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8 Best Breweries in Frankfurt, Germany

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Germany is blessed with the talent of crafting and brewing outstanding beers, and many breweries in Frankfurt and across the country serve delicious, authentic German beer.

Frankfurt is among the most stunning cities in Germany, and it has a breathtaking picturesque view. It is a great beer destination to explore and one of the best spots to savor excellent craft beer.

When visiting Frankfurt, there are many exciting things to do: riding boats surrounded by a romantic atmosphere, enjoying outdoor activities of checkout landmarks, and experiencing entertaining indoor activities such as visiting remarkable museums.

Among the great things to do in Frankfurt are visiting its breweries, drinking the best beers, and interacting with the locals. The beers brewed and served in the city’s breweries bring locals and tourists together.

Explore our favorite breweries, beer halls, and tap houses in Frankfurt, Germany.

Best Breweries in Frankfurt, Germany

BrauStil – Brauerei – Bottelshop – Biergarten

Breweries in Frankfurt

Address: Oeder Weg 57, 60318 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The BrauStil is a restaurant, pub, and beer garden located in Oeder Weg in Frankfurt. Brauerei BrauStil was founded in January 2014 and is quite popular among the locals who come to enjoy the ambiance of the atmosphere and the carefully made, handcrafted beers at the BrauStil.

The brewery also has a beer garden where customers can sip beer and relax in their natural surroundings. The beer served at the BrauStil is famous for being handcrafted through and through.

Everything ranging from malting to even beer bottling is done by hand. This is why the brewery only hires personnel who are good at their craft and enthusiastic about beer and beer production.

This commitment to handcrafted beer means that the beer selection served at the Brauerei BrauStil is quite small, but this has no impact on the quality of the beers as the beers are made with the highest level of care and conform to the highest quality.

The BrauStil also serves other drinks aside from just beer, like coffee and wines, and an assortment of freshly made snacks to go with the drinks.

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Zu den 12 Aposteln

Zu den 12 Aposteln Interior
image by danielef68/TripAdvisor

Address: Rosenbergerstraße 1, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Zu den 12 Aposteln (translated as To The 12 Apostles) is a brewery and restaurant near the Konstablerwache train station. One of the more notable restaurants in Frankfurt, the Zu den 12 Aposteln, offers its visitors a diverse menu with several excellent international and local cuisines to go with the available beers in-house.

Although especially notable for its excellent beers, Zu den 12 Aposteln is also thronged for its wonderful cuisine. Exotic international dishes, such as a potato dumpling recipe from Lithuania, are served alongside authentic local dishes, such as schnitzel.

The steak and grill section of the lunch menu is particularly popular with its bold and inventive takes on traditional grilled dishes.

The Zu den Aposteln is Frankfurt’s oldest, and the tradition of brewing excellent beer continues. The usual German beers like the Mailbox and beers that are brewed seasonally by the brewmaster and his crew at the in-house brewery.

The range of beers available on the tap at the brewery serves to accentuate the brewery’s excellent cuisine.

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Bier-Hannes, Frankfurt, Germany

Address: Hanauer Landstraße 568, 60386 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Bier Hannes is a restaurant, bar, and brewery founded in 1989. Beer has been brewed at the Frankfurt Fechenheim, where the brewery is located. The Bier Hannes is one of the many breweries in Germany that adheres to the German purity law, which was ratified in 1516 when brewing beer.

Bier Hannes’s commitment to quality is reflected in carefully selecting the materials that go into each beer. The water used in brewing is sourced from the highlands of the Volgesberg, while the malt and hops are obtained from the Hallertau.

The beers brewed at the Bier Hannes are quite diverse, ranging from classic German beers like a pilsner and a wheat beer to fresher, more seasonal, experimental beers like the Fassenachtsbier.

The Bier Hannes also serves freshly made, special cuisine to go with its beers, emphasizing dishes for vegetarian people.

To promote the great German beer tradition, the Bier Hannes also provides tours of its facilities, bringing people face-to-face with the brewing process. There are also seminars, which usually involve beer tastings.

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Binding Brauerei AG / Henninger Brau AG

Binding Brauerei Frankfurt Building

Address: Darmstädter Landstraße 185, 60598 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Henninger Brau AG is a German brewery founded in 1655 by Eberhard Stein. Originally known as the Stein Brewery, the brewery was renamed Henninger Brau AG in 1935 after Heinrich Christian Henninger joined the brewery in 1873. This facilitated its transition from a local brewhouse to a modern brewing conglomerate.

The Henninger Brau AG has been at the forefront of German beer brewing and innovation for a long time. For example 1953, it became the first German brewery to introduce beer cans.

The Henninger Brewery has always been a hallmark of German beer excellence. Its beers are produced according to the German Purity Law and have been exported since 1953.

Beers brewed by the Henninger include classic German beers like the Henninger Kaiser Pilsner, the Henninger Export, and others with a different take on the beer tradition, like the lemon-based Original Henninger Radler.

In 2001, the Henninger Brau AG brand was purchased by Binding Brauerei AG, and the Henninger brewery became a part of the German Radeberger Group, which is Germany’s largest brewery. The Henninger brand is still highly valued around the world and in Europe, especially to this day.

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TapHouse Frankfurt

TapHouse Frankfurt Building
image by TapHouse Frankfurt/TripAdvisor

Address: Mendelssohnstraße 51, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The TapHouse Frankfurt is a brewery, pub, and restaurant located in Frankfurt, Germany. The brewery is one of the many breweries dedicated to beer production with unique ingredients and tastes known as craft beer.

There are 20 beers served at the TapHouse Frankfurt’s taps. The beers take their inspiration from several places and include regional, national, and international beer brands.

The beers include several familiar German brands, such as Helles and Pilsner, and international takes on beer, such as the American Pale Ale. Each beer is carefully brewed to meet the high levels of quality at the TapHouse, and there are also several excellent dishes to go with the beer.

The TapHouse Frankfurt also has a tasting room where events organized around beer tasting are held. The rooms are also used for other events, such as meetings and small parties, with the brewery providing the cuisine and beer.

The brewery’s commitment to brewing and serving beers of the highest quality and a hearty gastronomic experience can be seen in the fact that the brewery was given the Fizz Award in 2015. The Fizz Award is given to bars and breweries for their excellence in beer brewing.

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Faselbräu – Zum Wohl Brauerei

Faselbräu - Zum Wohl BrauereiInterior
Faselbräu – Zum Wohl Brauerei / Facebook

Address: Hintergasse 4, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany

The Faselbrau is a brewery and beer garden located in Frankfurt, Germany. The brewery was founded in 2017 by a husband-and-wife team of beer enthusiasts, and we’re looking for a way to share their passion for beer with other people.

Faselbrau is still present today and has cornered a section of Frankfurt’s craft beer scene. The nano-brewery is still mostly as small as it was at its inception, and the beers brewed still receive the utmost attention from malting to bottling.

The beers brewed at the Faselbrau are brewed in batches, drawing inspiration from different styles and flavors worldwide. The beers are also fruity, and all sorts of fresh combinations and experimentation go into determining the ingredients that go into each beer and its eventual flavor.

The Faselbrau also has a beer garden where customers can sip their beer and have some snacks or even eat a picnic they have brought along.

Tours and beer tastings are organized by the brewery for interested participants. The beer garden and the Faselbrau’s facilities are also available for private events by people and organizations.

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Alt-Oberurseler Brauhaus

Beer from Tap

Address: Ackergasse 13, 61440 Oberursel (Taunus), Germany

Alt-Oberurseler Brauhaus is one of Frankfurt’s most unique gastronomic locations for several reasons. From its unique rooms and beer garden to the interesting range of beers from various brewing traditions served at the Alt-Oberurseler.

There are 16 different varieties of beer available at the Alt-Oberurseler, ranging from bitter to spicy. Some beers are brewed seasonally, such as the Fastenbock or the Winterweisse.

These beers are only served at certain special seasons. There is also an excellent menu at the Alt-Oberurseler, which is ever-changing and always offers hearty cuisine with excellent beers on tap. There is a beer garden on the grounds where visitors can wander about and enjoy nature’s ambiance as they sip their beers.

The rooms are available for use for several events like parties and weddings. The Alt-Oberurseler is the only brewery and pub in Hessen with its marriage registry!

It makes the day extra special for the people getting married. Brewery tours hosted by the brewery are also available for those who want a closer look at the brewing process.

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Bierboutique Ølwechsel

Bierboutique Ølwechsel drinks and interior
Bierboutique Ølwechsel / Facebook

Address: Basaltstraße 21, 60487 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Bierboutique Olweschel is a brewery and pub founded by an American student named Guido, who had come to Germany for an exchange program.

Guido quickly became a regular on the German beer scene, and eventually, along with Dietmar Flucke, a friend he met in Germany, they founded the Bierboutique Olweschel.

The Bierboutique is on a mission to make more unique styles and flavors of beer common among the beer-drinking population. The uniquely crafted, artisanal beers are the Bierboutique Olweschel’s trademark.

The brewery and an auto repair shop are located in Autowerk, Frankfurt. The beers on tap at the brewery include distinctively German brands such as the Pilsner and Franconian Cellar, but also more unique, less common brands like a Belgian Trappist beer.

The Belgian brands are particularly beloved at the Bierboutique Olwechsel because of their unique taste and style.

The Bierboutique also offers beer tastings monthly to interested people who want to learn about and savor the beers. The beer tastings are designed to help people differentiate between different types of beers and make better-informed choices about the beer they consume.

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