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Enchanting Caló des Moro Beach in Mallorca

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Caló des Moro Beach is still listed as one of the hidden gems of Mallorca by other outlets, as it is unknown to many locals and tourists. It remains a relatively secret beach in the southeast corner of Mallorca because of the accessibility issues…but not anymore!

Caló des Moro Beach is located just under 4 miles away from Santanyi. You will find this small beach bright once you get to the Southeast corner of Mallorca. Looking down the rocky cliffs, you will see clear water with beautiful turquoise shades, which is why people come to this place in large numbers.

Where is Caló des Moro Beach Located?

Caló des Moro Beach Located

As mentioned, Caló des Moro Beach is located on the Southeast corner of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea, about 3.7 miles from Sinntanyi. The Caló des Moro Beach is one of the best secret beaches in the world, with spectacular scenery.

It is located deep between sheer cliffs, making it one of the best beaches for swimming and snorkeling.

Travel Tips for Visiting

Many people visit Calo des Moro Beach because its clear water has the most beautiful turquoise shades. However, there is more to know before setting on a beach trip to this incredibly beautiful beach.

Visiting with Kids

You can risk carrying your kids along when visiting Caló des Moro Beach. The beach’s clear and shallow water may be ideal for small children, but it is not what we would recommend. The bay where the beach is situated is narrow and often crowded, with little room for kids to be kids.

But if you are determined to bring your kids when you visit Caló des Moro Beach, come during off-peak hours. Avoid weekends or evenings as locals and tourists fill this beach’s small swimming space.

Facilities at the Beach

facilities in the Moro beach

Nothing at the beach except pine trees, sand, and water. You will not find hotels, restaurants, cafes, lounge chairs, or toilets here. So, ensure you answer any call of nature before coming down to the beach!

Activities at Caló des Moro Beach

Expect nothing else at this beach apart from swimming and snorkeling. Its small size and shallowness limit what else can be done here. It is not suitable for sunbathing either because of the limited space. During peak hours, you can rarely find somewhere to spread your towel.

Therefore, visit this beach only if you can wet your feet. The rocky cliffs and crystal clear waters offer the best swimming experience to visitors.

If you are a fan of water sports, we recommend you go to the sister beach of S’Alumnia. It is spacious, less crowded, and less beautiful than Caló des Moro Beach.

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How to Get to Caló des Moro Beach

Caló des Moro Beach is one of the most challenging beaches in Mallorca. That is the reason it stayed a secret gem for so long. Off the main road, you descend a dirt path toward the sign for Caló des Moro and its neighboring beach, S’Almunia.

The road is a narrow, single-lane stretch with earth walls. You may consider renting a small car or bicycle for ease of passage.

Fortunately, there is free parking along the road, which ends at the trailhead. Find the most appropriate spot. Don’t park too close to this trailhead – you will see a sign telling you it is private property.

Therefore, you should remain respectful as you proceed to Caló des Moro Beach on foot. Don’t touch anything, take, or leave anything. Just ensure you leave no trace.

Unlike the dirt path, this trail is more challenging because of the high cliffs. You need appropriate hiking shoes to actually go down to the beach. Don’t even think of wearing flip-flops for this stage of the journey!

This incredibly beautiful beach will never cease to amaze you. The water is crystal clear and deep enough for boats to anchor. However, don’t expect a lifeguard here. Everything is freestyle, including changing—no toilets, showers, or changing rooms.

We, therefore, recommend coming down here in your swimming suits. Change in your car if possible!

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The Caló des Moro Beach

The path leads directly to the infamous Caló des Moro Beach in Mallorca. You will quickly realize the beach is beautiful because of its crystal clear waters in the narrow bay between rocky cliffs. It extends to 40 meters inland, but there is rarely much room here because it is limited in width.

Also, don’t swim or sit too close to the high cliffs. Loose rocks above may fall at any time, and injury (or death) could put a downer on your trip.

The stunning views at Caló des Moro Beach make it stand out among other Mallorca beaches. The fine-grained bright sand, unstained water, and the perfect shape of the coves are all its highlights.

Hiking at Caló des Moro Beach

Hikers can turn their return journey into a lifetime experience. Walking around the bay over the cove reveals lush vegetation, contrasting beautifully with the sky-blue water below it. As mentioned, you should have proper shoes for the Caló des Moro Beach hike. The trail roads are steep, and some sections have sharp stones underfoot.

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Caló des Moro Beach Alternatives

There are nearby beaches and other places to visit to complete your day trip to Caló des Moro Beach. Consider the following:

Cala S’Almonia Beach

Cala S’Almonia beach is not as beautiful as Calo des Moro, but it has charm. There is a tiny harbor for anchoring small boats and several buildings. Unlike Calo des Moro, at least you can have time for water sports here.

Cala Llombards Beach

Cala Llombards beach is a few minutes from Calo de Moro car park. Its beauty is not quite the same level as Calo des Moro, but it is worth visiting. It is also one of the most popular beaches in Mallorca. You should, therefore, visit early before it gets crowded with locals and tourists.

Mondrago Natural Park

The Mondrago Natural Park (or Parc Natural de Mondragó) is a 25-minute drive from the Calo des Moro car park. It is a well-preserved area with larger beaches that are easier to access than most beaches in Mallorca. However, it would be best if you still trekked to get to the water. And if you like hiking, this is the best beach for you!

Ses Salines Natural Park

Do you love watching birds? If yes, proceed to Ses Salines Natural Park. It is a sanctuary for birds and native flora. This park also offers spectacular views of the rugged coastline and surrounding salt flats.

The Ses Salines Natural Park is also close to the rural town of Ses Salines. It has shops and Mallorca products that you can take home.

Santanyi Town

This is the closest town to Calo de Moro Beach. Those who come here also explore its art galleries, restaurants, and shops or walk on the beautiful streets.

If you’re looking for a unique place to stay, check out the Es Garrover villa, featuring five comfy bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a swimming pool, and a children’s playground. It’s also pet-friendly!

Cala d’Or

Cala d’Or

Cala d’Or is one of the cove beaches on the Southeast corner of Mallorca. It has more facilities and beachfront architecture. That is what makes it more welcoming than Calo des Moro Beach. It offers an all-around holiday experience for families and couples.

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Best Hotels Near Calo des Moro for Accommodation

A trip to Calo des Moro beach often takes more than a day. Therefore, travelers find the best nearby hotels to spend the night and plan for the next day’s trip. Fortunately, you have many options; just a few minute’s drive from the beach.

You can look for the best budget hotels at or choose one from this list:

Ca Na Marina

Ca Na Marina pool side
Image by

Ca Na Marina is the most exceptional hotel in Cala Llambards, just 1.7 km from Calo des Moro Beach. It offers accommodation with free Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms, an outdoor pool, and other amenities on-site.

Holiday Home Ses Sevines

Holiday Home Ses Sevines
Image by

Holiday Home Ses Sevines is a beachfront property in Cala s’Almonia. This holiday home has three bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and a TV set with satellite channels. As the name suggests, it is a home away from home.


LA PLETA place view
Image by

LA PLETA is 0.4 km from the beach. It features a garden and a terrace, among other facilities. Guests can also engage in different outdoor activities, including hiking and driving. LA PLETA has the best rooms and amenities you would expect from a facility of this caliber.

Chalets Torre Nova

Chalets Torre Nova
Image by

Chalets Torre Nova is far from Calo des Moro Beach and neighboring beaches. However, it is worth considering because of the quality of services and amenities on-site. It offers a gym, gardens, swimming pools, etc.

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