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26 Best Travel Gifts For Him [Gift Ideas for Men]

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Want to surprise your traveler male friend with a fantastic gift? If yes, here is a perfect list of luxury travel gifts for him, from luxury watches to tech gadgets.

Finding the perfect gift for men can be tricky. There are numerous options, making it hard to find something to amuse them.

But if you are looking for a gift for your traveler friend, you are a bit lucky. Here, the choices aren’t too vast, especially regarding luxury gifts. However, it will still be a challenge to find a great gift that they will not only love but also a gift that they never want to leave behind.

But not to worry! In this guide, I’ll discuss the luxury travel gifts for him that he might be too stingy or unbothered to buy for himself. Surprise him with one of these luxury travel gifts; he will undoubtedly be overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. Well, he’d better be overwhelmed!

While we’re at it, check out the best credit cards for churning for points. The right one could help in buying some of these luxury gifts!

Best-Of by Category

Best Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

luxury travel gifts for him

While looking for the best luxury travel gifts for him, you should narrow down your options according to his preferences. For instance, if he’s low on tech supplies, maybe get him a new power bank or a charger for his laptop. Likewise, if he’s into mixology, get him a portable cocktail set.

Some men also like to be put together, even on the road. For such individuals, a grooming travel set will be an ideal gift.

But enough hypothesizing! Now, check out these incredible gift ideas!

Grooming Gift Sets

As mentioned earlier, grooming gift sets are a smart way to give your man everything he needs to stay sharp. Instead of shopping separately for essentials, you can buy him a perfume, shaving, or beauty set.

One good thing about this gift set idea is that you get your male traveler friend more than one gift in one package! Also, it’s cheaper than buying these gifts in the gift box separately.

1. Kenneth Cole Gift Set

Kenneth Cole for Him Gift Set

This Kenneth Cole Gift set is among the best luxury travel gifts for him if he likes to smell good – at least, he might want to after a sweaty flight. Since it contains four pieces, this set will last him for several trips, remembering you during each application. It has three formulations from the company: Intensity, Energy, and Serenity.

The different scents offer flexibility and choice. He can embrace his individuality depending on the occasion or his mood – or how ripe he is.

Also, the fragrance is quite vibrant since the top notes are energizing while the base notes are a bit sensual. Like that as an idea and want more options? Check out these other travel-sized cologne options.

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2. Braun Hair Clippers for Men

Braun Hair Clippers for Men

Being in a foreign country, your man probably won’t have the time to look for a barber. After all, most travelers are on a tight schedule because they want to see as many spots as possible in a day.

So, how about getting them a hair clipper set? It would quickly solve their hair-trimming and shaving problems during their travels!

The Braun Hair Clipper set is a perfect gift example. For starters, it comes with nine styling tools. This makes it suitable for body grooming, nose trimming, medium hair trimming, and long beard shaves.

The four combs in this set have a length range from 0.5mm to 21mm. Moreover, the blades are sharp enough to last the test of time.

A single charge will keep the trimmer running for up to an hour. That’s more time than you’ll ever need. The best part? The hair clipper is 100% waterproof, so your man can use it in the shower, too. Also, if his luggage or backpack gets wet due to unpredictable weather, the hair clippers will be safe!


Is he still using the luggage he bought for his first international trip? Well, it’s time the old college kid luggage goes bye-bye.

Don’t skip the backpacks, handbags, tote bags, and laptop bags when finding luxury travel gifts for him. A man certainly needs a piece of good luggage!

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3. Briggs & Riley Sympatico-Hardside Spinner Luggage

Briggs and Riley bag

First, I must say that the color palettes of this spinner luggage are gorgeous. Also, the matte finish will match most men’s tastes.

However, if he doesn’t like the beautiful brown color, as shown above, there are seven other options too. So, you might want first to find out what color appeases him.

This hard-side luggage case has 25% more packing space than most other bags of the same size. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty and has been reviewed as premium luggage by the New York Times.

Luggage getting damaged during a commute or because of the airlines is a common problem. Luckily, the Briggs & Riley warranty covers this.

Even better, despite being sizable and spacious, the bag is lightweight. And if you are worried about safety, it has a TSA-approved built-in lock.

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4. DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage

DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels

The Delsey Paris expandable luggage is available in eleven colors and has a polycarbonate shell for ultimate durability.

Due to its rigid construction, the bag is resilient to physical damage during air or road travel – which, let’s face it, is more likely to happen if a man is in charge of a suitcase. Also, the four spinner wheels allow multi-directional rolling, ensuring the traveler doesn’t have to carry any weight.

The bag has two lined compartments on the inner side to keep the clothes wrinkle-free. Plus, multiple smaller pockets store his toiletries, accessories, and other items.

The one-button locking system also makes it easy to maneuver the bag and control the handle. Lastly, all Helium Aero bags from the company come with a 10-year warranty and are available in different sizes.

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5. WUDON Leather Backpack

WUDON Leather Backpack

When buying travel gifts for a man who loves hiking and backpacking, you might want to stay away from rolling luggage. Instead, backpacks will make the best travel gifts for him.

The WUDON Leather Backpack has a large capacity, a splendid distressed design, and a premium finish. And since it’s made of genuine leather, the bag has a retro touch to it. The vintage cum military combination makes this bag unique and highly functional for extended trips.

Also, it has a height of 18.5 inches, making it convenient for the user to store everything from clothes to a laptop. Again, it’s wear-resistant, and the leather will not crack, irrespective of how often it’s used.

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6. Briggs & Riley Rolling Briefcase

Briggs & Riley Rolling Briefcase

It might seem like I’m getting carried away (see what I did there) by the luggage selection I’m offering, but not really. Come on, this is a travel site, and the truth is that bags are one of the best luxury travel gifts to gift!

The Briggs & Riley briefcase is a spin on the regular work bag. And since it has swiveling wheels, the user doesn’t have to carry the weight.

It has multiple compartments for laptops, business cards, files, and other documents. As for the build, it’s very durable. The ballistic nylon fabric resists moisture, dirt, and physical damage.

Furthermore, the company offers a lifetime guarantee for this rolling briefcase. If it breaks or gets scratched, you can return it for an exchange!

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7. Kenneth Cole Reaction Show Business Portfolio

Kenneth Cole Reaction Show Business Portfolio

Finally, a business bag that can also fit in the luxury gifts for men category! Although this bag is available in three colors, the tan-brown finish quickly catches one’s eye. It’s made of Columbian leather and has a cowhide construction on the outside.

Inside, it has a tear-resistant lining to withstand the ravages of frequent travel. And since there are several pockets inside, the user can take along everything they’ll need during a business trip.

Even better, the bag is tall enough to fit a laptop. This means he won’t have to look for an extra laptop bag to carry his gadgets.

The bag also has an impeccable finish and premium construction, making it one of the best gifts for someone who travels for work frequently. Your man will undoubtedly be using it for a long time!


Headphones are a must-have in every travel bag. They are among the essential travel items that make even long flights manageable.

From using them to watch movies on the flight to blocking out ambient sounds during a work trip, headphones come in handy every step of the way. Here are some great options for your male traveler friend.

8. Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones

These Sony headphones will make thoughtful luxury travel gifts for him. He’ll find them useful as soon as he grabs his seat on the plane.

They have digital noise cancellation with ANC technology for a sound-proof listening experience. Moreover, the built-in mic allows the wearer to make and receive calls. These are some features that your man will find helpful if he is always traveling for work.

Also, the headphones connect to the user’s phone, allowing them to use voice assistants. While the wearer replies to emails, Alexa plays music or helps to find a nearby hotel!

These Sony headphones also have a Quick Attention Mode. With the noise-cancellation on, the wearer only has to put his hand on the right ear cup to have an easy conversation. Plus, the music and voice assistance controls are just a tap away.

However, I mainly added these headphones because of their long battery life. They last up to 30 hours, providing an uninterrupted all-day listening experience.

9. Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you want something a bit more affordable but still good enough for a luxury gift, the Anker Life Q30 headphones will do the trick. For starters, these headphones have active noise cancellation and hybrid technology to block out disruptive sounds. The hybrid tech uses two microphones on each ear cup, which filters about 95% of ambient noise, ensuring you enjoy your music without distractions.

In addition, these headphones offer noise cancellation options depending on where you are. For instance, the Transport Mode minimizes engine noise while on a flight, the Indoor Mode reduces ambient noise in busy offices, and the Outdoor Mode cancels out wind and traffic noise.

And that’s not all; these headphones have 40 hours of battery life and come with a USB-C charging cable. As for comfort, they are made of memory foam with a stainless steel slider and pivoting ear cups. So your man won’t feel uncomfortable wearing them on long flights or work trips.

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Scarves help amp up any winter look your man is trying to pull off. But instead of getting him the $10 muffler from H&M, spoil him with designer scarves for his next trip.

10. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s 2-Piece Set

Polo Ralph Lauren Mens 2 Piece Set Hat & Scarf

The 2-piece set from Ralph Lauren contains a scarf and a hat. It comprises 35% lambswool, 30% viscose, and 35% nylon.

Together, these materials will keep him warm and comfortable on the road, while the sleek design will get him a ton of compliments on his attire. It is a classic gift that will guarantee him several comfy trips.

11. Hugo Boss Men’s Scarf

Hugo Boss Mens Scar.

If he doesn’t wear a hat, there is no need to buy the above set and toss the hat. You can give him just a scarf. A nice scarf! This scarf!

This Fuse Dark scarf has a heavy gauge pattern with a rib stitch. And while the Hugo Boss logo at one end of the scarf gives it a luxurious touch, the wool fabric makes it a useful clothing essential for winter vacations.

Hugo Boss beauty sets will undoubtedly make praise-worthy luxury travel gifts for him. But if he’s not that into self-grooming, this scarf is your next best bet.

For the Boozers

If your man has some bartender capabilities or a penchant for plonk, mixer sets will be the best luxury gifts you can find for him. Fortunately, many of the options here don’t cost a kidney – although drinking to excess is bad for the liver.

12. Virtual Happy Hour Kit

Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kit

If your man loves good home craft cocktails, these Cocktail Kits would be an excellent travel gift. The kits contain all the ingredients he needs to make professional-level craft cocktails, including the Moscow Mule and Spicy Margarita cocktails.

Plus, the kits come with a recipe card that your special one can use to recreate some of his favorite drinks. He’ll love it when he takes it out of the box.

The Virtual HH Cocktail Kit is perfect for cozy nights at home, a last-minute drink gathering with friends, mixing your drinks on the plane, or even a lone trip in nature. So, whether you are looking for a travel, birthday, or Christmas gift for him, he will certainly appreciate it.

13. Bartender Bag Travel Bartender Kit Bag

Travel Bartender Kit Bag

This bartender travel kit contains more accessories than most non-travel kits – 20 pieces in total. These include a shaker, a jigger, a strainer, ice tongs, a squeezer, peelers, and an icebreaker (among other items). But what makes it special is that all these pieces come in an exquisite all-in-one bag.

The bag can fit perfectly into your man’s suitcase or even inside his carry-on luggage. He’ll have everything he needs to make himself a drink while traveling. Plus, with its waterproof material and thick handle straps, this bag ensures maximum convenience when moving around with the cocktail set.

14. YETI Rambler 18 oz Bottle, Stainless Steel

YETI Rambler 18 oz Bottle

How else can your man enjoy his cool craft cocktails with a little style at the perfect temperature? With the YETI Rambler 18-ounce bottle! The double-wall vacuum insulation of this stainless steel bottle will keep his drinks at their ideal temperature for hours. It’s also sweatproof, so there is no need to worry about condensation on your man’s hands or bag.

Besides his booze, your man can carry hot drinks with this bottle and drink them hot hours later. The bottle also comes with a MagCap that makes opening and closing a breeze.

Overall, this Rambler 18-ounce bottle is an ideal companion for any of your man’s trips – to the backyard or across the globe. And if he already has one, you can surprise him with its bigger brother: the YETI Rambler 36-ounce Bottle. That will keep his drinks warm or cold for even longer.

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Gift Cards

Who doesn’t want to save money, especially when traveling? That’s why gift cards are on my list of his best travel gifts.

15. (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) Logo

With (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights), the man in your life will never have to take an overpriced flight again. Sounds cool, right?

The service finds cheap flights to your desired destinations, helping you save up to 90%. And with Premium memberships, you can buy a two-in-one gift card at the price of one.

Now, that’s a clever way of getting a gift card for yourself while treating your man. Isn’t it? Quickly browse our (Formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) review to learn more about how this service works.

16. Dollar Flight Club Premium Membership

Dollar Flight Club Logo

What if I tell you you can get a $980 round trip to Greece at just $298? Yeah, Dollar Flight Club makes this possible. And I’m not exaggerating!

It also sends weekly notifications for all the flights leaving your nearest airport that weekend. So, if your man is a frequent traveler, gifting him with a premium membership from Dollar Flight Club seems like an excellent idea.

He will be able to get notifications of all the available cheap flights, saving him a great deal on his travel expenses. Who doesn’t want to save a dollar?

Read more about the site in our full Dollar Flight Club review.

17. Marriott Travel Gift Points 

Marriott logo

Whether you want to take your man for a weekend getaway to Paris or surprise him with reward points for his next business trip, buying Marriott points will help lower his travel costs.

With these points, he can stay at different places, such as Design Hotels, Sheraton, W Hotels, Delta Hotels, and Marriott Vacation Club participants.

The good thing about the Marriot travel gift card is that it gives your man a wide choice of staying in a luxury hotel. No matter where he is traveling to, whether a vacation trip to the Caribbean or a pilgrimage tour to Rome, Marriot offers incredible hotel choices.

Here’s a tip to save some money with this particular gift: buy him more than 2000 points to get bonus rewards!

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Speaking of the most exorbitant luxury travel gifts for him, I’d also suggest splurging on watches if he loves his arm candy. Few men wouldn’t be upset by a luxurious addition to their watch collection!

18. Breitling Super Avenger II

Breitling Super Avenger II

The Breitling Super Avenger watch is a self-winding automatic wristwatch that shows chronometer movements. It also has a date feature and boasts a 42-hour power reserve.

This is a great gift for any watch enthusiast, and they’ll tell you as much. This bad boy is top-tier.

And did I mention the 300-meter water depth resistance features? If your man loves watersports, this feature fits him best. Plus, its stainless steel casing adds to the watch’s safety features.

If you want your man to enjoy luxury, this Breitling masterpiece won’t disappoint. It’s among the best luxury gifts you can choose for any man unless your man doesn’t have wrists.

19. TAG Heuer Formula 1 Gulf Racing Watch

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Gulf Racing Watch

If he’s into sports, especially racing, your special one will love this Tag watch. Tag Heuer is synonymous with perfection when it comes to men’s watches.

This watch has a luxurious leather strap and a stainless steel case for utmost durability. Moreover, it’s water-resistant for up to 660 feet, so it can be taken diving and driving.

As you can also see, this piece has a taste of class. This means that besides being ideal for any weather, it can also fit on almost any occasion.

20. Garmin Descent Mk2i Watch

Garmin Descent Mk2i luxury watch

Is your man a hiker? Or are they too hip and modern for an analog watch? This Garmin will certainly appeal to his traveling needs.

The Garmin Descent Mk2i watch is an advanced model with features such as dive logging, multi-sport tracking, and even underwater heart rate monitoring.

Plus, it allows you to measure your speed and distance while biking or running. This makes it the perfect companion for adventurous travels.

So, if your man needs a simple yet versatile traveling tool that can act as his arm candy, this is the one.


The type of clothing that you choose for your trip is also quite important. This will depend on the type of destination, as well as the activities you’ll be involved in.

For instance, if you are going hiking or mountain biking, you need something lightweight and breathable but can absorb a good amount of sweat. If your travel involves cold climates, you will require warm clothing.

Check out these excellent clothing gift ideas for an important man in your life.

21. Merino Protect 100% Merino Wool Base Layer

Merino Protect 100% Wool Base Layer

Whether your man is on a ski trip or an Arctic expedition, he will certainly need something to keep his body temperature regulated.

This Merino Protect 100% wool base layer can be the best bet as it’s lightweight and breathable. That way, your man can protect his body from chilly weather while staying comfortable all day.

Plus, this fabric is odor-resistant, so there won’t be any smelly surprises after a few days. It’s also quick drying, meaning he won’t have to spend extra time in the laundry room.

And did we mention that it’s 100% natural? This means the fabric is eco-friendly and will disintegrate and be absorbed back into nature after its useful life. What’s better than giving that great man in your life an eco-friendly gift?

If you want great gifts for your male travel enthusiast friend, Merino Protect makes just the right luxury travel gifts for them.

22. Merino Wool Base Layer Men Bottom Pants

Mens Bottom Pants 100% Merino Wool

Don’t forget about the bottom part of your man’s travel wardrobe. The Merino Wool Base Layer Pants for men will be a great addition to any outfit he chooses for his trips.

These lightweight pants are made from premium-grade merino wool and have side pockets that make them perfect for storing small items while traveling. The product is also breathable, odor-resistant, and quick-drying – perfect features for an ideal pair of adventure pants.

Additionally, since it’s made from 100% merino wool, these men’s pants are eco-friendly, meaning they will care for the environment with every trip. Plus, the fabric’s comfort makes it ideal for any trip and can be worn for more extended periods.

Combined with the abovementioned top layer, you can give him ultimate comfort while exploring distant lands. And you can be sure of immense gratitude for such a thoughtful luxury travel gift.

23. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9 Running Shoe

Charged Assert 9 Running Shoe

Does your man love to keep fitness goals on track even when he is away from home? Under Charged Assert 9 Running Shoe by Under Armour will be an ideal gift.

These shoes provide excellent cushioning that keeps your feet comfortable all day long. Also, the rubber sole provides extra grip and stability on slippery surfaces. They also have a compression molded foam midsole for enhanced energy return when running or walking.

Furthermore, the lightweight design makes them perfect for packing in a suitcase without taking up too much space or weight. So, if your man is into sports or wants to stay fit while traveling, this pair of running shoes can be an excellent gift.

24. Mezlan Republic – Men’s Luxury Dress Shoes

Mens Luxury Dress Shoes

If you want to surprise him for his next business trip, try this luxury pair of shoes. Mezlan Republic dress shoes have a classic Oxford design that will make him look sharp and classy in any situation.

Besides their dazzling look, these shoes are made from all-natural leather and have comfortable insoles. They also come with rubber soles for extra support and grip when walking.

The best part is that this luxury gift comes in black, tan, and burgundy. This gives your guy plenty of options to choose from. So, no matter what style he’s going for, Mezlan Republic can help him nail it.

Lastly, they have a perfect heel shape that nicely contours your man’s foot and avoids blisters or other discomforts during walks. Fancy footwear doesn’t get any better.

Other Useful Items

There are numerous items out there to make your man’s travel blissful. I consider some traveling essentials great gifts for men who love travel.

25. Genuine Leather Apple AirTaG Wallet

Apple AirTag Wallet

No one wants to lose items during travel—especially not a wallet.

However, Apple AirTags have made things easier. It’s a tiny, coin-sized Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to almost any item. When the item is lost, you must use your phone’s “Find My” app and return your possession quickly.

An Apple AirTag makes one of the best luxury travel gifts for men who forget stuff easily or get too adventurous during their trips – i.e., most men.

An Apple AirTag Wallet is an even better gift for your man. It is made of genuine leather, and this wallet contains an in-built pocket for the safest storage of his Apple AirTags.

It also has several other pockets to securely place his cards and money. Even better, it has a blocking protection feature that guards his credit cards and other private information against being scanned by thieves. Now, that’s a great gift for any man!

26. Anker Portable Charger, 325 Power Bank

Anker Portable Charger

When traveling to some off-grid spots, power backup for your gadgets is essential. And what better way to ensure that your gadgets are always on than with this portable charger power bank?

With a massive power storage capacity of 20,000 mAh, your man can charge his phone up to 5 times and still have some juice left. And that’s not all; it also has two USB ports and a type-C port for charging multiple items simultaneously. Moreover, it supports fast charging technology, taking only 10.5 hours to recharge while using a 10W charger fully.

When charging small devices, such as Bluetooth speakers or earphones, this power bank also has your man sorted. It has a trickle-charging design that helps optimize charging for low-power gadgets.

Lastly, its sleek matte exterior design and cool LED wheel battery display give this power bank a premium touch both inside and outside.

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