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11 Best Day Trips from Rome, Italy

At the heart of Italy is Rome. Amazing food, iconic sights, bustling street, and shopping as far as the eye can see. But once you have seen what this Italian capital can offer we recommend going on short day trips to experience even more.

Just over an hour on your day trip, you will understand what this eternal city rich left from the ancient Romans has to offer and witness why it’s a memorable archaeological site.

This ancient city is in the heart of Italy which makes it the perfect large city to travel from.

Since ancient Rome has been the center of the world for centuries, there are surrounding towns nearby that developed alongside Rome’s prosperity.

Train Travel Tips in Italy

When traveling by train in Italy, there are a few things you should know in order to make your trip as smooth as possible. First of all, be sure to familiarize yourself with the different types of trains that operate in the country.

The most common type is the Frecciarossa, which is a high-speed train that operates on the main lines between the major cities.

Other types of trains include the Frecciabianca (which also operates on high-speed lines), the Intercity and Eurostar trains (both of which operate at lower speeds), and finally, the regional trains that service smaller towns and villages.

Secondly, be sure to book your tickets in advance whenever possible. This is especially important during peak travel seasons such as Easter, New Year’s, and the summer months.

It is best to book your tickets at least one week in advance if possible so that your schedule is not too tight. You can always cancel a ticket within a certain time frame if you end up not needing it after all.

Thirdly, be sure to sit on the right-hand side of the train when traveling from Rome towards Naples or vice versa. This is because there’s a sharp curve after the central station in each city, so you want to be closest to it.

Sitting on the wrong side during this part of your trip will make things uncomfortable for you and may cause nausea. Finally, make sure you don’t forget anything in the seat next to you if it’s yours. Many people get off at their station without realizing they’ve left something behind.

Best Day Trips from Rome, Italy

Let’s get into our favorite day trips from Rome, Italy to start your adventure and explore Italy. The city includes several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, make sure to visit at least one of these.

Here are some of the top-rated Rome day trips out there.

11. Viterbo

Viterbo Gardens

The city of Viterbo is located about an hour away from Rome by car. It’s best known for its involvement in various disputes with the Pope and other emperors during the 12th and 13th centuries.

If you’re looking for a charming town to explore on a Rome day trip, Viterbo is a perfect choice. There are plenty of historical sites to see in this town, including the Palazzo dei papali and San Lorenzo Cathedral.

You can also wander the streets and admire the beautiful baroque murals in the Palazzo de Priori. In addition, Viterbo is known for its excellent food, so be sure to try out some of the local restaurants while you’re there.

This is one of the lesser-known day trips to take from Rome and is a relatively easy one. If you have only a short period of time in Rome or you want to take your travel experiences slow, check out Viterbo

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10. Ostia Antica

Antica Forum in Italy

Ostia Antica is a beautifully preserved ancient Roman city that was once the port of ancient Rome. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and makes for an excellent day trip.

The best way to start your journey is to head southwards along the Via Appia Nuova, which will lead you to a beautifully preserved ancient Roman city known as Ostia Antica.

This UNESCO World Heritage site was once the port of ancient Rome and now serves as an excellent Rome day trip, best enjoyed with a visit to one of the many alimentari dotted throughout the surrounding fields. This is a great city to visit to take the slow approach and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

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9. Etruscan sites of Tarquinia and Cerite

Empty Road in Taquinia Italy

The Etruscan sites of Tarquinia and Cerite are two excellent destinations for those looking to explore the beautiful countryside and see various regional attractions that can’t be found in Rome. The small remains of the ancient Tarquinii hillside village lie within the medieval village of Tarquinia.

The old village was extended by the Necropolis – the best-preserved cemetery among the Etruscans. A visit to a tomb can last between 1 and 2 hours, depending on what interests you and your endurance. It is an excellent painting of a stone-hewn tomb and provides an image of Truskis cultural arts.

Cerite is home to one of the best-preserved Etruscan temples, which is still in use today. It is best to visit the Etruscan Museum in nearby Tarquinia first, then stop by for a guided tour of the temple before heading into town itself.

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8. Lake Bracciano and monasteries of Montefortino and Fossanova

View of Lake Bracciano at Sunset

It was once said that Lake Bracciano was one of Italy’s most important lakes, but this was even before the area’s best attractions were discovered.

The best way to enjoy what nature has created is on a relaxing boat ride where you can have lunch at some of the best restaurants in Italy.

There are several famous monasteries that are within close proximity to Rome, but few offers as many important relics as those in the area of Bracciano and Montefortino.

The best-preserved among these is Fossanova Abbey, originally built by Cistercian monks. Its best known for being where St. Thomas Aquinas died – a very important figure of the Roman Catholic church who wrote several of its most famous texts.

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7. Naples

View of Naples Coastline with Mount Vesuvius

Naples is a beautiful city that is best enjoyed as a day trip. It’s one of the best destinations for those looking to explore the beautiful countryside and see various regional attractions that can’t be found in Rome.

There is plenty of churches, ruins, and excellent food to enjoy in Naples. Make sure you walk the bustling street called Paccanapoli which cuts into the historic center of Old Town.

You’ll see several important church buildings such as the Gezu Noovo church and St Nicola monastery. Turn into the Spanish Quarter for a more traditional atmosphere and pedestrian street.

Is Naples worth a day trip from Rome?

Yes, Naples is worth a day trip. It’s easily accessible via train and becomes an excellent Rome day trip in an hour.

While some tourists had previously sat around the hotel in an unsettling place with hysterical stories of the Mafia and dirt in town, the city’s actions have improved considerably. And – there is pizza.

How long to stay: A day trip to Naples from Rome would take approximately 5-6 hours. This will give you enough time to see all the best attractions that the city has to offer. Make sure you leave early in the morning so that you can avoid crowds and have plenty of time to explore.

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6. Ancient Ruins of Pompeii

Ancient Ruins of Pompeii

The city of Pompeii is one of the craziest sights to visit in the world. During the Roman empire in 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted covering the city in lava.

The city is perfectly preserved with rich history due to the lava hardening and literally freezing the city the way it was.

When you take your day trip to Pompeii look for wall art (original) and thousands of archaeological finds including (sadly) a dog, pots, mirrors, brushes, and other household items. During your day trip, you can walk through homes and the Colosseum.

The best way to visit this ancient city is through a tour. We recommend booking through Get Your Guide here. The tour takes the perfect amount of time and is affordable.

How long to stay: one day. A half-day is sufficient if you walk fast. No need to stay overnight

Distance from Rome: 2 hours (car or train). The best way to get to Pompeii is through guided tours.

We recommend Get Your Guide (book here). Another option (but without transportation) is this tour is the longest-running and very educational.

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5. Tivoli

Girl Holding Gelato in Umbria, Italy

Tivoli is right outside of Rome and is packed with history. This is one of the most recommended day trips from Rome with amazing ruins of Roman aqueducts and historical sites.

Make sure to include this on your day trips and visit the Villa Adriana and bask in ancient Roman statutes.

Visit Villa D’este (created during the 16th century) for the Cardinal Ippolito d’Este. This magnificent estate has gardens and water fountains and amazing views.

Once you’ve admired Villa D’Este with its stunning garden and the famous Hadrian’s Villa, grab lunch at the nearby restaurant to take in the scenery.

Also check out the Rocca Pia, an ancient medieval fortress that was built during the 15th century. The structure is in fantastic condition.

How long to stay: For a convenient day trip, tour for at least an entire day, overnight if you can. The city has a lot to see and is less traveled than many other nearby cities so you can relax while you explore.

Distance from Rome: Using public transport takes 45 minutes (car) 1 hour (train ride). You can catch a train back to Rome from the Tivoli train station.

Best Tour: The full-day tour with transportation to and from Rome on GetYourGuide is the best. You can book our special rate by booking Tivoli with GetYourGuide at this link.

This tour (click here to book) also focuses on the UNESCO World Heritage site in Tivoli. Tour is 5 hours long with transportation to and from Rome.

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4. Cortona & Arezzo

Beautiful Countryside in Arezzo, Italy

The Two hill towns are near each other in the heart of Tuscany. These two cities are perfect to see in one day. Both cities sit atop hillsides giving you a fantastic view while you take in the quaint towns.

Cortona is a provincial hilltop town with all the elegance that goes with being provincial. Put on the map by the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, this small town has charm. The Piazza Garibaldi is where you want to start.

From here you can view Lake Trasimeno and vineyards for miles. From there, head to the Piazza Della Repubblica where a clock tower shows you how slow time goes in provincial Italy.

The charming town of Arezzo, most well-known by the movie Life is Beautiful, is centered around a medieval square (Piazza Grande) that transforms into a festival (Giostra del Saraceno) in June and September.

The town also boasts Santa Maria Della Pieve, a church built in the 1200s right in the piazza. And, at the highest point of Arezzo, you will find the Medici Fortress. From here you can really take in the views of the surrounding countryside.

How long to stay: 3 hours in each city via public transport.

Distance from Rome: Just over two hours by car or train ride to either city. A short half-hour drive or 45-minute train between the two cities. Easy peasy.

Best tour: This tour with GetYourGuide is by far the best tour to see both cities. Efficient, intelligent, and you get to see all the best spots. Book in advance, they take small groups so it is best to book early. Book your tour to Arezzo and Cortona here.

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3. Assisi & Orvieto

View of Cathedral in Assisi

Assisi is by far the most underrated city in northern Italy. Home to St. Francis of Assisi, the city boasts a religious center with an amazing basilica.

The Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi has towering ceilings with hand-painted frescoes. Many of the frescoes were destroyed during an earthquake in 1997, but it has been slowly restored.

The basilica is on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the Italian countryside. Assisi is also home to Rocca Maggiore, a 900-some-year-old ancient Roman castle.

You can adventure through tunnels built in the 1100s and climb to the top to see a panoramic view of the Italian countryside. Whatever you do in Assisi, make sure to visit this spot and spark your imagination of fighting knights defending Assisi!

Orvieto is nearby Assisi and is absolutely stunning. There are two parts to Orvieto, an old-town hilltop and a new town. The new town is near the train station and a bit picked over. The older town portion is what you want to see. This Medieval alleys and stunning buildings line the narrow streets. The Duomo (church) has a gorgeous mosaic facade. Under the streets is a network of caves with archeological finds.

These two cities are gorgeous and a must-see for everyone who visits Italy. We hope you enjoy the views and the food!

How long to stay: you can easily see both cities on the same day. Reserve 4-6 hours for Assisi and another 2-3 for Orvieto.

Distance from Rome: Assisi is about a two-hour drive from Rome. A train takes over five hours because you have to connect through Florence. The best way to get around is through a tour (see the link below for the best tour!).

Best tour: book a day trip using this link for a discount. If you are looking for a private tour, a maximum of 6 guests, book here. We highly recommend the private tour, that way you can make small adjustments and you get to know your local guide.

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3. Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast at Sunset

Crisp blue ocean, colorful warm towns, thin and crispy pizza, and sunshine. That is what you will experience on a tour of the Amalfi Coast. There are a ton of small cities in the area that are fun to visit.

The top spots to visit along the Amalfi Coast are Positano, Sorrento, and Capri. Positano is gorgeous. This cliffside town has steep, winding streets lined with small boutiques and little cafes and restaurants. Enjoy the beach or walk the quaint streets.

Sorrento is everything you could ever want in a southern Italian town. Plump oranges, sunshine, windy streets, and views of the ocean from all over. Enjoy some limoncello while you are at it!

Capri is an island off the coast of Italy known for the Blue Grotto. Take a boat tour and get your camera ready-this is a picturesque island with fantastic views of the Italian coast and the ocean.

Check out our full Amalfi Coast itinerary if this trip sounds like the ideal place for you.

Can you do a day trip from Rome to the Amalfi Coast?

Yes, you can do a day trip to the Amalfi Coast. This is something that many people like to do. There are different tours available depending on how long of a day you want and what you like best.

How long to stay: a full day or a weekend? Or a week. Or a month. These towns are so relaxing you will want to stay for a long time. You only need to stay in each city for a few hours to see the sights, but it is worth it to stay longer if you have the time.

Distance from Rome: 3 hours by train or car.

Best tour: we love this tour with GetYourGuide because they give you time on your own to explore the city.

Click here to book!

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2. San Gimignano & Siena

View of Siena, Italy

Two beautiful renaissance cities just a short drive from each other in Southern Tuscany. What more can you ask for?

San Gimignano is a medieval hill town with medieval skyscrapers. Yes, skyscrapers!

Back in medieval times, San Gimignano had the tallest buildings (outside the Vatican of course). Visiting San Gimignano is known for fantastic white wine.

We recommend spending a half-day here to take in the sun, sip white wine, and view medieval skyscrapers.

A short drive away is another walled city of Siena. The city of Siena is home to il Palio, a medieval horse race that takes place to this day.

The square is filled with restaurants and a historic tower that overlooks the entire city. Siena was also the banking capital of Italy for a very long time. We recommend staying in the afternoon and evening to watch the sunset.

There is a special place, on the outside of the city, just near the wall, with a lookout that gazes over the rolling hills of Tuscany. A perfect sunset spot just before the ride back to Rome.

The only problem with this single-day trip is that there are no fast trains and no direct trains to get you there from Rome. You’ll need to book a tour for maximum convenience and time management.

How long to stay: Stay in each city for a day. San Gimignano only needs a half-day, although a weekend is very relaxing. Siena is a great spot for a weekend, but you can also see the city in a half day.

We spent two weeks in Siena and there was plenty to do.

Distance from Rome: about a three and a half hours drive or train.

Best Tour: the best tour is available here. You get to experience both cities in one day, with a fantastic guide and wonderful wine.

If you are looking for a private tour, book here. This tour is limited to just your group.

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1. Florence

Duomo of Florence in Summer

Florence is an absolute must-see in Italy. This charming city filled with renaissance art is my favorite city in all of Italy. This city is in a central location in Italy so if you want to head north from Rome, you need to make sure that you spend some time here.

There is a high-speed train directly from the Rome city center that will take you right into one of the most beautiful towns in all of Europe, Florence.

These fast trains run every 20 minutes and only take about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there, making it one of the easier day trips from Rome to experience.

Florence, in my opinion, has better food, culture, and more breathtaking scenery than Rome. The Duomo underpins the town center and rings throughout the day. It truly feels like you are living in the renaissance period.

Stop by Piazza del Duomo to enjoy fine Italian wines and pizza, and simply gaze at the beauty of this historic church. Or, visit the royal palace of the Medicis.

If you are feeling ambitious, you can take the fast train to Florence, then take one of the regular trains to the town of Siena followed by a bus tour back to Rome. This way you can see two contrasting towns in Tuscany.

Is a day trip from Rome to Florence worth it?

Yes, it is. A day trip from Rome to Florence has plenty of things to do in itself, but the best thing about spending time in both cities is how they are closely similar yet distinctly different enough that you can enjoy them for their differences which will make your visit that much more interesting.

How many days do you need in Rome and Florence?

Most travelers find 7-10-day tours in Italy a wonderful choice, with stops in Rome, Venice, and Florence. Between Rome and Florence, you should spend half your time in these two cities with only 1-2 nights in Venice.


There are many cities to visit near Rome including Vatican City which is about 20 minutes away, but what we included here are some of the best.

When you are deciding what day trip from Rome to take think about transportation and consider a guided tour. The tours we recommend are based on real traveler experiences so you won’t be disappointed! We hope you enjoy your trip to Rome and all the surrounding cities. Ciao!


What are some good day trips from Rome?

The best day trips from Rome vary depending on what you’re looking for. If you want to see the best outdoors, then a visit to Tivoli is definitely worth it. Aside from its amazing natural sights and great food, it’s an excellent destination if you love history because there are ruins scattered all over this area.

If staying inside is more your style, then a great day trip from Rome is Ostia Antica – a substantial and well-preserved ancient Roman city not far away that still bears the signs and quality benefits of life in those days – with visitors able to walk through its houses and discover what life was like back then.

Where can you go from Rome by train?

You can go to Santa Maria, Tivoli, Orvieto, Florence, Assisi, and Pompeii by train from Rome.

What day trips can you take from Rome, Italy?

There are a number of fantastic day trips that can be taken from Rome, including Ostia Antica, Tivoli, Pompeii and Vespasian, Amalfi Coast, Capri, Montepulciano, and Orvieto.

Can you do a day trip to Tuscany from Rome?

Yes, Tuscany is a reasonable day trip with a late arrival to Rome’s capital upon your return.

What is a popular day trip from Rome for wine tasting?

A popular day trip from Rome for wine tasting is the Tuscan Countryside Day Trip. This includes a three-hour meal with wine tastings. You’ll get to explore lovely vineyards and learn about the production of Tuscany’s wines. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy some of Italy’s best food in a beautiful setting.

What cities are close to Rome by train?

Cities close to Rome by train include Florence, Naples, Tivoli, and Orvieto. Ostia Antico is also close by train.

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