8 Best Travel Trailers for Couples

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The joy of adventure is in the journey and not the destination. Are you and your partner looking for romance and freedom of life on the open road? If so, here’s our selection of the best travel trailers for couples.

With so many travel trailers, selecting the best couple-friendly camper can be confusing. A school of RV thought believes in keeping it ultra low-key. The fewer amenities you have, the more adventures you’ll have with the outside world.

But you want to enjoy your cozy getaway in comfort, right? Limiting living space shouldn’t mean skimping on amenities.

So I’ll look at travel trailers for couples who want self-contained camper living. That means at least a wet bath (where a toilet shares the space with a sink or shower) and good cooking space.  Then it’s your choice whether you use campground facilities or go boondocking.

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TL;DR: Best Travel Trailer Brands

Categories Travel Trailer Model Length (ft) Approx Dry Weight (lb) Price Range ($)
Best for Lightweight Travel NuCamp TAB 320 15.3 2,000 28,000-38,000
Best for Budget-Friendly Travel Scamp 13′ 13.1 1,500 19,500-25,000
Best for 3 / 4-Season Travel Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX2108FBS 22.5 4,275 65,000-70,000
Best for Off-Road Travel Forest River No Boundaries 16.6 21.8 3,750 45,000-55,000
Best For Eco-Friendly Travel TAXA Mantis 19 3,115 55,000-65,000
Best For Luxury Travel Palomino Puma 31FKRK 38.9 8,700 51,000-61,000
Best for Vintage-Inspired Travel Airstream Bambi 16 16.1 3,500 55,000-65,000
Best for Toy Hauler Travel Genesis Supreme CR 28CRT 32.86 11,000 76,000-95,000

Our list includes fan favorites from Winnebago and Forest River, but you’ll find offerings for various budgets. And although you may not mind spending big on a new camper, a used couples trailer could save you more than money. 

Travel trailers often lose value quickly, meaning there are bargains out there. And a carefully-serviced vehicle will have passed the teething troubles period.

One way to use a travel trailer or monetize a purchased travel trailer is with RVShare. Think of Airbnb or Turo but for RVs. It’s a great way to rent a travel trailer and save money. Here are our favorite ways to rent or own a travel trailer.

Best Travel Trailers for Couples

If you can’t wait to embrace the RV lifestyle, check out our list of eight of the best travel trailers for couples. Now you have to decide where you’ll head in your new travel trailer.  Time to start planning that road trip!

1. NuCamp TAB 320 S Teardrop Trailer: Best Lightweight Couples Travel Trailer

Nucamp Tab Teardrop Trailer

The NuCamp TAB 320 Teardrop S Camper reminds us of the campers of old with its attractive retro aesthetic. This model is a strong choice if you’re looking for a stylish yet lightweight travel trailer.

Its aerodynamic design and dry weight of only 2,000 lb make traveling cost-effective. The basic version even fits in a standard garage with an 8-foot high door.

The TAB 320 Teardrop’s thoughtful layout features a U-shaped dinette with split cushions that convert into an RV queen-sized or twin bed. The wet bath is compact – you’ll have to stoop if you’re over 5 foot 9 – but it has a cassette toilet, a narrow sink, and a shower.

A note about RV toilets. The TAB 320’s cassette is super-easy to remove and empty – you can wheel it to the dump station like a little suitcase. But to avoid finding a dump point so often, don’t use regular toilet paper. Septic-safe TP like Angel Soft or Scotts breaks down faster and avoids embarrassing clogs!

In my view, the elegant TAB 320 is the best travel trailer for luxury in miniature. As well as A/C and a Bluetooth entertainment system, there’s Ohio Amish soft-close wood cabinetry in birch or ash.

Optional extra features include chunky 15-inch tires and extra ground clearance. Add the extra lithium power pack for longer off-grid adventures.

The cheaper Teardrop Tag has an outdoor kitchen at the back, but the 320 manages to squeeze in an indoor kitchenette with a two-burner stove and a 12v refrigerator. Brand-new, the TAB 320 is at the more affordable end of the market. But if the $31,000 + retail price tag is too much, you could always go old-school and build your own teardrop camper!

Notable features:

  • Streamlined, compact, and lightweight
  • Two-burner cooker and 2.3 cubic foot 12-volt refrigerator
  • Solar panel and microwave options
  • Wet bath with cassette toilet
  • Bluetooth entertainment center  

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2. Scamp 13′: Best Budget-Friendly Couples Travel Trailer

Scamp 13 Travel Trailer
Scamp 13 / Scamp

If affordability is your main concern when buying a couples camper, think Scamp. This Minnesota-based company offers a great range of customizing options in their dinky trailers, meaning you can spend as much or as little as you want. And as the 13-footer’s baseline price is under $20,000, the experience needn’t put too much strain on your wallet.

The Scamp’s fiberglass shell means this is a lightweight travel trailer – less than 2,000 lbs. Its compact size means you’ll likely be able to tow it with the car you already own – another consideration if you need to economize.

In terms of comfort, a wet bath is one option, though if you want more light and storage space, you can choose a portable Sani Potti. A 44-inch bed is standard, but there’s the chance to upgrade to a 54-inch rear bed. 

Other optional extras include A/C, a bathroom sink, a backup camera, and a solar panel kit. Though it’s not cheap – just over $1,000 – I’d recommend the 8-foot awning for setting up in the rain or if you know you’ll be camping where there’s little shade.

Note that as there are so many customizable features, you should expect to wait the best part of a year to take delivery. So start planning soon!

Notable features:

  • 44-inch bed
  • Two-burner cooker and refrigerator
  • Storage cabinets
  • Single LP tank
  • Optional solar panel
  • Optional wet bath
  • Optional A/C and awning

3. Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX 2108FBS: Best 3/4 Season Couples Travel Trailer

Winnebago Micro Minnie

We’ve all heard of Winnebago, one of the most beloved travel trailers in the RV world. The Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX is a new-and-improved version of one of the company’s most popular smaller models.

Traveling couples can select from 3 floor plans with top-notch modern amenities like a well-equipped galley and a spacious bathroom with porcelain toilet. Our favorite is the 2108FBS, with its fixed bed up front. For more space you can choose a Murphy bed instead, though this adds another $1,500 to the price. 

As well as a ton of home-from-home amenities, there’s also an integrated battery system. This lets you keep going for five days when disconnected. The 320 amp-hour lithium battery even lets you run the A/C without hookups.

There are also 200 watts of solar panels, with the option to add another panel. And the Showermiser system saves water by recirculating shower water through the Truma heater.

The 1.5-inch-thick fiberglass plus Azdel construction provides good insulation for winter wanderings. But what makes the FLX such a useful year-round trailer is what happens underneath. The fully enclosed underbelly has radiant foil insulation, protecting pipes in colder weather.

Should you need extra warmth, Lasko ceramic tower heaters regularly get good reviews and are safer than gas heaters.  And if you want to try before you buy, rent a Winnebago with RVShare… The Airbnb of the RV world.

Notable features

  • Convection microwave, 10.3 cubic foot 12-volt refrigerator, and three burner stove
  • Truma water heater and 11,500 BTU furnace
  • 74″ x 54″ bed
  • Strategically concealed pipes
  • 200W solar panel with option to add another
  • Generous battery capacity 
  • Pre-wired for backup cameras, tire pressure monitors, and WiFi boosters

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4. Forest River No Boundaries 16.6: Best Couples Trailer for Off-Road Travel

Forest River No Boundaries 16.6 product model
PoulsboRV / PoulsboRV

The best travel trailer for couples with wild adventures in mind is the Forest River No Boundaries. Its superb ground clearance, hunky tires, and robust suspension can take you to picturesque sites that might otherwise seem out of reach.  Plus many options have room for skis, SUPs, bikes, and other small-scale equipment. 

The NoBo, as it’s known, comes in 11 models, but for couples needing a little comfort a great choice is the 16 series. The 14-foot NB16.1 is one of the best travel trailers for couples with no kids. It’s super-compact but manages to cram in a separate shower and a 60″ x 74″ queen bed.

For a couples camper offering more sleeping capacity and storage space for tons of camping gear, pick the NB16.6 floor plan. Along with extra elbow room and optional bunk beds, you’ll have the chance for some tasty add-ons, unavailable with the 16.1.

So you could add Rhino-Rack crossbars to the standard RVT track, or get a J-cradle for your kayak. Other options include high-efficiency AC and premium lithium-ion batteries. You can also add a further 500W to the standard 200W solar panel capacity, for longer off-gridding.

Both versions have a full aluminum frame. Exteriors are Azdel, a lightweight, long-lasting composite with great durability and sound muffling properties. All-terrain tires, a powered awning with LED lights, and a portable Bluetooth speaker also come as standard.

Notable features:

  • All-terrain tires
  • Extra storage for adventure gear
  • 5 cubic foot refrigerator
  • 200W solar panel
  • Power awning
  • Dry bath
  • Optional premium lithium-ion batteries and kayak rack 

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5. TAXA Mantis: Best Eco-Friendly Couples Travel Trailer

TAXA Mantis

With a TAXA eco-friendly travel trailer, couples can be sure that environmental concern has been front and center of the design process. Drawing on a NASA background, TAXA designers aim to show respect for the planet. 

Lightweight materials improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. A combination furnace uses minimal energy. There’s a pre-wired solar input plus a SmartSolar charge controller to maximize battery life. And as TAXA trailers are similar in size to many tow vehicles, there’s an aerodynamic fit between the two, meaning less wind resistance.

There’s a range of models available. For a comfortable couples camper with extra elbow room and shower plus a Dometic toilet, we’ve picked the Mantis floor plan.

Though this model is compact enough to fit into a 7-foot high garage, taller travelers needn’t worry. A pop-up roof adds useful headspace.  

The well-thought-out space includes a 78-inch-long bed with storage underneath. A folding couch system provides extra sleeping capacity, or add a three-person rooftop tent. And to further personalize the trailer, there’s a range of cool camo wraps to choose from. 

For another couple of thousand bucks, choose the Overland version. This comes complete with all-terrain tires and 14 inches of ground clearance, all ready for your adventure of a lifetime.

Notable features:

  • Eco-friendly, with a focus on sustainability
  • Combi eco furnace and water heater system
  • Two-burner stove with hinged lid
  • Shower with flexible hose for doorway use
  • 8-foot awning 
  • Dometic toilet with indoor/outdoor capability

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6. Palomino Puma 31FKRK: Best Luxury Couples Travel Trailer

Palomino Puma Travel Trailer

No vacay is truly perfect unless you’re getting a good night’s sleep, which, for some couples, means plenty of space. If you’re looking for campers with king-size beds, a great option is the Palomino Puma 31FKRK travel trailer. 

The trade-off here is how much you’ll tow – dry weight is over 8,000 lb.  But this is one of the best trailers for couples looking for spacious living. 

Two entry doors and an 80-inch interior give an airy feel, and the slide-out bedroom provides additional space. As well as the 72″x80″ king-size bed with a high-density foam mattress, there are recliners and a jack knife sofa.

The roomy front kitchen has a three-burner stove, a home-sized refrigerator, and ample storage space. And to enjoy some fresh-air cuisine, go for the optional exterior micro kitchen.

For top-of-the-line comfort, there are some great add-ons. Electric stabilizing jacks make setting up a breeze – and what home is complete without a color-changing fireplace?

If a king-sized bed is not crucial, you can find another 20+ floor plans, including bunkhouses for growing families, in the Palomino Puma travel trailer range. Although not king-size, beds are a generous 60″x80″, and all the other Puma features are included. 

Notable features: 

  • King-size bed and wardrobe closet
  • Power awning
  • 11 cubic foot refrigerator
  • Prep for washer/dryer
  • Plywood decking with 25-year guarantee, residential grade carpet
  • Full size bathroom
  • Optional color-changing fireplace

7. Airstream Bambi 16RB: Best Vintage-Inspired Couples Travel Trailer

Airstream Bambi 16RB product model
Airstream / Airstream

We can’t discuss travel trailers without mentioning the iconic Airstream brand. For a travel trailer that’s likely to hold its price, this is the name to choose.  And while the flagship family-sized Classic model costs the best part of $200,000, Airstream trailers for couples start at around $46,000. 

Our favourite couple-friendly travel trailer is the 16-foot Bambi, starting price $59,000. The Bambi oozes timeless style with its riveted aluminum body and retro curves. 

You can opt for larger floor plans, but at 3,500 lb, the 16-footer is light enough to tow with an SUV. It also makes maneuvering into smaller campground spots pretty straightforward. Don’t forget towing mirrors, though.

With just the two of you, sleeping arrangements couldn’t be neater. The 78-inch bed at the rear is fixed, meaning no messing about dismantling tables.

If necessary, though, there’s space for friends or family in the convertible dinette. There’s also a modesty curtain between the bathroom and the kitchenette, so you can dress in privacy. 

A microwave and a 12-volt Blue-Ray DVD TV on a handy swiveling arm come as standard. And Airstream thoughtfully post QR codes around the Bambi’s interior giving you access to tips and hints on their service pages. 

Notable features:

  • Historic brand and classic aluminum styling
  • 2-burner cooker and 3.1 cubic foot 12-volt refrigerator
  • Optional 100W solar package with interior monitor
  • Microwave oven as standard
  • Patio awning
  • Bluetooth media center 
  • Pillow-top memory foam mattress

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8. Genesis Supreme CR 28CRT: Best Toy Hauler Travel Trailer for Couples

Genesis Supreme CR 28CRT model product
Genesis Supreme / RVUSA

If your travels take you to exciting destinations requiring heavy-duty playthings, the perfect travel trailer needs storage space for your gear.  This is where the toy hauler comes in.

A toy hauler is a trailer with garage space for UTVs, kayaks, golf carts, and more. An extra benefit is that the garage ramp often doubles as a rear patio.

We’re not looking at a lightweight travel trailer here. Your tow vehicle needs to be up to the job – we’re talking at least a half-ton truck or full size SUV.

Another consideration is whether you want a separate garage area. This is your best option for a kitchenette with decent counter space. 

If you don’t mind sharing your living space with your toys, opt for the open box floor plan instead. This can offer more garage space in a shorter trailer length – 30+ feet, instead of 40+.

We think the Genesis Supreme CR 28CRT is the perfect travel trailer for couples as it’s a manageable 33 feet, with a dry weight shy of 11,000 lb. The kitchen space may be compact, but it still has room for a three-burner stove and a medium sized mini fridge. There’s a queen sized bed plus extra sleeping capacity.

Other features include a TV, a CD player, interior and exterior speakers, and a dry bath (the shower separate from the toilet). There’s a generous 40-gallon auxiliary gas tank capacity for those all-important toys. And if you mind the dirt your sports vehicle might bring in, invest in a lightweight vacuum clear.

Notable features:

  • 15.92-foot cargo area length
  • Exterior rear patio
  • Dry bath 
  • Power awning
  • TV with cable and satellite prewiring
  • 100-gallon freshwater tank capacity


What is the best size camper for a couple?

You’ll need to match your travel trailer to your tow vehicle, which means calculating your car’s towing capacity. Then check the trailer’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and cargo carrying capacity (CCC). You can tow a lightweight trailer like a Scamp with many regular cars.

To pick the perfect camper, be clear whether, you’ll need extra space as a couple. Not all travel trailers have good headroom, king-sized beds, or spacious bathrooms. But unless you plan on bringing friends and family along, you won’t need extra sleeping areas.

Is it hard living in a travel trailer?

It’s fun living in a travel trailer! Camper living means downsizing – at least for a while – and cutting out anything unnecessary. You have more time to focus on fun vacation activities.

You also learn many new skills and find you’re more self-reliant than you thought. And if you’re using your travel trailer for full-time living, the world’s your oyster!

What is boondocking?

Boondocking is when camping in the boondocks or isolated parts of the country. Another name for boondocking is “dry camping.” These terms mean camping without city water, power, and other facilities.

Instead, you rely on your RV’s battery, liquid propane, and water tanks. The great thing about boondocking is that you’re often in the most spectacular scenery

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