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11 Must-Try Fighter Jet Experiences in Your Lifetime

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If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, there’s no better way to get it than by flying a fighter jet. These powerful machines can make your heart race like nothing else and offer some of the most thrilling experiences imaginable.

People who like to try new things enjoy traveling. Experiences and trips on combat aircraft are new activities that provide an adrenaline rush. Fighter jets are powerful machines that can make your heartbeat rapidly. They provide some of the most exciting experiences imaginable.

Enjoying the friendly skies is common when it is time to take a holiday or vacation. What isn’t a common occurrence is personally taking control of the jet that is taking you from Point A to Point B!

Although you can’t generally sit in the cockpit of a commercial airline these days, there is still a place in the world where you can experience taking the controls of a high-speed jet—several places, in fact, thanks to Switzerland-based MigFlug and other great private fighter jet rides.

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your travel plans, check these must-try fighter jet experiences.

Best Fighter Jet Rides Around the World

Get Sky-High Views of Las Vegas from a Fighter Jet

Get Sky-High Views of Las Vegas from a Fighter Jet

If you’re looking for the ultimate Vegas experience, why not sign up for a ride in a jet fighter aircraft?

You can get amazing city views from above, and you may even be able to spot some of your favorite Vegas attractions. This will be one of the biggest thrill rides of your life. It’s the perfect gift for pilots or people who love flight.

Soar Over the Alps in a Swiss F-5 Tiger

Soar Over the Alps in a Swiss F-5 Tiger
A USAF F-5 Tiger, similar to the one you’ll be flying!

The F-5 Tiger is a versatile and agile fighter jet perfect for flying over the stunning Swiss Alps. You can tour the F-5 at the Swiss National Museum or book a flight and see the Alps from above. This is an amazing experience for the thrill-seeker in your life.

Get a Glimpse of Machu Picchu from a Peruvian Air Force Jet

Get a Glimpse of Machu Picchu from a Peruvian Air Force Jet

For something truly unique, how about a flight over the intriguing Inca ruins of Machu Picchu? You can book a flight with the Peruvian Air Force to see this iconic landmark from above and get some amazing photos you’ll treasure for years.

Fly Yourself in an Extra 330LC Aerobatic Plane

Fly Yourself in an Extra 330LC Aerobatic Plane

If you’re looking for an exciting way to see the world, how about flying yourself in an aerobatic plane? The Extra 330LC is a popular choice for those looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience, and flight schools offer this experience all over the world.

Take a Tour of an Active Volcano in a Fighter Jet

Take a Tour of an Active Volcano in a Fighter Jet

For an otherworldly experience, why not book a flight that takes you to a smoking volcano? Several active volcanoes around the world offer this unique experience, and you can even fly yourself in an Extra 300L aerobatic plane.

Fly Over Niagara Falls on a World War II P-51 Mustang Plane

The legendary P-51 Mustang fighter plane is the perfect way to see Niagara Falls from above. You can tour the falls in this vintage plane or even fly it yourself if you have the necessary piloting qualifications.

Take a Trip Back in Time with a Vintage Spitfire Plane Ride

Take a Trip Back in Time with a Vintage Spitfire Plane Ride
“Spitfire MJ627” The now famous Mk. IX Trainer used by both the RCAF and RAF.

For a truly unique experience, how about riding in a vintage Spitfire fighter plane? This iconic aircraft was used extensively during and after World War II. In aviation circles, this beautiful piece of engineering is known as the “world’s most famous fighter.” There are experiences in the UK where you can fly in a two-seat trainer restored to its former glory.

Get Up Close and Personal with Fighter Jets at an Air Show.

Get Up Close and Personal with Fighter Jets at an Air Show.
An RAF Typhoon climbing at RIAT in England.

If you want a truly thrilling experience, why not watch a fighter jet air show? You’ll get to see these impressive machines up close, and you can even try to get an autograph from your favorite pilots.

Avgeeks, wingnuts, and future top guns will want to hit up the Oshkosh Airshow in Wisconsin, the Commemorative Air Force show in Texas, or the hallowed Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) in the UK.

Book a Real Fighter Jet Flight Over the Grand Canyon

Book a Real Fighter Jet Flight Over the Grand Canyon
The venerable Super Hornet, this one from the US Navy – you probably won’t be flying this.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, and there’s no better way to experience it than on a flight over this natural wonder. You can find multiple companies offering this experience, and you will have a blast.

Soar Over Mount Everest in a Fighter Jet

Soar Over Mount Everest in a Fighter Jet
The super speedy and stealthy SR-17 Blackbird. You won’t be flying this over Everest – or indeed anywhere…

For the ultimate thrill, how about flying over Mount Everest? You can book a flight that will take you right to the top of the world’s tallest mountain, and you’ll get some incredible views along the way.

Fly a MiG-21 Fighter Jet in Russia

Fly a MiG-21 Fighter Jet in Russia
This is not a MiG-21, but a MiG-27, famous for being decidedly average.

Full disclosure: it’s just stupid to visit Russia right now – and considering how many Russian planes are seemingly falling out of the sky in Ukraine, this next one might give you pause!

The Soviet MiG-21 is one of the most iconic fighter jets ever built, and it offers an unforgettable experience for anyone lucky enough to fly or ride in this jet fighter.

You can take a tour of the MiG-21 at the Russian Air Force Museum or fly a jet plane yourself at the Zhukovsky International Airport.

Want To Fly With MigFlug? Here’s How!

MigFlug is a tourist activity that you can’t stop by to enjoy. You may need to provide up to 50 days of lead time to experience piloting a jet. If you want to enjoy a suborbital experience, more time may be required, and advanced training may also be needed, including high G-force training. Advanced flights may also require an advanced medical screening as well.

Flights in the United States begin at $2,399 for a 30-minute flight. European flights are priced comparably, while supersonic flights in Russia begin at 11,500€. For more information or to book your flight, visit MigFlug’s website.

Locations Exist in Europe, Russia, and the United States

MIG 29
A Russian MiG-29; one of the most maneuverable fighter jets in history

One of the most common questions about flying a jet that can reach supersonic speeds is whether it is legal. It is legal in every location! MigFlug works with local governments to ensure that each flight is logged according to local standards.

This means you can be in the cockpit, making high-G steep turns, or even broaching the very limits of space in a sub-orbital flight without reservation.

Each location has specific jets available for flight, so there is a wide variety of jets you might find available during your trip. Here is just a sample of the jets included with a MigFlug package:

  • MiG-29
  • L-39 Box
  • Hawker Hunter

If you want to fly at supersonic speeds, however, you’ll have to get yourself to Russia: it is the only country that allows civilian control of a jet traveling at that speed. If you’d rather experience Zero-G firsthand, that’s also a possibility.

Using an aircraft that never leaves the atmosphere, MigFlug uses a laboratory aircraft to provide you with 12 separate incidents of weightlessness while in flight.

Are You Ready To Become an Astronaut on Vacation?

Ready To Become an Astronaut

And yes, you get to take control! MigFlug briefs everyone before the flight begins so that everyone has an idea of what to expect. Anyone really can take control of a jet and fly it for a while safely!

Best of all, being a tourist can turn you into a legitimate astronaut (“cosmonaut,” since you’re doing it in Russia). But still, you’ll still be an astronaut by NASA’s own standards. That’s right—NASA’s definition of being an astronaut is crossing the Karman Line. MigFlug takes you 3 kilometers higher with their Xcor Lynx flight!

An experience with the Xcor Lynx is very personal. Instead of being crammed into a passenger cabin, you’re alone in the cockpit with the pilot. The aircraft is smaller than other suborbital aircraft, making the flight a little cheaper than other options.

Best of all, you’ll get a full canopy view of the world over 300,000 feet above the planet. This opportunity is in conjunction with Xcor Aerospace, but tickets are expensive – a minimum of $95,000. Still, the chance to become a recognized astronaut as a tourist? That’s almost priceless.

Some travelers may be interested in taking a tour or experiencing flying a fighter jet. Tours or experiences can provide an up-close view of how the aircraft works and what flying is like. However, travelers should be aware that these tours and experiences can be expensive and may require extensive training.

So, what do all of these items have in common? They can be expensive and may require a lot of training. But they also offer travelers an up-close view of the experience or activity. If you’re looking for an immersive travel experience, be prepared to spend some money and invest in learning how to do things the right way. Subscribe to our free travel newsletter for the latest tips and advice on immersive travel experiences!

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