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14 Best Restaurants in Innsbruck, Austria

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Aside from being a top destination for winter sports, the restaurants in Innsbruck are among the best reasons to travel to Austria’s southwestern alpine state.

Travel isn’t just for seeking wonderful sights and adventures. It’s also about discovering a country’s culture through its food. To taste regional, traditional delicacy is part of an unforgettable travel experience.

This gorgeous town will fill your eyes with beauty and your stomach with mouthwatering foods.

If you plan to travel to Innsbruck, you must know where to eat, and we’ve got you! We’ve prepared a list of the best restaurants in Innsbruck that you should check out on your visit!


Category Restaurant
For Vegetarian Food Restaurant Safran
For Authentic Austrian Food Die Wilderin
Budget Food Sitzwohl
For Fine Dining Restaurant Oniriq
For Dining with a View Buzihütte

Best Restaurants in Innsbruck

1. Restaurant Oniriq

Plateful of Delicious Food

Address: Bürgerstraße 13, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Online reviews flood this restaurant with high praises of “best vegetarian food I’ve ever tasted in Austria,” and with good reason. Founded in 2017, Oniriq is on Innsbruck’s Maria-Theresian-Strasse, focusing on inventive vegetarian fare.

Manning the stove is Austrian chef Christoph Bickel. Bickel has cooked all over Europe for over two decades. Most famously, he’s made a name for himself at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol and the 2-star Villa Merton in Frankfurt.

Christoph has returned to his homeland after cooking up innovative culinary creations around the continent. ‘Oniriq’ was a perfect branding fdecision. The French word for ‘Oniriq’ sums up Bickel’s dream of starting his restaurant realized!

Oniriq switches up its menu every eight to ten weeks, giving its loyal patrons plenty of reasons to visit. Dining here is quite the experience with a five or seven-course menu. Chef Bickel recommends taking your time over his food for a relaxing three to four hours.

Here, seasonal flavors are the main focus. The presentation of food follows an innovative and ingredient-driven design.

At a time, highlights have included zucchini with lettuce and peaches with gooseberry, mezcal, and currants. Non-vegetarian options for fish and meat are also available upon request.

Look to the sommelier for exceptional wine recommendations to accompany your meal. Of course, extensive non-alcoholic beverages are on offer, too, that could pair equally well.

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2. Restaurant Bierwirt

Restaurant Bierwirt Building
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Bichlweg 2, Innsbruck 6020 Austria

Inside a historic 4-star hotel in Innsbruck is Restaurant Bierwirt. Bierwirt is one of the oldest restaurants in Innsbruck and has stood for Austrian tradition and hospitality for more than 300 years. Typical of a Tyrolean inn, the chef here specializes in serving mouthwatering dishes using ingredients from all over Austria.

Most of the restaurant’s ingredients are sourced locally to guarantee the quality of its meat, fish, and vegetables. Bierwirt emphasizes regional products with traditional dishes like Tyrolean dumplings or wiener schnitzel.

Bierwart features a seasonal menu that showcases the area’s freshest products. Come spring, it serves fresh fish and asparagus with wild garlic or an assortment of other spring vegetables.

Once summer arrives, the focus switches to a lighter fare, with fresh fruits and summer salads serving as the menu’s star.

Colorful autumn brings an equally vibrant menu featuring wild game and pumpkin dishes. While tempting and hearty roasts complement the cold chill of winter.

Guests particularly love the restaurant’s nice atmosphere. It’s neatly separated into three sections: the Tyrolean pine parlor, a newer parlor featuring a glass roof, and the beer parlor. All feature a cozy and homey Tyrolean design.

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3. Regiothek

Regiothek Interior
Maurizio / TripAdvisor

Address: Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 1 -3, Innsbruck 6020 Austria

Regiothek is a welcome addition to Innsbruck’s gastronomy scene. Headed by top chef Anjo Ebene, this Innsbruck gem offers a modern spin on Tyrolean cuisine.

Several lunch menus are served Tuesdays – Fridays, and dinner is available on Thursdays & Fridays. Inventive creations include potato tarts with malt stock on lamb’s lettuce and chocolate mousse with marinated pumpkin.

Regiothek also offers fantastic value for money at reasonable prices. Moreover, its gregarious and accommodating hosts make this a memorable dining experience.

For a more exclusive gourmet experience, book the Chef’s Table in Innsbruck’s market hall and see the chef in action while you dine in the show kitchen.

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4. Machete – Burrito Kartell

Machete - Burrito Kartell Interior
MattCeciuz / TripAdvisor

Address: Anichstrasse 29, Innsbruck 6020 Austria

Machete-Burrito Kartell, a restaurant with an unwavering passion for burritos, is Innsbruck’s casual take on Mexican food. Here, burritos are king. They are masterfully prepared using regional ingredients; guests will find a tempting variety.

For starters, go traditional with a wheat tortilla with rice and black beans. Or try something a bit more involved, like pulled pork burritos or gluten-free burrito bowls.

A craft-your-own burrito option brings an interactive element to the delicious food here. Guests create wrapped snacks with options to add cheese, sour cream, corn, extra meat, or guacamole.

Machete considers the well-loved burrito to be one of the most important things in life (who can blame them). However, it expresses the same admiration for alcohol in the evenings. A creative list of fancy wines, great cocktails, and craft beer is available.

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5. Die Wilderin

Toasted Bread with Eggs

Address: Seilergasse 5, Innsbruck 6020 Austria

For mouthwatering Austrian cuisine, head to Wilderin near Innsbruck’s Altstadt. Wilderin holds the philosophy of sourcing regional, seasonal, and sustainable food. This philosophy whips up simple and divine dishes with the community in mind.

A true Queen among foodies, Claudia Kogler, holds the reins of Die Wilderin. Her team knows all too well the value of where food comes from Claudia and who produces it. It’s as crucial a step to great food as the cooking itself! Die Wilderin is a simply delightful food place to visit in Austria.

The menu is diverse and hearty, with modern interpretations of traditional Austrian fare. There’s a selection of incredible foods, so you might take time to decide.

From cooked pork chops or beef tartare to juicy roasted duck and tender boiled rump of Tyrolean Grey beef. Decadent desserts include chocolate custard or raw milk yogurt and gingerbread. Gault Millau, the famous French restaurant guide, awarded this Innsbruck hot spot a Toque.

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6. Due Sicilie -Trattoria Pizzeria

Trattoria-Pizzeria Due Sicilie
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Höttinger G. 15, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Suppose you’re stopping by the Ottoburg and raring for a bite to eat. In that case, there’s fine Italian fare at Due Sicilie – Trattoria Pizzeria – just a four-minute walk away. With a focus on traditional and original Sicilian and Italian dishes, Due Sicile serves up a variety of favorites.

Guests love this restaurant’s ambiance and design. Its interiors are evocative of a traditional Italian family eatery. Think checkered tablecloths, wooden chairs, and a brick oven.

Share a perfectly baked Sicilian Margherita pizza as a classic favorite. Or, try the famous mushroom-filled porcini risotto, seafood pasta, and mussel and clam linguine.

Don’t forget to pair your meal with a glass of the restaurant’s house wine for the full experience. Or end your meal sweetly with a delicious slice of tiramisu and gelato!

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7. Himal Nepali Kitchen Restaurant

Himal Nepali Kitchen Restaurant Entrance
weinert / TripAdvisor

Address: Universitaetsstrasse 13, Innsbruck 6020 Austria

After a day of sightseeing at the Jesuit Church, experience a slice of Nepal at the heart of Innsbruck. Himal Innsbruck is a traditional Nepalese restaurant in the Innsbruck city center.

Here, Nepalese cuisine is thoughtfully prepared using the best local ingredients. But be warned, this place is incredibly popular and often fully booked, so come early to secure a place.

The interiors include tasteful touches of Nepal. Sunny yellow walls, dark brown furnishings, and a floor seating area with pillows and cushions make for a welcoming dining venue. Moreover, visit during spring or late autumn to dine at the scenic outdoor terrace.

An exciting selection of authentic Nepalese dishes is served here. This includes chicken fillet with masala sauce, marinated chicken legs grilled in a tandoor oven, and chicken with coconut, turmeric, and chili.

The menu is also big on vegetarian options. Options include spicy turmeric potatoes and hearty chickpeas in the spicy tomato-cinnamon-cardamom sauce.

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8. Die Pizzerei


Address: Bozner Platz 6, Innsbruck 6020 Austria

Often touted by reviewers as the ‘best pizza in Innsbruck,’ Die Pizzerei (The Pizzeria) has a ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ name. But don’t let its basic title fool you. This Italian restaurant does serve some of the best pizza in Innsbruck.

In the city’s heart on Bozner Platz, Die Pizzerei features modern interiors with elegant Italian touches. The vibe is cozy, comfortable, and perfect for a glass of wine.

The menu includes traditional Italian favorites made mostly from regional ingredients. Think pasta, carpaccio, Osso Bucco, and homemade pizza baked from a wood-fired oven.

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9. Sitzwohl

Sitzwohl Entrance
Brüderlein / TripAdvisor

Address: Stadtforum 1, Innsbruck 6020 Austria

In a field mostly dominated by men, two entrepreneurial, culinary-minded ladies rose with incredible success. They established one of the most popular restaurants in Innsbruck, worthy of two Toques and 15 points by Gault Millau.

Irmgard Sitzwohl and Elisabeth Geisler are the talented women behind Sitzwohl Restaurant Bar. This stylish restaurant focuses on Mediterranean cuisine.

There is a relentless focus on simplicity here, from its minimalist interiors to its purist cuisine derived from basic regional products.

Sitzwohl also houses the brilliant Geislerei Delicatessen. Here, you can find jams, soups, chutneys, and several premium items from renowned gourmet brands. Come during summer to enjoy lunch at the restaurant’s scenic al fresco terrace.

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10. Restaurant Safran

Plate of Persian Eggplant Dish
Fanfo / Adobe Stock

Address: Karmelitergasse 6b, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Are you saving for something spicy? Zesty? Aromatic? Safran is home to some of Innsbruck’s best Persian cuisine! Manning the stove is a friendly Iranian family that reviewers constantly praise for being warm and welcoming. Such a quality is reflected in the restaurant’s cozy and homey interiors.

Here, you’ll find Persian cuisine at its finest. Menu items include the savory and filling Gheymeh – tenderly cooked lamb pieces with mild tomato sauce, yellow peas, and dried limes.

Also, a top-tier option is the vegetarian Kashke Bademjan. This is an eggplant mousse with fried onions, Persian sour cream, and steamed mint. Savory salads and soups and a wide range of desserts are also available.

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11. Buzihütte

Buzihütte Interior
Fabien D / TripAdvisor

Address: Berchtoldshofweg 14, Innsbruck 6020 Austria

On the outskirts of Innsbruck, right by the base of Nordkette, is a rustic inn frequently populated by tourists and leisure travelers. The Buzihutte is already an institution that has served locals and visitors for over a century.

Heavenly Tyrolean-style home cooking is the focus here amidst enchanting city views. The menu is not the most extensive.

However, owners Karoline and Hannes Strauss’s goals don’t need quantity. They’re here to give guests the finest examples of what traditional, home-cooked Tyrolian should be. What’s more, they’ve done a stellar job!

The menu includes traditional delicacies like wiener schnitzels, homemade Tyrol dumplings, and succulent pork medallions. A fond addition to the best restaurants in Innsbruck, Buzihütte is legendary for serving large portions, so it’s best to come hungry!

Staying within this area of Innsbruck is a great idea. Kasperhof Appartements are close to Buzihütte and provide a sustainable option as a base for experiencing Nordkette, with convenience in proximity to the restaurant for tasty treats!

12. Wirtshaus Schöneck

Wirtshaus Schöneck Building
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Weiherburggasse 6, Innsbruck 6020 Austria

For Innsbruck foodies and gastronomers around the world, Schoneck needs no introduction. Since 1899, this charming restaurant has served some of the town’s most delightful local and international cuisine.

The Gault Millau restaurant guide has awarded this fine-dining restaurant two toques. Such a recognition that chef and owner Alfred Miller most definitely deserves. The menu varies per season, with evening menus changing every day.

Expect an array of exquisite meals, including its famous Viennese goulash with a fried egg. Or maybe you might try its legendary Bouillabaisse, which Gault Millau food testers claimed to be just as good as those in Marseille.

13. Il Convento

Il Convento
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Burggraben 29, Innsbruck 6020 Austria

Il Convento is a taste of Italy in Innsbruck. With a Gault Millau award of 12 points, this restaurant offers one of the town’s most mouthwatering perspectives on Italian cuisine.

Once headed by the late chef Peppino Conte and his wife Angelika, Il Convento is top-rated for serving delicious ‘Cucina Mediterranea.’ The menu includes Italian specialties such as the popular braised veal roast and parmigiana.

You’ll also find several creative seafood meals made from the freshest ingredients. Various antipasti and soups are sure to whet the appetite. But never miss the restaurant’s specialty, the delicious coniglio alla cacciatora (rabbit cacciatore).

14. Restaurant Thai-Li

Restaurant Thai-Li interior in Innsbruck
InSuedtirol / TripAdvisor

Address: Marktgraben 3, Innsbruck 6020 Austria

Finally, look no further than Restaurant Thai-Li for delicious Thai food when visiting Innsbruck. This lovely restaurant offers excellent food, both meaty and veggie-friendly.

Restaurant Thai-Li goes the extra mile to provide some authentic, delicious food. It does this by using spices and other ingredients straight from the source of Thailand! Enjoy indisputable flavor in one of the best restaurants in Innsbruck for authentic Thai cuisine.

A nice lunch or evening meal here will provide friendly service and flavorful food. Top items include coconut meat soup, massaman curry, and hot and sour tom yam soup. What’s more, the reasonable food prices here are quite agreeable!

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What are the best restaurants in Innsbruck for traditional Austrian food?

Die Wilderin is a stand-out choice for traditional Austrian food in Innsbruck. They serve simple yet diverse Austrian food. By using locally sourced ingredients for traditional dishes, incredible meals are prepared for you to enjoy.

You could also consider giving Stiftskeller a go. It’s one of the oldest buildings in the city. It serves traditional Tyrolean and Austrian dishes such as Kaspressknödel, a regional delight of cheese dumplings.

Are there restaurants near popular tourist attractions?

Popular restaurant Buzihütte sits at the foot of Nordkette. Nordkette is the stunning mountain range, part of Austria’s largest nature park, the Karwendel Nature Park.

After enjoying the beautiful scenery of Nordkette, Buzihütte is primed and ready to treat you to some Tyrolean-style home cooking. There’s also a great meal at the popular Restaurant Bierwirt. Bierwirt serves traditional Austrian food near Schloss Ambras, one of Austria’s best castles to visit!

What are the local specialties I should try while in Innsbruck?

If you fancy yourself a cheese enthusiast, I recommend Tiroler Almkäse, Tiroler Graukäse, and Tiroler Bergkäse. All three kinds of cheese have distinct flavors and would make perfect additions to a cheese board. So you might as well try all three for, you know, research purposes!

Many restaurants in Innsbruck also serve ‘Schlutzkrapfen,’ an option local to the area. It’s a pasta meal popular both in Austria and Italy.

It’s round in shape and stuffed with various foods, much like ravioli. Stuffing options are vast and could include cheese, potatoes, or meat.

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