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Away vs BÉIS: What is the Better Suitcase?

Away and BÉIS are two brands of suitcases that have recently gained popularity in the travel community. 

There are some key differences between these two brands, each with pros and cons. Looking at their prices and how they operate, you may wonder which of these suitcases is right for you. So, rather than make you find this information yourself, we’ve put this Away and BÉIS comparison guide together. 

This Away vs BÉIS guide covers all the important factors—design, quality, size, price, etc.—that will help you pick the right brand for your next adventure.

Away Suitcase Review

Away Homepage

Top Pick:

Away Bigger Carry-On
Blue Away Bigger Carry-On Luggage
Image by AWAY

This carry-on has a durable polycarbonate hard shell. It weighs less than 8 pounds and is small enough to fit in the overhead bins of most major airlines. Its 360° spinner wheels offer a smooth ride. Also, its internal compression system and water-resistant hidden laundry bag make packing easy.

Away is a New York City-based company founded in 2015 by two remarkable women, Stephanie Korey and Jennifer Rubio. 

Since its launch, the company has transformed the travel market by rebranding traditional luggage company ideas. Its carry-ons are popular among the younger generation because they are built to handle all the modern-day traveler’s needs. They include a built-in battery pack, USB plugs, and a water-repellent finish. 

Today, the company has become one of the fastest-growing luggage brands globally. Moreover, Away was valued at 1.4 billion dollars in 2019 and is still showing no signs of slowing down.

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What are the Benefits of Using the Away Suitcase?

  • The Away luggage is made to be your best possible, most functional travel companion.
  • Away suitcases are thoughtfully designed with features that make them practical for everyday and business travelers.
  • Away offers an opportunity to pack light without worrying about flight restrictions on your checked baggage.
  • The Away suitcase comes in various sizes, including carry-on, bigger carry-on, and extra-large checked bag options.
  • Away offers luxury suitcases at prices that accommodate more budgets.
  • It’s a direct-to-consumer travel brand that eliminates the middleman and sells premium luggage directly to the customer.

Key Features of Away Suitcase


One of the biggest challenges with luggage is that it often falls apart after a few uses. This can be especially frustrating if you’ve invested much money in your luggage

Away suitcases are made from polycarbonate or aluminum, durable materials that will last a long time without breaking down or getting damaged. 

The polycarbonate material also provides resistance against impact, thus protecting your bag from damage if you drop it or bump into something while carrying it.

Lightweight Design

One of the biggest challenges with travel luggage has always been weight. You don’t want to waste time at the airport weighing your bags before checking them. Also, you don’t want to pay extra fees because they’re over the limit. 

That’s why the Away suitcase has been designed explicitly for optimal lightweight performance so that you can pack more and pay less. Most Away carry-ons weigh less than 10lbs, so you can pack more without worrying about going over the weight limit.

TSA-approved lock

TSA-approved combination lock
Image by AWAY

The Away suitcase also features a built-in TSA-approved combination lock, specially designed for those who want to keep their valuables safe and secure.

Interior Compartments

Away suitcases also have several compartments for your needs and preferences.  There is a laptop compartment, interior mesh zip pockets, a laundry bag to separate dirty clothes, compression pads to keep items of different sizes in place, etc. 

This makes it easy to pack your stuff and know exactly where everything is.

Built-In USB Port

The built-in USB port and the cable that connects to any wall outlet allow you to charge your devices anywhere. Each carry-on comes with a removable battery pack that charges your phone four times. So you’ll always be able to check Google Maps, email, or Whatsapp.

360° Spinner Wheels

Away suitcases have spinner wheels that spin around. That makes moving through crowded airports and onto a plane easier, making your travel experience less tiring.

Compression System

Away suitcase interior compression system
Image by AWAY

Away’s carry-on also offers a compression system. It allows you to bring more items on your travels. It fits all essentials, like clothes and shoes, when fully expanded. 

But, when zipped closed, it’s slim enough to fit into an airplane‘s overhead compartment easily. Perfect for anyone who likes to pack light and shop while traveling.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Away offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their carry-ons and checked bags in case anything goes wrong. If your suitcase breaks, they will repair it or send you a replacement for free. The warranty covers any issues with the locking mechanism, spinner wheels, shell, handle, or zipper. 

So, if anything goes wrong with your suitcase, send it back to them, and they will fix it for free! It feels good to know that a warranty protects your luggage if something happens to it on your trip.


Away prides itself on taking the best features from traditional luggage companies and improving them while adding its unique features. 

Away offers a variety of sizes, colors, and prices to fit your travel needs. Their smallest bag is carry-on sized and costs a little over $200. The largest bag is a checked bag size and costs over $400. Away offers many colors: navy, black, white, asphalt, lavender, coast, sand, green, and blush.

Excellent Customer Support

Away provides excellent customer service. You can contact them via email or phone if anything goes wrong with your bag. They offer help with your Away luggage and give you solutions to any problems.

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Pros and Cons of Away Suitcase


  • Give you a 100-day trial period to test out their suitcase (so if you hate it, you can return it).
  • Offers Free shipping and returns in the US.
  • A weatherproof shell that protects your stuff on the go.
  • Well built and has a lot of attention to detail.
  • Away Carry-on suitcase fit in most overhead bins.
  • Inner shell with compartments for organization.
  • Offers both hard-shell and soft-sided suitcases.
  • Has an interior compression system to maximize space (up to two inches) and a laundry bag for your dirty clothes.
  • Features black leather details, including a vegan leather luggage tag.


  • The built-in battery takes up to eight hours to fully charge a phone.
  • Although Away Luggage sells itself as the cheap solution to expensive luggage, its products aren’t cheap. Their smallest Carry-on costs over $200.
  • Soft-sided suitcase tends to be more durable than their hard-shell counterparts.
  • Carry-ons handles might feel less sturdy.

BÉIS Suitcase Review

Beis Homepage

Top Pick:

BÉIS Carry-On Roller:
Beis Carry-On Suitcase Unboxed (Black)

This hard-sided carry-on is durable and sleek, perfect for higher durability. Its gradient 3D stripe design is eye-catching, making it a true standout. Enjoy the slow glide of its 360-degree spinner wheels at the airport.

This hard-sided carry-on is durable and sleek, perfect for higher durability. Its gradient 3D stripe design is eye-catching, making it a true standout. Enjoy the slow glide of its 360-degree spinner wheels at the airport.

BÉIS Travel is a line of suitcases and other travel accessories founded by an aspiring Canadian actress and creative entrepreneur named Shay Mitchell. After years of lugging around bags that were either too heavy or too cheap to last through airport check-in, she decided to create something for women like herself: chic, practical, and durable travel accessories at an attainable price point and it is also sold on

Drawing from her experiences and passion for exploring, BÉIS offers innovative, simple solutions for the modern traveler. Whether packing for a weekend getaway or a more extended excursion, BÉIS offers you the gear to get there in style. 

She said she noticed that there weren’t many suitcases out there that were durable and stylish. So, BÉIS was her attempt to fill that void. BÉIS carry-ons feature bright colors and patterns to make air travel more fun.

Since the launch of their first collection in 2018, they’ve grown into so much more with the addition of travel accessories, luggage tags, packing cubes, pouches, and more. BÉIS suitcase offers a wide range of affordable, stylish, and functional travel gear. All bags are trendy yet sturdy enough to last years, even with frequent use. 

What are the Benefits of Using a BÉIS Suitcase?

The BÉIS carry-on luggage is understated, elegant, and functional. It will be your new go-to for all your adventures, business trips, and vacations! Following are a few main benefits of using a BÉIS suitcase:

  • The greatest advantage of using a BÉIS suitcase is that you can travel in style while remaining as organized as possible.
  • All suitcases are easy to pack and unpack, allowing you to pack for a weekend trip or an extended vacation quickly.
  • BÉIS offers a variety of colors so that you can select a color that suits your personality, attire, or personal style preference.
  • It’s perfect for travelers carrying all their belongings on an airplane.
  • The suitcases are lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for business trips or family vacations.
  • The best thing about BÉIS suitcases is they’re flexible enough to expand and shrink as needed.

Key Features of BÉIS Suitcase

Lightweight and Durable Material

The BÉIS carry-on suitcase is made from durable material built to last. It’s made of lightweight, high-impact polycarbonate. The telescoping handle is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, with a cushioned handlebar for comfort.

BÉIS carry-on suitcase fits in the overhead compartments of most planes. For instance, this should fit just fine on Delta, American Airlines, and United Airlines. But it’s always best to confirm with your airline first.

Built-in Carrying Loop

BÉIS suitcase with carrying loop
Image by BÉIS

The BÉIS has a handy “carrying loop” that you can use to hang your bags. This is a great way to offload some of the weight you carry from your shoulders – particularly if you carry a similar handbag. 

You can connect the shoulder strap through the luggage’s “carrying loop.” It’ll stay safely attached. This makes it easier for you and safer for your belongings!

Waterproof Zippers

The BÉIS carry-on has a water-resistant nylon outer layer with sealed zipper closure to keep water from getting inside the bag. The surface of the bags is water-resistant, protecting the bag from splashes and stains, and is easy to wipe clean. It is an essential feature for travelers who plan to visit rainy regions.

Weight Indicator

The BÉIS carry-on suitcase has a built-in scale near the handle. So you don’t have to try and guess the weight of your bag before you get to the airport and risk being over the weight limit (which is pricey!). The maximum weight for this case depends on your airline.

But most major airlines accept up to 30 pounds for a carry-on bag. This feature alone makes it worth the price tag.


The BÉIS bigger carry-on suitcase has a zippered, expandable section. It enables you to fit more clothes or shoes into your bag without exceeding the requirements for carry-on luggage. 

This is particularly handy when you are on a connecting flight and must store a few extra items. It’s also handy if you fly on a budget airline that charges for checked bags.

TSA Locks

The bag has built-in TSA locks, but they are located on the side rather than on the front of the bag. If your luggage lid is facing up—as it would be on top of a suitcase that’s lying flat—then water could seep into the lock itself.

But when the lock is located on the bag’s side, rainwater’s harder to penetrate the lock. That’s because rain is less likely to get inside a bag if it falls from above rather than from an angle or top-down.

Spacious Interiors with Multiple Compartments

BÉIS suitcase interior compartments
Image by BÉIS

The suitcase’s interior has multiple compartments for easy organization. It includes one zippered mesh pocket and two zip pockets. Also, it has a zippered divider that creates two separate compartments. So you can keep clean clothes separate from dirty ones.

360-Degree Spinner Wheels

All BÉIS carry-on suitcases have four double-spinner wheels that spin 360 degrees. So, you can smoothly roll your bag in any direction you want to go in. No more being stuck behind a giant suitcase that is hard to maneuver around tight corners or narrow aisles.

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Pros and Cons of BÉIS Suitcase


  • Relatively more affordable carry-on compared to other brands. 
  • Limited Lifetime warranty 
  • The carry-on suitcase fits perfectly into most overhead bins on airplanes 
  • Fast shipping around the US
  • International Shipping Available
  • Exciting reward points and discount offers
  • TSA-approved locks and zippers
  • Vegan and Water-resistant luggage


  • Expensive International Shipping Rates
  • Not many colors are available
  • No phone number is provided for product inquiries

Similarities Between Away Suitcase and BÉIS Suitcase

Regarding similarities between Away and BÉIS, several features are common in both suitcases. Some of them are as follows:

  • Both Away and BÉIS were founded by stylish women who wanted to create luxurious, functional, and affordable luggage.  
  • Both brands offer a limited lifetime warranty on their luggage. Any issue with the locking mechanism, spinner wheels, shell, handle, or zipper is covered by the warranty.
  • Both the Away and BÉIS suitcases are made from polycarbonate, a lightweight and durable material used to make many of the best-selling hard-shell suitcases. 
  • The weight of both suitcases is about the same too, because of the material used to make them. Both Away and BÉIS carry-on suitcases weigh under 10 pounds when empty.
  • There are different sizes and colors available for both the Away and BÉIS suitcases.
  • Both suitcases also have TSA-approved combination locks.
  • Next, they both have 360-degree spinner wheels, so you can maneuver your luggage in any direction you want to go in.
  • The carry-ons of both luggage brands have a zippered, expandable section. You can get up to two inches more to fit a little more. 
  • Both the Away and BÉIS’ suitcases come with a hidden laundry bag and multiple compartments for easy organization. 
  • Both luggage brands offer a compression system that allows you to bring more items on your travel. 
  • The carry-ons of both Away and BÉIS fit into the overhead bins of most major airlines.
  • Both brands offer free shipping within the United States. International shipping, however, may cost you a few bucks. 

Differences Between Away and BÉIS Suitcase

Though both brands are known for their appealing designs and functional features, they differ in some areas. Here are some of the significant differences:

  • Away offers a 100-day trial period so you can try out its products.  BÉIS doesn’t currently offer a trial period. However, they offer reward points and discounts to new customers.
  • Away offers more colors than BÉIS. Away carry-ons come in 9 exciting colors, including navy, black, white, asphalt, lavender, coast, sand, green, and blush colors. Whereas BÉIS only has Black, Grey, and Beige colors.
  • In addition to the features you’ll find on both suitcases, such as a retractable handle and two carry handles, BÉIS suitcases have a few subtle design differences from Away. For one thing, each BÉIS carry-on includes a carrying loop and a weight indicator.
  • The Carry-on from Away comes with an integrated battery and a USB port built into its handle. BÉIS carry-on suitcases don’t have this feature.
  • BÉIS suitcases are more affordable than Away suitcases. The BÉIS carry-on roller is available for $200 or less, while the Away carry-on costs more than $250.
  • Away is lighter than BÉIS despite both brands offering lightweight carry-on suitcases. 

Away Suitcase vs BÉIS Suitcase: Side-By-Side Comparison

In the table below, we have compared Away and BÉIS suitcases side by side to give you a clear picture of the differences and similarities between these two brands.

ModelBÉIS Carry-On 21” Roller
Beis Carry-On Roller
Away Bigger Carry-On
Black Away Bigger Carry-On Luggage

8.36 lbs8.4 lbs
Measurements14″W x 9″ D x 22″H22.7″ x 14.7″ x 9.6″
Exterior Material 100% Virgin PolycarbonatePolycarbonate Hard Shell
WheelsHinomoto 360-degree Spinner Wheels360-degree Spinner Wheels
TSA LocksPresent on Side Present on Top
Water-resistant Zipper TapeYesNo
USB ChargerNo Yes (charge your phone up to 4x)
Expendable Yes (up to 2 inches)Yes (1.75 inches)
Weight IndicatorYes No
Colors AvailableBlack, Grey, and BeigeNavy, Black, White, Asphalt, Lavender, Coast, Sand, Green, and Blush
Leather DetailsYes (including a black leather luggage tag)No
Butterfly OpeningYesYes
Interior Compression SystemYesYes
Hidden Laundry BagYesYes
WarrantyLimited-lifetime Warranty Limited-lifetime Warranty 
Free ShippingYesYes

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