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Orlando CityPASS Review: Is It Worth It?

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Top-notch theme parks make Orlando one of the top vacation destinations in the world, and as such, experiencing all the city has to offer can quickly burn a hole in your pocket. This Orlando CityPASS review discusses how this all-in-one pass can help you save on admissions so you can theme-park hop to your heart’s content without breaking your travel budget! 

Let’s face it: Orlando has some of the world’s most expensive theme park admissions. As of 2023, a single-day ticket to Universal Studios costs $109, while Discovery Cove charges $170 for park tickets.

These sky-high prices, however, are very much warranted. Theme parks are Orlando’s pride and glory, and thrill-seekers get exactly what they pay for.  Orlando theme parks offer some of the most memorable, adrenaline-pumping experiences daredevils can ever ask for.

Whether you’re free-falling from Falcon’s Fury in Busch Gardens or splashing about in Adventure Island’s Aruba Tuba, Orlando CityPASS allows you to experience the most while spending less. 

Find out how the pass works, how much it costs, and whether it’s best for your travel plans in our Orlando CityPASS review!

What is the Orlando CityPASS?

Explore Theme Parks in Orlando

Just like other types of CityPASS, the Orlando variant allows you discounted entry to several of the city’s top destinations. If you want to save money while visiting theme parks like SeaWorld, Walt Disney World, Legoland, and Universal Orlando Resort, the Orlando CityPASS is a convenient way to get your tickets in advance while enjoying discounted rates. 

Unlike other sightseeing passes, however, our Orlando CityPASS review discovered that consumers won’t be able to purchase the Orlando CityPASS as a ticket booklet or a single card.

Buyers will receive individual tickets for each attraction when signing up for an offer, depending on the theme parks they select.  All you need to do is print the tickets directly from your email, pick them up through will-call, or use them as a QR code from your mobile phone.

The Orlando CityPASS can only be purchased online through Paypal, credit card, or Amazon Payments. Remember that most Orlando theme parks require a valid photo ID matching your ticket upon entry. 

As an authorized ticket seller, the Orlando CityPASS is exactly the same as regular admission tickets. Buyers will be able to get the perks of discounted rates while going through the same experience as everyone who purchased their tickets at the gate.

Most CityPASS tickets are good for a year, but be sure to read the rules and inclusions to determine when you can use each ticket and how much longer you have till it expires. 

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Orlando CityPASS Pricing

While other types of CityPASS are sold on a per-card or per-booklet basis, allowing the buyer to pay one rate for access to all attractions, the Orlando CityPASS is priced differently.

Our Orlando CityPASS review discovered that buyers have a variety of options while being able to purchase add-ons for each attraction.

With no flat rate for a single pass, visitors can customize their trip with deep discounts on tickets, which also means that the rate depends on the options they choose. You may visit all parks through Orlando CityPASS or stick to a few favorites, allowing you to save. 

The most popular attractions you can visit via the Orlando CityPASS are Walt Disney World Parks, SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Orlando Resort, and Legoland Florida Resort.

Our Orlando CityPASS review will give you a rundown of the most popular packages. Do note that some of these are limited offers, but they should give you an idea of how much you can save with an Orlando CityPASS

5 days at 5 parks

Orlando CityPASS Promo

Purchasing the Walt Disney World 3-Day Base Ticket and the Universal Orlando Resort 2-Day Base Ticket gives you access to five parks while being able to visit one park per day. 

The Walt Disney World Base Ticket offers access to Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

The Universal Orlando Resort Base Ticket offers Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure access. This package saves buyers at least $96 or more per person.

Walt Disney World Resort 

CityPASS Walt Disney World Resort

Arguably the most popular Orlando CityPASS, this offer comes with 1 to 6-day base tickets which allow you to visit Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, OR Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Purchase the Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus option to visit more than one park per day. As of 2021, the 2-Day Ticket with Park Hopper Plus Option allows you to save $12.21. 


Orlando CityPASS Legoland

A favorite among kids, the Orlando CityPASS offers full access to all rides, shows, and attractions. One to two-day tickets are available and offer access to Legoland Florida Park, Legoland Water Park, or both. As of 2021, buyers can save as much as $41.99 per person on admission fees with Orlando CityPASS. 


Orlando CityPASS Seaworld

SeaWorld admission is sold per park, with options for visiting one park with a one-day validity or two to three parks in 14 days. The Orlando CityPASS offers access to SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, or Adventure Island. Buyers can save as much as $60.99 on a 3-Park Ticket.

Universal Orlando Resort 

Orlando CityPASS Universal Orlando

Orlando CityPASS offers two to three park tickets that you can use for two to four days. The pass offers access to Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, or the Volcano Bay Water Theme Park. 

These promo tickets are dated, so visits are allowed only on the dates you select. As of 2021, you can save $41.99 on a 3-Park 4-Day Base Promo Ticket to the three mentioned theme parks. 

The good part about CityPASS is that if you can’t choose between Disney World or Universal, you can get both and have less burden to worry about on cost.

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Pros of Orlando CityPASS

What makes the Orlando CityPASS a great option for visitors? Our Orlando CityPASS review offers a rundown:

  • Tailor-made experience. Orlando CityPASS allows you to craft the perfect vacation by combining park-to-park tickets with multi-day passes. This allows you to visit only the theme parks and when you want. 
  • Tickets are sent right to your email. With Orlando CityPASS, there’s no need to worry about losing your tickets as they’re sent to your email. You can also use the mobile QR ticket for admission or print a copy of your pass for submission. 
  • Access to Orlando’s best theme parks. Orlando CityPASS offers access to the best amusement parks the city has to offer, including Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, SeaWorld, and more.
  • Of course, discounts. If you’re planning to theme-park hop in Orlando, the Orlando CityPASS can save you hundreds of bucks compared to purchasing tickets from individual parks. The money saved can be used for other aspects of your trip, like food, accommodation, or souvenirs! 

Cons of Orlando CityPASS

While great for most travelers, our Orlando CityPASS review discovered that this attraction pass isn’t for everyone. Here’s where the Orlando CityPASS falls short.

  • It’s not a ‘pass’. The term CityPASS isn’t exactly the most accurate description for this discounted attraction ticket. With Orlando CityPASS, you’re only buying discounted tickets for each park from a ticket reseller. This isn’t a con, but it might confuse buyers looking for a ‘true’ CityPASS. 
  • Tickets are non-refundable. All Orlando CityPASS tickets are non-refundable; you can’t transfer them to others. If your vacation gets canceled for whatever reason, you won’t be able to reschedule your tickets to dates when they’re no longer valid. 

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Orlando CityPASS’ main attractions

Orlando CityPASS Main attractions

Want to know the most popular attractions you can visit using the Orlando CityPASS? Continue reading our Orlando CityPASS review to find out.

Magic Kingdom

Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World
BobbyWjr / Shutterstock

Our Orlando CityPASS review discovered that Magic Kingdom is among the service’s most popular attractions. This theme park has six themed areas, each offering a different focus. Magic Kingdom receives 18 million yearly guests looking to experience 40 rides and attractions, themed shopping, and dining.


The Spaceship Earth ride at EPCOT, Walt Disney World
Joni –

This Disney destination offers a plethora of seasonal offerings, including the Candlelight Processional Christmas Show, the Food and Wine Festival, and the Flower and Garden Show.

The best attraction in Epcot is named ‘Soarin’ Around the World’, which takes you on a hang glider through themed areas that replicate the African Savanna, Niagara Falls, Antarctica, and more.  

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Entrance
AmeriCantaro –

This zoological theme park offers lots of wildlife-themed fun for the whole family, with over 30 species of African wildlife, including giraffes, zebras, kudu, flamingos, and gazelles. 

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Entrance
Stefano –

Disney’s Hollywood Studios are the best place to brush shoulders with popular Disney characters. Hang out in Toy Story Land, where you’ll meet Andy, Woody, and Buss, watch Beauty and the Beast live, or brave the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – a stomach-churning free-fall ride. 


Manta Ray Coaster at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida
VIAVAL TOURS / Shutterstock

If you want to experience Mako, Orlando’s fastest, longest, and tallest roller coaster, SeaWorld is the place to go. This marine park features a host of adrenaline-pumping sea-inspired rides and attractions! 

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Rides
David / Adobe Stock

As one of Florida’s most popular theme parks,  Busch Gardens is definitely a place for adrenaline junkies. Drop face-first from Falcon’s Fury, experience Tigris’ looping twists, and take a relaxing walk around the zoo.  There’s plenty to see here and several other great Tampa Bay tourist attractions.


Legoland Florida entrance
Katherine Welles –

Great for kids ages 2 to 12, Legoland features lush botanical gardens, a Lego building zone, and rock climbing. Pay a visit to Miniland, USA, to see miniature models of the best sights of Las Vegas, Washington D.C., New York City, and California. There are a variety of opportunities for hands-on play as well! 


Aquatica Waterpark in Orlando, Florida
Mia2you / Shutterstock

If you want to learn more about marine life, Aquatica is your theme park. Rated by USA Today as the ‘Nation’s Best Outdoor Water Park,’ this popular Florida attraction features 42 slides, lagoons, and rivers and around 84,000 square feet of white and sandy beaches. 

Mingle with dolphins underwater in Dolphin Lagoon, laze at the wading pool at Walkabout Waters, go on a heart-pumping raft ride in Walhalla Wave or brave a watery free-fall on the tallest multi-drop tower slide in Orlando – the Breakaway Falls. 

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Who is the Orlando CityPASS for? 

Young girl blowing bubbles in amusement park

While the Orlando CityPASS is a great way to save on admissions, specific types of travelers will find more use for it than others. Here are questions to ask yourself to know if the Orlando CityPASS is right for you. 

Are you visiting Orlando for the first time?  

If you’re visiting Orlando parks for the first time, you’ll find the Orlando CityPASS a godsend. With so many new places to go to, traveling to new vacation spots can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. The Orlando CityPASS does a stellar job of providing you with the best of the city’s options. 

Are you traveling with your family or friends? 

Traveling with your family can be expensive, especially when planning to explore Orlando’s amusement parks, where admission rates are some of the most expensive in the world. Park-hopping friends will also find astronomical savings with the Orlando CityPASS! 

Do you love theme parks? 

The Orlando CityPASS is perfect if you’re a theme-park junkie visiting Orlando to explore more than one park. Travelers with children looking to save can visit Orlando’s hottest amusement parks without burning holes in their pockets. 

How many days are you planning to spend in amusement parks?

If you’re a one-day visitor to theme parks like Universal or Disney World, you won’t be able to save money with Orlando CityPASS. In this case, you’re better off purchasing a regular ticket instead. 

Are you even planning to visit theme parks?

If you’re in Orlando for the golf courses and the nightlife and theme parks are the last thing on your mind, you won’t find any use for the Orlando CityPASS. While other passes offer discounts on dining and souvenirs, the Orlando CityPASS is limited to theme park admission. 

Is the Orlando CityPASS worth it? 

Orlando CityPASS Review: Is It Worth It? (2024)

This Orlando CityPASS review discusses how this all-in-one pass can help you save on admissions so you can theme-park hop without breaking your travel budget!

Product Brand: Orlando CityPASS

Editor's Rating:


  • Tickets are Sent in Email Discounts
  • Multi-day Passes
  • Access to Orlando's Theme Parks


  • Not Really a Pass But a Discount Tickets are Non-Refundable

Ultimately, what does our Orlando CityPASS review think about the service? If you’re in Orlando to experience its world-class theme parks, there’s no doubt – Orlando CityPASS is worth every penny.

The savings you can get when theme-park hopping is too hard to pass up. It becomes an even better option when traveling with a family, as savings for multiple people can add up!

If, however, you’re a one-day visitor or visiting Orlando without any interest in its amusement parks, then the OrlandoPASS is not for you. But really, who plans a vacation to Orlando without dropping by a theme park? 

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