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40 Best Beach Vacations in the World

A beach with crystal-clear water and the breezy wind is a perfect destination to take a break from busy life and relieve stress. There are endless beaches worldwide, making it hard to rank the best ones. 

Regardless of the location, beaches are often famous for their unique placements and comfort zones. They provide people with different kinds of feelings or activities to do. 

In this article, you will come across some of the exotic, warm, and white sand beaches across the globe. Leave winters behind and enjoy your holidays at one of these beach vacation spots. The unmatched natural beauty, luxury, and surroundings of these stunning beaches can make you forget about low temperatures, colds, or other stress. 

Let’s take a quick look at the list to discover accommodations, outdoor adventure, and night party setups at these best beach vacation destinations. All of these are spectacular destinations ideal for honeymoons, anniversaries, and family or friends getaways. 

Without any further, let’s dive into the details. 

Best Beach Vacations Spots in the World

1. Portstewart Strand, Ireland

Portstewart strand, Ireland

Portstewart Strand is one of the well-maintained beaches located in Northern Ireland. It is a beautiful two-mile-long sandy beach, perfect for family beach vacations. Protected by the National Trust, this is one of the most visited pristine beaches in this Ireland island.

This spectacular beach is best known for its historical significance and inherent beauty. You can enjoy a vast range of activities on the beach, including walking, horse riding, swimming, and surfing. Tourists can also explore wildlife here.

The beach is easy to access. You can reach the destination via your car, enhancing your overall travel experience, especially with kids.

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2. Coffee Bay, South Africa

The Ocean and Cliffs in Coffee Bay, South Africa

Coffee Bay in South Africa is another fantastic destination for the best beach vacations. This is an authentic and exciting place, ideal for adventure lovers. The location is best known for breathtaking views of the water, cliffs, rocks, and green hills.

The walk is the best way to explore this exotic beach vacation spot. The beach is safe to visit during the day, but camping at night may pose some risks. For a side trip, you can visit Cape Town on a hop-on hop-off tour. Choosing this beach destination spot is likely going to give you the best start to your holidays.

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3. Navagio Beach, Greece

Rock Formations in Navagio Beach, Greece

Navagio Beach is an ideal spot in Greece for the best family beach vacations. Also known as Shipwreck Beach, the beach is on the northwest sandy shore of Zakynthos. It is home to limestone cliffs, white sand, and clear blue water. 

Surrounded by natural beauty, this stunning beach attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is well-known for being one of the best-photographed beaches in Greece. The beach also makes an excellent spot for swimming and sunbathing.  Navagio Beach attracts sea and nature enthusiasts, offering a range of water, outdoor sports, and excursion activities.

4. The Baths, Virgin Island

Couple Snorkeling in The Baths, Virgin Island

Are you still looking for the best family beach vacation spots? The Baths of southern Virgin Gorda can be your excellent pick to enjoy with family or friends. The giant batholiths or boulders are brought to the beach by volcanic eruptions, forming beautiful tranquil pools and grottos. The beach attracts visitors across the globe with its great features, including white sand, clear water, tropical palms, and spectacular tunnels.

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5. Ipanema Beach, Brazil

Group Playing Volley Ball in Ipanema beach, Brazil

Ipanema Beach is a sizzling location for weekend getaways with family or friends. Popularized by the song “The Girl from Ipanema,” this beach is one of the best places for parties, sunbathing, and playing volleyball. It is famous for two primary reasons: its chilled-out atmosphere and crowd.

This world-famous beach provides all tourists with a sense of life in Rio. It displays a cross-section of eateries, varying lifestyles, chic boutiques, and luxurious apartment buildings. The beach offers several activities to do to its visitors to keep them entertained. Overall, the destination is perfect for couples, solitary walks, gymming enthusiasts, and nightlife.

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6. Falassarna Beach, Greece

Lined Loungers and Umbrellas in Falassarna beach, Greece

Falassarna Beach is on the list of the most renowned beaches of Greece on the island of Crete. There’s a lot to do and explore on this stunning beach for solitary sun lovers.

Falassarna Beach is the middle one of five consecutive beaches. Several accommodation options near this beach vacation spot ensure a comfortable stay for visitors. Some luxury beach resorts even offer access to a private beach, making your stay even more memorable.

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7. Rabbit Beach, Italy

Aerail View of the Rabbit beach, Italy

Rabbit Beach is one of the wonderful places located in Lampedusa, Italy. The popular features of this beach are dry-desert land, white cliffs, and blue & clear water.

The beach was named Rabbit Beach to accommodate an overwhelming rabbit population. It also features loggerhead sea turtles, dolphins, and other animals roaming rocky grottos. Thousands of visitors come here to enjoy every year.

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8. Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Island View of the Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Visitors admire Tasmania for its natural scenery. Wineglass Bay is one of the best beach vacation spots for thrill-seekers. It is a must-visit place if you’re on the east coast of Tasmania.

Wineglass Bay offers stunning activities, such as walking, tours from Hobart, hiking, boating, surfing, kayaking, etc. The beach walk allows you and your company to dip your toes into the greenish-blue waters and wander the sparkling white sand. Explore this beach with your loved ones and enjoy its spectacular views.

9. Hidden Beach, Mexico

Hidden beach in Mexico

The Mexican military formed Hidden Beach on Marieta Island in Mexico. The beach looks like something coming out of a fantasy book; a vast, sandy cavern with turquoise waters.

As the name suggests, this is an underground beach vacation spot. You have to pass through a water tunnel to get to this stunning beach.

To reach Hidden Beach, visitors have to take an hour-long boat ride and cruise. Once you get to the island, you need to paddle or swim through the Pacific waters to the sand.

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10. Negril Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

Clear Ocean Waters in 7mile Beach, Jamaica

Negril Seven Mile Beach is a beautiful beach located on the amazing tropical island of Jamaica. As the name describes, it is a 7-mile-long beach. Therefore, it is considered the longest and one of the best beach bars.

You can find silky golden sand on this beautiful Seven Mile Beach. This natural palm tree oasis located along calm waters makes it suitable for snorkeling, sunbathing, or other water sports. It is also ideal for taking long walks with relaxed and eye-catching views.

Relaxing yet refreshing, this beach is one of the most incredible attractions of Negril. If you are looking for accommodation near Negril, there are plenty of overwater bungalows to help you make the most of your visit.

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11. Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape), Croatia

 Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape), Croatia

If you are looking for new international destinations to cross off your list, you’ll need to add the Golden Cape to your travel list for Europe. Located near the city of Bol on the southern coast of Brac Island, Zlatni Rat is the most popular beach in Europe’s Croatia.

This beach has a unique shape, as the picture shows. It stretches around half a kilometer perpendicularly out into the ocean. Zlatni Rat is 2 kilometers away from the village center. You can reach the beach by tour or by walking; the path is paved. Or you can take a boat or the little tourist train to get there with ease.

12. Maya Bay, Krabi, Thailand

Boats in Maya Bay, Krabi

Maya Bay is located on the Koh Phi Phi Island of south Krabi. It became famous after the movies. This popular vacation destination boasts picturesque views of massive cliffs and turquoise blue water.

Maya Bay is one of the best places to scuba dive in Southeast Asia, given its vast coral reefs and tropical fish. Most visitors come to Koh Phi Phi Island only to see this stunning bay. Overall, the mesmerizing beauty of the place makes it an incredible beach destination in Thailand to explore.

13. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

Hot Water Beach in New Zealand
Source: Adobe Stock

Hot Water Beach is located on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. This is one of the most dramatic places in New Zealand. The beach presents an unmatched landscape and atmosphere that you’ve not experienced before.

From the beautiful sound of surging waves to bites of hot sand below bare feet, this beach can help you make unforgettable memories. To enjoy the hot water beach, you can dig your pool in the sand. Enjoy the hot water spa of the sea in your own pool.

14. Anse Source D’Argent, Seychelles

Loungers in Anse source D’Argent, Seychelles

Anse Source D’Argent is a dream destination for travelers looking for something off the beaten path. This beach is on La Digue on The Island of Seychelles, which is located in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles, as an archipelago of over 110 different tropical islands, offers some of the most secluded beaches in the world.

It is one of the most amazing beach destinations with countless features. Visitors consider it one of the most photogenic beaches in the world. The fragrance of coconut palms flaunts into the air, attracting visitors from all over the world for the ultimate experience.

With limited light pollution, you’ll experience some of the best sunset watching of your life. While harder to get to, it’s certainly worth it. Who knows? With so many islands, you may end up on your own private island for a weekend or two.

15. Aharen Beach, Japan

Aharen Beach in Japan

Aharen Beach is located on Tokashiki Island. The clear water, curved white sand bay, marine life, humpback whales, and different types of sea turtles are some top attractions of this beach. 

It provides its tourists with many activities, including swimming and snorkeling. Visitors can enjoy different water sports without much preparation. They can also participate in marine sports, like banana boats, to make the most out of their time on the beach. 

16. Bells Beach, Australia

Stairs Leading to the Ocean of Bells Beach, Australia

A beautiful coastal locality of Victoria, Bells Beach is a world-renowned surfing destination. This is one of the longest beaches in Australia.

This incredible beach is home to many activities, including surfing. People from different regions come to this beach vacation spot to enjoy surfing on a new level. 

17. Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Sunset in Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is a popular wild party spot in Greece. Located at Mykonos, Paradise Beach is one of Greece’s best beach vacation spots for all generations.

Also called Plage Paradiso, this beach is a hot tourist spot for the lush greenery it boasts after monsoons. It also features incredible views of low hills. Visit this iconic vacation spot with your spouse or loved ones to make lifetime memories.

18. Lover’s Beach, Mexico

Rock Formations in Lover’s Beach, Mexico

Also known as Playa de Los Amantes, Lover’s Beach is another hidden gem for a perfect family beach vacation. It is famous for its unique and giant rocky formations.

Lover’s Beach can only be accessed by a longboat. It is undoubtedly not a place to stay too long but is famous as a romantic best beach vacation spot in Mexico.

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19. Glass Beach, Hawaii

Glass Pebbles in Glass Beach, Hawaii

Glass Beach, located on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, features a beautiful collection of colorful glasses, as shown in the picture. The uniqueness of the place makes it a picture-perfect location for vacations in the U.S.

The beach is covered with countless sea glass pebbles in stunning hues of blue, brown, and aqua. You can enjoy beachcombing for a unique experience. Overall, this beautiful glass gem attracts thousands of visitors to Hawaii each year.

This is one of the best beach destinations because it’s on the amazing Hawaiian Island of Kauai, and it’s pretty amazing to see. However, this interesting destination is located in an industrial area, so you may not want to set up shop here for accommodation.

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20. Lake Mckenzie, Fraser Island, Australia

Small Crowd on Lake Mckenzie, Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island of Australia is one of the most popular and largest sandy islands. Lake Mckenzie beach is located on Fraser Island. This freshwater beach is considered one of the cleanest beaches in the world.

The awe-inspiring beauty of this gorgeous beach makes it one of the most visited sites. The water of this secluded lake is incredibly pure, making it suitable for swimming.

21. Gordon Beach, Israel

Crowded Gordon beach, Israel

Gordon Beach, a stunning holiday place in Israel, is packed with dozens of features. It is a tried-and-true spot to spend your vacations. This gorgeous beach attracts several people every year.

Explore the restaurants, dance clubs, beach bars, and other activities at Gordon Beach to make your trip memorable. The beach is located near the small city of Tel Aviv and is one of the most popular beaches in Israel.

This vacation destination has a large sandy stretch that’s great for swimming and other water activities. The beach has a huge variety of water sports, including jet skis and banana boats. You can also rent sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach. The beach also has shower facilities and toilets. There is a small amusement park nearby with rides for children as well as adults.

22. Margaret River, Australia

Kangaroo on a Beach Margaret River, Australia

Margaret is a very well-known beach in Western Australia. A calm climate, warm spots, and surfing activities are some top features of this beach. It is famous for its incredible surfing, gorgeous coastline, mysterious karri forests, and multi-chambered caves. Overall, this is one of the heart-capturing beaches in Australia.

23. Hemmick Beach, Cornwall, England

Empty Each on Hemmick beach, Cornwall, England

Hemmick Beach is one of the pleasant sandy beaches on the South Cornwall coast. It is located west of Dodman Point. This is a relatively small and uncrowded beach destination, even during summer, allowing you to enjoy every moment easily.

This vacation destination is also famous for swimming. It offers you a lot of other activities to do. Walk at the beach to feel nature’s beauty and peace of mind.

24. Tapuaetai, Aitutaki

Pristine Beach in Tapuaetai, Aitutaki

Tapuaetai is located at Aitutaki atoll of Cook Island and holds the record of Australasia’s leading beach. The beach tends to have sunnier and warmer weather, enabling you to take sunbathe.

No matter the time, the beach offers excellent views to its visitors. You can walk on the sandbank to explore more about this beach.

25. EL Cabo, Colombia

Boulders in the Ocean of EL Cabo, Colombia

El Cabo is surrounded by Tyrona National Park in Colombia. The clear water of the beach makes it suitable for swimming. This feature makes it one of the best beach vacation spots.  This is a family-friendly beach, and the backdrop boasts some of the most luxurious resorts in the region to ensure your comfort.

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26. Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Small Island in Kuta, Bali

Kuta Beach is located nearby Tuban, a town of Balinese. It is famous for its powerful waves that thrash on its white sand.

This beach is one of the favorite spots of surfers. You can get the best surfing lessons in Kuta. It is famous among locals and foreign travelers for its long sandy beach, beach bars, unique accommodations, and exceptional restaurants. You can also enjoy the mesmerizing sunset scenery with your loved ones at this destination.

27. Half Moon Bay, Jamaica

Walkway on Half-moon Bay, Jamaica

Colored sand, palm trees, and perfect curves attract visitors to the Half Moon Bay of Jamaica. It is located on Jamaica’s northern coast. Walk and discover the seafood, camp, and snorkeling at this Half Moon Bay. This is a must-visit destination to have fun and make lifelong memories.

This luxury resort is unlike anything else out there. It is one of the most beautiful, luxurious, and romantic beach resorts in the world. This place has everything you need for a perfect vacation. There are many activities to enjoy throughout your stay, including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and a lot more.

28. Boulders Beach, Cape Town

Group of Penguins on Boulders beach, Cape Town

A clear climate, cool water, and little cloves are the top reasons to visit Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. This sheltered beach is the formation of inlets between granite boulders. 

African penguins are the primary attraction of this beach, engaging visitors from different regions to Boulders. To get to this gorgeous beach, you need to follow the boardwalk.

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29. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, Thailand

Umbrellas and Loungers in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, Thailand

Phu Quoc Island is one of the largest islands near Cambodia. It floats in the warm blue waters in the Gulf of Thailand, making it a real gem of Southeast Asia.

It offers a wide variety of entertaining options and activities to travelers. Cafes, restaurants, and white sand beaches are some famous sights on this spectacular island.

30. Bandon Beach, Oregon, United States

Strong Ocean Waves in Bandon, Oregon, United States

Bandon Beach is one of the most famous beach destinations with Safari Game Park. The dramatic rock formations make this place a top attraction for all visitors, no matter their taste.

Moreover, the natural beauty, magical sunset views, and good food on the beach attract visitors from across the globe to the Oregon Coast.

This is one of the best cheap beach vacations on the west coast of the United States as you’ll be in the more northern territory of the country. While it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the US, it’s still considered a hidden gem to visit.

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31. Byron Bay, Australia

Group Kayaking in Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay is known as the center of the counter-culture in Australia. This beach vacation spot is a mecca of serenity, sun, and sand.

The world’s biggest music show at Byron Bay attracts several thousand visitors. You can explore cafes, pubs, and bars at Byron Bay Beach for a luxurious experience. You may explore the bay through a kayak tour.

The big waves make this beach perfect for surfing. You can wait for heavy waves to ride. You can also explore other activities in this coastal paradise.

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32. Puka Beach, Philippines

Tree Branches on Puka Beach, philippines

Puka Beach is located in the Philippines, best known as a white beach. This holiday destination is perfect for relaxing and reducing stress. Apart from the sand, the beach is filled with crushed shells.

Also, this beach is lined with coconut trees and features a lush tropical forest beside its stunning sandy shores. Overall, this is one of the best family vacation spots, ideal for swimmers in every aspect. 

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33. La Concha, Spain

Aerial View of the Ocean and La Concha, Spain

La Concha is a lovely beach located on the northern coast of Spain. Lush hillsides, white sand, and crystal clear waters make it the best urban beach.

This beach offers you swimming, snorkeling, and other activities to keep you busy and entertained throughout your trip. Great restaurants, cafes, and hotels are some of the main reasons this is considered one of the best beaches in Europe.

34. Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Kids playing by the shore of Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with outstanding beaches. Unawatuna is one of those fabulous beaches to spend vacations with family and friends.

The beach boasts sand, a backdrop of lush palm trees, and swimmable options. The cool climate and palm trees attract thousands of visitors to this unique destination every year.

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35. Venice Beach, California

Seating Area Facing the Ocean of Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach is another gorgeous location for spending your vacations in the U.S. It is a residential and commercial beach near Los Angeles and is conveniently located next to the highly-rated vacation destination of Santa Monica.

Venice Beach is the second most visited location in Southern California. It includes lots of activities to ensure travelers’ satisfaction, both for budget exploration to luxury travelers.

If you’re in Los Angeles visiting this amazing beach spot, don’t miss visiting San Diego. The city features multiple gorgeous tropical destinations, including Pacific Beach, La Jolla Shores Beach, and Flat Rock Beach.

36. Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach is an upscale beach village that offers a picturesque setting for those looking to relax during the summer months. The best resorts in Laguna are located along rocky coastlines, perfect for romantic couples or families who want to spend their vacations at the seaside together.

Located just 45 minutes south of Los Angeles and approximately an hour and a half from San Diego, Laguna Beach is a thriving art community and home to more than 900 galleries. Because California’s food is so exceptional, you will find plenty of tasty treats while enjoying the area’s beautiful beaches—while on an unforgettable holiday.

The best luxury resorts in Laguna are located along rocky coastlines, perfect for romantic couples or families who want to spend their vacations at the seaside together. Or, take your hand at some of the best golf courses in California with your close friends.

37. Diani Beach, Kenya

Serene and Empty Baech of Diani Beach, Kenya

Diani Beach is one of the most stunning water sports beaches in Kenya. Activities that you can enjoy on the beach include windsurfing, scuba-diving, kayaking, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, and incredible snorkeling opportunities.

You can browse nearby supermarkets in the area. Also, there are several sights to see and activities to do with your group around this powdery white sand beach in Africa.

38. Starfish Beach, Panama

Group of Starfish in Starfish beach, Panama

Starfish Beach has lots of starfishes, and the water of this beach is calm and crystal clear. You can find a vast range of starfishes on the shore.

The beach is suitable for a calm swim and relaxation in the sun. Explore this breathtaking beach during the day and enjoy night parties at incredible hotels in Panama.

39. Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Haven is the oldest beach in Michigan in the United States. The beach is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. Yes, a lake. This isn’t any ordinary lake, however, it’s one of the five Great Lakes and feels more like an ocean.

You can find several sand dunes in this one of the best beach destinations for families. This beach is best-suitable for swimmers. You can do other activities and night-out parties at local restaurants

40. Koh Lanta, Thailand

Beach in Koh lanta, Thailand

Koh Lanta Island is one of the most visited sights in Thailand. This island is famous for its picture-perfect beaches, pleasant weather, lush rainforests, and secluded location.

Known for being one of the more secluded beaches in Thailand, it’s also considered one of the best beaches in the world for its unmatching beauty and has several fun snorkeling tours and mangrove tours.


What are the most popular beaches in the United States?

Some of the most popular beaches in the United States are Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, Miami Beach in Florida, Huntington Beach in California, and Kaanapali Beach in Maui, Hawaii.

What are the best family beach vacations?

With so many amazing destinations around the world for beach getaways, it’s can be hard to nail down an exact spot for your family. Some of the best beaches for family vacations in the US include Key West and Daytona Beach in Florida, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, Ocean City and Virginia Beach in Maryland, and Outer Banks in North Carolina.

For international destinations, families should look for beach vacation destinations at Grace Bay Beach in the Turks and Caicos, Bavaro Beach in the Dominican Republic, and Montego Bay in Jamaica.

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