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10 Best Travel Lightroom Presets

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One of the best things about traveling is the unique opportunity to see a new place. For photographers, this means different perspectives and capturing them on film.

In the process of creating a photograph, you might encounter a number of issues that might hinder the overall quality of the picture. 

Poor lighting, blurry focus, and underexposure are just a few of the issues that might arise.

best travel lightroom presets

A good travel preset enhances landscape and nature photographs with natural, blue, and clean tones. It can preserve and enhance the original color of the image.

Consequently, all of the key aspects of the image stand out more clearly. The camera’s ability to capture and enhance fine details may benefit all landscapes, especially those who enjoy travel photography.

Check out the best travel Lightroom presets that can instantly enhance all your amazing memories, vacation photos, and landscape photography.

Best-Of by Category

Costa Rica Pack Lightroom Preset

Costa Rica Pack Lightroom Preset

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place than Costa Rica. Around 5 percent of the world’s known species live within the nation’s borders, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. You can easily check out Costa Rica’s amazing wildlife by booking through!

Costa Rica Bird

A travel Lightroom preset for Costa Rica will help you create beautiful images of Costa Rica.

Whether viewing wildlife in the jungle or exploring volcanoes, this Costa Rica Pack Travel Lightroom Preset pack by ParkerArrow can enhance and emphasize the tones of green leaves and tanned skin tones with soft light in the final image.

Costa Rica Pack Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Compatible with mobile and desktop use
  • Contains 5 presets
  • Instructions for mobile to make the presets work

Costa Rica Pack Lightroom Preset Cons

  • Users need the most recent upgrade for Lightroom CC & Lightroom Classic CC for desktop

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Yosemite Travel Lightroom Preset

Yosemite Travel Lightroom Preset

If you’re looking for breathtaking scenery and one-of-a-kind landmarks in the US, Yosemite National Park is the place to go. Yosemite National Park is one of the greatest vacations you can have if you’re obsessed with natural beauty, a thrill-seeker, or just love the great outdoors.

Yosemite National Park

If you’re planning a trip to California anytime soon, few places are more perfect for photography than Yosemite National Park. The diversity of the landscape will provide you with a variety of opportunities for striking travel photos, from misty forests to vast lakeside expanses.

These Yosemite Lightroom Presets from Creative Market are perfect to help you create pictures that show off the beauty of this unique place.

These travel presets can make any of your aerial photos, landscape photography, or outdoor photography meet the standards of a professional travel photographer.

Yosemite Lightroom Preset Pros

  • The preset pack has three license types to choose from depending on the use of your travel photos.
  • It is compatible with mobile and desktop use.
  • The preset pack has 5 unique sets for mobile and desktop presets.
  • The set includes a step-by-step installation guide.

Yosemite Lightroom Preset Cons

  • You can use only the extended commercial license type of the presets for website or app use.

Fiji Ocean Pro Lightroom Presets

Fiji Ocean Pro Lightroom Presets

Fiji is famous for its beaches, warm waters, and diverse culture. These travel lightroom presets make the perfect gift for people who love photography and enjoy the great outdoors. They will appreciate the beautiful, rich colors and textures of this setting. 

Fiji Ocean

Whether you’re on a scuba diving trip or relaxing on the sand under the palms, these travel presets for Fiji will allow you to create stunning pictures that reflect the island’s unique beauty.

Using these Fiji Ocean Lightroom Presets, you can instantly infuse your photos with a refreshing sense of adventure and a wonderful taste of summer in seconds.

Fiji Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows PC
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop machines
  • Has 5 unique mobile and desktop presets
  • Includes a handy step-by-step installation guide

Fiji Lightroom Preset Cons

  • Only works on RAW and JPEG images
  • You have to choose from three license types depending on your usage before purchase
  • For website or app use, you can only use the extended commercial license type

Tokyo Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Tokyo Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, these travel presets for Tokyo will make your travel photos pop. Whether you’re exploring Kyoto or admiring Tokyo from the top of Mount Fuji, this preset will help you create images that capture this country’s unique culture and natural beauty.

Tokyo Walk Route

Tokyo Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets is a collection of Adobe Lightroom Presets for mobile and desktop devices that will give your outdoor photos to have more lively colors, and brilliant, golden tones.

These filters may be readily edited to give your images a modern, uniform style. Whether you’re photographing people or events like weddings, birthday parties, family reunions or vacations, or nature, this lens is an excellent option for practically any subject matter.

Once you open Lightroom and develop presets, you can immediately edit the photos from your last trip and check out your library’s different types of travel preset collections.

Tokyo Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets Pros

  • Has three license types to choose from depending on the use of your vacation photos
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows PC
  • Editing photos can be done with a single click!
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop use
  • Has unique 5 mobile and desktop presets
  • All the presets that come in the set include a step-by-step installation guide

Tokyo Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets Cons

  • Only work on RAW and JPEG images
  • No free lightroom presets
  • Only the extended commercial license type can be used for website or app use

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Cancun Lightroom Preset

Cancun Lightroom Preset

Cancun is a popular tourist destination in Mexico. It has lovely beaches, luxurious hotels and resorts, great food, and incredible weather, but the city offers much more than simply a relaxing vacation – as if that weren’t good enough!

Lightroom Preset

This wildly popular tourist spring and summer destination has a busy nightlife, many public beaches, retail malls, golf courses, and much more.

If you’re heading down Mexico way anytime soon, you’re sure to discover many opportunities for some amazing photos. Whether immersing yourself in traditional culture in Mexico City or enjoying the endless sea in Cancun, these travel Lightroom presets for Cancun will help you capture the perfect images of your beach photos.

Cancun beach

This Cancun Lightroom Preset is a set of four Lightroom Mobile Presets. If you’re looking to create a consistent Instagram feed with an easily applied filter, then this app is for you! Ideal for portraiture, stylized photos, and landscapes.

Cancun Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Editing can be done in a single click
  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android phones and tablets
  • Comes with PDF-formatted installation instructions

Cancun Lightroom Preset Presets Cons

  • No cancellation, refund, or exchange are accepted upon purchase
  • Not every image works with the preset

Basti Hansen Iceland X Lightroom Presets

Basti Hansen Iceland X Lightroom Presets

While many people think of Iceland as a snowy, rocky, treeless place, it’s actually an exceedingly photogenic country.

It doesn’t matter where you travel in Iceland. You’ll find breathtaking beauty, from towering glaciers to magnificent ice blue lagoons. Travelers may explore Iceland’s most breathtaking natural wonders. This includes ice caves, waterfalls, and outdoor activities like whale-watching and glacier hikes.

Iceland Glacier

Whether hiking around glaciers, exploring the magnificent springs and falls, or enjoying the wide-open spaces of the nation’s western coast, these travel lightroom presets for Iceland will allow you to create stunning images.

Basti Hansen has produced 18 Premium Lightroom presets on a recent assignment in Iceland. These presets work best for both general landscape and portrait photography. They also perform well on Instagram and other social media platforms and in print.

Basti Hansen Iceland X Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Provides access to a preset collection of 18 presets!
  • Offers three license types to choose from depending on usage
  • Enhance your photos through free support and help documents and guides

Basti Hansen Iceland X Lightroom Preset Cons

  • Limited access is given unless the license type purchased is “Unlimited.”

Singapore Lightroom Preset

Singapore Lightroom Preset

Singapore‘s many attractions are sure to captivate tourists. This is because of its century-old temples, lively hawker centers, and beautiful green areas. Travelers may explore, enjoy, and express their passions in our city’s schedule of diverse events.

If you’re headed to Singapore anytime soon, you’ll want to add these Singapore travel presets to your photo kit. With a selection of gorgeous native Singaporean flowers, Singapore also provides a bridge to Asia’s tropical island southeast.


Free presets may be hard to find, but you can add these Adobe Lightroom presets to your library for a different perspective on the bustling city and endless opportunities for tropical flowers.

This free Singapore Lightroom Preset will give your travel photos a brilliant, gloomy, artistic, and deep, warm-toned look in seconds! Because these free presets are completely customizable, you may make your picture artwork exactly as you want. It works without causing any damage to the original image.

Singapore Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Free Lightroom presets collection
  • Free support and help with documents and guides

Singapore Lightroom Preset Cons

  • No skin protection on editing travel photos
  • This free lightroom preset has no color look-up table is included

Amsterdam Lightroom Preset

Amsterdam Lightroom Preset

Many people who enjoy travel photography go to Amsterdam for its canals, unique architecture, and exciting nightlife. The city has a rich history extends back to the 13th Century, making it a perfect destination for Dutch art and culture enthusiasts.

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, making it an excellent choice for the Lightroom travel preset. If you’re planning a trip to the Dutch capital, you’ll want to add this Lightroom Amsterdam preset to your photo kit.

Amsterdam Dawn

With a bevy of famous sights, Amsterdam also provides ample opportunities to capture a variety of everyday scenes in this historic city. Add this preset to your Amsterdam Lightroom library for a different perspective on the city and all of the opportunities it provides for travelers.

Using the Amsterdam Adobe Lightroom Presets, your photos will have a rich, modern, high-contrast look ideal for vacation. These were built for Lightroom Mobile to ensure that editing was consistent. These are ideal for wedding photos, blogger photos, travel photos, fashion or styled shoot photos, and flat-lay photos.

Amsterdam Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Compatible with mobiles and desktops
  • Has 4 unique mobile and desktop preset collections
  • Includes detailed PDF instructions with video tutorials

Amsterdam Lightroom Preset Cons

  • No cancellation, refund, or exchange are accepted upon purchase
  • Not every image works with the editing preset

Italy Dreams Preset Bundle

Italy Dreams Preset Bundle

The Renaissance era in Italy and the great artists it generated (as well as the breathtaking and varied scenery) have made the country world-famous destination for all things beautiful.

Tourism, art towns, and breathtaking landscapes have made Italy one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. In addition to its poetic language, opera, cuisine, and fashion, Italy is well-known for its high-end products, from handbags to supercars. Their national soccer team isn’t to be sniffed at, either!

Pizza tower

Italy is a popular choice for travelers and people who love travel photography – and with good reason. With a wealth of photogenic sights, this vast country is the perfect choice for travelers of all interests.

Add this Lightroom Italy preset to your photo kit if you plan a trip to Italy. With many famous landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italy also provides ample opportunities for everyday photography. With this preset on your Italy Lightroom library, you can easily add this country’s culture to your travel photo list.

Italy channel

You can add rich, warm tones to your iPhone images by using the Italy Dreams Preset Bundle, which includes five Lightroom CC effects.

These presets are ideal for Instagram Influencers, travel bloggers, and creatives who want to elevate their collection of photographs to the next level with editing in just one click!

Italy Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Download starts instantly
  • Includes 5 mobile presets
  • Free customer service support
  • Includes Detailed PDF instructions with video tutorials

Italy Lightroom Preset Cons

  • Only compatible with iPhones

Bangkok Lightroom Preset

Bangkok Lightroom Preset

Thailand is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. People go to this unique location for a variety of reasons. Bangkok is one of Thailand‘s most dynamic cities worldwide and one of the most visited Asian cities by tourists who like travel photography. With one of these free Lightroom presets, you can easily add this bustling Thai city to your travel photo list.

With a selection of Bangkok’s famous sights and everyday scenes, Bangkok provides ample opportunities for shooting amazing pics in Thailand’s tropical capital. 


In only a few clicks, the Free Bangkok Lightroom Preset will help you brighten and enhance your photo, making it look like a professional photographer took it.

This free preset on your Bangkok Lightroom library can help you adjust tone curves without adding more items to your precious hand luggage. All that by adding matte, deep color, and warm rustic tones to your images, giving them a fantastic appearance through easy editing!

Bangkok Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Free Lightroom presets for personal and commercial use
  • Available for both mobile and desktop photo editing
  • The download comes in ATN, DNG, XMP, and Lr Template Formats
  • Includes detailed PDF instructions on how to install and use

Bangkok Lightroom Preset Cons

  • No cancellation, refund, or exchange are accepted upon purchase
  • Not every image works with the preset

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