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12 Best Travel Books for Italy

Are you thinking about going to Italy but have no idea what you want to do? Look no further, because I have all of the best travel books for Italy compiled into one list for you.

Italy is packed full of things to do! So don’t waste any time looking for things to do, or trying to scramble around while on precious vacation time. Let me take care of all of those little details for you so you don’t have to look for things to do, or find places to stay.

There is so much to do and see in the beautiful country of Italy, there might not be time to see everything. But these best travel books for Italy will help you plan your grand vacation adventure in no time! Read a few of these options and pack as much into your next trip as you can.

Or spend the entire trip by the ocean, no one is judging! Let’s get started and take a look at the best travel books for Italy.

Disclaimer: This list is not in any particular order.

1. Glam Italia!

Glam Italia best travel books for Italy

Are you on a budget for your first trip to Italy? Don’t stress because I have the perfect book for you. Corina Cooke is an Italian travel guide and blogger who offers insider knowledge and hacks on how to travel to Italy for the minimum price.

Ranging from cheap flight options, where to stay, and what to see, Cooke offers the new adventurer perspective into what to expect when staying in Italy for either the very first time, or even if you’re an experienced traveler to the beautiful country of Italy.

Discover this stress-free, money-saving way of planning an international vacation. The years of experience that Cooke offers in this book rank on our list as one of the best Italy travel guides.

Don’t fall into tourist traps or expensive stays, read her insider tips and tricks so you can spend as little cash as possible, while still making the most out of your trip.

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2. Salerno Mini Survival Guide

Salerno Mini Survival Guide cover

Do you want to get city-specific on your trip to Italy? If so, I have the perfect guide for you. Jan Hayes delves deep into the cultural city of Salerno.

You will have everything you need in a small compact mini travel guide. It comes standard with general information about Salerno. Places of interest are neatly organized by categories, and a handy phrasebook to quickly look up popular words and phrases.

There is also a full-colored city map to help you navigate the beautiful city. If you are going to the Amalfi Coast and want to travel further up the coast, check out this helpful Salerno, Italy travel guide.

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3. Rick Steves Florence & Tuscany

rick steves florence and Tuscany cover

Spend a romantic getaway or a beautiful vacation in the heart of Italy. Tuscany is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Inside this travel guide, you’ll find insider knowledge on spending time engulfed in the rolling hillsides of both Florence and Tuscany. Get the most out of your money and time on this trip, and don’t waste a second looking for things to do or places to see. Follow the guide and find hidden gems throughout the historic towns.

There are top sights and many hidden wonders of Tuscany, and this guide will help you see them all. Connect with the local culture, skip the lines and tourist traps, and find the best places to eat and relax in town.

Even indulge in self-guided walking tours to easily tour the town without paying the price. For anyone looking for a Tuscany, Italy travel guide, I would highly recommend looking into this best travel book for Italy. This is the 18th edition, so it is updated through 2019, with another edition being released in September 2021.

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4. Liguria (Bradt Travel Guide)

Liguria travel guide cover

Rosie Whitehouse has spent the past thirty years exploring the region of Liguria. This book provides the reader with key knowledge of the Riviera, but also includes less-known attractions such as the mountain valleys of the region.

Food plays a key role in anyone’s visit to Liguria. The newest edition includes new maps that focus on small, local food spots, businesses, and hotels. It also includes an in-depth look at Genoa as a cultural and weekend destination.

Make sure to grab this travel guide on Liguria, Italy because you won’t want to miss all the spectacular things this region of the beautiful country has to offer.

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5. Travel Like a Local- Map of Bari: The Most Essential Bari (Italy) Travel Map for Every Adventure

map of Bari cover

This map by Maxwell Fox takes an easy approach to a new country you’ve never been to before.

Take the worry and stress out of trying to plan a huge list of adventures while you’re in the wonderful city of Bari. Let this map be your guide.

Pinpoint the best restaurants and bars around the area, because vacations are meant to be enjoyed however you see fit! The ultimate places to go shopping and sightseeing are clearly marked on the map. The city is organized into sections so you can easily pick out what you are looking for. For anyone traveling to this region of Italy next, make sure to pick up the ultimate Bari, Italy travel guide for your next adventure!

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6. Fodor’s Rome

Fodor's Travel Guide to Rome, Italy Cover

Are you ready to experience Rome in every way imaginable? Then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy Fodor’s Rome. The experts at Fodor’s are ready to give you insider knowledge on the best areas in Rome to spend your vacation.

With customizable itineraries, and detailed maps of Rome make sure to make the most of your time in Italy as special and as magical as it possibly can get. With tips from the locals in this Rome, Italy travel guide, you will be able to eat, drink, and play like a local. There are many different types of recommendations from experts and locals to make sure your trip is nothing short of spectacular.

Inside you can expect to find an experienced guide, colored photos, “best of” lists, itineraries, maps, tips and tools, local advice, and historical/cultural overviews. What more could you possibly need from a travel guide?

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7. Italy The Best Places to See by Rail: An alternative to the escorted tour

Italy the best places to see by rail cover

If you are completely against going on a guided tour when on vacation, that is totally understandable. Some people don’t want to spend mass quantities of money while waiting in a line with 50 other people. If this sounds like you, and you’re traveling to Italy soon, I have the perfect guide for you.

Bob Kaufman, a former tour operator for 30 years, knows exactly how tours are run. He is here to give you the inside scoop on how to travel throughout Italy without being told you have to be on a bus at 8 AM sharp. If you want to spend as much time at each historical sight or restaurant as you’d like, you should be able to.

This guide will allow you to plan an inexpensive rail tour through Italy on new high-speed trains. There are five major itineraries for the cities of Italy which include: Rome, Florence, Venice, the Lakes District, and over the Alps on the Bernina Express.

This guide would fall into the category of guided tour versus independent travel in Italy.

Due to the fact that it lets the reader choose their travel plans, the only real “set schedule” is the train departure times.

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8. Walking Easy in the Italian & French Alps

walking easy cover

Now, this may mention France in the title, but people going to Italy can stick to that section of the guide.

Although, you should still check out the French Alps as well because they are just as beautiful as the Italian Alps!

If you are into hiking then this is definitely the guide for you.

Check out all of the walking and hiking trails in the Alpine region of Italy.

Explore all of the meadows and mountainsides Italy has to offer. Rated at all difficulty levels throughout, this Italian Alps travel guide will surely take you on an adventure of a lifetime.

All sorts of information can be found including rules of trails, scenic views for pictures, local hiking maps, clothing suggestions, and travel discounts in Europe, this guide is sure to make the absolute most out of your Italian Alpine experience.

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9. Lonely Planet The Italian Lakes (Regional Guide)

the Italian lakes cover

Are you looking for a romantic getaway? Do you want to know where to go and where not to go in the Italian Lakes region of Italy? If so, I have the perfect travel guide for you!

Look for colored maps, itineraries tailored to your ideal experience, and insider tips and knowledge to get around like a local.

There are also honest reviews for places to eat, sleep, and sight-see. Also, hidden gems that you can only find in this specific Italian Lakes travel guide.

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10. Lonely Planet Italy (Country Guide)

Lonely planet Italy cover

Inside this extensive 1,000-page travel guide for the entire country of Italy, you will find basically everything you could possibly need to know about traveling to the country of Italy. It also makes for a perfect gift for the world traveler in your life!

Lonely Planet and its team of researchers bring you the new and updated version of this guide from February 2020. So you know the information is both relevant and up to date.

Begin your journey in the heart of Italy and make the entire trip what you want it to be!

There are tools for family traveling, an accommodation section, colored maps and itineraries, local tips and knowledge from the locals, and cultural insights. This guide covers 18 top cities and towns in Italy, plus some of the less common areas as well.

So wherever you want to end up in the beautiful country of Italy, make sure to bring this guide with you!

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11. DK Eyewitness Italy

dk eyewitness italy cover

With this extensive guide covering the entire country of Italy in a little over 500 pages, you will definitely not want to miss this opportunity to own the newest updated edition from 2020.

Do you want to sip wine in the vineyards of Tuscany? Or enjoy a day viewing European art in one of the most famous art countries in the entire world? The annually updated guide brings the beautiful country to life before you even step foot there!

Don’t miss the top picks for Italy’s must-see experiences and hidden gems. Detailed maps and walks of cities that make the city easy to navigate. You definitely won’t want to forget this lightweight guide, throw it in your suitcase, and head to the airport!

12. Michelin Green Guide Wine Trails of Italy: Travel Guide

Michelin wine trails of Italy cover

I thought I better save the best for last…I mean not really, but who wouldn’t love a big glass of fresh Italian wine? That picture on the cover of the guide says it all.

This guide is a true ode to a wine-themed journey throughout the Italian countryside. Learn all about how Italian wine is made, how to taste it, and how it is served.

The Michelin guide provides its signature points system within the guide to suggest well-researched places to stay and eat, 125 activities, and of course the multiple wineries throughout the entire country. That sounds like the perfect way to end an Italian getaway.

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