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11 Best GoPro Accessories for Travel

Are you planning an exciting long bike trail in Australia, heading over to Vietnam to enjoy a street food cornucopia, or visiting Astana in Kazakhstan to lay eyes on some of the world’s most surreal-looking structures ever built?

Do you have your heart set on backpacking, perhaps, are you spending your working vacation on a farm, or are you going to learn to surf or scuba dive?

Whether you’re after a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience or you’re doing something altogether less groundbreaking but just as important.

An important adventure like camping two miles from home with your kids for the first time, or taking a quick European city break in Munich or Vienna — one thing is inevitable.

On your travels, you are going to see and do things that you’ll never see and do in quite the same way, ever again.

Of course, you want to capture those unique moments on camera to help you preserve those memories forever and share your special trip with others!

You also, on the other hand, want to immerse yourself in your travel experience as completely as you can; you want to be an active participant and not an observer.

That’s why you definitely don’t want to be stuck behind a camera, getting frustrated as you try to snap the perfect picture. That’s why you choose the GoPro for your travels.

As some of the smallest and best action cameras on the market, anywhere in the world, GoPro cameras have revolutionized the way in which we travel and share.

A GoPro is easy to carry, packs potent tech that’s going to capture all those moments perfectly, and it is especially awesome if you’re getting involved in water activities or traveling through especially wet and rainy areas.

With a GoPro, you’ll be able to edit and upload your perfect shots and videos in almost no time.

On its own though?

Let’s be honest, no matter how great your GoPro camera is, a GoPro alone won’t cut it.

Must-Have Portable GoPro Accessories for Travel

What are the must-have GoPro accessories?

You know, the ones that both deserve a spot in your checked suitcase or backpack and actually fit in? Here’s a look at the very best GoPro accessories for travel

1. GoPro Adhesive Mounts

Go Pro adhesive Mounts Amazon

Adhesive mounts, also called sticky mounts, make capturing your adventures a whole lot easier. If you’ve never used a GoPro adhesive mount before, you may just be worried that the mount will lose its adhesive powers and cost you your GoPro.

The lifespan of a sticky mount depends on quite a few variables, including temperature, the cleanliness of the surface you adhere it to, sun exposure, and the shape of the surface you are adhering your GoPro sticky mount to.

The durability of a GoPro adhesive mount also, of course, has a lot to do with manufacturing quality — and to keep your GoPro safe, you’ll want the best.

Experienced travel vloggers and athletes swear by 3M adhesive mounts for GoPro cameras, including the Hero 9 and almost any other model, because they can withstand just about anything as long as you mount them correctly.

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2. GoPro Wrist Strap

GoPro wrist straps are among the simplest and most portable GoPro accessories for travel, but they don’t have to be anything like the simple (and fairly unreliable) wrist straps that tend to come with other cameras.

This cheap adjustable wrist strap for GoPro cameras is, for instance, soft and made with a strong braided rope that enables it to withstand forces of up to 6 kilos. Its primary purpose is simple — to make sure your GoPro doesn’t get lost.

This wrist strap mount for the GoPro, on the other hand, allows you to film or vlog right from your wrist. The four-strong buckles around the mount make sure that your GoPro (including Hero 6, 7, 8, and 9) is safe at all times.

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3. GoPro Flex Clamp

Wealpe Jaws Clamp

A GoPro flex clamp is easily one of the top GoPro accessories for travel — setting up becomes as easy as snapping your GoPro in a place where you need it with the clamp!

Although numerous cheap GoPro flex clamps, including this Wealpe GoPro clamp mount, have flooded Amazon now, this is not an area where active travelers want to try to save a buck or two.

By scrolling straight past all the budget knock-offs and placing your trust in the GoPro brand GoProJaws: Flex Clamp, you know get a product that you know you can rely on.

A variety of neck adjusts to make it possible to shoot at countless different angles, supporting you wherever you may be adventuring.

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4. GoPro Chest Harness

GoPro Chest Mount

What do you need a GoPro chest harness for, you wonder? It’s definitely one of the best GoPro accessories for hiking — hikers can simply enjoy their hike and basically forget that the GoPro is even accompanying them on their travels.

It’s also among the most useful GoPro accessories for travel vlogging, especially if you’re a food vlogger, or going down an epic water slide.

So, which GoPro chest mount is the best?

You can’t go wrong with the official GoPro chest harness, which is compatible with all GoPro cameras, highly adjustable, and of exceptionally high quality (but comes with a matching price tag).

Are you looking for the best GoPro accessories for travel on a budget? In that case, you may want to go with the Amazon Basics adjustable chest mount harness for GoPro cameras.

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5. Mini Tripod for Your GoPro

GoPro Shorty Mini Extension
GoPro Mini Tripod | GoPro | Mini Tripod

Are you posing for a group photo, hoping to capture the sunset over time, or taking salsa lessons?

No matter what type of travels you’re on, you will always find a use for a GoPro tripod — but as you’re on the go, you do need that tripod to be perfectly compact, so you can easily take it along with you.

There’s absolutely no shortage of mini tripods for GoPro cameras on the market — including slightly cheaper ones like this GoPro tripod with extendable selfie stick for vlogging.

As well as, this incredibly budget-friendly Amazon Basics lightweight mini tripod that’s compatible with GoPro cameras.

Many people looking for the best GoPro accessories for travel will undoubtedly prefer to choose GoPro’s own  Shorty Mini Extension Pole Tripod.

This amazing mini tripod works with all types of GoPro cameras and doubles as a very sturdy selfie stick that’s perfect for travel bloggers.

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5. GoPro Head Mount

GoPro Head Strap

GoPro head mounts — also called head straps — might ruin the perfect hairdo, but they’re unbeatable in their ease of use. By using a GoPro head strap during your trip, you’ll be able to give your audience a bird’s eye view of everything you’re up to.

This setup is great for hiking, biking, climbing, kayaking, and countless other exciting (low impact!) activities, so it definitely deserves a spot on your list of top GoPro accessories for travel.

Which one should you get? Well, the official GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip is an excellent choice — a head strap that will last you a very long time and is compatible with all GoPro models.

You do have plenty of other options, too, among which are the Amazon Basics head strap camera mount for GoPro and the Sametop head strap mount that is compatible with most GoPro cameras as well as other action cameras.

This one can be mounted on a helmet as well.

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6. GoPro Backpack Mount

GoPro Backpack Strap

GoPro backpack mounts can be counted among the absolute best GoPro accessories for hiking for the simple reason that hikers will be best buds with their backpacks anyway.

To start capturing your hiking experience on your GoPro, all you need to do is mount your GoPro.

Swivel it to the angle you’re looking for, and begin recording! Nothing’s easier than this — and with a backpack mount, also called a shoulder mount.

You won’t need to rely on GroPro accessories that some may find uncomfortable, like head straps or chest harnesses.

A word of warning, though — GoPro backpack mounts come in two basic types; those that completely surround your backpack strap with a velcro design, and those that attach with clamps.

You’ll want your shoulder mount to be secure enough.

The Sametop backpack strap mount quick clip has a strong and reliable clip, and the Surewo backpack shoulder strap mount offers a sturdy velcro design with an adjustable shoulder pad.

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7. GoPro Mouth Mount

GoPro Mouth Mount

GoPro mouth mounts (or bite mounts) famously offer the ability to show your audience almost exactly what you’re seeing in a literally very hands-off way, making them some of the best GoPro accessories for travel vloggers, surfers, and swimmers.

These GoPro mounts are also, unfortunately, notoriously uncomfortable — and your footage can be rather shaky.

It’s up to you to decide whether a GoPro mouth mount is right for you, but if you do want to try this way of filming, the MyGo Mouth Mount for GoPro is a popular choice.

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8. GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts

Not all of the best GoPro accessories for travel are nifty gadgets — and these basics are also likely to turn out to be the GoPro travel accessories you rely on most.

You can insert the official GoPro anti-fog inserts into any GoPro dome to stop condensation from ruining your footage.

They’re also perfect if you’re traveling to warm regions where you’re likely to be in and out of air-conditioned environments all the time.

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9. GoPro Bags

GoPro Carrying Case

If you’re equipping yourself with all the best GoPro accessories for travel, you’ll need to have space to pack them safely as well!

What are the best GoPro bags?

That depends on how many GoPro accessories you end up traveling with, of course, but fortunately, you have lots of great options to pick from!

  • If you’re not traveling light, the HSU large carrying case for GoPro cameras is a great choice! Designed for the Hero 9, it’s also compatible with other GoPro models — as well as extra batteries, SD cards, a tripod, and many of your other GoPro accessories. It’s completely waterproof!
  • Those travelers who prefer to carry as little as possible might instead prefer the Amazon Basics small carrying case for GoPro cameras. You’ll be able to pack your GoPro itself, in addition to smaller accessories like wrist straps, anti-fog inserts, chargers, and extra batteries.
  • For many travelers, it makes the most sense to carry their top GoPro accessories in a backpack — onto which they can then also mount their GoPro. The Smatree multifunctional backpack is designed to carry a Mavic Air 2 or DJI Air 2S as well as a GoPro camera and must-haves like batteries and chargers. It’s also water-resistant, scratch-proof, and has anti-collision properties.

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10. GoPro Dome

GoPro Dome

If you’re planning to do any underwater shooting whatsoever, don’t wreck your head wondering how others get those perfect shots while you’re struggling. Get a GoPro dome, like the TELESIN 6” dome port camera lens!

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11. Best GoPro Accessories Kit

GoPro Accessories

Maybe you’re about to embark on your latest travel adventure and you know that you’d like to arm yourself with some top GoPro accessories for travel, but you just don’t feel like shopping around too much.

That’s where the best GoPro Accessories kit for your needs can help tremendously.

  • The GoPro Hero 8 Black Bundle is a great choice for folks who are completely new to the wonderful world of GoPro — it includes a Hero 8 GoPro, a head strap, a shorty mini tripod, a spare battery, and a 32 gig micro SD card.
  • The EDOSE accessories kit for GoPro makes sense for you if you just don’t know what kinds of GoPro accessories you like yet. It comes with a selfie stick, head strap, wrist strap, and bike mount, to name just a few. Once you know what you personally consider the best GoPro accessories for travel, though, you may want to upgrade to more durable gadgets.

Once you start traveling with a GoPro, you discover that there’s no single set of best GoPro accessories for travel — and what’s more, your list of must-haves will keep growing.

Hiking with your dog? You’ll want a dog mount! Not sure if you’re going to have power? Investing in a solar charger is a really good idea.

While you dive into the exciting world of GoPro accessories, though, never fail to forget about the basics! You can always do it with an extra battery, extra chargers, and an additional micro SD card or two.

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