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Best Breweries in Berlin, Germany

Visiting Berlin and thirsty? You’re in luck, Berlin features a number of classic German beer halls as well as local craft beer options.  Berlin holds and provides ample great and wonderful tourist attractions that give breathtaking and picturesque landscapes that create an unforgettable trip in Berlin.  

But you can make a much more memorable trip in Berlin not only by checking out its lovely attraction but also when hitting its great pub and breweries.

Drinking freshly brewed classic German beer and blending with the locals in Berlin’s best beer halls gives a wonderful experience of traveling in the lovely city of Berlin.

Best Breweries in Berlin, Germany

Prost with Beer


German Beer Partnered with Bread and Sausages

Heidenpeters” by horax zeigt hier is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.

Address: Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997 Berlin, Germany

The Heidenpeters is a brewery located in the Markthalle Neun, a market in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany. The brewery is run out of the cellars of the market and is named after its founder Johannes Heidenpeter. It is one of Berlin’s many craft beer breweries.

As originally a visual artist, Johannes was inspired to start trying out different beer recipes after he had a taste of an English Porter and loved it. His brewing was initially only limited to family and friends as he tinkered with the usual procedures and experimented with several peculiar ingredients like star anise, elderberry, mango, and peach.

As he served more beers to general enthusiasm, the idea of opening a brewery took shape in his mind. Eventually, he met the people in charge of the Markthalle Neun and served them some of his beer, and they were instantly blown away.

An arrangement was quickly reached for Johannes to use the market’s cellar to start his own microbrewery.

With some borrowed money, Johannes went to work and built the microbrewery mostly by himself. Today, the microbrewery serves the unique beers of its brewmaster from the cellar through several taps directly to the customers’ glass below. The brewery also operates a stand in the Markthalle Neun.

The beer is also bottled and occasionally canned for sale by special sales partners in Germany.

Some of the beers include the Heidenpeters Hazy Heidi, the Heidenpeters Pale Ale, the Heidenpeters Thirsty Lady, and the Heidenpeters India Pale Ale.

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Address: Triftstraße 67, 13353 Berlin, Germany

The Eschenbräu is a local brewery located in Wedding, a locality of Berlin’s Mitte borough. The Eschenbräu is run by brewmaster Martin Eschenbrenner. Martin founded the Eschenbräu 15 years ago, and began by brewing his own beer, a practice which continues to this very day. The Eschenbräu is particularly unique because it serves different beers at different seasons of the year.

Summer features an imperial stout aged for more than a year in a red wine barrel known as a “Red Wedding.” The Red Wedding is brewed in such a way that it is a blend of coffee, lactose, oak, wine, and vanilla, all artfully mixed in a single beer. In the autumn, Panke Gold, an orange-colored, fruity beer, is served. 

The spring features a strong, malty, pale version of the German bock beer known as a Maibock. In wintertime, extra-strong Old Swedes are served.

Other than the seasonal beers, the Eschenbräu also offers a wide selection of beers and especially craft beer. From Black Mamba, and OPA Rudi, to the Winter Beer, the Eschenbräu has a beer for everyone every time.

The beer cellar alone can sit up to 150 people at a time, while the beer garden, located under an oak tree, can accommodate up to 200 people at a time.

In the garden, people mill about sipping beers, eating, or just chatting away with friends. The Eschenbräu also has a restaurant and offers a fairly robust menu to go with the beers.

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BRÄUGIER Craftbier BrewPub

Front of BRÄUGIER Craftbier BrewPub in Berlin

Address: Stubbenkammerstraße 6, 10437 Berlin, Germany

The Bräugier Craftbier BrewPub is a brewery dedicated to craft beer located near Prenzlauer Allee, in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood. The brewery was founded by an American native of New Orleans, Brian Trauth, and a German native of Rhineland-Pfalz, Johannes Dunkel. The team is rounded out by Head Brewer Ryan Sandersfeld, and Dasha Smolina, who oversees the design and creativity side of the business.

Brian had always been a lover of beer, and he had gotten the opportunity to delve into the German approach and methodology to brewing beer while spending a year studying as an exchange student in Bavaria. The Bräugier prides itself on its commitment to making beer that is true to German brewing tradition while being open to fresh ideas from all around the world.

Bräugier is dedicated to the two outstanding features of German beer-making, which are quality and innovation. An example of this commitment to quality is that the brewery has invested in quality cold storage facilities for their beers to enable the beers to be delivered freshly at controlled temperatures.

This dedication to quality and innovation is a company characteristic, and it is one of the things that makes Bräugier an outstanding place. Its employees are genuinely committed to beer craft. Bräugier’s success led to it opening a second Berlin location in December 2021, right next to Ostkreuz train station.

The beers brewed at Bräugier incorporate several ingredients, but each beer contains a prominent amount of malt and hops. Beers served at Bräugier include the Pacific Twist Pale Ale, the Poor but Hoppy IPA, the Flucht aus Bayern Helles, and the God-Damn-Zilla! Double New England IPA.

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Hops & Barley

Glass of Beer at Hops & Barley, Berlin
Hops and Barley by Scott is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0

Address: Wühlischstraße 22/23, 10245 Berlin, Germany

The Hops and Barley brewery is an in-house brewery located in Berlin-Friedrichshain, close to the Boxhanger Platz in Germany. The brewery was founded in 2008

The Hops and Barley pride itself on the diversity of the beers it brews using several different unique ingredients. As the name suggests, the Hops and Barley pays attention to the hops it uses in brewing beer and uses different hops to achieve different tastes.

A good example is a fruity beer which has that taste because it is produced using US hops.

The Hops and Barley also try to keep the beers as close to their original taste as possible and so they do not filter the beers much.

The beers are also allowed to mature in a wooden barrel rather than an aluminum cask. The Hops and Barley brewery is also committed to craft beers and brews a different beer almost every other week. The brewery also offers a side of freshly baked bread and several spreads for the hungry.

The brewery’s beers include the Friedrichshainer Dark beer, the Friedrichshainer Wheat beer, the Friedrichshainer Pilsner, and a specially brewed homemade cider.

The brewery also offers a brewing course that enables beer enthusiasts to learn how to make their own beer from scratch under the supervision of a brewery employee. The brewery is also a popular meeting place for local football enthusiasts, and Bundesliga games are broadcast live every weekend.

The brewery also shows the Europa and Champions League games.

BrewDog DogTap Berlin

Address: Im Marienpark 23, 12107 Berlin, Germany

Located in Berlin-Mariendorf, the BrewDog DogTap Berlin is a brewery, bar, and event center all rolled into one. The BrewDog Berlin is the European presence of the BrewDog breweries. BrewDog is a brand of brewery that is dedicated to the production of the finest craft beer.

The BrewDog boasts a 2500 m² taproom that carries about 40 different beer brands and has a very large number of taps all in one place. As a bonus, all of this beer can be drunk while sitting in one of the most beautiful beer gardens anywhere in the world.

And in case you get tired of beer, there are several other attractions. There is an excellent menu of food to order from, everything ranging from burgers to elaborate meals for the whole family. There is also a museum dedicated to the history of beer and a school for those who want to learn more about beers.

The DogTap Berlin, meanwhile, is an event center located right next to BrewDog Berlin. While the BrewDog serves the best craft beers, the DogTap offers the best event experience for any type of event.

Whether it’s a company convention, a family wedding, or just a regular party, the Dog Tap offers unique spaces that can be adapted for your needs.

Whatever the occasion, a kitchen team is always on hand to create tailor-made menus. Also, equipment such as a sound system and tasteful furniture are available to make your event a success.

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Address: Indira-Gandhi-Straße 66-69, 13053 Berlin, Germany

The Berliner Kindl Schultheiss is a brewery located in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 1872 in Rixdorf, Germany, by eight Germans who came together with the goal of creating a world-class brewery. The brewery was initially called the Vereinbrauerei Berliner Gastwirte zu Berlin AG.

The brewery was renamed the Berliner Kindl Brauerei AG in 1907 during a trademark revamp, and the now famous golden boy was added to its logo.

Although the brewery suffered damages during the Second World War, it was eventually renovated, and brewing resumed in 1947. Though now using modern state-of-the-art equipment, the brewery adheres to the old, traditional methods of brewing that have been in use since its founding.

The brewery uses the traditional quartet of malt, hops, yeast, and barley in brewing its beers – only occasionally adding something extra to switch things up.

The first beer brewed at the brewery was the Berliner Kindl, a beer after the variety of the bottom-fermented Pilsner, which gained popularity then.

The beers at the brewery range from white beers like the Berliner Kindl Weisse and the Berliner Kindl Weisse Raspberry to the Berliner Kindl Bock Dark and the Berliner Kindl Radler. The Jubilee Pilsner, which is the brewery’s most famous beer of all time, was a special beer brewed for the 750th anniversary of Berlin.

The brewery offers several brewery tours for people that want to walk through the brewery and observe its processes up close and personal.

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BRLO Brwhouse

Address: Schöneberger Str. 16, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Located right in the middle of Gleisdreieck Park, the BRLO Brwhouse is a German microbrewery. More than just a brewery, the BRLO Brwhouse is also a bar, a beer garden, and a restaurant.

The BRLO Brwhouse prides itself on being a brewery with roots deep in Berlin, and this is especially evidenced by the fact that its name – BRLO – is the old Slavic word from which Berlin gets its name.

The brewery is housed in a unique structure that can be packed and moved to another location. The structure is made using containers that have been used abroad. 38 such containers go into the structure, which was built by the architectural firm GRAFT.

The Brwhouse also offers a brewery tour to those who are curious about what goes into the production of the beer they drink. Participants also get the opportunity to taste several different types of BRLO beer when the tour is over.

The brewery produces several unique beers and pays attention to each beer to ensure it meets the highest standards and is safe for consumption.

Each beer is made using the highest quality ingredients sourced from locals around. Everything from the hops, the malt to the water used is sourced from local farmers.

All the beers produced by the Brwhouse do not go through the filtration process to make sure they keep their flavor.

The Helles, the Pale Ale, and the Weisse are some of the more famous beers from the Brwhouse.

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Marcus Brewery Berlin

Address: Münzstraße 1-3, 10178 Berlin, Germany

The Marcus Brewery is a microbrewery located in the Mitte district of Berlin, Germany. The brewery is close to the Alexanderplatz plaza in Berlin.

The brewery, which a family runs, has been in existence since 1982, making it one of the oldest establishments on the Alexanderplatz, and it has been brewing beer since 2002.

The brewery is a mainstay in Berlin’s craft beer scene, and its interior is decorated in a cozy, throwback style that makes for maximum comfort to go with the beers. The brewery has indoor sitting as well as an outdoor arrangement.

The brewery produces a very limited number of beers and adheres to the German purity law when making beer.

The Marcus Bräu Dunkel and the Marcus Bräu Pils are the two popular beers the Marcus Brewery has to offer. The beers are served in tall 1-meter mugs or, depending on the customer, in the normal beer mug.

The beer can also be packaged to go away with as well.

The brewery also has a shop where customers can shop for several spices, different types of mustard, and other liqueurs. The brewery is also a bar, restaurant, spice vendor, and bistro. Authentic German food, especially foods from the region, is served hot and spicy to go with excellent beer.

The cuisine features such dishes as schnitzel Paris, crust roast, boiled beef, fried sausages, and pork knuckle. The brewery also lets people host events such as parties, weddings, and baptisms in its facilities.

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Address: Neue Bahnhofstraße 30, 10245 Berlin, Germany

The Straßenbräu is a brewery and bar located in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany, on the Neue Bahnhofstraße. It was founded by Timo Thoennißen in 2015 and has gone on to become one of the most vibrant breweries in the area. The brewery is located in the renovated storage room of a 19th-century heating company.

The brewery sells beer directly to customers and does not bottle or can their beers to only be obtained at the bar. The brewery itself doubles as the bar, beer is brewed there during the day, and in the evening, the equipment is cleared away, and it becomes a bar.

While the Straßenbräu does not have a kitchen, the restaurants around the area deliver local cuisine to individual tables at the bar at no cost.

So, anyone can get some food to go with the beer without having to leave the bar’s environment.

Predominantly a craft beer enterprise, the Straßenbräu also offers brewing courses to would-be brewers. The brewing course is a hands-on exercise conducted by a brewing expert, and it covers everything from grinding and adding hops to lautering and adding yeast. There is a tasting of Straßenbräu beer after the classes, as well as a certificate for participants.

The Straßenbräu produces and serves more than 12 different brands of beer on its own site.

It serves beers such as the Sonnenalle, a fruity German pale ale beer; the Traffic light red, a malty red beer with hints of chocolate, and so on.

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Vagabund Brauerei

Address: Antwerpener Str. 3, 13353 Berlin, Germany

The Vagabund Brauerei located on the Antwerpener Strasse in Wedding, Berlin. The brewery was founded by three Americans who connected over their love of beer in Germany. It has since become a favorite craft beer location.

Matt Walthall, David Spengler, and Tom Crozier were originally members of a music band who were simply looking for a more diverse selection of beers than Pilsner Lagers. When they realized that they couldn’t find unique beers, the three friends decided to start brewing their own beer.

Originally they brewed only small amounts for personal consumption and for family and friends. However, demand and enthusiasm eventually made them open the Vagabund Brauerei in 2011. The original building of the brewery was made possible by a crowdfunding campaign which raised over €21,000. Almost 200 people supported the crowdfunding campaign.

The Vagabund Brauerei currently serves five main brands of beer. They include exotic beers such as Indian pale ales; American beers packed full with hops; extra strong wheat beers; smoky beers with wisps trailing out of them; and a ‘Szechuan Saison.’

The brewery also offers brewing courses to beer enthusiasts, especially craft beer makers who want to better understand how to brew unique beer.

The Vagabund has become so popular that keeping up with demand is now an issue. The microbrewery produces only about 200 liters of beer at a go. That comes out to around 40,000 liters a year.

The Vagabund is sure to expand very soon.

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