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Visiting Phraya Nakhon Cave: What to See & Do

Visiting Phraya Nakhon Cave: What to See & Do

There’s a mystical cave, Phraya Nakhon Cave, in the green hills of Thailand’s Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. It’s been a king’s destination for over 200 years in Thailand’s Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.

This fascinating spot is only a 45-minute drive from Hua Hin and around 177km southwest of Bangkok.

What is Phraya Nakhon Cave?

Phraya Nakhon Cave

A famous tourist hot spot, Phraya Nakhon, is one of the most magnificent caves in Thailand. Inside the cave is an incredible attraction hidden deep inside this gorgeous place. It’s called Phraya Nakhon Temple. This is the smallest temple in Thailand, with a magnificent green and gold Kukha Karuhas pavilion.

The unmatched natural beauty of Phraya Nakhon makes it one of Thailand’s most popular tourist attractions and photographed caves. However, the remote location and tricky track limit several tourists interested in capturing a glimpse of this stunning sight.

The atmosphere in the cave is serene, especially when the crowds are limited.

Two Chambers of the Cave

Phraya Nakhon Cave

The Phraya Nakhon has two chambers with open ceilings that allow sun rays to enter, illuminating the cave and giving it an appealing appearance. The Bridge of Hell connects both of these chambers.

The first chamber features an information board with a map that displays the design of the chambers and the decorations in them. The second section is the ornate Kuha Karuhas pavilion built for King Chulalongkorn the Great in the late 1800s. It’s a fantastic place, but you must be brave and have good hiking shoes to get there!

Inside the Phraya Nakhon

The first thing you will see after entering the cave’s first chamber is a dry waterfall. It has stalactites, stalagmites, and a natural stone bridge.

Bathed in surreal sunlight, to the left of the first chamber is the second chamber. This is where the actual attraction lies — the Kuha Karuhas Pavilion (the Tiny Temple), shining golden and green like a mirage rising from the cave’s depths.

The second chamber features King Rama V’s and King Rama VII’s signatures on the wall. Unlike typical caves, Phraya Nakhon is perfectly lit because sunlight cascades onto the pavilion through the sinkhole. You can have the best views of the pavilion early in the morning when sun rays enter the cave through the open ceiling.

Also, the unusual combination of the cave’s natural humidity and sunlight that streams inside it has coaxed plant life out of the stone — you can see small trees grow in spots all around this cave. The growing greenery within the cave makes it a colorful and bright natural attraction for visitors, no matter their taste.

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The Long Trail to Phraya Nakhon 

The trail to Phraya Nakhon takes you through the remarkable terrain of Khao Sam Roi Yot, Thailand’s first coastal national park. The journey begins in the town of Bang Pu, close to one of the area’s two gentle beaches. In Bang Pu, you’ll get two choices to reach the destination.

Do a 30-minute climb to the second beach at Laem Sala Beach, or rent a boat to make your way to the beach by the water. I recommend you take the boat as it is more adventurous and offers a thrilling experience.

Once you reach Laem Sala Beach, you must climb a quarter-mile over a rocky, slippery path to the cave. Since there are no railings, you need to be careful while walking.

Take your time while passing through the deep forest and enjoy rare birds & the sound of cicadas. In a while, the trail will get you inside the magical cave. For a side trip, you can take a City Highlights Temple and Market Walking Tour or explore Damnoen Saduak Market.

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How to Get to Phraya Nakhon

Phraya Nakhon Cave

Most visitors to Phraya Nakhon prefer taking a 45 or 50-minute drive to Bang Pu village from the seaside resort of Hua Hin. You can easily find a driver to take you there. Once you reach Bang Po Beach, you will find restaurants, toilets, and shops to stock up on soft drinks or water for the trip.

Next, you will have to pay a national park entrance fee. It’s around 200 Baht for foreigners and 40 Baht for Thai citizens. You can take a 30-minute hike across the hill from Bang Pu village or travel by boat to Laem Sala Beach.

This longtail boat trip usually costs 150 Baht per person round trip. But, the charges might vary based on the season and the number of people on the boat. Moreover, you must pay a similar fee even if you travel to Laem Sala Beach on foot to access the trail. However, there are no charges to enter the Phraya Nakhon cave.

You must take a 430-meter strenuous hike from Laem Sala Beach to and from the cave. The track is uneven and includes steep steps, requiring a hand rope. You will find multiple rest stops throughout the climb, enabling tourists to enjoy eye-catching views of the sea, beach, and nearby islands.  

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What to Pack on a Phraya Nakhon Trip

What to Pack on a Phraya Nakhon Trip, sock and boots

You need to pack several things to plan a fruitful trip to this gorgeous cave. Though the list can be as extensive as you want, remember to wear solid shoes and bring enough water.

Also, don’t forget to apply or bring insect repellent to make your hiking bearable in this rather bug-infested environment. Once you hit the top of the hill, the track becomes more accessible as it ascends into the cave’s first chamber.

Plan a Trip to Phraya Nakhon Cave

Interior of Phraya Nakhon Cave

Your efforts to reach Phraya Nakhon will be richly rewarded – trust me. It’s a beautiful, mysterious vision in a gorgeous landscape—a serene holy pavilion hidden in the most unreal setting.

Those looking to make the most out of their visit to Phraya Nakhon Cave should make a plan on weekdays. Visiting the cave on weekdays can be an excellent idea to avoid crowds and have a pleasant experience. Additionally, you can make your reservation in advance to visit Phraya Nakhon Cave to avoid any last-minute hassle.

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Places to Stay Near Phraya Nakhon

There are several accommodation options near this magical place. You can book any at your convenience. Some of the closest hotels and resorts are as follows:

If you want to stay in the area, consider camping in tents. A trip to this first cave in the Sam Roi Yot district is worth your time.


How do you get from Bangkok to Phraya Nakhon Cave?

Tourists can get to this exquisite cave from Bangkok by car, taxi, bus, or train.

How old is Phraya Nakhon?

As per the available data, the cave is around 200 years old.

Who discovered the Phraya Nakhon Cave?

A Thai man, Chao Praya Nakhon Sri Thammarat, discovered this cave. Therefore, the cave is named after him.

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