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Monos Luggage Review: Is it Worth it?

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Some travelers overlook it, but the right luggage can significantly improve your travel experience. Without a good one, traveling can be stressful. Luggage protects your travel accessories during the trip. Furthermore, it helps you keep them arranged.

There are numerous luggage brands in the market. However, not all regarding reliability, safety, and performance are the same. Monos Luggage is a renowned name with a strong reputation among travelers. If you search for a suitcase online, you may come across Monos.

Monos brand is known for making premium quality luggage that meets international standards. Does it stand on quality? Is it worth the money? Let us find out in this in-depth Monos luggage review.

What is Monos?

Monos Logo

Monos is a premium luggage brand that provides a wide range of luggage, travel bags, and other accessories. This boutique luggage company came into existence in 2018. Victor Tam, Hubert Chan, and Daniel Shin are the key people behind the foundation of this brand. They wanted to launch a pocket-friendly luggage brand that does not compromise quality. 

Monos is a Canadian company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. According to the company, Monos is inspired by mono no aware. It is a Japanese concept that means admiration of the beauty of fleeting moments. The company claims to make premium carry-on suitcases featuring timeless designs and practical features. 

Monos Philosophy

Monos Mission and Story

If you go through the philosophy of Monos, you will find that it promotes mindful traveling. It inspires travelers to escape the same routine life and explore new places. Monos portrays itself as an ethical company using sustainable product materials.

It is also an environmentally friendly company with net-zero carbon emissions. It was the first luggage brand to take this initiative. They have received a climate-neutral certification. According to Monos, it donates 1% of revenue to non-profit organizations. 

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Monos Manufacturing Partners

Monos Manufacturing Quality Testing

Monos is very picky about its manufacturers. The company has tie-ups with only a handful of factories that meet international standards. It chooses manufacturers that stand out with a level of premium craftsmanship.

The company states that all its carry-ons pass strict testing. Its suitcases have to survive different travel conditions before reaching customers. Monos luggage bags are waterproof and come with 350 denier polyester interiors. They use Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run wheels and aluminum handles.

Features of Monos Luggage

1. Practical and Timeless Design

Monos Luggage Product Gallery

When looking for a suitcase, you must also consider its design. A well-designed Monos travel bag is appealing to the eyes and practical. It seems that Monos understands this perfectly.

Whether you buy Monos Carry-On or Carry-On Pro luggage, you will notice a timeless classic design. Although the designs are not flashy, they look elegant. You will find that all Monos luggage looks identical, regardless of their sizes and features.

Monos prioritizes functionality and toughness over aesthetics. Their suitcases come with telescopic handles, YKZ zippers, a TSA combination lock, and an internal compression system.

2. High Quality

Monos is renowned for producing high-quality bags and luggage. They use high-quality materials for their luggage and bags. The company asserts that it extensively evaluates its products using 40 tests.

For example, they do tumble tests. They place their luggage, loaded with 16 kg, inside a rotating chamber with obstacles. This test lasts for 25 cycles.

Similarly, they do mileage tests. Monos suitcases with a 25 kg load and an extra 7kg weight on the telescopic handle are rolled at 4 km/h on a treadmill with bumps.

Besides this, the company also does a telescopic handle jerk test. The loaded luggage is lifted and dropped with the telescopic handle 300 times.

3. Adaptive Handles

You will get a telescopic handle on all suitcases. You can quickly release the handle since the button is on the underside. The company utilizes high-grade quality aluminum to make it. They custom-designed the telescopic assembly to fit at opposing 45° angles, which reduces lateral and torsional movement.

4. TSA-Approved Locks

The TSA, founded in 2001, is the Transportation Security Administration in the United States. A lock is a crucial aspect you should pay attention to when buying luggage.

Monos suitcases feature integrated TSA-approved locks that secure the aluminum frame or reverse coil zippers. You do not need to use additional security locks for your suitcase.

5. Durable Exterior

Monos luggage is light in weight but highly resilient. The company uses polycarbonate to make the suitcase’s exterior flexible and durable. They use aerospace-grade material that gets back to its shape again after hits.

6. Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run Wheels

Trolley wheels let you move your suitcase from one place to another quickly. Nevertheless, not all luggage brands use high-quality materials for wheels. Monos suitcases use Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run wheels. They are whisper-quiet. All Monos suitcases have double-spinner wheels that ensure extra comfort, durability, and performance.

7. Multiple Compartments

With most Monos luggage bags, you will get practical zippered storage compartments. They come with a built-in compression pad that lets you pack extra belongings.

Monos luggage contains an exterior compartment for a laptop. Additionally, you get inner zippered pouches for keeping small items.

8. Monos Warranty

All of the suitcases from Monos come with a lifetime warranty for the original owner. They also offer a 100-day trial period on their luggage, where you can test it out around your house and in an outdoor environment (but not travel with it) before deciding to keep it. This is one big reason the business has an edge over its competitors. Their warranty covers the following damages:

  • Broken zippers
  • Cracks or breaks in the shell
  • Wheels, handles, or telescoping handles that break off or are no longer usable

The warranty does not cover cosmetic damages, personal modifications, or tampering.

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Monos Suitcases and Accessories Reviews

1. Monos Carry-On Bag

Monos Carry on Bag

The Carry-On is the base model of the Monos suitcase. It is one of the most-selling Monos luggage suitcases. It is popular because it can fit in overhead bins on most flights.

Furthermore, the luggage has a sophisticated design and firm build quality. It features a resilient polycarbonate body and a sturdy telescopic handle. Additionally, you get whisper-quiet wheels, a TSA-approved lock, and vegan leather details.

Monos Carry-On luggage is available in 8 colors and two limited edition colors. The suitcase can hold a volume of about 39.9 liters. Apart from the suitcase, it includes an anti-microbial laundry bag and two shoe bags, plus a vegan leather luggage tag.

Monos Carry-On luggage is easy to use. You can move it effortlessly since it has 360° wheels and an adjustable telescopic handle.


  • Weight: 7.01 lb
  • Volume: 39.9 L
  • Exterior dimensions: 22″ × 14″ × 9″
  • Interior dimensions: 20″ × 13.5″


  • Water-resistant, aerospace-grade, German polycarbonate body shell
  • Hinomoto Lisof silent wheels
  • Well-secured TSA-approved lock
  • 100-day trial and limited lifetime warranty


  • The light-colored suitcase can see scratches quickly
  • The size of shoe bags and bacteria-resistant laundry bags could be bigger

2. Monos Carry-On Plus

Monos Carry-On Plus

Carry-On Plus is another popular luggage in the Carry-On series. This suitcase has more space than the standard Carry-On model. It can hold a volume of 48 liters. Still, it fits the overhead bins of most U.S. airlines. The suitcase is available in eight colors and two limited edition colors.

Monos Carry-On Plus features an ergonomic handle that supports four different height settings. Similar to the Carry-On suitcase, it also has double-spinner wheels. They are durable and make low noise.

If you are going on a trip for 3 to 7 days, the Monos Carry-On Plus suitcase can easily carry all your clothes and belongings. It has a built-in compression pad, a zippered panel, two shoe bags, and one laundry bag.


  • Weight: 7.38 lb
  • Volume: 48 L
  • Exterior dimensions: 23″ × 15″ × 9.5″
  • Interior dimensions: 21″ × 14.5″


  • 100-day trial and limited lifetime warranty
  • Combination lock approved by Transport Security Administration
  • The company allows payment in 4 interest-free installments
  • Silent wheels that revolve 360 degrees


  • Not designed to fit in smaller planes

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3. Monos Carry-On Pro

Monos Carry-On Pro

The Carry-On Pro is the upgraded version of the Carry-On suitcase. It has an integrated front compartment where you keep your laptop, measuring 15.3 inches. There are three pockets in this compartment. Besides a laptop, you can also keep your mobile phones, tablets, and other essentials.

Additionally, the Carry-On Pro has small compartments for storing batteries, passports, and other tiny goods. The good thing is that this suitcase can fit in the overhead bin of any flight worldwide.

Carry On Pro suitcase is ideal for trips lasting for five days. Like all the above suitcase models, it has vegan leather, a built-in compression pad, shoe bags, zippered panel, and a laundry bag.


  • Weight: 7.8 lb
  • Volume: 36 L
  • Exterior dimensions: 22″ × 14″ × 9″
  • Interior dimensions: 20″ × 13.5″


  • Adjustable telescopic handle
  • Anti-microbial interior fabric
  • Silent Run wheels
  • Water-resistant hard shell made out of German polycarbonate
  • Lockable reverse coil zipper
  • Exterior compartment for laptop
  • 100-day trial with a limited lifetime warranty


  • The exterior compartment might be tough to close if it’s jam-packed inside
  • A little heavier than a regular suitcase

4. Monos Carry-On Pro Plus

Monos Carry-On Pro Plus

Carry-On Pro Plus suitcase is designed for travelers who need spacious interior volume with an exterior laptop compartment. The interior holds 46 liters, while the exterior can fit a 15-inch laptop comfortably.

Carry-On Pro Plus luggage comes with ultra-microfibre vegan leather details. To ensure security, you get a TSA-approved combination lock. You also get an integrated compression pad that compresses bulky items and gives you more space in your suitcase.


  • Weight: 7.8 lb
  • Volume: 46 L
  • Exterior dimensions: 23″ × 15″ × 9.5″
  • Interior dimensions: 21″ × 11.25″ X 1”


  • 100-day trial and lifetime limited warranty
  • Three interior pockets for laptops, tablets, and magazines
  • Three interior zippered pouches to keep mobile phones, cables, sunglasses, keys, passports, and other small items
  • Ultra-microfibre vegan leather details
  • Combination lock approved by TSA
  • Water-resistant hard shell made out of polycarbonate


  • As heavy as a Carry-On model
  • Only two limited edition colors

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5. Monos Check-In Medium

Monos Check-In Medium

Even if you are on a trip for more than 15 days, this suitcase can house all your clothes, laptop, and other belongings. It is capable of holding a volume of 70 L. It is not that heavy considering its carrying capacity. It weighs only 9.5 lbs.

Like all Carry-On models, it features an adjustable ergonomic handle, a TSA-approved lock, and silently running 360-degree wheels. Moreover, the suitcase features dual Y-shaped compression straps, two shoe bags, and a laundry bag. The bag is available in 10 different colors.


  • Weight: 9.5 lb
  • Volume: 70 L
  • Exterior dimensions: 24.4″ × 17.7″
  • Interior dimensions: 26″ × 18.5″ × 10.5″


  • Featuring a polycarbonate cover material
  • Easy to use
  • Hinomoto Lisof 360-degree silent wheels
  • Water-resistant


  • Light colors get stains easily

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6. Monos Check-In Large

Monos Check-In Large

If you are looking for luggage with more space, you can go for Check-In Large. It can hold up to a volume of 99.2 L. It is a suitable luggage suitcase for traveling with family.

The polycarbonate shell makes this unbreakable, while the telescopic handle makes it user-friendly. Apart from this, whisper-quiet wheels give you noiseless handling and a smooth experience.

The suitcase features vegan leather details that give a stunning appearance. Monos Check-In Large suitcase is suitable for a 7 to 21-day trip length.


  • Weight: 10.58 lb
  • Volume: 99.2 L
  • Exterior dimensions: 30″ × 21″ x11”
  • Interior dimensions: 28″ × 20.5″


  • A superior telescopic handle with an underneath button
  • YKK zippers for smartly dressed luggage
  • Well-designed zipper and nylon compression straps
  • 100 days trial period
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Free shipping
  • Integrated locks


  • It takes larger space to store

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7. Monos Hybrid Carry-On

Monos Hybrid Carry-On

Monos Hybrid Carry-On suitcase is compact. It is made out of aluminum and polycarbonate material. The body features polycarbonate, while the parts like the seal and frame use aluminum. Light in weight, the suitcase can carry a volume of 36L. It will accommodate you perfectly if you are on a trip for 2 to 5 days. The suitcase can house all your clothes and essentials. However, it weighs only 8.5 lbs.

The company launched the Hybrid Carry-On suitcase in 2021. You get two TSA locks on this suitcase. Like all the above models, it also uses Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run 360° wheels for comfortable mobility.

The suitcase is outfitted with a zipper-less frame and aluminum corner guards.


  • Weight: 8.81 lb
  • Volume: 36 L
  • Exterior dimensions: 22″ × 14″ x 9”
  • Interior dimensions: 20″ × 12.95″


  • The high-grade, water-resistant outer shell
  • Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run wheels that run 360°
  • Corner guards for damage prevention
  • Telescopic handle with different height settings
  • Color-matched wheels and handle


  • Not sufficient for tours lasting more than five days

8. Monos Hybrid Carry-On Plus

Monos Hybrid Carry-On Plus

As the name indicates, it is the upgraded model of a Hybrid Carry-On suitcase. It has more space than the base model. The suitcase can house belongings up to 43 L. It is designed for a 3 to 7 days trip length. Though it is light in weight, it has an unbreakable polycarbonate shell. The company has used anodized aluminum frames and corner guards to strengthen it.

Inside, you will find soft and eye-appealing 350-degree anti-microbial fabric. Like the previous model, you get matching wheels and handles.


  • Weight: 9.25 lb
  • Volume: 43 L
  • Exterior dimensions: 23″ × 15″ x 9.5”
  • Interior dimensions: 21″ × 13.9″


  • Built-in compression pad to provide enough space in your suitcase.
  • Highly secured locks, approved by TSA
  • Anti-microbial interior fabric


  • It could be expensive for travelers on a budget

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9. Monos Metro Backpack

Monos Metro Backpack

The Metro Backpack from Monos is a stylish travel bag that you can use for daily commuting and weekend trips. This multi-purpose bag uses waterproof nylon and vegan leather material.

There are multiple compartments in this bag. In the main compartment, you keep all your essentials organized. It has several pockets. There is also a dedicated compartment for a 15-inch laptop. You do not need to open your entire bag to access your laptop.

The bag has a shoulder strap that you can adjust as required. It also has a top carry handle to hold it comfortably. Monos metro backpack also comes with the classic kit having QuickSnap. This Monos luggage set is also made with water-resistant microfiber vegan leather. It has multiple pockets to carry a passport, power bank, wallet, etc.


  • Weight: 2.4lb
  • Volume: 18 L
  • Exterior dimensions: 11.5″ × 16.5″ × 6″

Classic Kit

  • Weight: 0.6lb
  • Exterior dimensions: 8.75″× 6.75″ × 2″


  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Nylon finish with vegan leather accent
  • A separate 15-inch laptop compartment
  • Multiple pockets
  • Comes with the Metro Classic Kit
  • Snap-on classic kit


  • Limited color options

10. Monos Metro Duffel

Monos Metro Duffel

Metro Duffel is one of the best-selling Monos bags. This stylish multi-purpose bag comes with several compartments to carry items. You can keep all your essentials organized with this duffel bag.

It is a sleek bag made of water-resistant nylon and eye-appealing vegan leather. You can use it for day-to-day travel or weekend trips. The Metro Duffel bag also features a quick snap modular kit system to keep small items. The bag can fit a 15-inch laptop comfortably. You can put water bottles and a compact umbrella in the side pockets.


  • Weight: 3 lb nylon, 3.6 lb vegan leather
  • Volume: 22 L
  • Exterior dimensions: 16.3″ × 11.2″ × 7.2″

Metro Classic Kit

  • Exterior Measurements: 8.75” x 6.75” x 2”
  • Weight: 0.6 lb


  • Sleek design yet sturdy feel
  • Felt-lined pocket that fits a 15-inch laptop
  • Zipper pocket inside
  • Magnetic snaps beneath the zipper
  • A blend of vegan leather and nylon finish
  • Adjustable and removable strap


  • There are only four color options

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11. Monos Metro Folio Kit

Monos Metro Folio Kit

If you are looking for a compact bag to keep your wallet, passport, tablet, or smartphone, you can go for the metro folio kit from Monos. You can carry it with your backpack or metro duffel bag. It is made of microfiber vegan leather and is water resistant.


  • Exteriors Dimensions: 9” x 7” x 1.5”
  • Weight: 0.9 lb.                        


  • You can snap and swap it between a duffel bag and a backpack
  • It features elastic loops for holding wireless headphones and cords
  • Pockets for credit/debit cards and SD cards
  • Made of vegan leather
  • Free shipping across the United States and Canada
  • Pockets for banknotes, passports, boarding passes, and tablet
  • Two-year warranty
  • 7 Color options


  • Smaller in size

12. Monos Luggage Cover

Monos Luggage Cover

A good quality cover can keep your luggage brand new for longer. Monos has designed a waterproof luggage cover that protects your suitcase from dust and scratches. The best thing is that it covers your luggage from head to toe.

Since the cover has a semi-transparent finish, it does not hide the logo of Monos. The company uses environmentally friendly polyethylene vinyl acetate plastic to make this cover. It does not contain chlorine, phthalates, and PVC. At Monos, you can buy covers for all their suitcases.


  • Cover for Carry-On size: 22″ × 14″ × 9″
  • Cover for Carry-On Plus size: 23″ × 15″ × 9.5″
  • Cover for Check-In Medium size: 26.5″ × 18.5″ × 10.5″
  • Cover for Check-In Large size: 30″× 21″ × 1


  • Well-designed cover
  • Precise openings for wheels and handles
  • Made of recyclable material
  • Phthalate and PVC-free


  • Only transparent designs are available

Final Thoughts: Is Monos Worth the Price?

Monos Luggage Review: Is it Worth it?

Monos brand is known for making premium quality luggage. Nevertheless, does it stand on quality? Find out in this Monos luggage review.

Product Brand: Monos

Editor's Rating:


  • Excellent design
  • Great production options


  • Price

Considering Monos’ reviews, we can say that Monos’ luggage is definitely worth trying. It uses polycarbonate shell material, TSA-approved locks, noiseless wheels, and an internal compression system. Apart from this, it is a neutral-certified company with net-zero carbon emissions. Furthermore, they offer a 100-day trial period on luggage.


Does Monos’ suitcase fit in the overhead compartment on a flight?

Yes, almost all Monos luggage models fit in the overhead bins of most flights. Even the Carry-On Pro suitcase can easily fit in the overhead compartment of a flight. You may struggle to put the Monos Check-In Large suitcase inside the overhead bin.

Is Monos a Canadian brand?

Monos is a reputable name in the Canadian luggage market. It is a Canadian travel and lifestyle brand that makes high-quality luggage, bags, clothing, and travel accessories. The company has headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Is Monos better than Away?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Monos is more affordable and has a smaller, more intimate feel, while Away is larger and offers more amenities. Both are excellent choices, but Monos is the better option if you’re looking for an affordable and intimate staycation, and Away is perfect for more luxury or larger spaces

Are Monos suitcases waterproof?

Monos luggage features a durable exterior and interior. Their suitcases use aluminum and polycarbonate. However, they are not waterproof but water resistant. It means they can resist the penetration of water to a certain extent. Their interiors are draped in 350 denier polyester – a durable, waterproof, and anti-bacterial fabric that is also luxuriously soft.

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