spinning lessons.

Choose from drop-down options like trip dates and event types to find an event from a travel booking site, or look at a global map and select a region to see activities and great deals that way.

Since its inception in 2014, the network has grown to 4,000 local hosts in nearly 20 countries. All booking money goes to local hosts as a social impact enterprise. I Like Local has served 16,000 passengers to date.


  • The organization’s commercial model incorporates a social impact goal.
  • Local guides lead immersive encounters.
  • A variety of experiences are available.
  • Those looking for upmarket, luxury activities and accommodations may not be the greatest fit.


  • There is no way to sort experiences by country (though an interactive map is available).
  • No experiences outside of Africa and Asia.

7. Plum Guide – Best for Incredible Interior Design Homestays


Why We Chose It:

Browse and book holiday homes thoroughly vetted and designed with style. Of all the websites like Expedia, Plum Guide provides a truly special service. Plum Guide is a travel booking site specializing in vacation rental lodging—though not just any old home is included in its database.

Each possible property posted on the travel site must pass 150 tests laid out by Plum Guide, ranging from internet connection speeds and bedding and pillow quality to shower water pressure and accessibility to dining, retail, and activities.

You can also search for “pet-friendly homes” or even things like “one-of-a-kind homes in Palm Springs” in their search fields. To see its top locations and a list of all vacation spots offered by Plum Guide houses, scroll to the bottom of its website to see vacation packages, including locations such as Barbados, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, the United States, and Turkey.

Use the navigation option in the top right-hand corner of the travel site to select your preferred currency and price match. Then, just count down the days till your vacation and enjoy your unique, tailor-made rental experience!


  • A carefully picked collection of vacation rentals from across the world.
  • Design-forward.
  • Tensive vetting process.


  • Guest reviews are not published.
  • Other sites have more properties available in more places.
  • More pricey than most on this list.

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8. Kayak – Best for Car Rentals


Why We Chose It: 

You can rely on them at any time. We frequently use them for all sorts of things, particularly car rentals. Expedia vs Kayak is a worthy showdown and no mistake. Their metasearch technology finds and returns flights that match your search terms without requiring you to book with them.

The best thing about Kayak is that you can use a lot of different criteria to narrow down your search and save time looking through results you don’t need.

Choose only direct flights, carry-on or checked bags, times of departure or arrival, airline affiliations, and more. They are about the best place on the internet to organize a rental car.

You can also sign up for Kayak Price Alerts to receive email updates when prices increase, depending on your search parameters.



·       No loyalty program.

9. Hotels.com – Best for Accommodation


Why We Chose It:

Users can easily organize hotel stays via their online site or over the telephone.

Initially started as the Hotel Bookings System in 1991, Hotels.com is a hotel booking service based in Dallas, Texas. Users can select accommodations from a vast database of over 325,000 hotels in around 19,000 locations. The company has approximately 80 local web pages in a variety of different languages.

When searching for hotels or other types of accommodations, Hotels.com is an excellent option to consider.


  • Effective search engine.
  • The rewards scheme is both robust and simple to comprehend.
  • Simple, clean aesthetic.


  • A little bit of an awkward user experience compared to others on this list.
  • Some of the site’s top deals won’t be visible until the page is carefully examined.

Expedia Alternative User’s Guide

Getting ready for it is the only thing almost as exciting as going on vacation. Before you even pack your bags, you can get your wanderlust going by daydreaming about the perfect trip, looking at interesting places to stay, and reading travel guides to find the area’s best hole-in-the-wall restaurants and must-sees!

When there are so many options, it can be hard to plan the flights, transfers, accommodations, and stops, but one of the most important parts of pleasure is having something good to look forward to.

Luckily, many apps and websites can help you book tickets online, so planning your dream vacation won’t be too hard. Whether you like Apple or Android, the best travel booking apps and trip planners will make planning your trip a blast!

What should you look for in the best apps to book trips?

You’re in the app store looking for the best travel planner app. How do you decide between the hundreds of apps that are out there? This is a real fight. In reality, though, some of them will hurt more than help. So, how do you eliminate all the junk on your phone?

1. They Can Be Accessed Offline

There’s no assurance that you’ll have simple access to WiFi when traveling abroad. Restricted WiFi can be a problem if you want to utilize your travel apps in-country unless you have an overseas mobile contract, a local SIM card, or don’t mind paying roaming rates.

Downloadable editions of the greatest travel booking applications are available wherever.

2. They Offer a Reservation Service

If you want the greatest travel planning app, it will offer a booking function. The ability to order tickets and tours via the app makes things easier, whether you’re looking for lodging or tickets and tours. Consider it your one-stop store.

3. They Have Testimonials

Looking for suggestions from locals or travelers who have discovered hidden treasures is the best approach to locating memorable experiences. Travel arrangements can be made or broken based on reviews. With insights and suggestions from experienced travelers, the top travel booking apps will have you covered.

4. They Provide a Translation Feature

A translation feature on your travel applications can be useful when traveling across nations. Using a translation tool, you may go without language problems, making transportation easy even if you don’t understand the native tongue.

There’s an agency to help you manage your next trip if you know what you value most in tourism experiences, such as price, social effect, or elegant solution. Check the small print carefully, as some Tour operators are third-party websites rather than direct providers.

If you’re unsure where to begin, Booking.com is your best option for a hassle-free customer experience and unbeatable deals on flights, hotels, and other travel plans.

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