MOODs Charles Bridge Hotel, Prague 1

Modern luxury meets Prague's historic charm.

Hotel Details

Address: Náprstkova 274/6

Phone: +420 234 713 100

Official Website: Hotel Website

Additional Information

Rating: 4.6

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Starting Rates: $92.00

About MOODs Charles Bridge Hotel, Prague 1

Nestled in the heart of Prague’s charm, the MOODs Charles Bridge Hotel offers a modern retreat with a soulful nod to local culture. This boutique destination, mere steps from the iconic Charles Bridge, blends contemporary design with intimate hospitality.

From the incredible complimentary breakfast buffet to the 24-hour gym, comfort meets elegance at every turn. Sip on crafted cocktails at the chic bar, embrace the nightlife, or unwind in stylish rooms after exploring historic streets. MOODs celebrate Prague’s rich history while providing a fresh, luxurious experience, making it an indispensable part of your Czech adventure.


Kyle Kroeger

Kyle Kroeger

Kyle Kroeger is the Founder and Owner of He is a full-time traveler and entrepreneur. Kyle started to help travelers experience a fully immersive cultural experience as he did initially living in Italy. He's a converted finance nerd and Excel jockey turned world wanderer (and may try to get lost on purpose). After visiting 12 countries and 13 national parks in a year, he was devoted to creating and telling stories like he'd heard.

Plus, after spending more time on airplanes and packing, he's learned some incredible travel hacks over time as he earned over 1 million Chase Ultimate Rewards points in under a year, helping him maximize experiences as much as possible to discover the true meaning of travel.

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