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Everything You Need to Know to Find Cheap Parking At JFK Airport

Whether you travel for leisure time, business meetings, or anything else in between, airport parking ain’t the same as pulling up in a supermarket lot. Naturally, you want to have a relaxed air trip without being stressed, even if your vehicle is supposedly safely parked at the airport.

However, not all parking service providers are the same, and some are better than others. Each provider offers a somewhat different management model, rates, services, and dedication to security.

Need assistance in seeking space for parking at John F Kennedy airport? This article will shed some light on the best parking service provider at JFK airport.

About John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK International Airport Logo

John F. Kennedy International airport is named after President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th US president, famously assassinated in 1963.

It is one of the three airports in New York City. It is the largest viable airport in the city and the 6th largest in the US. This airport operates more than 90 airlines and has continuous flights to six of the world’s seven different continents.

It’s noticeably one of the main travel hubs for Americans visiting Europe and the Middle East and vice-versa.

Being such a busy travel hub, it’s a little surprising that JFK International Airport has plenty of airport parking options.

There are several parking spots near JFK Airport. However, the JFK parking rates can get a little pricey, because the traffic ratio is very high throughout the year.

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Tips for Easy And Safe Parking At JFK Airport

John F. Kennedy Airport is the busiest airport in New York City, seeing thousands of travelers each day. While there is no shortage of places to park a car in the airport area, finding JFK airport parking can still be difficult with such a high number of folks coming and going.

In the good ol’ days, you’d pack up the station wagon, throw the kids in the back, and pray to the parking gods to favor you on the day of your travels.

Nowadays, online platforms make it easy to get parking spots at or nearby airports. With the advancement in technology, it is now easy to scout parking lots and reserve parking spaces online – and some even have perks!

Online platforms offer you a chance to look for parking lots, address safety concerns, check the distance from the terminal, and much more.

You can check for each factor linked with your specific parking needs, making it much easier to get to the airport, park effortlessly, and have a memorable trip without worrying over your wheels.

Rows of Planes at JFT International Airport

You also don’t need to visit or meet any person to reserve the parking lot. You can book online in a few simple steps, with just a few clicks. Therefore, if you are planning for air travel, make sure to spend time on airport parking plans.

Different parking service providers and parking operators can help you find the JFK parking space you need – online platforms like Parkos can solve your car parking problems.

Based on our experience, their online platform is the most reliable parking partner that can help you quickly find the perfect parking spot at JFK Airport. Parkos aims to present the most affordable and safest parking options at JFK airport.

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Choose From Different Parking Services Offered Online

Woman Looking at the Laptop Screen

Airport parking can be complicated (you can bet it is if a travel writer says so!) and the practice can be as complicated as possible at busy old JFK.

It can be a pain to decide whether to chance the short-term parking options or idle at the airport terminal entrance when doing the pick-up or drop-off.

As mentioned above, the practice of finding long-term parking options can be miserable.

This is especially true if the long-term lot you find on the day is located far from the airport terminal and has holes in the fence, or you need to use of electric vehicle charging stations.

What doesn’t help in this case, is that JFK is one of the world’s busiest airports.

Therefore, finding a cheap, safe parking lot near JFK terminals is made even more difficult. Waiting to find a space on the day and being stuck in a long line might make you late. The same can be said if you park far from the terminal entrance.

In our experience, if you are picking someone up, we have found it is best to reserve a short-term parking lot online near the airport terminal at JFK. You don’t need to wait in lines, spend time looking for a safe lot and you won’t be clogging up the busy terminal entrance while armed cops glare at you.

Plus, you and the folks you’re picking up won’t have to take any cab, bus, or expensive ride-share service to get to the airport if you have your car; just drive to your reserved parking slot and pay reasonable prices for short-term parking.

Alternatively, if you are flying from JFK, then you should reserve a long-term parking lot ahead of time. That way you don’t need to add the hassle of getting to the airport a long time before your flight to look for a safe or ideally located parking lot.

Another benefit of using a service like Parkos is cost. Finding a long-term lot on the day can come with a whopping price tag depending on the length of your trip.

If you are concerned with the charges, you will be pleased to know that online platforms like Parkos can help you find generous rates for parking near or at JFK.

Reserve Your Parking Space Online

If you’re worried about grabbing a parking space at JFK airport, just reserve your space with an online platform like Parkos. You can book your space for parking at JFK airport using their digital app or their website.

 This way, you can ensure the availability of each parking space and find one with the right price for you before confirmation.

You can also compare rates and choose the one that goes best with your budget. When you get the right parking service online, you remove a little extra hassle, so you can worry about enjoying your trip instead!

Off-Site Parking is Actually an Accessible Approach

Row of Parked Cars

Off-site parking at JFK airport can be the solution to all your issues. As they are further outside the airport they are considerably cheaper. You can affordably park your vehicle safely and save your money.

The method is simple and accessible. Visit the Parkos website to compare rates and services for each lot. Pick the one that goes best with your budget and needs and book away!

But make sure to reserve your place in advance. Once you get your tickets, schedule the parking space immediately to avoid extra hassle.

By contracting with these parking dealers, you get inexpensive alternatives without compromising the security of your vehicle. Moreover, a free shuttle service is offered when you reserve your parking space with Parkos, negating the distance issue.

Filter Lots by Location, Services, and Rates

JFT  Airport Comparison
Sample of JFT International Airport Parking Comparison at Parkos

Visit the Parkos site and use the filters to sort out available parking lots on the day of your flight. You can choose from several parking lots and different parking service providers near the airport.

Make comparisons against each provider for cost, services, and your desired requirements, such as restricted mobility accommodations or EV charging stations. You can shortlist the provider that suits your budget and service requirements.

Once you choose the service provider, you can reserve your parking lot quickly. Do a quick double-check before confirming your reservation and wait for the confirmation email.

To be on the safe side, make sure to print out the letter and bring it along with you on the flight day or have it ready on your phone. As soon as you get to your chosen airport parking lot, speak to the support team and show them your confirmation; they will assist you in parking at your reserved parking lot.

How Much Does It Cost For Parking At JFK Airport?

The rates may vary for each lot and for the length of your car’s stay.

If your visit to the airport is for a few hours or less, (e.g. receiving or dropping off your guests), then you should choose the short-term parking option. You will be charged a few dollars at the JFK airport for a short-term parking service.

If your plan is for a long-term stay at JFK airport, then the long-term parking option suits you the best.

These parking services are not only affordable but also a flat-based service. This means there are no extra or hidden charges for any delay or issue. You only pay the amount stated in the confirmation email.

 Moreover, the airport shuttle service offered to get to the terminal from the parking lot is also free. You don’t need to pay a single penny for that! The team members and chauffeurs will assist you with your luggage if you need it.

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