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16 Best Parks in Germany to Visit

Germany is among the spectacular countries to plan a visit, and it is rich in history and spectacular sceneries and is blessed with mouthwatering delicacies and delicious beer. The best parks in Germany were also part of its tourism. These parks comprise Germany’s beautiful gardens, fund and outstanding amusement parks, and fascinating national parks.

Check out these spots is among the best travel experience not to miss. If you’re planning to make the most of your trip to Germany, check out these parks. Destination to bask in the beauty of nature and tranquil atmosphere while enjoying a fun and adventurous trip in Western Europe.

We’ll break down our list by type of park, including the best national parks in Germany to visit, along with city parks located throughout the country.

Best National Parks in Germany

1. Bavarian Forest National Park

Bavarian Forest National Park Scenery

The Bavarian Forest National Park is a protected area located in the Bavarian Forest region of Germany. It is the oldest and first national park in Germany, having been established in 1970. The park covers an area of about 24,000 hectares and is known for its beautiful forests and abundant wildlife.

Some of the highlights of the Bavarian Forest National Park include the Arber Mountain, the Bavarian Forest Nature Museum, and the Baumwipfelpfad, a popular tree-top walkway. The park is also home to many rare species of plants and animals, including the Eurasian lynx, the red kite, and the black stork.

2. Berchtesgaden National Park

Berchtesgaden National Park Scenery

Berchtesgaden National Park is a protected area located in the southeastern corner of Germany, near the border with Austria. The park covers an area of about 210 square kilometers and is known for its beautiful mountains, forests, and lakes, making it one of the most beautiful national parks in Germany.

Some of the park’s highlights include Watzmann Mountain, Königssee Lake, and Hintersee Lake. The park is also home to many rare and threatened species of plants and animals, including the golden eagle, the lynx, and the brown bear.

People like to visit Berchtesgaden National Park for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. Popular activities in the park include hiking, mountain biking, and boating on Königssee Lake.

The park is also a popular destination for winter sports, such as skiing and snowshoeing. Many visitors also enjoy taking the scenic boat tour of the Königssee Lake, which offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

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3. Müritz National Park

Müritz National Park Skyline and Scenery

The Müritz National Park is a protected area in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in northeastern Germany. It is named after the Müritz, a large lake within the park. The park covers an area of about 117,000 hectares and is known for its beautiful forests, lakes, and wetlands.

It is home to many plants and animals, including many rare and threatened species. Some of the highlights of the Müritz National Park include the Müritz Lake, the Müritz-Elde Waterway, and the Fürstenberg Forest Nature Reserve. The park is also popular for recreational activities such as hiking, cycling, and boating.

There are many ways to visit the park, depending on your interests and the amount of time you have available. If you want to explore the park alone, the best way is by car or bike. This will allow you to access the park’s many scenic hiking trails and nature reserves.

You can also take a boat tour of Müritz Lake and the surrounding wetlands, a great way to see the park’s abundant wildlife. If you want to learn more about the park’s history and ecology, you can visit the Müritz National Park Visitor Center, which offers exhibits and interactive displays about the park’s flora and fauna.

4. Schwarzwald National Park

Lake and Forest View
image by kalakaar is marked with CC BY-SA 4.0.

Address: Schwarzwaldhochstraße 2, 77889 Seebach, Germany

Schwarzwald National Park, known as the Black Forest National Park, is among Germany’s most notable national parks. It is a beautiful green space within the Seebach and southwest of Germany. The Black Forest National Park is a protected area located in the Black Forest region of Germany.

It is home to a wide variety of plants and animals and is known for its beautiful forests and scenic hiking trails. It’s widely considered one of the most beautiful national parks in all of Europe.

The Black Forest is a popular place in Germany and around the world due to its history of the origin of cuckoo clocks. But aside from the past and beauty, the national park is undeniably an ideal place to enjoy various recreation.

The park covers an area of about 2,000 square kilometers and was established in 2014 to help conserve the natural beauty of the region and promote sustainable tourism. Some of the highlights of the Black Forest National Park include the Tannenbusch Nature Reserve, the Murg Valley, and the Baumwipfelpfad, a popular tree-top walkway.

Black Forest National Park is located in the southwestern part of Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The park is bordered by the cities of Freiburg im Breisgau, Offenburg, and Freudenstadt. It is easily accessible from these cities, as well as from other major cities in the region.

The glacial cirque, valleys, and deep forest are among the best thing to enjoy aside from the park’s serene atmosphere. Joining ranging insights, guided tours and excursions, seeing exhibitions, and checking out the national park center were among the fun things to anticipate when visiting Schwarzwald National Park.

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5. Eifel National Park

Flowing River Water in Eifel National Park
image by somanydesks is marked with CC BY 2.0.

A fascinating conservation area in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, provides a spectacular visit and park experience, the Eifel National Park.

It is a great green space and community recreation spot. The park covers a land of 110-sq.-km, a big chunk of land that offers a proceeding chance to relish leisure, sceneries, and nature. It is an extensive forest and land of wilderness in Germany.

The Eifel National Park is rich ins breathtaking sceneries and a diverse home of wildlife. It includes red deer, eagles, wildcats, and other captivating wildlife living within the park premises. Upon this richness inland, various fun and exciting recreation can experience that will provide memorable adventure.

The park has interconnected trails running along rivers and wildflowers, and pathways to hike, jog, and bike. Wildlife observation can also be enjoyed in the park of the diverse wildlife it homes.

Aside from the beauty of nature, trails, and wildlife, the World War II military training camps were also visible. Training grounds also offers a fascinating guided tour.

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Best Parks in Germany to Visit

1. English Garden

Group Sitting on a Park Bench By the River

Address: Munich, Germany

In the heart of Munich, a fascinating and most significant public park in town is located, the English Garden. It is among the most beautiful parks in Germany. A spectacular place not to overlook when visiting Munich.

The site is more extensive than New York’s Central Park, measuring about 375 hectares of land. It was built for the Elector of Bavaria, Prince Charles Theodore, in 1789. The park stretches from Altstadtring to the west bank of the Isar.

Enjoying the panoramic and picturesque views is among the things every visitor to the park does. In the English Graden, the sights to behold are the Monopter’s overlooking views, the Chinese tower, the Japanese tea house, and the classical building of Rumfordschlössl.

Aside from discovering beautiful spots through a garden walking tour or a private Munich Rickshaw City tour and English Garden tour, one of the popular things is to drink delicious four brewed beers. There is also a restaurant and a kiosk for other refreshments.

English Garden is also a leisure, sport, and recreation paradise in town. An ideal place for those who are seeking adventure and is one of the best parks in Munich.

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2. Movie Park Germany

Theme Park Grounds

Address: Warner-Allee 1, 46244 Bottrop, Germany

A memorable adventure awaits in Movie Park Germany. It is a spectacular park not to miss in Bottrop, Germany. True to its name Movie Park Germany is a movie theme park that measures about 40 hectares. This park offers an opportunity to experience a great adventure in the western part of Germany.

The theme park’s ground is classified into seven distinct areas based on popular TV series and movies of all time: the Federation Plaza, The Hollywood Street Set, and the streets of New York. Also, as the Old West, The Hollywood Studio Set, Santa Monica Pier, and the Auckland.

Movie Park Germany is a hot spot for families, movie enthusiasts, and tourists looking for a fun adventure. The park’s PAW Patrol Adventure Bay is the children’s paradise where kids can interact and meet the four paws in the show.

Some of the park’s adventures are witnessing shows, spot attractions, experiencing speedy passes, and even availing of the PAW Patrol birthday package.

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3. Großer Tiergarten

Trees on a Trail in Tiergarten Berlin

Address: Str. des 17. Juni, 10785 Berlin, Germany

The Großer Tiergarten is one of Berlin’s most beautiful places in town. It’s also known as the Tiergarten and is the city’s most central park.

The park is excellent for various leisure activities, ranging from strenuous and physically demanding activities to relatively comfortable outdoor leisure activities like reading, strolling, and having a picnic.

It is a prominent and scenic location with 210 hectares of land, making Großer Tiergartent one of the major community parks in the city and Germany. The park’s large area makes it an excellent spot to explore, relax, and get entertained while in Berlin.

The park is one of the sights to see and explore on a Berlin City Tour. A stroll to the park provides a beautiful impression of quiet and solitude, and it serves as a lovely relaxing small retreat spot for visitors and locals alike.

Apart from expecting and participating in leisure activities, Großer Tiergarten offers magnificent scenery and opportunities to savor. Garden monuments, nature, and the magnificent zoo are all included.

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4. Treptower Park

Treptower Park Berlin

Address: Alt-Treptow, 12435 Berlin, Germany

In the summer, a trip to Treptower Park guarantees a memorable vacation in Berlin, but the park’s grandeur may be enjoyed and savored all year.

Throughout the year, it is available to the public, providing green space. Treptower Park is one of Berlin’s most beautiful parks, and it’s a must-see for anybody visiting the city. The park’s 84 hectares of land and lush greenery first opened its land to the public in 1888.

Gustav Meyer, a pupil of the legendary Lenné, planned the park to add to its splendor by adding an English touch of flair. There are several hobbies to choose from and enjoy in the park, including running, strolling, cycling, sailing, and more.

The Soviet War Memorial and Archenhold Sternwarte’s observatory with the world’s largest refracting telescope are among the many attractions in Treptower Park.

The park offers various exciting outdoor and recreational activities, whether on land or on a boat in its bay. It features a broad and lengthy riverfront route at Treptower Hafen and runs for roughly 4 kilometers.

Riding and driving a boat along the park’s course is excellent for people who wish to be in the water in addition to playing, picnicking, or admiring the park’s broad landscape.

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5. Muskau Park

Address: 02953 Bad Muskau, Germany

Looking for a quiet and scenic place to unwind?

Muskau Park is a great spot and castle park to enjoy in Bad Muskau, Germany. The park is remarkably filled with lush meadows and greens of nature and picturesque sceneries, a noble and highest degree of garden landscape not to miss.

It is known for providing a tranquil and extensive recreational and green space for the community to use. The park has been recognized and become a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2004.

Muskau Park is acknowledged to be the most significant and famous English garden to date in Central Europe. The castle parkland is situated in the upper region of the German-Polish borders.

The park is open for all ages and opens for various recreational activities that visitors will do. Visiting Muskau Park is like walking into a fairy tale place.

The fascinating part is equipped with various convenient facilities. It has a playground for children to engage and interact with and interconnected trails to jog, bike, and stroll. The grounds of the ground can also be used for sports, exercising, and picnic dates.

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6. Steinwasen Park

Address: Steinwasen 1, 79254 Oberried, Germany

A fun and spectacular theme park can be enjoyed in Oberried, Germany, the Steinwasen Park. It is a fascinating and adventurous destination to add to every itinerary when traveling in Germany.

The park is blessed with incredible attractions and different animal species to see up close on its 36 hectares of land. The children and kids at heart will enjoy exploring the park.

The park opened in 1974, and today it became among the best spot in Oberried. It has over 30 different animal species in its care, and some of them were Lynxes, Wild boars, Mouflon, deer species, and Ibex.

Steinwasen Park has many great and blood-pumping attractions such as an adventure playground, an alpine coaster, Luxi’s children’s play area, water rafting, and an adventure rope bridge.

The park also showcases a virtual reality glacier lightning, a space runner ride, a mini raft, and more experience. Food and drinks were also available in the park; it has various restaurants ad snack bars.

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7. Sanssouci Park

Garden of Sanssouci Park

Address: Zur Historischen Mühle 1, 14469 Potsdam, Germany

A scenic place to see and explore when visiting Potsdam, Germany is Sanssouci Park. It is a fascinating spot and castle park surrounded by beauty, from the lush meadows, trees, flower beds, and the Sanssouci Palace.

Checking out and walking on the park’s ground gives a feeling of walking in medieval times as royalty. The park has regal and fairytale sceneries that add to the beauty and the delightful ambiance it has.

Sanssouci Park was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1990. It is among the most popular park due to the picturesque view of terraces enclosing the place. There’s a magnificent fountain in the heart of the park, a highlight to see when checking out Sanssouci Park and Sanssouci Palace on a tour.

The park measures approximately 300 hectares, and across its vast land, there are captivating changing styles of garden art. When strolling and exploring Sanssouci Park, the chances of seeing some of the thousand sculptures are high, as well as other beautiful sceneries to behold.

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8. Masch Park

Masch Park Castle
image by MadridJosefina/TripAdvisor

Address: Trammplatz 2, 30159 Hannover, Germany

Masch Park is a fascinating, relaxing spot and green space, especially in summer.

The park is among the best locations in Hanover, Germany, to bask in beautiful sceneries and nature and relish various recreation. It is located in an ideal spot where it provides a beautiful viewing spot to admire the views of Neues Rathaus.

The wonderful green oasis was completed in 1913 and acknowledged as Hanover’s first-ever public park or “Bürgerpark.” Various activities can be enjoyed on the park’s grounds.

Some of these activities were picnics, playing sports, jogging, biking, and kids playing on the park’s well-constructed playground. Masch Park facilities are made to provide convenience and great recreational sports for its community.

The park’s main highlight, aside from its facilities and spectacular sceneries, is its large artificial pond. It has an arch bridge to stroll on or stop by to admire the park, pond, and wildlife within the city’s green space. A sculpture of the Scottish Cross by Henry Moore is among the park highlights to see.

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9. Saxon Switzerland National Park

Saxon Switzerland National Park Bastei Bridge

In the southeast of Dresden, Germany, a spectacular green recreation space can be found, the Saxon Switzerland National Park. It’s a beautiful park to get a memorable experience for the park offers ample opportunities to enjoy various recreation. The park stretches about 93.5 km2, and it covers a part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, land that is also known as Saxon Switzerland.

There are many adventures that await in Saxon Switzerland National Park. Fun outdoor activities such as rock climbing, enjoying one of the best hiking trails in the world, and strolling on the National Park’s routes.

It is a recreation paradise, for there are also nearby resorts that park visitors can enjoy before or after experiencing a great adventure in Saxon Switzerland National Park.

The recreation spot is a popular destination for families, groups of friends, lovers, and individual travelers looking for a great adventure into the wild.

Aside from the fun recreation to do in the park, the green space also has excellent facilities that give a great outdoor experience. It has a visitor center, in-house café and restaurant, fire pits, and grill areas.

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10. Holiday Park, Germany

Holiday Park Fountain
image by Mamasuew is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Address: Holiday-Park-Straße 1-5, 67454 Haßloch, Germany

In Haßloch, Germany, there are many great things to see, and one of them is Germany’s most popular attraction, the Holiday Park.

It is a fun and adventure-filled destination not to miss when visiting the city of Haßloch. The park has many attractions, about 45 spectacular attractions to see, and exciting activities to experience.

Holiday Park is a famous destination for families who want to experience the best vacation. The amusement park offers a memorable indoor and outdoor adventure.

Some of the enchanting and fun attractions to discover in the park are the Adventure Forest, Lifelike dinosaur water ride, Balloon race, Beach playground, thrilling rides, and dancing fountains. Aside from enjoying rides and spotting attractions, the park is an amusement park to experience thrilling fun and a garden with woodland.

Delightful leisure and a walk across the park’s forest give a refreshing and serene ambiance to bask in before or after enjoying some of the attractions and ride the Holiday park has.

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11. The High Case

The High Case Ride
image by ocean262000/TripAdvisor

Address: Movie Park Germany, Warner-Allee 1, 46244 Bottrop, Germany

The High Case is a fascinating and adrenaline-pumping amusement park ride. It is located in Movie Park, Germany, a wonderful park in Bottrop, Germany.

The ride is commonly known as the “High Fall,” it is an action-packed free-fall tower ride not to miss when visiting the park. For visitors looking for a blood-pumping adventure, trying out the ride is ideal.

The amusement park ride is among the notable attractions and rides to try. There is an access restriction implemented to the ride where ten years old and only teenagers to adults can ride. 1.45 cm is the minimum height to ride the High case and a maximum height of 1.95 m.

Trying the High Case does provide an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the park’s beauty through the overlooking access the ride offers. The free-fall ride starts with the ride slowly taking its rider on the top, and from the 60-meter high it releases, the free fall takes 90km/h to reach the ground.

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12. Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

Address: 34131 Kassel, Germany

Beautiful castles, gardens, and sceneries are the wonders to witness when visiting Kassel’s beautiful park, the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, also known as the Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park.

The landscape park provides opportunities to behold spectacular sceneries. With the 2.4 square kilometers or 560 hectares of land the park holds, it is recognized as the second-largest park on a hill slope not only in Germany but all over the world.

Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe is listed as a UNESCO cultural and national heritage on June 23, 2013. It is the first park to receive honorable recognization.

The park has four main highlights and attractions: Wilhelmshöhe Castle, Hercules Building, Löwenburg, and Water features (falls, aqueduct, foundation, etc.)

The Wilhelmshöhe Castle was a former summer residence to give medieval and fairy tale ambiance to the park. It was a summer residence for Prussian kings and German emperors. Strolling and uncovering the park’s beauty are the most popular and expected things to do in Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe.

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13. Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Metal Structure of Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Germany

Address: Emscherstraße 71, 47137 Duisburg, Germany

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord is a spectacular place to see and visit in Duisburg, Germany. It is an engaging community and public place that gives spontaneous opportunities to have fun within the busy town. It is a park that is a unique place for it is a mixture of industrial and green space, an ideal recreation design by Latz + Partner in 1991.

The intention of constructing the part is for the community to have a healing space, and recreation spot, to appreciate and embrace the industrial past of Duisburg.

Strolling, biking, running, and simply sitting on the benches were the sight to see in the park. It is also a famous spot for families to enjoy picnics and for kids to play. The food and refreshments served in the garden are a highlight not to miss.

Aside from doing the common recreation performed in every park, Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord facilities raise the bar a little bit higher. Visitors also enjoy rock climbing in the park’s climbing garden, diving, other water activities, mountain bike race, and more.

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14. Rosenstein Park

Rosenstein Park
image by Management/TripAdvisor

Address: Rosensteinstraße, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany

Looking for a serene and spectacular spot to unwind? Rosenstein Park is a great place and a wonderful park to enjoy and tour in Stuttgart, Germany.

The park is recognized in the southwest of Germany to be the most significant English Garden. It is remarkably filled with rolling greens, meadows, flowers, and picturesque views. The park is known for providing an opportunity to experience and enjoy calm, quiet, beautiful spots and green recreation space.

The park was created between 1824 to 1840 under the odds of Württemberg’s King William I.

The King also partake in the building of the Rosenstein Palace, which is the Museum of Natural History today. Upon entering or visiting the park, the sight to behold is its old towering trees, lovely meadows, and grasslands.

Rosenstein Park is an ideal place for long walks and deep conversations. Aside from strolling, various activities to enjoy in the park, such as jogging, biking, and enjoying picnics. Rosenstein Palace is a part of “Green U” in Stuttgart, where it has a botanical garden, zoo, and history museums.

Like what are you hearing? Check out these best things to do in Stuttgart.

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15. Eifelpark

Mother and Child on a Roller Coaster Ride
image by Eifelpark GmbH – Own work is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Address: Weißstraße 12, 54647 Gondorf, Germany

Eifelpark is an oasis amidst the busy and crowded streets of Gondorf, Germany. It is a fun and beautiful wildlife park to see while in town.

The park offers not only a significant area for visitors to stroll and play around but ample space to experience a unique vacation in an amusement park and zoo at the same time. The wildlife park with about 750,000 square meters opened in 1964 and reopened in 204 after renovations.

The ample space and land that the park has provided space for breathtaking attractions and an area for a zoo. When looking for adventure-filled destinations in Gondorlf, the Eifelpark is the ideal place to be. It has over 50 exciting attractions and has a home to more than 200 animals.

The attractions in the park were a free fall tower, hound shows, carousels, an Eifel-tower ride, and more. A thrilling fun activity to do in the garden is trying Bungee-trampoline, and experiencing long slides and best roller coasters.

Fallow deer, Ibex, Wildboras, wolves, and Alpacas were some of the animals to see up close in Eifelpark.

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16. Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen

Address: Marseiller Str., 20355 Hamburg, Germany

Planten un Blomen is a beautiful state park to bask in beauty in Hamburg, Germany. The park is a mini-getaway destination and oasis amidst the bustle and hustle of everyday living.

It is a popular destination for facilities and the community to take a break, enjoy nature, and enjoy recreational activities. The English name of the park is “Plants and Flowers.” For it, a correct and fitting name for the park is filled with plants, blooming flowers, and blessed with the beauty of nature.

The park caters to various vibrant and fun events during summer and held various exhibits that bring pleasure to the community. The beauty of the park and its amenities became a popular meeting point and a favorite place for those who are seeking incredible recreation and green space in the city.

Idle to spontaneous and engaging activities are available at Planten un Blomen. From having a picnic, sitting on the bench to admire the part’s beauty, and strolling around. Running in trails, playing in play areas, and enjoying the sports grounds are among the recreation to relish in the park.

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