Everything You Need to Know to Find Cheap Parking At JFK Airport

Planes at JFT International Airport

Parking at an airport is certainly more difficult than it is at your local supermarket or convenience store. You can’t just pull into the lot and pick a spot, as much as we’d like that to be the case.

Parking at airports, especially international ones like John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York (JFK), is usually a hassle. However, there are services out there that have found ways to make the process much, much easier.

Not all parking service providers are the same, though, and some are better than others. Each provider offers a different management model, rates, services, dedication to security, and cancellation policies.

Need assistance in seeking space for parking at John F Kennedy Airport? Read on to find out our top pick for the best parking provider at JFK Airport.

About John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK International Airport Logo

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is an airport giant serving New York City and the greater New York region. Located in Queens, approximately sixteen miles from Midtown Manhattan, JFK stands proudly as the largest and busiest airport in New York, ranking sixth in the entire USA.

With an average annual passenger count of around 56 million, JFK’s six terminals (Terminals 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8) buzz excitedly. The airport is named after President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and is an operating base for over 90 airlines that reach six continents.

Notably, it serves as a vital travel hub for Americans venturing to Europe and the Middle East and visitors from these regions coming to the United States. Because of its business and constant flow of traffic, JFK needs to offer significant parking space to house professionals on short-term business flights as well as international travelers seeking an 8-week honeymoon – and everyone else in between. 

Fortunately, they do, and both on-site and off-site options are available. However, it’s worth noting that the JFK airport parking rates can be a bit pricey due to the high traffic throughout the year.

Options For Airport Parking At JFK

Parking area in JFK Airport
Tdorante10 / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

JFK Airport offers many parking options, ensuring you find the most appropriate spot for your vehicle, depending on the duration of your trip. You’ll have no trouble finding a parking option with five onsite parking areas near the terminals.

The airport offers onsite parking facilities as well as a number of offsite parking garages. The latter offers travelers more affordable rates and longer-term parking stays.

JFK Airport Parking Rates and Options

JFK International Airport Rates & Information
John F. Kennedy International Airport / John F. Kennedy International Airport

The parking fees at JFK Airport vary depending on the duration of your stay, plus what type of parking package you choose. There are premium lots along with discount lots, standard economy, and both on-site and off-site. The JFK parking rates range from $4 for half an hour (for a maximum of three hours, then it’s $8 per half hour afterward) to $20 for long-term parking, giving you flexibility and choice.

You can check out this detailed guide for a comprehensive breakdown of JFK’s available parking options. The official site explains which lots are available, information regarding the capacity of all available lots, which are available for long-term parking, each lot’s transportation options, and much more.

Short-Term Parking

JFK Parking Booking
John F. Kennedy International Airport / John F. Kennedy International Airport

Short-term parking at JFK is the way to go if you pick up or drop off passengers. Hourly and Daily Parking areas, conveniently located near the airport terminals, offer a hassle-free solution for quick stops.

The parking garages are also easy to navigate and lead directly to their respective terminals, thanks to JFK’s color coding. As of Fall 2023, the current terminal-side parking garages open are Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Red. Simply park in the terminal garage that matches your flight ticket and follow the directional signs until you reach your terminal.

Long-Term Parking

JFK Parking Booking Perks
John F. Kennedy International Airport / John F. Kennedy International Airport

For extended trips, JFK Airport provides Lot 9/Economy Lot, your go-to option for long-term parking. This lot is situated on Lefferts Boulevard and Howard Beach, only 4 miles from the airport, and permits long-term parking for up to a month. 

Any duration after that may require special accommodations. To reach the airport, JFK offers complimentary shuttle services to transport you and your luggage to the terminal.

Free Parking at JFK – Cell Phone Lots

Parking Lot in John F. Kennedy International Airport
Mark E. Swartz / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Yes, you read that right! JFK Airport offers very short term free parking for your convenience, though be aware that you can only use these spots for 30 minutes. These are useful if you’re waiting for passengers to arrive or depart. You can find these Cell Phone Lots located near the airport’s entrances Another convenient free parking option is the “Kiss ‘n’ Fly” lot at the Lefferts Boulevard exit off the Van Wyck Expressway.

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Pre-Booked Parking

Woman Looking at the Laptop Screen

Deciding between short-term options, finding a cheaper lot farther away, or getting caught in the terminal is stressful.  JFK’s status as one of the busiest airports in the world further complicates the search for affordable and secure parking. 

Finding parking can get even more complicated if you have an electric vehicle without a charging station nearby. The best workaround we’ve found is by pre-booking airport parking with SpotHero.

SpotHero is an aggregator that displays available lots and prices, and you can book from your phone or computer. Just like that, you can save money, ensure you’re as close as possible to your terminal, and compare offerings.

Booking in advance can help you avoid the lines, spend less on parking, and often find a higher-secured spot. Booking a long-term parking spot in advance is the best option for travelers trying to avoid stress. As everyone knows, having the details ironed out in advance is always the best way to travel! 

Reserve Your Parking Space Online

JFK Parking Prebooking
John F. Kennedy International Airport / John F. Kennedy International Airport

If you’re worried about grabbing a parking space at JFK Airport, reserve your space with an online platform like Parkos. You can book your space for parking at JFK Airport using their digital app or website.

This way, you can ensure the availability of each parking space and find one with the right price for you before confirmation. You can also compare rates and choose the one that goes best with your budget. When you get the right parking service online, you remove a little extra hassle, so you can worry about enjoying your trip instead!

Off-Site Parking is another Convenient Option

Row of Parked Cars

Off-site parking lots at JFK Airport is another excellent option that is convenient for long-term stay. Also, since they’re further from the airport, they are considerably cheaper.

Since JFK’s primary long-term lot is Economy/Lot 9, you don’t need to worry about security. Book in advance, park your vehicle safely, and save your money.

It’s easy to book spots, too. Just visit the Parkos website to compare rates and services for each lot.

Pick the best with your budget and needs, and continue to the personal details page. Just make sure you book your spot in advance since there is a 24-hour minimum advance notice.  

By booking parking through an online service, save money and can trust that your vehicle will remain secure. You can also benefit from the airport’s free shuttling option when using Parkos, which gets rid of the distance issue. 

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Filter Lots by Location, Services, and Rates

JFT  Airport Comparison
Sample of JFT International Airport Parking Comparison at Parkos

Using the Parkos website, finding available parking lots near the airport on your travel day is easy. You can adjust locations, lots, and packages based on your preferences and compare different providers for pricing, services, and specific needs like EV charging or accessibility.

Once you’ve chosen a provider that fits your budget and requirements, make a reservation and double-check the details before confirming. Make sure you keep a copy of your reservation confirmation, either printed or on your phone, and present it to the support team when you arrive at the parking lot. They will guide you to your reserved spot and help you park your vehicle.

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Tips for Easy And Safe Parking At JFK International Airport

Rows of Planes at JFT International Airport

Nowadays, online platforms have revolutionized the airport parking game. Utilize the power of technology to scout parking lots in the airport terminal, reserve spaces, and ensure that whatever accessibility needs you have are met without being put on the spot on the day of your trip!

Online platforms offer a treasure trove of information to address your parking concerns. You can explore parking lots, assess safety measures, check distances from the terminal, and more with just a few clicks. Some websites also offer information on what airport shuttles are available from different lots to your selected terminal.

When using an online advance booking platform to find a suitable lot for your car, remember to book as far in advance as is realistic. This ensures that you get your desired spot and don’t run into any issues regarding availability. 

Also, if you need to cancel, do so within 24 hours of the date you’re supposed to arrive since Parkos promises to offer a full refund.

Checking the details of each spot is especially important when accessibility needs are brought into the picture, such as having a disability or an electric vehicle. Travelers with large parties may also want to consider booking alternative transportation to the airport so that everyone stays together.

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Do you have to pre-book parking at JFK Airport?

Pre-booking parking at JFK Airport isn’t mandatory, but it’s highly recommended, especially during peak travel season. Paying for your parking spot in advance guarantees a space and can often be cheaper than the price you’re presented with at the drive-up booth. Several services, including the airport’s official website and third-party providers, allow for easy online reservations of airport parking spots at JFK.

What is the best parking at JFK Airport?

The best parking spots are usually the closest ones. This means less time spent walking around, in free shuttles, or less money spent booking alternative transport. Another way you could think of the best spots aside from the distance is whether or not they offer covered protection, which is also available at JFK. 
Many travelers find that using long-term parking lots, such as Lot 9/Economy Lot, provides a convenient and cost-effective option for extended stays. This lot is located near the airport and offers shuttle services to the terminals. 

Is there a maximum stay limit for parking at JFK Airport?

Yes, there is a maximum stay limit for parking at JFK Airport. The maximum stay varies depending on the parking option chosen. For instance, Cell Phone Lots are up to 30 minutes, while you can use short-term spots for up to 24 hours. 

Long-term parking in Lot 9/Economy Lot offers the longest duration of use at 30 days, though you can make arrangements with JFK’s Parking Customer Service. 
You can also contact them before your departure date to see if accommodations are available for parking over 30 days.  

What are the security measures in place for parking lots at JFK Airport?

JFK Airport has implemented several security measures to ensure the safety of parking lots. These include surveillance cameras, well-lit parking areas, and regular patrols by airport security. The parking lots also have entry and exit gates, ensuring controlled access.

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