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20 Best Fishing Spots in the World

For all those who love fishing, this article is a must-read. Fishing is one of the best ways to enjoy your much-awaited vacation. With fishing, you get to fully enjoy, create the best of memories, and have some delicious dinner after the hard struggle!

For the best catch, you need to know the best fish spots. These include lakes, rivers, streams, and seawater. There are infinite fishing spots where you can embrace the spirit of adventure.

If you are planning to try something new on your next big vacation, then fishing is one of the fun activities you can consider.

You just need a fishing rod and bait for fishing, and you are good to go. If you’re a newbie, a quick search of the basic fishing techniques will do. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore some of the world’s best fishing spots. Don’t forget your camera!

20 Best Fishing Spots in the World

Best Fishing Spots in the World

1. Lizard Island, Australia

best fishing spots

This Island in Australia is one of the great fishing spots you can explore. The island is situated on The Great Barrier Reef and is easily accessible as the flights to this place are connected to all airports in Australia. It provides a variety of fish at different seasons, including the giant black marlin.

The other fish variety you can find in the waters around Lizard Island includes the Trevally, Mackerel, and Queenfish, among other species.

If you’re looking to catch the Black Marlin, it’s advisable to visit between September to December. This species comes around during that time of the year and the first seven days of October.

You also don’t need to worry about getting that big catch because you’ll find a crew to show you the perfect places to fish. For an unforgettable holiday, this destination won’t disappoint.

Apart from fishing, spectacular views, and luxurious resorts, you also get to have one of the most memorable experiences. So, whether you’re a professional fisherman or a first-timer, the fishing experience at Lizard Island will be like no other!

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2. Iztapa, Guatemala

best fishing spots

Situated on The Pacific Coast, this is one of the best places to fish, especially from December through April, the prime season. Iztapa has the most fertile water for fishing, and some even consider it the capital of sailfish.

This variety is common with trophy fishers and other fishermen because of their large size and their high speeds. There are different varieties of fish, including the Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and Yellowfin tuna.

If you’re fishing closer to the shore, you should expect to catch either the Cero Mackeral, Snook, or Roster fish. Fishing here is done traditionally by trolling with rigged ballyhoo.

You’ll come across beautiful lodges like the Blue Bayou Lodge, where tourists have been enjoying their trips to Iztapa for ten years.

3. Martha’s Vineyard

best fishing spots

Martha’s Vineyard has one of the best fishing destinations for any surf fisherman. However, you can still make a good catch not far from the shores. The common varieties include Striped Bass, Bluefish, Bonito, and False Albacore, and also known as one of the best fishing spots.

The best season runs between May and October for Bluefish and Striped Bass. For Bonito, mid-August is the best season. The False Albacore can be found in plenty between August to early September.

This spot is situated in the middle of the migratory route, and natural bait is massive here, which is fish’s favorite food.  Experienced fishers and locals mostly use casting poppers and parachute jigs to get a fantastic fishing experience.

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4. Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

best fishing spots

With Ocracoke Island situated not far from the Gulf stream, it’s famous for surf fishing. Here the best time for surf fishing is in the fall and spring months. This area is one of the best places to fish the rare Red Drum.

It’s hard to catch; hence, fishermen mostly use 12 ft surf rods to catch the fish. Other fish varieties in the waters include sharks, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, pompano, flounder, spots, croaker, and sea mullets.

Aside from the exceptional views, the Island provides cheap accommodations to its anglers, and they even have shops providing all kinds of materials required for fishing. However, you need to get an N.C Coastal Recreational Fishing License for that.

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5. East Cape-Baja, Mexico

best fishing spots

East Cape Baja is one of the many fishing destinations you can explore. It has a wide variety of Blue, Black, Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Roosters, and Dorado.  It’s a suitable place for any angler that wants to catch some big fish.

Although May to November is the peak season, these blue waters always have year-round opportunities for a good catch. Some of the inshore species include the Rockstar and Roosterfish.

With a beautiful silky sandy beach, this island also has some of the best accommodations and sports fishing. The tranquil and scenic beauty is great for those memorable vacation photos. If you’re looking for accommodation, check the list of hotels to book in East Cape.

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6. Hatteras, North Carolina

best fishing spots

Hatteras is one of the best fishing vacation destinations. There are several options to choose from, from the Pamlico Sound docks, and Soundside canals to the ocean waters. The Hatteras inlet is one of the ideal spots for catching large inshore and offshore species.

Although some of these spots are seasonal, you can never miss some action. This location in the Atlantic is famous for various fish, including Yellowfin Tuna, Red drum fish, King Mackerel, Marlin, and Mahi Mahi.

You should ensure that you’re conversant with the local fishing regulations and guidelines. For instance, anyone above 16 years needs a saltwater fishing license. The fish is caught here with lures and chunks by the flying-fishing technique, which couldn’t be less fun.

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7. Kona, Hawaii

best fishing spots

Have you been thinking of landing that trophy blue marlin? A fishing trip to Kona, Hawaii, is one way to catch some fish and have a great time. Hawaii is one of the world’s top deep-sea fishing destinations, and it is the capital of sports fishing as well.

It is surrounded by five majestic mountains and breathtaking tropical views. Here you will find plenty of fish like Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, and many more.

Apart from this, you can find huge Pacific Bluefish weighing around 300 pounds approximately. Fishing across the sea is in itself a marvelous thing to explore.

8. Rio Colorado, Costa Rica

best fishing spots

Rio Colorado is one of the most popular places to fish in South America. It’s recognized for the best snook and tarpon fishing.

The beautiful river of Costa Rica is not all to be missed. Suitable in the summer weather, this area is worth remembering, especially in case of fish fights. It is like a tug-of-war experience while catching fish here.

This fishing spot has a lot to offer, from Wahoos, Great Baraccuda, and Atlantic sailfish to more exotic species like silvery machete fish. The Rio Colorado Lodge resort remains open throughout the year; hence tourists can visit the area.

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9. Betty Lake, Colorado

best fishing spots

This small-sized mountain lake is located not too far away from Denver or Boulder. It is situated in the beautiful landscape of Indian Peaks Wilderness. The lake is one of the best spots for trout fishing because of the wide variety of trout species.

These varieties include cutthroat trout, brown trout, etc. With the many fish varieties here, you have a high chance to get a bite!

The majestic mountains, trees, and shrubs contribute to the beautiful scenery. Suitable weather is mainly between June and July. The fishing experience here will be worth remembering.

10. Chalks Stream, England

best fishing spots

Fly fishing is quite common in Chalks Stream. Here the dry fly fishing noble sport is quite common. The wild brown trout is one of the specie that you can expect to catch in upstream dry fly fishing.

Apart from the trout, the other species in this area include salmon, river otters, and sea trout. The Spring season is the best season to go fishing in this area.

It’s also one of the family-friendly places to fish, and it’s pretty affordable. So, if you want a beautiful fishing experience, then it’s a must-visit.

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11. Jerome Lake, Alaska

best fishing spots

Jerome Lake is located a few miles from Bear Creek, this reservoir is also called Fair man Lake in Alaska. You will find Rainbow Trout fish in large numbers at this fishing destination.

Other species include the Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden, Coho Salmon, and Slimy Sculpin. The view of this location is breathtaking and, of course, very photogenic. The late fall season is the most suitable for fishing here as it is migration time.

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12. Pi-As Bay, Panama

best fishing spots

If you are available in the winter and need to experience a high-class getaway, then Pi-As Bay is one of the best places to fish.

Here, you’ll find big and small fish. Small fish can be caught near the shore and big ones like the Blue Marlin and Sailfish out in the deep waters.

Apart from fishing, there are several hotels and bars where you can go and have fun or even get good accommodation.

13. Montauk, New York

best fishing spots

Montauk is home to the greatest sport fishing on the east coast. Some of the fish you can catch inshore include flounder, porgies, bluefish, black fish, and striped bass.

For an offshore catch, you should expect to encounter several species like mahi-mahi, marlin, tuna, and shark. It is among the best fishing spots in America. You’ll get fishing opportunities during the migratory season or the fall fishing season.

Fishermen generally find smaller fish here as their fins get rubbed by the sandy shores of Montauk, but most of them weigh more than 40-50 pounds.

14. Cairns, Australia

best fishing spots

Cairns is yet another famous fishing destination. From reef fishing, game fishing, and estuary fishing to lure & fly fishing, several things make it one of the many places to fish.

For a memorable fishing experience, there are several packages and charters that you can select. For thrill-packed adventures, you can indulge in sports fishing. This can involve chasing the Mahi Mahi and the sailfish.

Other fish species include the Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Coral Trout, and cod and salmon.

15. Ascension Bay, Mexico

best fishing spots

Ascension Bay is one of the best places to fish for fly fishing anglers. The Bay also has a protected snook population, which is also the biggest specimen in the world.

The peak months are from February to June; you will find here Bonefish, Tarpon, and Permit. Fishers who love the flat angle style, this spot will give you the best experience by using the famous flying-fish technique.

16. Lake Alen Henry, Texas

best fishing spots

This lake or reservoir is famous for catching Largemouth Bass. Other common species include the spotted bass and white crappie. The fish are huge in size and hold a record of catching 5.62 pounds of bass.

It is a beautiful location that continues to attract more anglers. Here, the stocking of fish began in the year 1993, and since the number has increased day by day.

You should also ensure that you’re well informed of the fishing regulations, especially since they change every year.

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17. Umba River, Russia

best fishing spots

Famous for catching Salmon fish, this river is one of the best places to fish. It was one of the first rivers in that area to open for fishing tourism, especially for foreign tourists.

They have also built accommodations in the form of lodges; hence a place to stay shouldn’t be an issue. Apart from the Atlantic salmon, other quality fish in the area include grayling and brown trout.

18. Fontenelle Creek, Wyoming

best fishing spots

It is the newest addition to places to fish because people find this place quite adventurous due to its wild and remote nature. It’s situated on the Rocky Gap Ranch in Wyoming.

Here, you can find Great Dry Fly and Nymph, cutthroats, and Brookies fish. The best time to go fishing here is between June and September. Apart from this, you may also find Glides and Trout as well. It’s not a very crowded place as people are yet to discover this hidden gem of a fishing destination.

19. Boulder Creek, Colorado

best fishing spots

Loaded with brown trout, Boulder is among many ideal places to fish for anglers. With the marvelous Boulder Creek cutting the Boulder Canyon from within the city, you enjoy fascinating views as you fish.

Here you may find much fish like Rainbow Trout, Bluegill, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch, Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, and many more.

The incredible thing about this location is that the fish are available throughout the year.

20. Alphonse Island, Seychelles

best fishing spots

For unforgettable saltwater fishing, then Alphonse Island is a must-visit. It is a remote area, but the view here is exhilarating.

The island has luxurious accommodations, which include lounges and bars. The weather out here is always hot. This island is home to Blue Water fish species.

You will also find Sailfish, Wahoo, Dogtooth, Bluefin Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, and Dorado. You can have the best fly fishing experience here, and anglers will enjoy this challenge.

This list of the best places to fish is what any enthusiastic angler requires. These fishing destinations have plenty to offer, from big to small fish, ensuring you have the best experience. Most of these places also have accommodation nearby, so extending your fishing vacation should be a no-brainer.

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