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Earplanes Review: Do They Work for Travel?

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Traveling can be challenging, especially when you don’t have the necessary gear. For instance, many people suffer from ear discomfort and pain during flights. But the good news is, if you are one of those individuals, this Earplanes review shows you how to ensure your flight is painless.

As many of us would attest, flying isn’t always fun. This is especially when you must endure that pain in your ears for an entire landing or takeoff. During a flight, air pressure changes, causing discomfort or pain in your ears.

And although the feeling may not last long, it can sometimes be painful. Also, it can lead to long-term problems such as chronic pain, hearing loss, or even permanent injury to your inner ear tissues. You should protect your ears during flights to ensure their good health.

But how do you do that? Well, you can try to balance the pressure in your ears by either yawning or swallowing during takeoff and landing. Better still, you can purchase Earplanes before your flight to ensure you travel comfortably.

This EarPlanes review intends to help you understand the importance of these items during your flight, as well as answer any other questions you may have. So, to start with, let’s answer the first and most important question:

What are EarPlanes?


Earplanes are pressure-reducing earplugs, which you insert in your ear. They help regulate pressure in your ear and reduce the pain or discomfort from a flight. EarPlanes products are patented and jointly owned by Cirrus Healthcare Products LLC and the House Ear Institute based in Los Angeles.

Cirrus Healthcare is famous for creating healthcare products to reduce ear pressure to prevent or treat some of the world’s most prevalent and devastating ear conditions.

These products, in this case, EarPlanes, have also been verified by the US Navy aviators. This means that they are safe for consumers’ use. So if you normally have ear pain during flights, you might want to try EarPlanes for a change.

How Do EarPlanes Work


Now that we know what they are, how do these Earplanes work? Well, these items comprise two components:

  • A hypoallergenic silicone earplug
  • A ceramic pressure regulator

The first component (silicone earplug), comes with four circumferential rings that offer an airtight lid between it and the ear canal.

The second component (ceramic pressure regulator) is a controlled permeability filter. One end of this filter faces the exterior cabin pressure, while the other faces the sealed chamber resulting from the insertion of the earplug.

As the air pressure in the cabin changes, it creates a pressure differential throughout the ceramic filter, which causes air to flow across the filter. The filter impedes the air from flowing through your ear canal. And with a more gradual shift in air pressure, less stress is exerted on your eardrum, thus reducing the entire discomfort.

Discomfort especially occurs when your Eustachian tube(s) is blocked or swollen. This is because the air pressure variations from a plane’s takeoff or landing are too fast for the swollen or blocked Eustachian tubes to adjust properly.

That’s why the EarPlanes are important devices to regulate those variations. They offer an opposite, equal impedance on the outer part of the middle ear, thus allowing some relief.

EarPlanes helps to reduce the pressure difference between the interior and exterior middle ear. This, in return, enables the proper functioning of the Eustachian tubes.

The CeramX™ technology protects your middle ear from rapid air pressure shifts. This, in return, eliminates or minimizes the discomfort.

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EarPlanes Review: Do EarPlanes Work with a Cold?

When you have a cold, your Eustachian tubes are blocked or swollen. This will consequently cause discomfort and pain during a plane’s ascent or descent.  A quality pair of EarPlanes can significantly make your flight enjoyable.

These earplugs are specifically designed for:

  • Persons with sensitive ears
  • Individuals who want to fly while having a cold
  • People suffering from sinus conditions or allergies

This means they work perfectly even for individuals flying with a cold or vitamins. And they are not only available for adults. They also have a pediatric version for kids between 1 and 11 years.

Can You Leave EarPlanes in the Entire Flight?

If you want to leave EarPlanes in, there is no harm. However, it’s not necessary. Since the pressure changes occur mainly during landing or takeoff, you can put them on while ascending and again when landing. As for me, I always put them on during landing and takeoff. For the rest of the journey, I usually take them off.

And ever since I started using them, I no longer experience pain or discomfort. Whether I have a cold or not, these earplugs are excellent. They are the best gadgets for relieving ear discomfort, as well as congestion and popping during any flight.

But when should you take off the EarPlanes after takeoff? This should be done when the plane has reached the maximum altitude to ensure no more change in air pressure. You should insert them back about one hour before your plane’s landing time.

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EarPlanes for Kids

EarPlanes for kids

If you are traveling with your kids, you don’t have to worry about them experiencing ear pain or discomfort. This is because EarPlanes also has products specifically designed for children. So, as you buy your pair of EarPlanes, you can also pick a pair for your kids.

And just like in adults, the EarPlanes for kids help to reduce ear discomfort and pain, as well as relieve clogging and popping. The CeramX filter helps to filter the shift in air pressure naturally.

Other features of these EarPlanes for kids include:

  • Made of drug-free, hypoallergenic silicone
  • Available either in one or three pair options
  • Ability to Minimize harsh noise
  • Perfect for kids’ ears or individuals with tiny ears

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EarPlanes Pros

If you always experience ear discomfort and pain during a plane’s ascent and descent, these products ensure a peaceful flight. Some of the main advantages of using these earplugs include:

  • They relieve ear discomfort, congestion, or popping, through their unique ceramic filters
  • For people with colds, sinus conditions, or allergies, EarPlanes will help make their flight experience bearable
  • They are safe, comfortable to wear, and disposable
  • Passed the test by the US Navy fliers, and recommended by doctors
  • Available for both adults and children
  • Comes with a seal from “The Good Housekeeping,” to prove they are genuine
  • The products are affordable
  • Perfect for a single round-trip flight
  • It contains soft hypoallergenic, silicone (latex-free) for those with sensitive skin
  • Reduces overall noise when taking off or landing by 20 decibels
  • Cirrus Healthcare also manufactures some reusable EarPlanes, which you can use for several trips

EarPlanes Cons

Despite the numerous benefits that EarPlanes offers, there are still some minor downsides based on customer reviews. These Earplanes cons include the following:

  • The EarPlanes are sometimes uncomfortable to wear, although they do not much to hurt your ear.
  • People with small ears and large fingers may sometimes find it hard to remove them from their ears.
  • For the disposable ones, you need to buy new ones after every round trip. This is because the CeramX filter contains micron-sized pores, which may get clogged with particles, rendering it ineffective.

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Customer Reviews

Although I would swear by this product, it’s also good to hear reviews from other customers who have used the EarPlanes. Here are some of those online reviews, which are just part of the over 1000 positive reviews of the product.

  • “EarPlanes take all of the immense pain out of my ears when I fly. I considered having surgery to fix the problem before I found these because nothing worked for me.”
  • “Over the course of two weeks, I had to take six flights, two weeks after my eardrum burst on a flight. My doctor recommended some OTC drugs and these earplugs. They saved me from a lot of pain and ear damage.”
  • “I cannot believe these actually work!! When I fly, I usually have such bad ear pain I’m in tears, and my ears are popping for days. This time I had no pain at all.”
  • “They make flying tolerable when you have ear and sinus issues. They are very comfortable, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like using earbuds.”
  • “These are no joke! I have three kids, three and under, and these are essential to us for flying. No ear pain whatsoever.”

So, Do EarPlanes Work, And If they Do, What are the Benefits of Using Them?

Earplanes homepage

When it comes to earplugs, I know the market offers numerous of them. Some are genuine and work perfectly, while others are not as effective. Some are also just gimmicky products to reap the most from the public.

But, from my experience, plus the numerous positive online reviews, EarPlanes is one brand that I can recommend to anyone. I know different people may have different opinions, but EarPlanes did work for me.

And if you’ve tried others that have failed you, try this one out. They can change your in-flight experience. You should use them because they are excellent products in alleviating in-flight ear discomfort and pain.

They do so by blocking the harsh noise in the cabin, as well as helping the eardrums to manage the pressure shifts efficiently. For persons with Eustachian tube(s) problems or those with colds, allergies, or sinuses, EarPlanes offers natural air pressure adjustment to ensure comfort. Also, attaining that peace and quietness from using EarPlanes can have various health benefits, such as lowering the risk of:

  • Strokes
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Insomnia and its related problems
  • Obesity and its related conditions
  • Diabetes

The whole point is that, locking out that sound and regulating the air pressure has more benefits than you thought. Therefore, before you book a ticket for your next trip, make sure that you have a pair of these essential products.

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Where to Buy EarPlanes

Amazon Website

If you want to purchase a pair of EarPlanes, you can try out these places:

  • Walgreens
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • CVS
  • C&S Wholesale Grocers
  • Boots Pharmaceuticals
  • Harmon Stores
  • Hudson News
  • Cardinal Health
  • Mckesson Drug

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Final Thoughts

Earplanes Review: Do They Work for Travel?

Do you ever experience ear discomfort or pain during flights? If you do, this EarPlanes review contains everything you need to eliminate that problem.

Product Brand: Earplanes

Editor's Rating:


  • Relieve Ear Discomfort Affordable
  • Passed the Test by the Us Navy Fliers Comfortable to Wear
  • Available for Both Adults and Children


  • Sometimes Uncomfortable to Wear Hard to Remove for People With Small Ears Hard to Removed for people With Big Finger

Although some people still prefer other methods of dealing with ear pain during flights, EarPlanes seems to be the best solution for this problem. You don’t have to endure that excruciating pain every time you take a flight.

With this Earplanes review, we have outlined everything you need to know about the product. Whether you are traveling to London or taking a day’s visit to New York, I hope that this helps to solve that ear problem completely.


Does EarPlanes really work?

EarPlanes is a type of earplug designed to reduce discomfort during air travel by equalizing the pressure in the ear canal. They work by regulating the air pressure in the middle ear, which can help alleviate ear pain and popping during takeoff and landing. Many people find EarPlanes effective, but results may vary depending on individual factors such as ear anatomy and the severity of pressure changes during the flight.

Can you leave EarPlanes in for the entire flight?

Yes, you can leave EarPlanes in for the entire flight, including takeoff and landing. EarPlanes are designed to regulate the pressure in your ears during the entire flight and can be worn for up to two hours. However, removing and re-insert EarPlanes every two hours is recommended to ensure they remain effective.

When should you put in EarPlanes?

EarPlanes are specialized earplugs designed to alleviate ear discomfort during air travel. They should be inserted into the ears one hour before takeoff and kept in place until the plane has landed. EarPlanes work by regulating the air pressure inside the ear canal, which can help prevent ear pain, popping, and other common symptoms associated with changes in air pressure during flight.

Do EarPlanes help with sinus pressure?

EarPlanes are not specifically marketed for sinus pressure. They can help relieve pressure in the sinuses by regulating the air pressure in the ears. EarPlanes work by slowing down the rate at which pressure changes in the ear canal, allowing the Eustachian tube to more effectively equalize pressure in the middle ear.

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