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20 Best Reasons To Visit Germany: Why You Need to Go

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Germany is a lively country that has so much to offer visitors. This European destination is remarkable, with great outdoors and rich history. It will take you back to medieval times while you explore its modern cities. Besides the attractions and festivities, the diverse destination promises much more than you expect.

The destination has established itself as one of the favorites for travelers across the globe. Its multitude of regional identities offers unique and distinct experiences for all kinds of travelers and suits all tastes.

When you visit, you will witness a lot more of Germany. This destination attracts tourists from around the world, and one trip to this beautiful place is never enough.

It will leave you planning for another trip in no time. From the fast-paced city life to the slow, beautiful towns and villages, Germany will take you on a ride like no other.

Top Reasons to Visit Germany

1. Rich historical attractions 

Berlin Wall My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love Painting

Germany is popular for its rich history and World War II. There is so much to learn and explore about German history; if you are a history buff, this is the place to be. Germany has more than 42 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

It makes the country a major tourist attraction, and you can feast your eyes on these attractions. There are treasure troves across the country, from German castles to well-preserved architecture that dates back to the medieval era.

The castles are Germany’s most visited landmark. Germany’s capital city offers a glimpse of the history and the remnants of the Berlin Wall. If you want a more conservative feel, head to the Munich province and experience the traditions in Bavaria.

You can see the old town halls, dating back to the 16th century. If this is your first visit, Germany will ensure that you come back for the historical attractions it has to offer. 

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2. Festivals

Revelers enjoying festivities at bustling Oktoberfest tent in Munich (source: [AIOSEO](
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

In order to experience the traditional festivals in Germany, you should plan well in advance and mark the calendar for annual celebrations.

A popular festival is the Oktoberfest, which is held in Munich. It is a two-week folk festival celebrated from the end of September to the first week of October. It is one of the top reasons people visit Germany.

Here, you can enjoy the traditional food, consume a large amount of beer, and let loose at the amusement parks. Oktoberfest has become extremely popular worldwide, and tourists plan to visit during this period.

Another unique and very popular festival is the Pumpkin Festival. This is the largest pumpkin festival in the world and takes place in the gardens at Schloss Ludwigsburg. It is a celebration of fall across Germany, and you have to see it to believe it. The festival is colorful and so much fun.

Pumpkins are used to create different characters, and the sweet smell of pumpkins will always surround you. You can also explore the beautiful gardens and soak in the fun and bright environment. 

Oktoberfest is one festival that you should attend at least once in your lifetime. It is fun and is an experience of a lifetime. People worldwide travel to Munich to enjoy this festival, and the atmosphere here is extremely cheerful. 

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3. Cultural Diversity

Berlin Diverse Crowd

Germany paints a beautiful picture of a diverse society, with more than 80 million people living there, including immigrants from other countries. Germany is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 tourism countries worldwide.

In Germany, you can experience different languages, cultures, and religions from Turkish, Polish, Tunisian, and Nigerian roots. Get a taste of their way of life, which has changed the perception of a society enriched by immigrants. Germany has grown with time, and it has become a popular destination for professionals from across the globe.

Many professionals have shifted base to Germany. Walking through the cities and towns, you will notice the diverse cultures. Germany accepts everyone with open arms, and you can see it in the people, culture, and way of life. 

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4. Breathtaking scenery

Sunset over Upper Middle Rhine Valley with barge
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Germany is the seventh-largest country in Europe and lies in the heart of Europe. It is an ideal location to start the European tour, as nine borders surround it. After you visit Germany, you can choose from nine options to explore.

If you want to enjoy nature and hiking, Germany will not disappoint you. It is known for a variety of landscapes, ranging from sheer mountains to rolling plains and thick forests.

Explore the best local spots to enjoy the country’s beauty. Each region you visit, from the North to the East, will offer much amusement and excitement. Many visitors are attracted to Germany’s natural beauty, rich culture, and history, which make it a perfect place for travel.  

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5. Friendly, warm people

Group Having Fun

The people make a place, and if you want to understand Germany better, there is no better way to know more about the place than its people. Germany is a very friendly country; you can learn a lot about their social life when interacting with people.

You will be surprised to know how genuine they are. A lot of locals are efficient, highly disciplined, and very organized. They have strong beliefs and uphold their traditions, so they celebrate exciting and funfairs through the towns.

The best time to learn more about the locals and their traditions is during the fairs, and Oktoberfest is one of the most popular festivals where you can meet tourists and locals. 

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6. The cities are chic

Aachen Cathedral with historic cityscape architecture in Germany
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

If you think New York is hyped and London is played out, head to Berlin for your next holiday. It is one of the top cities to visit in Germany. The cultural hotbed is home to the trendiest inhabitants in the world.

Even if you are not interested in the cutting edge, cities like Hamburg, Munich, and Stuttgart are the most welcoming in Europe. Every city in Germany has interesting cultural precincts and outstanding restaurants. You can enjoy delicious food, breathtaking scenery, and extravagant nightlife

You need to set aside time to explore the city of Berlin. It is everything you have heard about and so much more. There is never a shortage of events in Berlin, which is a reason to visit.

Exposure to creativity in the bustling city cannot be compared to anything else. It has an alternative art scene, wild parties, and an underground culture, which makes it a stimulating experience.

Make the most of the beautiful city and enjoy the nightlife. Check out these best hotels in Berlin to make the most of your stay.

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7. The East is worth exploring 

Leipzig Cityscape

Since 2005, the eastern states of Germany have been well and bouncing back. Industrial Leipzig is the largest city in the East, but Dresden remains the best small town to visit in Germany: places where you can enjoy a Leipzig canal sightseeing tour and a Dresden hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus tour.

Besides these major cities, towns like Meissen, Görlitz, and Quedlinburg attract visitors to their timbered houses, medieval squares, and the open countryside. The East has remained unexplored for a long time, but it is worth exploring and has attracted many tourists. 

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8. Natural Attractions

Autumn foliage on Fünfseenblick Trail, Boppard
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Head to the darkest reaches of the Black Forest or the many mountains in Germany, and you will feel like you have entered a different world. Germany is a land of fairytales, and the Black Forest is not the only natural wonder in the beautiful destination.

There are outstanding beaches and islands on the Baltic Coast of Germany and mesmerizing peaks of the Bavarian Alps. Countless rivers crisscross the country and attract a constant stream of visitors keen to appreciate Germany’s abundant natural beauty.

9. Cultural Juggernaut

Beethoven Haus
image by Avi1111  is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

You need to go on a guided tour of Beethoven Haus and Bonn city bus tour to learn more about German culture. These cultural institutions around you will give you a glimpse of the destination’s rich culture.

Right from the opera houses of Bayreuth to the museums in Berlin and the beer halls of Munich, there is so much to explore in each major town. Germany is also home to one of the best football leagues in Europe and has clubs that draw huge capacity crowds every week. 

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10. Convenient to get around

Deutsche Bahn First Class travel: Spacious, modern interior, luxury experience
On the Deutsche Bahn in First Class (Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers)

A popular fact about Germany is that the trains run on time and are easy to get around. Germany has an unsurpassed vast rail network. You can purchase a German rail pass for three to fifteen days of travel in a month.

If you have planned a longer stay in Germany, the pass offers good value. It has an interconnected web of rail lines that reach every corner of the country, and if the rail connections are inadequate, you can take a river cruise down the Rhine or drive on the Romantic Road.

Alternatively, you can take one of the flights that traverse the skies over Germany daily. If you intend to spend the majority of your time in the cities, consider renting a car as it will help you on your journey.

However, you must follow the parking rules and pay for hotel parking. There are scenic byways and highways that you can enjoy. 

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11. Explore Medieval Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber Houses

The medieval history of Germany is evident in the castles, churches, and houses across the countryside. The main destination for medieval Germany is Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria, which attracts tourists from across the globe. You can also learn more about the history and heritage of the villages, cities, and towns.

There are abundant castles along the Rhine River, which adds another aspect to visiting Germany. On a Rhine River cruise, you can sit back and take in the beauty of the German countryside.

The main waterways of Germany will allow you to see the country from a different perspective and gain insight into the important role of the main rivers in developing the country’s urban centers.

The stretch of the river is dotted with stunning castles and the Lorelei rock, which are enjoyable aspects of the cruise. 

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12. Learn more about Art History 

Bauhaus School
image by Lannguyen138 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The personalities and events in Paris often overshadowed Germany, but it produced many art movements and cultural centers in the first half of the 20th century.

The best evidence can be seen in the Bauhaus School, located in Berlin. There are several cultural achievements of Germany during this era that have been displayed in art institutions across the country.

If you are someone who enjoyed the old masters from the Gothic and Renaissance eras, you should check out the major collections that are scattered across the country. Check out the old master’s galleries in Berlin and Dresden, where you will notice the large oil paintings that can be studied without the major lines usually found across Europe.


Enjoy the fine arts at the Dresden Opera House or the Kunsthalle Hamburg Art Museum, which displays seven centuries of art.

You can also explore the Weimar culture that rose in the 20th century and made movies like Cabaret, which features Liza Minnelli. The art scene in Germany is a massive board of ideas that yearns for exploration. Like Berlin? Check out our three days in Berlin itinerary to build a trip and make the most of your trip.

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13. See Firsthand the Destruction caused by the Second World War

World War II Damages in Hanover, Germany

One of the most destructive events for Europe was World War II, and it caused the maximum damage and loss in Germany. It was a relatively recent war, and the monuments, memorials, and museums dot the nation in testimony to the destruction.

The best way to start your Germany tour is to witness the damage that the war caused. Start from the Holocaust Documentation, which is the best WWII place to visit in Germany, and the Education Center in Nuremberg, where the trials took place.

You will come across many battle sites and remnants of bombed-out buildings that still serve as reminders of the devastation caused by the war. 

14. Lounge around the Biergartens

Enjoying Traditional Bavarian Culture at the Chinesischer Turm Biergarten in Munich (source: [Keys&Copy](
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Germany is known for enjoying food and drink, and the best way to experience it is in its Biergartens. There are many scattered across the country, and they share outstanding surroundings and exceptional food and beer.

There are many for you to choose from. Imagine sitting in a huge outdoor dining room with hundreds of patrons and enjoying your day. You will find one near the city’s main square or the nearest brewery. Once you have found a gathering of tables, you will have to look for a spot because there are no waiters to escort you.

You can choose to socialize if you want to. Most biergartens have a rental beer pouring station where you pay for German food and drinks. There are rooftop views of lakeside lounging, and the biergartens are a top reason to visit this charming country.

15. Soak in the multifaceted history

Historical Dachau Concentration Camp Entrance with Arbeit Macht Frei Gate, Munich, Germany
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Germany has the most popular and interesting history of all time. It ranges from the evils of Nazi Germany to the rise of the railway empire. Their history dates back to Julius Caesar, which weaves through wars, political unrest, religious impositions, and industrial revolutions.

The history is worth exploring, and several places share it. If you study history or love to know more about a country’s past, Germany is the place to be.

Walk through the powerful world of Dachau, Birkenau, and Auschwitz, and check the history of the railway at the train museums. 

16. Enjoy scenic drives

Scenic Drive in the Rhine Valley Featuring Marksburg Castle, Germany
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Considering the colorful history of Germany, you can only imagine the architecture and the mesmerizing landscapes that are a part of the wonderful country. You can enjoy a scenic drive around the countryside on the romantic road that passes through Bavaria’s forests, mountains, and towns.

It is a 350 km route that is a must-visit. Another popular drive is the Black Forest, which inspired Brother Grimm’s Tales. Another must-do is the 19th-century home of Ludwig II, a Roman structure that has stood the test of time. Also, Germany has some of the best transportation systems, and you can easily buy regional passes to take you to the sights without worrying about a car.

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17. Christmas Markets

Düsseldorf Rathaus Christmas Market, one of the best German Christmas Markets
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The best time to visit Germany is during Christmas, you will have the time of your life. They are fun, festive, and very delicious. The markets keep the tradition alive and vary region by region. At the Christmas market, you will see women dressed as Frau Holle shaking out a pillowcase, symbolizing the snow falling.

You can book a tour of Munich Christmas Markets and Christmas Village 2-Hour Tour, one of Germany’s Christmas Markets, and enjoy the atmosphere.

You can meet locals, participate in the procession, and learn about the traditions and culture while enjoying delicious food and drinks. There is a traditional market in Cologne with a beautiful light display at Kolner Dom and a Japanese Christmas market in Berlin.

There is also a chocolate market for those with a sweet tooth! If you visit during Christmas, have enough time to explore the different markets.

Visiting one market is never enough, and you will have time to explore the different markets on foot. Each market is unique and has its charm. You can make the most of your time at this beautiful destination during Christmas. 

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18. The Black Forest

Black Forest Landscape

I have mentioned this above, but the Black Forest is so special that it needs a separate mention. It is magical and mystical. Take a Black Forest day tour, and you will be blown away by the beauty its beauty.

You can walk through the forest and admire the snow-covered pine trees. There are various slopes and rinks for hiking, snowboarding, and skiing. Besides driving on the Panoramic route, you should stop in the small towns

19. Drink Bananenweizen and Glühwein 

A wooden Glühwein stand festooned with Christmas decorations at the Düsseldorf Christmas Market.
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Drink Glühwein during winter and Bananenweizen throughout the year. This is how you are supposed to drink it.

Bananenweizen is a German invention made from banana juice and wheat beer, while Glühwein is very popular in Switzerland and Austria. It is a must-try. You can never visit Germany without having its popular beer. 

20. Head to the castles of Mad King Ludwig

Neuschwanstein Castle

There was once a young German king who was passionate about beauty or spending money. He built fairytale castles across Germany and spent the money ruining the country’s economy. King Ludwig is remembered even today.

He was declared insane, and he drowned under mysterious circumstances. However, his beautiful projects still live on and have become the top tourist attractions in Germany. His most famous castle is Neuschwanstein and Herrenchiemsee Palace. They are a must-visit when in Germany. 

Burg Rheinstein (Rheinstein Castle)
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

These are only a few reasons to visit Germany on your next trip. However, there is so much to this stunning destination that you will ask for more. One trip to Germany is never enough to explore the history, culture, and stunning sights.

If you are planning a visit to Germany but are unsure about it, here are only a few reasons to book the tickets immediately. Germany has something for every type of traveler personality, and you will never get bored here. Whether you are into arts, history, shopping, culture, or food, you can have it all here.

Plan your trip well in advance so you can cover all the top spots of the destination. If you are traveling during Christmas, try to visit as many Christmas markets as possible. Germany will leave you asking for more time and planning another visit. 

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