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28 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers

Planning to give something to your traveler friend? The market offers a wide range of backpacking gifts that make a perfect present for anyone who loves traveling. 

As fun as it is, being a backpacker requires you to be on your feet almost all the time. From booking tours to finding hacked fares, a backpacker also needs to carry their life on their back. Bearing all this in mind, Backpackers prefer gear that is tough, practical, and lightweight.

Best travel gifts for backpackers

If you know a backpacker, why not make their trips more pleasant by giving them an appropriate gift? You can choose an option from the best travel gifts for regular travelers, but some presents may be too inconvenient or inefficient for backpackers.


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Since backpackers pack light, you must choose their gifts accordingly. We understand picking the best travel gift can be stressful. From expensive travel gadgets to affordable gift items, here you will find a bunch of backpacking gift ideas for all types of backpackers. 

Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers

This guide will help you find the most suitable gifts that backpackers can actually use and carry with them as they tour around the world.

1. Wakeman Camping Tent

Wakeman Camping Tent

A camping tent is a must-have item and an obvious gift for all outdoor enthusiasts. Tents aren’t just a simple roof over your head to keep off the wind and rain; they can make critical shelters in bad storms or cold weather! And they can help hikers and backpackers save some money on hotels by experiencing nature up close.

Want to gift a sturdy and waterproof tent? This 2-person camping tent from Wakeman is a great choice. A blend of 190T polyester and fiberglass, this lightweight tent is ideal for all seasons.

It features a removable rain fly, ventilation, fiberglass poles, and an interior pocket to keep hiking essentials safe and organized. The two fiberglass poles enable quick setup and tear-down. 

Also, this dome shape tent with a large door offers enough space for two people. The blend of the inner screen layer and the zippered fabric layer of the door offers plenty of privacy and airflow. 

Moreover, the included carrying bag and 3.13 pounds weight make this 2-person tent easy to carry. The ease of use makes this compact tent ideal for camping, hiking, and backpacking trips. 

Who is it for?

Though this lightweight tent is a perfect gift for all backpackers, it is a must-have for those visiting national parks, national forests, or mountainous sites. It works as a temporary house, and a tent can protect hikers from cold, rain, and high winds. Since the weight is less than other camping tents out there, it is suitable for hikers going ultralight.

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2. TETON Sports Travel Backpack

TETON Sports Travel Backpack

Some backpackers usually love collecting high-end backpacks from different brands – and some just wear them out like crazy. Literally, nothing is more precious to a backpacker than a quality backpack. If you want your backpacker friend to hug you out of joy, and gratitude, sobbing into your shoulder about how “someone finally understands them”, gift them this hiking backpack from TETON Sports.

This outdoor favorite is made with a ripstop construction and TETON innovation, making it highly durable. The Oasis 18L hydration pack makes it perfect for the wilderness. It has a 2L hydration bladder, complete with a kink-free sip tube & push-lock cushioned bite valve.

The perfect size for a minimalist traveler, the backpack is waterproof and has multiple compartments to keep all hiking items organized. The front pockets offer quick access to frequently needed essentials.

The backpack features a waist belt that can expand up to 60.” Thanks to its convenient storage, this bag makes it easy for travelers to grab those must-needed gear without worry. It also comes with a rain cover that provides complete coverage to the backpack in rainy or snowy weather conditions.

Who is it for?

Since this TETON Sports backpack is light and offers lots of storage space, it is a great gift for backpackers and for those who enjoy camping or multi-day hikes. The long-lasting and water-resistant material helps hikers keep their belongings safe and dry on all outdoor adventures.

3. Oaskys Lightweight Waterproof Sleeping Bag

oaskys Blue Camping Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are lightweight, insulated quilts that can be closed with zippers to form a tube. Backpackers often use them for sleeping while out in the wild, or even in hostels with dodgy beds. If you’re looking for a high-quality sleeping bag for your favorite backpacker, consider checking out this water-resistant sleeping bag from Oaskys.

Crafted with waterproof nylon, this sleeping bag is ideal for all seasons. The water-resistant design keeps you cozy even in extreme conditions, and the double-filled technology prevents dampness. The outer layer is made out of anti-tearing, breathable polyester fabric, and the lining material is polyester pongee.

Also, the unique design provides backpackers with a good, relaxing night’s sleep after a long day of hiking or trekking. This bag features a half-circle hood with an adjustable drawstring that keeps your head warm in low temperatures.

This sleeping bag is easy to clean, making it convenient and versatile. It is massively long, with wiggle room for even a 6-foot person. The compression sack with straps enables you to store and carry it easily. Overall, this sleeping sack is well-made, soft, and warm.

Who is it for?

This sleeping bag is one of the best gifts for novice backpackers. Sleeping bags are a mainstay that plays a huge role in keeping hikers or campers warm at night. Made of waterproof nylon, this hiking gear can withstand different temperatures and years of practical use.

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4. PowerLix Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Mat

POWERLIX Orange Sleeping Pad

A sleeping mat is one of the best gifts for backpackers. It can help them stay warm by preventing the loss of body heat into the ground while sleeping outdoors.

Since it separates your body from the wet ground, a sleeping pad is almost as essential as a sleeping bag. This sleeping mat from PowerLix makes a perfect gift for your backpacker friend.

Made of outdoor-grade material 75D nylon, this pad includes thermal insulation and keeps your body warm. The hexagon design of the mat is made with body mapping technology, offering complete protection from bumpy surfaces and hard rocks.

Also, the hexagon air cells support all pressure points, ensuring superior comfort all night long. Lightweight yet comfortable, this sleeping pad is a must-have piece of camping gear. Since the pad rolls up small, it is easy to carry around.

Additionally, this super sleeping mat comes with a carry bag, an inflating bag, two repair kits, and a patch kit. The inflating bag can be used in multiple ways, like, a waterproof carry bag and a pillow. Gift this sleeping pad to your loved one and make their next backpacking trip perfect.

Who is it for?

This sleeping mat provides complete protection from bumpy ground and rocks, making it ideal for backpackers with back problems. Since it is 100% water-resistant, this sleeping pad is ideal for all outdoor activities. This exclusive item can help backpackers say goodbye to rough nights and sore backs left by bumps underneath the tent floor.

5. Wantdo Waterproof Down Jacket

Black Wantdo Women's Hooded Down Jacket

An efficient insulator, a down jacket is a gorgeous piece for backpacking trips. It is light and offers warmth you can’t find in other synthetic jackets. Since these ultra-lightweight down jackets from Wantdo are warm and compressible, they would be a perfect addition to a backpacker’s arsenal.

Crafted with 20D 400T nylon, this fully-zippered, compressible, and packable down jacket is ideal for on-the-go use. The 90% duck-down filling provides maximum comfort, making it suitable for cold seasons.

This women’s coat features 2 interior pockets, 2 zippered pockets, and a media port for earphones, allowing you to keep your valuables handy. Lighter than a 12-ounce water bottle, this jacket can fit easily in a duffel bag or backpack. The robust construction and water-resistant coating of this hooded jacket make it suitable for damp weather.

Whether you’re backpacking in the mountains or anywhere, this women’s bubble coat offers full-on support and warmth. The material and filling make it perfect for all challenging weather conditions. Also, since the material is sustainable, hypoallergenic, and long-lasting, this jacket makes one of the best gifts for a backpacker.

Additionally, if your recipient is a man, then go for the men’s Wantdo jacket. Made with 100% nylon, this men’s coat provides the same comfort as women’s.

Who is it for?

This down jacket is perfect for people who love traveling, even in cold weather. It can help people stay warm and active by trapping the warmth of their bodies. Super light and easily packable, this coat is an excellent addition to hikers’ backpacks.

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6. Columbia Rain Jacket

Columbia Watertight   Jacket

A rain jacket is a must-have item in every backpacker’s backpack. Rain jackets keep hikers dry in sustained rain. Usually, they are breathable and ventilate internal humidity to keep wearers dry on the inside.

Since staying dry is the top priority of all outdoor lovers, a rain jacket makes one of the best backpacking gifts. Look at this watertight Columbia men’s jacket, one of the best on the market.

A blend of premium nylon and polyester, this fully seam-sealed, waterproof jacket keeps hikers dry and nice, even in the heaviest of rains. The zipper closure ensures easy wearing and taking off while making the wearer look smart and stylish.

Crafted with advanced technology fabrics, this wet-weather jacket keeps the user dry and comfortable. The breathable and waterproof Omni-Tech technology of Columbia ensures protection from all elements of mother nature.

This men’s jacket has a drawcord adjustable hem, an adjustable hood, and zippered hand pockets. Lined with mesh lining, it acts as a windbreaker and provides additional comfort in dreary weather. The same jacket is available for women as well. You can pick any of these jackets depending on who you want to gift them to.

Additionally, a combination of top-notch materials, durable stitching, and professional craftsmanship, these versatile items are long-lasting. Since they are compact and packable, they are highly portable.

Who is it for?

Compact and light, a lightweight rain jacket is one of the best gifts for an ultralight backpacker. These lightweight rain jackets from Columbia are totally necessary, and they make the ultimate pick for backpackers traveling to cold and damp locations.

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7. New Balance Trail Running Shoes

New Balance Men's Trail Running Shoe

Trail shoes are different from regular shoes. They are usually stiffer through the midsoles and provide maximum support on uneven surfaces and rugged trails.

Consider them a great lightweight alternative to hiking boots. If you want to gift something cool and different to your backpacker friend, nothing can be better than a pair of trail running shoes.

Check out these trail shoes from New Balance. A blend of 50% Leather and 50% mesh, this pair of all-terrain shoes offers rugged styling, casual comfort, and athletic fit in one legendary silhouette. These shoes ensure proper all-day support and stability with ultra-soft cushioning through CUSH+, a revolutionary foam compound.

The shoe features a comfort collar that prevents irritation and offers a superior fit. The tighter-weaved mesh upper protects feet and socks from trail debris, such as dirt, sand, and silt.

Also, the all-terrain rubber outsole ensures excellent grip and makes it easy for wearers to make their way through the harshest conditions. The brand offers trail running shoes for women as well.

Who is it for?

Since trail running shoes provide optimum protection to feet compared to road running shoes, this set is perfect for all types of backpackers as a backup pair of shoes. Trail shoes are more robust and help hikers run or walk smoothly over varied surfaces.

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8. Timberland Hiking Boots

Timberland Men's Waterproof Boot

It’s not deniable that hiking boots are heavier than trail shoes. However, they go one level up in protection. Hiking boots provide better ankle coverage and support, preventing ankle sprains. If you want to go a little extra, consider giving your friend this pair of ankle boots from Timberland.

The uppers of these boots are made with premium water-resistant leather, making them easy to clean. The seam-sealed construction helps in blocking moisture and keeping feet dry. Also, the rustproof speed lace with hooks at the top ensures secure lacing.

The rubber sole at the bottom makes these men’s boots more durable and ensures a better grip on rocks and wet, muddy terrains. Since these boots are durable and comfortable, backpackers can surely have a positive experience outdoors.

They make the best companion for long hikes or climbing over wet boulders in rough conditions. Similarly, Timberland provides the same pair of hiking boots for women too.

Looking at all features, these are some of the most practical boots one can have in their wardrobe – and they cut a pretty clean line too. They make the best pick for camping, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Who is it for?

Because of their material and trail-ready performance, these hiking boots are great for anyone going on rougher terrain with lots of mud and creek crossings. They are also eco-friendly, have a decent price point, and they’re freaking Timberland boots, man – these will never not be cool.

9. imuto Portable Power Bank for Phones

imuto Power Bank

Regardless of your location, your phone’s battery should never die out. That’s even truer for backpackers who might rely on their phones for Google Maps and booking cheap flights. A power bank is among the best gifts for frequent backpackers, especially this imuto portable power bank.

Besides being compact enough to fit in the pocket, it’s also able to charge Android and iOS phones. Moreover, it can charge a phone multiple times from one charge.

Since this charger has three output ports, it can also charge up to three phones at the same time. Therefore, it makes an ideal gift for couples who love backpacking together. This charger can help them power their phones together whenever required. 

Digi-Power technology shows you the remaining power, so you will always know when you need to recharge the power bank. This power bank has A-Class Lithium-ion batteries that help you keep your devices safe from over-current, over-voltage, over-charging, and short circuits. 

When you buy this portable charger, you also get a micro USB cable, a user guide, and friendly customer service. More importantly, the manufacturers offer a 24-month warranty.

Who Is It For?

It’s a great gift for people who travel long distances away from power sources. The design of this device is compact, but the 30000mAh high capacity provides hours of power.

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10. Garmin Compact InReach Mini

Garmin Mini, Lightweight and Compact Satellite Communicator

The Inreach Mini is a small satellite device that can help hikers maintain off-the-grid contact. This outdoor gear works as a GPS device, two-way communicator, and emergency locator.

If you’re a worried friend, get this device for your hiker friend today. Though a little expensive, this Garmin InReach Mini is another thoughtful gift. 

Since this satellite communicator is lightweight and compact, it makes a perfect gift for any camper or hiker. This device can add peace of mind to the adventure of backpackers without making their backpacks bulky. This rugged little communicator requires a satellite subscription (global Iridium network) to enable two-way communication. 

This device lets backpackers track and share their hikes, send and receive texts off the grid, and send SOS alerts in emergencies. The optional weather forecast service sends detailed weather details directly to this device or other paired devices, keeping hikers updated with upcoming weather conditions. 

The size is so compact that it can fit in the palm of your hand, making it easy to carry. Also, the 90 hours of battery life make it a great companion. 

Who Is It For?

This Garmin InReach Mini makes one of the best gifts for backpackers who prefer hiking in remote areas. This two-way satellite communicator can help hikers stay connected to their loved ones or emergency services from anywhere in the world.

Note: Some jurisdictions prohibit or regulate the use of satellite communicators. Users must know applicable laws in the jurisdictions before using the device. 

11. DAITET Travel Money Belt

DAITET Money Belt

This superior-quality DAITET money belt features a waterproof exterior and a durable nylon build, making it a great essential for a backpacking trip.

This money belt features two metal zippers and pockets to keep everything from credit cards and passports to hotel room keys and mobile phones. Since the elastic belt is adjustable, it will fit any waist. That means you can buy it for any backpacker, even without knowing their size.

Besides being functional, it’s quite fashionable as well. The unique finish makes the belt go nicely with any outfit, while the sleek design exudes class, which says a lot for a money belt.

Owing to the mesh panel at the back, the wearer won’t get sweaty or itchy irrespective of the duration of wear. Also, the anti-theft RFID blocking stuff helps you prevent your confidential details (passport, credit card, and personal ID) from being scanned. Moreover, the sleek design of this money belt lowers or even eliminates the chances of theft.

Who Is It For?

This money belt is a suitable gift for every backpacker. Since it helps you keep all the essentials handy and safe, this is what exactly a traveler needs if they’re carrying their lives around on their travels. Made of waterproof material, this item makes it hassle-free for backpackers to keep all their important documents safe and dry even in wet weather.

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12. Samsung Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Backpacking trips involve a lot of traveling. Whether it’s by train, car, or plane, noise is inevitable in every mode of transport.

Therefore, noise-canceling earbuds make an excellent gift for a backpacker. If you’re thinking of gifting such an item, check out these Noise Cancelling Wireless Samsung Galaxy Buds. 

The enhanced bass tone and AKG-tuned 12mm speaker play every song with studio-quality sound. Thanks to noise-canceling technology, the wearer can block out ambient noise easily. 

These earbuds also have an ambient listening mode. You can activate this mode easily with a simple tap. In this mode, the wearer can listen to surrounding noises, such as flight announcements and traffic, while listening to their favorite album.

These wireless buds are compatible with always-on voice assistance. This digital assistant can help you send messages, search for music, and find the nearest coffee shop or restroom hands-free. 

Moreover, these Samsung Galaxy Buds have long-lasting battery life. Plus, the carrying case also acts as a charger for continuous playback.

Who Is It For?

Every modern backpacker will find these Samsung Galaxy Buds useful. Since they’re available in three beautiful colors, you can choose one according to your taste. However, if these earbuds are out of your budget, you can look for wallet-friendly noise-canceling earbuds.

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13. SublimeWare Universal Multi Port Travel Adapter

SublimeWare Universal Multi Port Travel Adapter

The shape of power outlets varies from country to country; this is where a universal travel adapter comes into the picture. An international travel adapter allows you to use your gadgets abroad without purchasing a new cord, making charging easy. Adapters make great gifts for frequent backpackers, especially those who travel to foreign countries. 

Thinking of gifting a universal travel adapter to someone in your life who loves exploring? Consider adding this worldwide SublimeWare power plug adapter to the list of backpacking gift ideas. This all-in-one adapter is a single-piece item that can work with 150+ countries’ power outlets. 

Since this adapter has four USB ports, it can charge a camera, a tablet, and two phones at the same time. It is compatible with almost all phone models. This universal adapter also comes with a pin-locking mechanism to ensure a secure plugin. 

Additionally, with 2.32 ounces of weight, this universal travel adapter is incredibly lightweight. The compact size allows hikers to carry this device along with ease.

Who Is It For?

This universal travel adapter is an important device every backpacker must have in their backpack, especially frequent international fliers. This adapter can help them keep their electronic devices charged and stay connected to their families or the world, even while hiking. Since it weighs only 2.32 ounces, it doesn’t add much weight.

Note: This adapter is not a voltage converter. Always check that the voltage on the power plug is compatible with a specific electronic device. You can also consider buying a voltage converter for the adapter. 

14. SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Personal Water Purifier

SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Personal Water Purifier

Backpacking is all fun and games until you realize that the water can be impure in some regions. In that case, a hands-on and portable water purifier is just what a wilderness backpacker may need.

This SteriPen water purifier is one of the most thoughtful gifts for people who like to be one with nature. First, it’s small enough to fit in the pockets of your pants or the side compartment of your backpack.

Second, this water purifier can purify up to 8000 liters of water. It kills up to 99.9% of microorganisms in water, including viruses, protozoa, and bacteria with UV light. SteriPen’s effectiveness is undoubted since the company is known for its quality products and iterations of this thing have been around for years.

Moreover, this backpacking gear purifies water without changing the taste or pH of water. Since it comes with a belt loop, backpackers can attach it to their travel belts backpacks, money belts, or fanny packs. 

This water purifier can also be used as an LED flashlight in a pinch, a blessing for travelers who don’t even rest at night. In fact, UV light can be used to detect certain beasties like scorpions at night (assuming you’re somewhere scorpions can be found). To top it all off, it comes with a neoprene case and two disposable CR123 batteries.

Who Is It For?

This SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Personal Water Purifier is a perfect gift for people who travel to remote areas or countries with poor water quality.

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15. Rainleaf Microfiber Super Absorbent Towel

Rainleaf Microfiber Super Absorbent Towel

It’s not essential to give expensive presents or fancy presents or even unique presents. Sometimes inexpensive gifts mean the most, especially when they are a must-have item.

If your budget is not that good and you want to give something that will garner buckets of gratitude, try out this multi-use microfiber towel from Rainleaf. Trust me – this is something every backpacker wants to have in their backpack.

Made of microfiber, (consisting of 15% polyamide and 85% polyester), this towel is perfect for all skin types. Hikers can use it for campground showers or drying off whenever they get caught in the rain.

The super absorbent feature allows fast drying, making it ready to pack or use again within minutes. All you have to do is expand the towel in the air after every use.

The lightweight and ultra-compact properties make this bath towel space-saving and easy to carry. Since it dries so quickly, it’s an outstanding essential for camping, hiking, and backpacking trips.

The size of this bath towel is good enough to wrap around the body comfortably. Also, it comes in a carry bag with a hanging strap, making it easy to hand anywhere.

Who Is It For?

This bath towel makes an essential item for people who love taking baths even while hiking. Since it dries itself quite quickly, it is easy to pack just after the bath.

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16. LiquiSnugs Silicone Leak Proof Travel Bottles for Toiletries

LiquiSnugs Silicone Travel Bottles

Backpackers often have to take their own toiletries while traveling, especially if they stay in low-budget lodgings with little to no amenities, or in the wilderness. Check out these silicon travel bottles for toiletries from LiquiSnugs Premium

The leak-proof toiletry bottles can help you store shampoo, toothpaste, conditioner, and body wash. This set of four bottles comes in two different sizes, making the best combination to maximize the use of limited packing space. 

Travelers can put anything in these bottles they use to keep them handy. The suction pads and labels are adjustable. Thus, you can differentiate between bottles, even if the colors are the same. 

Most importantly, the travel bottles are made of BPA-free, food-grade material. So, you can even fill them with condiments or food items, depending on your preference. 

The company is quite confident about the quality of its toiletry bottles. That’s why they offer to give a full refund to unsatisfied customers. They have worked hard to modify these refillable travel toiletry containers and tested them properly to ensure they don’t leak. 

Here’s the best part: the TSA has approved these silicone travel toiletry bottles. Since they are less than 100ml, see-through, and weigh below 3.5 ounces, they meet the TSA’s requirements.

Who Is It For?

These silicone travel toiletry bottles are suitable for solo travelers who plan to bring their own toiletries or foodstuffs. Since these travel bottles take up less space when empty, they make a perfect gift for all backpackers.

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17. AeroPress Portable Coffee and Espresso Maker

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Drinking coffee while traveling gives the caffeine rush travelers need to stay aware of their actions and surroundings. Thus, a coffee press makes a thoughtful gift for any traveler. 

This AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press is a hit among coffee lovers worldwide. Since it uses the immersion brewing method, this AeroPress makes delicious coffee without grit or bitterness. 

Put some coffee & water, stir, and press. It can help you make 237 ml of regular coffee.

It also makes it easy to prepare up to three cups of espresso-style shots for use in cappuccinos, lattes, and other espresso-based drinks in about a minute. You can even use this AeroPress to make cold brews in two minutes. 

Being lightweight and compact, the AeroPress is an ideal gift for backpackers. The package contains a scoop, funnel, stirrer, AeroPress, and a 250 microfilter. Also, the materials used to manufacture this coffee press are free of phthalates and BPA. 

Who Is It For?

The AeroPress Coffee Maker is an excellent gift for avid coffee drinkers. This portable coffee maker makes it easy for hikers to prepare great coffee within minutes. It’s even ideal for home use. Every time they drink a cuppa, they’ll think of you and appreciate you for your warm gesture. 

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18. YETI Rambler Bottle

YETI Rambler Bottle

Staying hydrated on the go is very important, especially if a lot of walking is involved in the trip. This YETI bottle is a vacuum-insulated modern design that keeps beverages hot or cold for an extended duration.

Made of premium stainless steel, this water bottle features a durable finish. Since it has a narrow mouth, there’s a meager likelihood of spilling and sloshing as you drink.

This bottle features a double-wall insulation layer that ensures the cold water does not get hot even after hours and vice-versa. Also, the bottle comes in multiple colors and design options, allowing you to pick one depending on the style of the backpacker. 

Moreover, the material of this water bottle is BPA-free and rust-resistant, making it ideal for all kinds of outdoor adventures. The lid tightens well, which means you don’t have to worry about leakage. Do note though that the Chug Cap allows quick opening but isn’t intended for use with hot drinks.

Who Is It For?

This YETI bottle is one of the best backpacking gifts for every backpacker. Since it is vacuum-insulated and double-walled, hikers can use this bottle to keep their favorite beverage cold for hours. It is a useful item for everyday use by everyone.

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19. BAGAIL Packing Cubes

 BAGAIL Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are the best way to pack for a backpacking trip. They play an incredible role in keeping travel essentials organized and traveling light. Packing cubes make an ultimate gift for outdoor lovers as they offer the best possible organization in different ways during hiking, camping, or backpacking trips.

Make your backpacker or hiker friend feel loved by gifting this set of 8 packing cubes from BAGAIL. The premium nylon material helps in protecting clothes from stains and wrinkles. Zipper closure ensures fast opening and closing, allowing hikers to access needed items without hassle.

These packing cubes are attractive, tough, and durable. Since the pack includes 8 packing organizers of varying sizes, hikers can use them to pack items separately for easy grabbing when needed. They can compress their hiking essentials into easy-to-pack sizes, leading to well-organized backpacks.

These packing cubes also help hikers keep their dirty gear separate from the clean stuff. They can help travelers save a lot of space and keep their backpacks more organized. Multi-functional and versatile, these packing cubes make a great gift for outdoor adventurers.

Who Is It For?

These budget-friendly packing cubes make one of the best gifts for backpackers who want to fit more items into their backpacks or need help organizing. Different pouches make it easier to access specific items without disturbing the rest of the load in the pack. Since these packing cubes are waterproof, they can also help hikers keep their essentials dry while out in the wild.

20. Promptly Journals Compact Travel Journal

Promptly Journals - Compact Travel Journal

While your phone usually keeps accounts of all the places you’ve visited, sometimes, it’s good to give traveling an old-school touch with a travel journal. This Travel Journal from Promptly Journals has 88 pages to record each adventure.

Since it is specifically designed for travelers, the journal has plenty of prompts. This journal includes multiple sections, including highlights, a brief itinerary, memorable moments, travel companions, transportation, mishaps, accommodations, food, and placeholders to keep pictures & memories.

The journal is a remarkable way to make memories. You can use it as a photojournal by writing an entry related to every picture. Plus, it has a world map to mark the countries you’ve visited or want to explore next.

Also, a travel journal isn’t merely for recording experiences during or after the journey. You can also use it to plan a trip. Thus, it’s a handy gift for backpackers who have to write every detail of their journey to be on schedule.

Moreover, this journal features illustrations that give your entries a travel-inspired vibe. Overall, it makes an ideal present for all close ones who love traveling. 

Who Is It For?

Nowadays, a journal is not among the mainstream gifts for people who love to travel. However, if you know a backpacker who loves making written memories and is a bit of an old soul, this gift is ideal for them.

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21. Hindar Panda Easy Carry Polarized Mini Folding Sunglasses

Hindar Panda Easy Carry Polarized Mini Folding Sunglasses

Often, it’s hard for backpackers to take glasses along for two reasons. First, they take up extra room in the main compartment since most backpacks don’t have a separate pocket. Second, they’re likely to break during the ups and downs of backpacking. 

Fortunately, I’ve found these easy-carry polarized mini folding sunglasses from Hindar Panda. These folding sunglasses solve both these problems.

Since they are foldable, they can easily fit in your pocket. Also, these sunglasses are polarized and have a stylish vintage design that will look awesome in any vacation pictures.

The lens width is 52mm, while the glasses also have a UV protection coating. Thus, they keep the sunlight and all kinds of harmful lights out of your way while you take on a new adventure.

Additionally, the polarized lenses of these folding sunglasses are suitable for outdoor sports and activities, like driving, cycling, traveling, and hiking. They give you a clear vision, providing complete protection to the eyes and personal safety. 

Who Is It For?

These mini-folding sunglasses make an ideal gift for every backpacker. The polarized lenses of these sunglasses offer visual comfort to the eyes of the wearer, even during intense physical activities.

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22. Moment Wide Lens for Phone Cameras

Moment Wide Lens

Phone camera lenses are the best travel gifts for someone who loves posting regular travel updates on social media. During backpacking or hiking trips, it’s inconvenient to carry a chunky DSLR since it is heavy and takes up space. 

Instead, travelers can use travel lenses to improve picture quality and zoom in on their phone’s built-in cameras. Take a look at this wide lens from Moment.

This 18mm wide lens is compatible with Android and iPhone cameras. You can also use it with laptop webcams or tablets. 

As this lens comes with a microfiber bag, travelers wouldn’t have to worry about it getting dirty in the bag. It is suitable for taking landscape photos, group pictures, or capturing memorable moments while on the go. This 18mm lens allows travelers to click crips and sharp pictures without fisheye distortion.

Also, the lens does justice to travel videos, ensuring that everything is in focus. Even better, you can connect it to the Moment Pro Camera App to get advanced manual controls. 

Who Is It For?

This phone lens is a fun gift for backpackers who love taking pictures and want to up their photography game. Also, regular travelers will enjoy it just as much as it lets them record memories in high resolution. 

23. Fire-Maple Backpacking and Camping Stove

 Fire-Maple Backpacking and Camping Stove

Backpacking stoves are another essential travel item every backpacker needs to toss in their backpack. They are small, collapsible one-burner stoves that need white gas or liquid fuel. Backpackers can use backpacking stoves to heat water for coffee & tea and cook meals to fill up their stomachs on the trail.

That means a backpacking stove is perfect for a camping trip. Since there are different types of backpacking stoves, it is essential to pick a compact and lightweight stove. Take a look at this portable burner from Fire-Maple.

This backing stove includes a bowl and a one-liter cook pot. Though it does not come with a fuel canister, this 1.3 pounds stove is compatible with most canisters. The in-built piezoelectric igniter ignites it instantly.

This sturdy aluminum stove has a locking stainless steel handle for safe handling, and insulating neoprene covers ensure safe outdoor cooking pleasure. The heat exchange technology lowers boiling time by up to 30% (eventually reduces cooking time) compared to traditional stoves.

This Fire-Maple cooking stove is ideal for backpacking, hiking, trekking, kayaking, camping, biking, fishing, and other outdoor activities. It comes with a 3-year warranty; you’re safe.

Who Is It For?

This backpacking stove is an ideal gift for backpackers who love to prepare their own meals. This stove will make it easy for them to prepare their favorite hot drinks or backpacking meals within minutes while on the go. Lightweight and portable, the stove is easy to ignite, even in windy or wet conditions.

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24. Wise Owl Outfitters Portable Hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters Portable Hammock

Backpacking is fun but also tiring at the same time. Want to give something cool to your backpacker friend? A camping hammock makes a perfect gift. Nothing is better to relax after a long adventurous day than chilling in a hammock!

If you’re looking for a high-quality yet affordable hammock, this Wise Owl Outfitters single or double hammock is one of the best options. Your camper or hiker friend will love this gift as it is one of those things that often get overlooked.

Crafted with parachute nylon, this incredibly lightweight hammock is durable. It features triple interlocking stitching, two tree-friendly straps, and two O-shaped carabiners to ensure an easy and quick setup. The hammock includes five separate loops, allowing hikers to adjust it to the perfect height.

Weighing only 24 ounces, it can fit perfectly into the attached pouch. The “single” hammock from Wise Owl Outfitters is 9 feet long and 4.5 feet wide, perfect for one person. Similarly, the Double hammock is 10 feet long and 6.5 feet wide, suitable for a couple or anyone who loves extra space.

No matter the location (except one where you have nowhere to hang your hammock), this hammock offers everything a backpacker might need to stay comfy all night long. It makes a perfect gift for an outdoor enthusiast for their next backpacking trip.

Who Is It For?

Built with no added pressure points, this hammock is a great gift for hikers with back problems and those backpacking through rainforests. Since a hammock offers a natural sleeping position, it can help relieve backache and eliminate the risk of serious injuries. In jungles, it’ll help keep you off the floor, so you won’t get eaten alive by creepy crawlies!

25. Darn Tough Merino Wool Boot Socks

Darn Tough Merino Wool Boot Socks

Since backpacking involves a lot of walking, it is important to ensure the safety of your feet. No matter how good hiking shoes one wears, you can’t completely protect your feet from blisters.

This is where tough wool socks come to the rescue. You can gift a pair of wool socks to your backpacker friend.

If you’re looking for a set of high-quality socks, consider these wool boot socks from Darn Tough. Made of 66% merino wool, 32% nylon, and 2% lycra spandex, these socks ensure the most comfortable hike possible. The fast-wicking pulls moisture away from the skin, which means no more sweaty, stinky socks.

The breathable, soft merino wool ensures fast drying, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These Darn Tough socks sit mid-calf for added warmth and protection. These midweight socks with proper cushioning provide full-on comfort.

Also, the high-density knitting techniques lead to more durable and comfortable fitting socks with no added bulk. A sturdy companion, this pair of socks offers support, comfort, and cushion while minimizing blisters and sore feet while hiking.

PRO TIP: It’s best to layer socks when walking long distances; a thin pair of dress socks over your feet (cotton socks or bamboo fiber socks are best – like these Athlemo ones) with a pair of thick wool socks over the thin pair. This helps minimize rubbing, sores, and blisters. It also keeps your feet warmer in winter!

Who Is It For?

Socks are perfect for frequent backpackers and hikers. Perfect for all-weather performance, these socks make a sturdy companion. With extra cushioning, these wool socks prevent sweatiness and keep feet dry & warm throughout the hike.

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26. GearLight Flashlight Headlamps with Adjustable Headband

 GearLight Flashlight Headlamps with Adjustable Headband

The best alternative to lugging around a flashlight on an arduous hike is a headlight. A headlamp is a hiker’s best friend on night hikes, making it a perfect gift.

If you know an avid hiker, you can encourage them to do better by gifting a flashlight headlamp. Since there are different headlamps, always try to buy one with sharp light and good battery life. Why not go for these flashlight headlamps from GearLight? With all the features one could ask for, they make one of the best gifts for backpackers.

These hands-free LED headlamps generate a long-lasting light beam with daylight color. Built for night adventures, this headlight features seven different lighting modes. Backpackers can adjust the color, brightness, and strobe intensity of light as per their needs.

The 10+ hours runtime makes them a must-have for all hikers and campers. The adjustable and removable headband ensures a comfortable fit for everyone.

The adjustable 45-degree versatile tilt design allows hikers to direct light wherever they want. This headlamp is shockproof and waterproof, suitable for snow or rain. Also, the 3 ounces weight with batteries makes it ideal for all backpackers.

Who Is It For?

This set of LED headlamps with adjustable headbands is a gift that most backpackers will be happy to receive from their loved ones. They are super light and come with a long-lasting battery. This headlight provides hikers with enough visibility for night hiking, navigating dark caves, or finding the toilet in the dark! It can also be used to send help signals in case of emergency.

27. Kelly Kettle Ultimate Scout Kit

Kelly Kettle Ultimate Scout Kit

A ghillie stove is a great choice for backpacking gift ideas. From boiling water to fast cooking, a ghillie stove (or ghillie kettle) kit can help hikers make their trip successful. Since it is energy efficient and easy to use, the ghillie stove in the Kelly Kettle Scout Kit makes a memorable gift. 

The kit features a ghillie kettle, camping cups, camping plates, a cook set, pot support, and a storage bag. All these items fit perfectly within the kettle for easy storage and transport. 

This set is almost cost-free and eco-friendly as it uses only natural fuel, including dry grass, birch bark, twigs, dry animal dung, etc. That means hikers don’t need to carry any fuel, making it suitable for light travelers. 

Also, this stainless steel camp kettle can boil approx 41 oz of water at a time in no time, enough for tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. Since ghillie stoves work perfectly well in windy, stormy weather, they are perfect for camping.

Who Is It For?

Ghillie stoves are incredibly simple and effective tools for making hot food and beverages. They are one of the best gifts for backpackers, hikers, campers, survivalists, and outdoorsfolk.

28. Protect Life First Aid Travel Kit

Protect Life First Aid Travel Kit

A first-aid kit is another way to show your love to that special backpacker. With all the needed items, a first-aid travel kit can help hikers handle all unexpected accidents. It minimizes the risk of infection from injuries, cuts, or scrapes that one can encounter while exploring nature.

Optimized for a wide range of injuries, this first-aid kit from Protect Life can be your best pick. The kit has all the first-aid and preparedness items a hiker can need in an emergency. It offers everything, including a CPR mask, medical scissor, metal tweezer, eye wash, prep pads, bandages, antiseptic towelettes, emergency blanket, and safety pins, for quick medical attention.

Manufactured in an FDA-certified facility, each item in this medical kit is useful and lowers or even eliminates the chances of infection. The compact size doesn’t take much space and makes packing easy, no matter where they go. Since this kit comes in a good-quality portable case, with a handy carabiner it’s perfect for backpackers.

Highly recommended for hiking, backpacking, and wilderness adventures, this kit is a safety gift that all outdoor lovers will appreciate. Show your care and love for your hiker friends by gifting them a first-aid kit.

Who Is It For?

A first-aid travel kit is a must-have for all backpackers for treating minor injuries on the go. The available medical items make it easy for hikers to take care of common ailments on the trail. Apart from offering everything required to treat medical emergencies, this kit is light and compact enough to fit in backpacks of all sizes.

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Final Thoughts

These are some of the widely popular backpacking essentials in the hiking and backpacking community. While looking for the best backpacking gifts for frequent travelers, you must ensure two things.

Firstly, it must be compact enough to fit in a travel purse or a backpack. Secondly, it should be useful. Otherwise, it will be just a waste of space and extra weight they have to carry. 

In this guide, I’ve kept both these points into consideration to select the best travel gifts for backpackers. Whether your backpacker friend or loved one is into photography, journaling, or simply needs an essential hiking item, you will definitely find something suitable for them. 


What are the “Big Three” in backpacking trips?

Well, the Big 3 items of travel gear for backpacking trips include your backpack, your sleeping bag, and your shelter. If the combined weight of these essentials goes above 12 pounds, you could face difficulties on your trek, as you then need to consider everything else you’ll need to carry, like food, water, and first aid.

Are tourists different from backpackers?

Yes, both tourists and backpackers are different from each other. A tourist is someone who purely travels for pleasure and relaxation. On the other hand, a backpacker travels to explore cultures of different places and live a life totally opposite from their personal life.

Why are backpackers called backpackers?

Backpackers are travelers who carry travel essentials on their backs in a backpack while out in the wild. They usually don’t spend much and prefer staying in cheaper places, or going camping. For instance, if you’re hiking any of the Costa Rica trails while carrying everything you might need on your way, you can consider yourself a backpacker.

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