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22 Best Pet Travel Insurance Options to Buy Today

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Many pet owners want to bring their scaly, finned, furry, or feathered friends along for their travels – you might be among them. Naturally, you want the best travel insurance for pets that gives you peace of mind, works with your budget, and can handle unplanned veterinarian visits on vacation.

This type of insurance covers pets and emotional support animals. It normally has a low monthly charge, but it may cover tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected vet bills—it might be enough to save your pet’s life!

Many pet insurance companies provide extensive accident and sickness coverage, flexible premiums, deductibles, and easy-to-understand conditions. They also provide discounts for insuring numerous dogs, certain preventative care coverage, and further protection through add-on riders while traveling with pets.

Best Pet Insurance Companies for Travel

1. Hartville


Hartville Pet Travel Insurance covers all dogs and cats, irrespective of age. Crum & Forster Insurance, the same insurer covering the ASPCA, is underwriting the policies. Hartville’s plans provide good coverage, but they come at a cost: a mixed-breed puppy will cost roughly $40 per month, while a mixed kitten would cost around $22.

Accident-only coverage appears to be a cost-effective option, yet even then, rates for a puppy start at roughly $30. Illness benefits premiums rise dramatically after your dog reaches the age of five.


  • The annual coverage limit is unlimited 
  • A 30-day trial period is offered 
  • Enrollment is available in the United States, US territories, and Canada


  • Reimbursement for preventive care is restricted
  • There are no affordable options available

2. Healthy Paws


Bringing pets on vacation can be tough and unmanageable for the pet owner to travel. You want to look for travel insurance plans for pets that take care of them on your journey. Healthy Paws‘ mobile application enables speedy claim processing, with most claims being handled within two days. If you can’t afford the upfront veterinarian expense, it provides a direct payment best for alternative therapies instead of reimbursement.

There are no per-incident, yearly, or lifetime benefit restrictions, and you may pick between a $100 and $500 deductible. Do note that Healthy Paws is better to ensure your pets while their young, as older pets’ coverage options and reimbursement options, are more limited. Healthy Paws has only one accident and illness coverage for cats and dogs.


  • There are no per-incident, yearly, or lifetime caps 
  • Claims are processed quickly 


  • Office tests are not covered
  • Only one accident and illness coverage plan

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers accident-only, incident and illness, and preventive services for cats and dogs.

Horse people (and probably horse owners too) can ensure their travel insurance plans for support animals, but only in certain states (y’know, the ones with horse people).

The ASPCA’s premium pricing is among the most affordable on the market, and the organization is also more adaptable than its rivals on critical insurance criteria.


  • Comprehensive coverage for inherited and congenital diseases 
  • Enrollment has no upper age limit for the pet


  • The website is difficult to navigate

4. Spot


Spot makes it simple to optimize your pet’s coverage and travel insurance. It’s one of the few organizations that offer insurance with a full (100%) coverage option, which means you’re not responsible for any bill co-payments!

Furthermore, the organization offers a low ($100) deductible option, lowering out-of-pocket healthcare costs.


  • Deductibles start at $100 
  • Annual coverage is unlimited 
  • There is no maximum age restriction 


  • Premiums for young dogs are a little more expensive than the market rate

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5. Pumpkin 


Pumpkin has low-cost programs with the option of adding preventative care packs for young cats and dogs’ travel insurance plans that aren’t covered by regular coverage. It probably has the best insurance plans for cats, particularly kittens.

The company’s puppy preventative care packs include one annual wellness checkup charge, four puppy immunizations, and one yearly fecal test.


  • There is no higher age restriction 
  • Prescription food is covered 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • There are no levels of reimbursement that may be customized

6. Figo 


FIGO’s 100 percent reimbursement option allows pet owners to lower their co-payment to 0%. (The lowest co-payment given by other providers is often 10%). Figo does not impose yearly restrictions on travel insurance plans for pets, but it does set a lifetime cap – the amount it will compensate throughout your pet’s lifespan.


  • Up to 100% reimbursement 
  • No upper age restriction for enrollment 
  • Low deductible alternatives


  • Preventative care is not covered.

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7. Embrace 


Embrace pet travel insurance covers pets up to 15 years old for accidents and illnesses. You can still get insurance beyond that age, but just for accidents. That’s unusual because most firms won’t cover pets above ten.


  • Enrollment is open to those over the age of 65
  • the deductible is reduced each year
  • The yearly reimbursement cap is high


  • It only covers dogs and cats 

8. Pets Best

Pets Best

Accident and illness insurance is available from Pets Best, and various wellness plans cover your pet’s routine care. Most insurers need pets to be at least eight weeks old before they can be insured. However, Pets Best will protect pets as young as seven weeks. There is no upper age restriction, so you may also ensure older pets for travel.


  • Covers dogs as early as seven weeks old with no upper age restriction 
  • Direct payments are available 
  • Deductibles are offered in a variety of amounts


  • No coverage for onsite treatments
  • Exclusions are applied on a bilateral basis

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9. Lemonade 


Lemonade offers a complete accident and sickness policy for pet parents, with a preventative care rider that includes travel, yearly examinations, immunizations, and heartworm and parasite tests.

A separate rider is offered to cover vet checkup expenditures and alternative therapies like acupuncture!


  • Claims are processed quickly in minutes rather than weeks using a mobile app
  • Many savings, including those for combining with homeowners’ insurance 
  • Insuring multiple dogs is easy
  • Making a single, yearly payment


  • Limited information accessible online 
  • Only available in 36 states 

10. Trupanion 


Trupanion has a single insurance plan that covers both cats and dogs. Apart from traditional advantages such as diagnostic tests, surgery, hospitalization, and prescription drugs, coverage includes alternative therapies, dental diseases, prosthetic devices, and prescription food.


  • Veterinarians are paid directly by the firm
  • Deductibles per ailment for the rest of your life


  • Expensive premiums

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11. Nationwide 


The only pet insurance provider of this magnitude to provide Avian and Exotic Pet coverage is Nationwide. Most birds, mammals, and small reptiles, especially goats and pot-bellied pigs, can be protected. However, any animal not specifically listed on the Nationwide website, such as those classified as poisonous or endangered, isn’t eligible.


  • Exotic pets, including birds, are covered
  • Pet insurance coverage is discounted by 5% for those having other Nationwide policies
  • A free 24-hour vet hotline is available


  • Only one ($250) deductible choice is offered
  • Enrollment is restricted to people over the age of 65

12. TrustedPals


Zurich, a multinational insurance business, issues TrustedPals’ coverage and travel insurance plans for pets. TrustedPals offers coverage to dog and cat owners of any age, and 1% of the company’s income is given to animal-related charities.


  • Covers recommended behavioral training, counseling, and treatment
  • Claims are reimbursed in as little as ten days
  • Visit any registered veterinarian in the United States 


  • The wellness plan’s reimbursement cap is $750

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13. PetInsure


PetInsure offers private cover for pups, dogs, kittens, and indoor-only cats and is a top destination for pet parents who desire no extra complaints. They point out and explain every key aspect of your pet’s insurance policy without you getting bogged down.

It’s travel pet insurance that’s easy to comprehend. This reputable pet insurance company can provide several estimates and coverage options. The PetInsure technology allows you to acquire the coverage you want without going to a different website. PetInsure is a well-known firm in the pet insurance sector, offering a variety of cover choices. 


  • No-nonsense, easy to understand
  • Quote delivered in seconds


  • Not the most comprehensive website

14. MetLife Pet Insurance


MetLife Pet Insurance, formerly Pet First, has a simple online application and various healthcare plans. You can choose between $2,000 and $10,000 as your entire benefit sum for your travel insurance plans for pets. Additionally, you can benefit from routine care coverage, including physical exams, flea and tick prevention, vaccinations, and heartworm tests.

You will also have access to emergency care for illnesses and accidental injuries. MetLife Pet Insurance offers 24/7 customer service, so you can get help whenever needed.


  • Several discounts
  • Deductibles vary between $50 and $500


  • The processing of a claim might take up to two weeks
  • Treatments for parasites are not covered
  • The maximum yearly benefit is only $10,000

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15. 24PetWatch


24PetWatch provides insurance and wellness plans with short waiting periods and cheap deductibles; however, the firm did not cut due to policy constraints. There is just one reimbursement option (80 percent).

In addition, dogs and cats reach the end of their coverage at ten and twelve in their travel insurance plans. It’s rare to find a business prepared to start coverage at certain ages, thus leaving older dogs uninsured. 


  • No waiting time for accidents 
  • Coverage for chronic diseases after 24 months of symptom-free 
  • Covers billed amount, including exam expenses 


  • Limited enrollment age

16. Pet Assure


To be clear, Pet Assure isn’t pet insurance; it’s a discount package that saves you 25% on all in-office medical treatments. While veterinarians from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada participate in the program, the number of providers by area is restricted.


  • Money-back guarantee of 45 days
  • Discount for several pets


  • This is not pet insurance 
  • There is no coverage for expert services 
  • Prescription food and medicines are not included

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17. USAA Pet Insurance


Through Embrace, USAA offers accident-only and accident-and-illness plans and a wellness rider. Embrace is also in charge of claims and customer service. Members may get up to a 25% discount on pet travel insurance by purchasing it via USAA.


  • Membership and multi-pet discount 
  • 24/7 claim submission 
  • Visit any registered veterinarian in the United States 


  • No online chat assistance 
  • Limited policy information

18. GEICO Pet Insurance


Pet owners who use GEICO to apply for insurance will be routed to Embrace’s website. On the other hand, GEICO does not offer limitless yearly benefits, complete reimbursement, or a $0 deductible.


  • Various discounts 


  • The website has limited information 
  • No online support – just phone

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19. Wagmo


Wagmo provides a single pet insurance plan that covers both accidents and diseases. The policy contains $100,000 and $10,000 lifetime and per-incident limitations, respectively. On the other hand, most of the firms we looked at allow pet owners to pick their chosen yearly coverage level (up to “unlimited”) and avoid any per-incident restrictions.


  • 100% reimbursement is provided 
  • 15-day waiting period 
  • Pet ambulance transportation is covered 


  • Limits up to $100,000 

20. Prudent Pet

Prudent Pet

A prudent pet offers two types of accident and sickness insurance (Essential and Unlimited), an accident-only plan and a preventative care add-on. Pet insurance benefits and premiums are equivalent to those other travel companies offer. For example, a one-year-old Cocker Spaniel’s essential coverage costs $42 monthly, with a 70% reimbursement rate and a $500 deductible.


  • Provides an option for an unlimited yearly benefit
  • There is no upper age restriction for registration 


  • There is no option for 100% reimbursement
  • Exam cost coverage is an optional extra

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21. Many Pets

Many Pets

Many Pets have a single accident and sickness coverage with a wellness add-on as an option. Veterinarian expenses, medicine, treatment, surgery, hospitalization, euthanasia, and cremation are covered. It also counts on the best pet travel insurance


  • There are no annual or lifetime payment options
  •  Pays for veterinary examinations and consultations


  • There are no insurance reductions 
  • The wellness plan isn’t as extensive as some others

22. Progressive 


One of the largest pet insurance companies, Pets Best, is where Progressive sells pet insurance. Accidents and diseases, accidents alone, and regular care are available insurance policies. There is a three-day waiting time for accidents and a 14-day waiting period for illnesses before you may utilize your coverage. It is an insurance plan for guide gods too.


  • Low rates 
  • Discounts available 
  • Easy to acquire a quotation online


  • There isn’t much online information
  • Progressive doesn’t fund its plans
  • Progressive has a record for lowballing payouts (and fighting it out in court rather than paying what you deserve!)

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What is Pet Health Insurance, And How Does It Work?

Pet insurance works by reimbursing qualified medical expenditures for your pet. However, the policy’s fine print lays out certain extra restrictions:

Waiting periods

Your insurance won’t pay for treatment until a specific time has passed. Most businesses will not reimburse you for a vet visit due to sickness unless you wait at least 14 days after enrolling.


Most pet health insurance companies’ policies include exclusions for certain circumstances. Before buying, read the policy carefully to understand what isn’t covered.

Network limits 

Pet insurance usually has no limited or preferred provider network, unlike human health insurance companies.

However, some insurers may limit specific coverage to particular veterinarians. Geographic limits may apply; for example, your pet may not be protected if you go to Canada or Puerto Rico.

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The Best Pet Insurance for Your Pets: A Buyer’s Guide to Travel Insurance for Pets

Before choosing a pet insurance company, think about a few things to understand better what your policy will cover and which choice is best for your pet’s health and budget.

Pre-existing Conditions

Before you purchase your pet’s travel insurance coverage, any medical ailment is a pre-existing condition. Most pet insurance companies cover curable pre-existing conditions as long as recurrence occurs at least 12 months after the previous issue.

If sickness is treatable and there are no symptoms for 180 days, the pet insurance plan will not consider it “pre-existing” (excluding knee and ligament conditions). If the issue recurs after 180 days, it will be treated as a new problem and covered.

Curable Pre-Existing Conditions Include:

  • Infections of the lungs
  • Infections of the ears
  • Infections of the urinary tract
  • Infections of the bladder
  • Vomiting\Diarrhea

Incurable Pre-Existing Conditions Include: 

  • Cancer (in many cases)
  • Orthopedic problems
  • Diabetes
  • Crystals in the gallbladder (typically treated with meds rather than surgery)
  • Allergies
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Blockages in the urinary tract
  • Epilepsy
  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia

Many of these illnesses need many visits to the veterinarian, continued treatment, and, in some cases, surgery. Some pet insurance will not cover pre-existing incurable diseases.

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Travel Pet Insurance Costs

Several things influence the cost of pet insurance. Here are some of the most crucial factors:

Kind of Pet

The sort of animal you own impacts the cost of your insurance. In most cases, cats are slightly less expensive to insure than dogs.

Breed of Pet

Insurance companies will evaluate your rate based on your pet’s breed because some animal breeds are more prone to health problems.

Number of Pets

Insuring many pets is more expensive, but many insurance providers will give you a discount code if you have more than one.

Coverage Type

Some pet insurance policies are more costly than others. For example, accident and illness insurance will cost more than an accident-only policy simply because it provides more coverage.

Coverage Amount

The larger your yearly coverage limit, the more expensive your policy is. Insurance with unlimited coverage is generally the most costly choice.


A bigger deductible lowers your monthly premium and vice versa. Provided you desire inexpensive coverage, a high deductible may be a wise choice if you can afford the out-of-pocket expenses.

You might look into pet health insurance if you’re searching for a long-term policy. Pet health insurance is continuous insurance that some pet owners choose to protect their dogs fully from an accident or sickness. Some pet health insurance providers will cover pets both locally and overseas.


What Is The Cost of Pet Insurance?

Many things will influence the cost of your pet insurance policy:

1) The kind, gender, and breed of your pet
2) The age of your pet
3) Your location
4) Coverage options
5) The deductible and reimbursement amount

Pet insurance will be more expensive if you reside in a more expensive area, such as California or New York City.

Is Pet Insurance A Good Investment?

If you love that animal you’re bringing, you’d insure yourself, your spouse, and your kids, right?

Your needs and your pet’s health care demands will determine whether pet insurance will benefit you. Consider the expenditures vs. the possible advantages of a plan before enrolling your pet. Any pet insurance policy provides a service that isn’t measured in dollars, providing peace so you won’t be alone regarding hefty medical expenses.

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