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15 Most Haunted Hotels in Minnesota

When it comes to mysteries, ghosts, and haunted places, Minnesota certainly has a good share of these. Here are some of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota, if you want to experience first-hand, the afterlife realm.

There are many hotels and places in Minnesota where people have allegedly spotted ghosts and witnessed many strange happenings. In some of these hotels, paranormal investigators have been invited and they have also ascertained the presence of paranormal activity.

Such places receive a lot of attention, especially during Halloween, the season of scares and screams. Many people flock to these hotels for a chance to witness firsthand these hair-raising events.

But if you’ve been wondering whether such tales are true, you don’t have to wait for Halloween to visit these haunted hotels in Minnesota. You can even book your visit today.

Here are 15 of the most haunted hotels and places in Minnesota that will leave you both thrilled and scared.

Top Haunted Hotels in Minnesota

1. Thayer’s Bed and Breakfast

Thayer’s Bed and Breakfast
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This is one of the oldest hotels in Minnesota.  It is a three-storied rectangular building that was built in 1895 using Victorian architecture.  Today, it is one of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota.

The original owners of Thayer’s Bed and Breakfast were Gus Thayer and his wife Caroline. The reason why it’s considered a haunted hotel is because of the many bone-chilling tales that emanate from here. It is said that many ghosts reside in the hotel, having been spotted by the staff and even some guests.

For example, it is claimed that when Gus and Caroline died, their ghosts returned as guardians of the hotel.  Some guests have reported seeing Guy and Caroline welcoming them. Many guests in this hotel have also had encounters with ghost cats roaming around the hotel.

At night, strange noises, footsteps, and stomping can be heard. The lights also flicker on and off when the ghosts are moving from one place to another.  At one point, the hotel even had to invite investigators who confirmed some of these claims. If you are big on ghost adventure, you should visit this place.

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2. The Anderson House Hotel, Minnesota

The Anderson House Hotel is another haunted hotel in Minnesota. It was established in 1856 and is one of the oldest hotels in the state.

This hotel quickly became famous because of the cats that guests were allowed to borrow when they needed company. It closed briefly in 2009 but reopened soon after.

Today, the hotel has regained its iconic status and continues to awe guests with its historic charm. The charming 164-year-old history consists of some deep, dark secrets that some guests have uncovered. This has earned the hotel the tag of one of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota.

Many mysterious creatures have been spotted by guests moving about. Disembodied voices can also be heard from time to time, with some guests even reporting the presence of spirits in their rooms.

The previous owners even conducted three tests to determine paranormal activity, two of which, showed a supernatural presence in the hotel.

If you want to share this experience, you can conveniently get yourself a room in the hotel or others nearby by using

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3. Palmer House Hotel

Palmer House Hotel arguably tops the list of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota. The hotel is situated in Sauk Centre. It has been in existence for over a century having been built in 1901.

Palmer House Hotel still retains its old historic charm. The place has wild tales of ghosts and mysteries that anyone fascinated by the unseen world would love. Considered one of the top haunted places in Minnesota, this hotel has been the subject of multiple investigations by ghost hunters.

One of the most active ghosts haunting the hotel is that of a young boy who is usually spotted playing with his ball. There is also another ghost of a former prostitute, Lucy, who used to be a regular guest in the past but now visits as a ghost.

Apparently, when she encounters a male guest, she slams the door so hard that even the temperature in the room drops. Some guests have also said they have spotted a tall man towering over their beds while they are sleeping. The two most active rooms are rooms 11 and 17. If you are not afraid of meeting a ghost, you can rent one of those rooms.

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4. Grant House – Rush City

The Grant House has also been in operation for over a hundred years. It is one of the most charming hotels in east-central Minnesota. It was even added to the National Register of Historic Places because of its rich history.

Grant House is one of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota and for a good reason. It is famous for its ghost tales and has been part of numerous TV ghost-hunting shows. Many local ghostbusters have also made it their home.

With its century-old history, the hotel is no stranger to ghost adventures. Employees and guests have reported countless ghost-sightings. There have been reports of strange noises, flickering lights, and flying objects, with people even taking photos of floating orbs.

At the height of these rumors, Grant’s House accepted to be part of a formal investigation for paranormal activity. During the investigation, they heard a ghost speaking through the ghost box. The ghost identified himself as Peter and the lights kept going on and off as he spoke.

Make a point of visiting the hotel, not just for the ghost encounters, but for the wonderful food they offer as well.

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5. Chase on the Lake

Chase on the Lake
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Chase on the Lake is part of the Chase Hotel Chain that was established by Lewis and Louisa Chase in 1894. They were immigrants who immediately after arrival in Minnesota, set up these hotels which became a big success. Unfortunately, the newer of the two hotels caught fire and was almost reduced to rubble.

The employees of Chase on the Lake have many frightening tales of mysterious things that happen within the walls. Some have spotted ghost children playing in the hallways, with others recording incidences of phones ringing without being plugged. In another curious event, the grandfather clock in the hotel lobby magically spat its key from the lock.

Guests also claim that they can hear weird sounds in their rooms, while others say they have even encountered shadowy figures. It is believed these unusual occurrences may have to do with the fact that during the Indian Wars, the original hotel served as a temporary morgue.

Therefore, the spirits of the dead soldiers have always been hovering around the area and come calling sometimes. This is why it is considered one of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota.

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6. St. James Hotel – Red Wing

St. James Hotel Red Wing
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The St. James Hotel is situated in Red Wing, Minnesota. It’s one of the most beautiful hotels in the town. But even with its beauty, it still fits as one of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota, with a chilling history of ghost encounters.

The genesis of these ghost tales can be traced long back to 1890 when the hotel acted as a temporary morgue for victims of a boat accident. Those ghosts of the drowned victims are believed to still reside in the hotel to this day.

The ghost of a former owner of the hotel also lives in the hotel. There is also another resident ghost called Clara Lillyblad. These ghosts are known to whisper amongst themselves, while others slam doors, break things, and even cry out like babies.

A paranormal investigator reported that he once saw the big table in the center of the dining room move on its own. That table is known as Clara’s table, which suggests that she might have been the one who moved it.

If you are a fan of ghost adventures, then you should book a room in this hotel because there is a possibility of encountering one of these ghostly figures.

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7. The Water Street Inn, Stillwater

The Water Street Inn Stillwater
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The Water Street Inn, in Stillwater, is the perfect excuse to visit downtown Minnesota. And not just for the food, but also for the possibility of meeting a ghost.

It was one of the finest hotels of its time and among the first hotels to have things like indoor plumbing and electricity. The hotel was a favorite spot for lumber barons who were among the richest people then.

It is believed that the hotel is haunted by the ghost of a Confederate soldier. He died while in his room on the second floor of the hotel.

Employees and guests in Water Street Inn say that they can sense his presence from the smell of stale whiskey and body odor.

Some guests also claim that the ghost of the confederate soldier appears on the stairs or stalks them to their rooms. But he disappears the moment you turn to face him.

There are even those who claim that they have seen him in their rooms especially those on the second floor. The hotel also has nice rooms with historic charm.

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8.  Mrs. B’s Bed & Breakfast Inn – Lanesboro

Mrs. B's Bed & Breakfast Inn Lanesboro
Image from TripAdvisor

Lanesboro is Minnesota’s bed & breakfast capital. And this is where you’ll find this iconic inn. It features on the list of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota for a good reason.

Mrs. B’s Bed and Breakfast Inn strikes the perfect balance between being charming and creepy. It will impress you with its service and history but frighten you more with its spooky mysteries.

It is said that Buffalo Bull spent many nights in this historic place and so his ghost keeps coming back. The ghost is now a permanent resident. Some also say that they can see the figure of a man sitting next to them on their bed.

Occupants of the Rosemal Room, which is room 5, have reported cases of ghosts playing with their lights. And they also open and slam the door sometimes.

There is also the ghost of a woman in a white dress who apparently was once displeased with services at the inn. Her ghost can be heard sighing and wailing in the hallways.

If you want a thrilling evening with a side of creepy, Mrs. B’s Inn won’t disappoint. You can also explore other accommodation options through Airbnb.

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9.  The Kahler Grand Hotel – Rochester

The Kahler Grand Hotel Rochester
Image from

The elegant simplicity of the Kahler Grand Hotel belies its dark history. The combination of beauty and sophistication makes the Kahler Grand Hotel one of the best hotels to stay in while in downtown Rochester.

But it’s a haunted place. In the past, the site was once part of the Mayo Clinic. The top floor was a surgery area while the basement was converted into a morgue.

This explains why the hotel is considered one of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota. There have been many frightening sightings and encounters stemming from its creepy history. It is claimed that the ghosts of the Mayo Clinic patients haunt the place.

These ghosts have also been heard producing weird sounds and smells. They also cause rapid temperature changes according to guests.  Some people also claim that they have spotted spirits walking in the hallways and murmuring amongst themselves.

If you are looking for a place with a strong possibility of meeting ghostly figures, book a room at the majestic Kahler Grand Hotel. You’ll be in for a spooky treat.

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10. Big Winnie Resort and General Store

The Big Winnie Resort and General Store is one of the most remarkable places in Minnesota for travelers and revelers. It is even recognized by the federal government as a landmark.

The hotel has been serving customers since 1932 and it provides accommodation, RV campsites, restrooms, showers and there’s even a Laundromat.

Natives say that nothing unusual used to happen at the site until 1944 when 220 prisoners of war were brought from Germany. Their work was to assist in transporting lumbar from the giant forests, and a camp was built for them on the premises.

Soon after, people started noticing paranormal activity. The people who work in stores within Big Winnie Resort have reported hearing people murmuring in some abandoned rooms.

Paranormal investigators have even caught images of floating objects near the site where the camp was. The resort organizes an annual Haunted Trail event called Nightscreams and anyone is allowed to attend.

If you are not familiar with Minnesota and would want help on how to visit this place, you can get all the assistance you need on GetYourGuide.

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11. Old Jail Bed & Breakfast – Taylors Falls

Old Jail Bed & Breakfast Taylors Falls
Image from TripAdvisor

This hotel was actually an old jail. The building was put up in the early 19th century and is considered one of the oldest in Minnesota.

Most people would visit the site just to get a good view of Taylor Falls. The jail only had four cells. Today it has been transformed into a charming bed and breakfast.

Initially, the northern side of the building is rumored to have been a funeral home.

Afterward, it was converted into a tailor’s shop. There is a tunnel at the back that led into what was a bootlegging joint.

Some guests have reported seeing a young boy moving up and down the floors of the hotel.  There are even those who say that they have had a face-to-face encounter with a woman’s ghost.

There is a lot of paranormal activity that has been witnessed in the tunnel. Strange movements and sounds can be heard coming from the tunnel. And if you want to know more about why it is considered one of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota, you should spend a night or two here.

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12. Calumet Historic Hotel – Pipestone

Calumet Historic Hotel Pipestone
Image from

The Calumet Historic Hotel was originally a stopover for railroads in the 19th Century. It served the many people who came into the town via the railroad. With so many visitors passing by the hotel, it is not a surprise that it is considered a haunted place.

Some of the mysterious things that happen here are very frightening, to say the least. Once, the receptionist received a call from room 207 with a request for sundry articles. When someone went to deliver the articles, they found the door locked and there was no one inside – so who had made the call?

Room 308 is also considered one of the most haunted rooms in the hotel. Some guests have reported coming across a brightly-dressed lady in the hallways, but she vanishes right before their eyes. Sometimes the piano can also be heard playing on it.

As one of the most haunted hotels in Minnesota, Calumet Historic Hotel has colorful stories that would excite those who love spooky sightings.

You can plan a visit to the hotel if you want a taste of this ghostly energy. While you are in town, check out these other best things to do in Pipestone.

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Other Haunted Places in Minnesota

13. Forepaugh’s Restaurant

This restaurant was formerly the Joseph Forepaugh House. It was built in 1870 by Joseph Forepaugh, a wealthy businessman.  While it has been converted into an upscale restaurant, it still retains its chilling history that revolves around an incident that took place many years back.

It is alleged that although Mr. Forepaugh had a wife, he got into an illicit relationship with their Irish maid called Molly. When his wife found out, she moved the family to Europe. However, by this time, Molly was already pregnant with Forepaugh’s baby.

Soon after the wife moved, Molly committed suicide by jumping through one of the windows in the hotel. And it was not long after this, that Mr. Forepaugh also shot himself.

Since then, their spirits have been haunting guests in the hotel. Molly’s spirit is said to be the most stubborn. She sometimes bangs on walls and doors in anger.

There are even those guests who say they can smell her perfume as her ghost is passing. The lights in what used to be Molly’s rooms sometimes flicked on even after being switched off several times. You should visit this haunted hotel to see all this for yourself. 

14. Soap Factory

This building was established in the 1880s as a soap factory before it was closed down. Although it’s not a hotel, it takes the trophy for the fiercest and one of the most haunted places in Minnesota.

And do you know what the main ingredients were? Animal carcasses! The place was filled with thousands of animal carcasses strewn all over the place.

As a result, hundreds of stray dogs started frequenting the area. Before it was a soap factory warehouse, the place was home to a company that produced artificial limbs for wounded soldiers.

When the soap company closed down, the site became one of the most haunted abandoned places in Minnesota. Today it consists of a spooky, thick environment. The paranormal activities that have been witnessed here are demonic according to one paranormal investigator.

There are reports of visitors getting attacked, and the place is so dark that it can blot out infrared imagery.

Some visitors won’t even enter the site without being accompanied by a pastor. If you have the nerve to stomach that level of spookiness, this place should be at the top of your list.

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15. First Avenue

First Avenue certainly fits among the most haunted places in Minnesota. Its dark history begins when the building was home to the Art Deco Greyhound Bus Center.

It is reported that a young woman had come to meet her boyfriend, who was a soldier returning from World War II. Upon learning that her boyfriend didn’t make it, the girl hanged herself in the bathroom. This event left the place haunted forever.

The employees of First Avenue have reported that there is always the ghost of a young woman wearing an army jacket hovering around the club. At times, she appears to guests as a full-bodied ghost with her throat tied in a noose. She even goes as far as dancing in the hall with her ghost friends.

Additionally, there is another ghostly figure nicknamed Slippy that can be spotted moving around. And the upstairs dance lounge usually has lots of paranormal activity.

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