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10 Best Sites Like Skiplagged | Alternatives to Consider

10 Best Sites Like Skiplagged | Alternatives to Consider

Travel is a dream come true for those who want to have a great adventure and reach spectacular destinations. Booking a flight is not easy as it looks like you are not looking for an airline, and consider a flight that provides you with the best deals. Read more to know how to make it happen.

Many sites like Skiplagged can help you if you’re worried about travel expenses because these sites provide a great selection of cheap flights.

With many flight booking sites with cheap ticket prices, you can now enjoy and reach your dream of traveling and saving money simultaneously.

Best Alternatives & Sites Like Skiplagged  


Skyscanner Website

Skyscanner is one of the websites like Skiplagged that allows travelers to access a great selection of cheap flights to book. It has a simple and accommodating layout that is not distracting or too much in the eye while scrolling for cheap flights

Skyscanner Flights is an excellent site for people who are looking for great flight deals on their trip or people who are just looking for cheap flight window-shopping flights. 

The difference in evaluating Skiplagged vs. Skyscanner is that it does not have pop-up advertisements distracting when looking for an ideal flight to book. This great site can cater to a different type of traveler, especially those looking for a cheap flight to book immediately. However, you won’t have the same capabilities for hidden city ticketing as Skiplagged features.

Or travelers who want to book a flight a few months later, unlike Skiplagged, which has only fixed date flight searching restrictions.


  • Fast search engine
  • Has a mobile application
  • Simple and smooth layout
  • No distracting pop-up advertisements
  • Compares hundreds of airfare listings on different websites 


  • No premium site membership benefits
  • Occasional inaccurate flight pricing
  • Limited calls for the cheapest flight live prices

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Momondo Landing Page

Some booking website has a crowded and messy layout where everything is on one page and looks unorganized. Still, Momondo is one site like Skiplagged with a minimalist, straightforward layout directly presenting the flight search engine.

Looking for cheap flights in Momondo is much better because, aside from its delightful minimalist layout, the site is not bombarded with pop-up advertisements that are a nuisance as you compare flight prices.

Skiplagged and Momondo differ because Skiplagged didn’t have a by-continent search option. It is one of the main features Momondo has that creates a much more accessible and convenient way of narrowing flights from a particular continent and finding cheap flights to book.

The aircraft type search option is the second-best feature of the site in that it filters flights from a specific aircraft type and immediately gives results of a list of cheap flights on a particular type of aircraft and continent, whichever is ideal for travelers’ needs.

The website is open for all types of travelers, especially those looking for in-depth flight search engine filtration and fast loading of flight list results.  


  • Minimalist layout
  • User-friendly layout
  • By continent search option
  • Aircraft type search option


  • It is not possible to book directly through the website.
  • There is no incentive system in place.
  • Fewer opportunities for upgrades

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is expedia trustworthy

Expedia is the flight booking service feature of the American travel site “Expedia Group.” It is a site with a pleasing layout that is not too distracting to the eye while searching for flights. This booking service company is mobile-friendly because it has a mobile application that is easy to navigate.

On its mobile app, travelers can organize their entire trip. Expedia does not only provide book flight services but also books cars for rent and a variety of cheap bundle deals not to miss.

Expedia offers one-way, multicity, and roundtrip cheap flights. It is the website for flight price aggregators and travelers of all ages, where there’s a variety of airfare listings you can check and spot great deals. 

In Expedia, you can book your flight ahead of time and save money, unlike Skipplagged, which only does fixed-date booking services. 


  • Payment plans
  • Options to purchase trip insurance
  • Includes baggage fees
  • Fare alert emails to inform you of good prices
  • Shows prices for alternative dates


  • Poor pricing options
  • Unclear cancellation policies
  • Fewer opportunities for upgrades

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CheapOair Webpage

CheapOair is one of the sites like Skiplagged, an excellent alternative for travelers who want to skim and look for better, cheaper flight deals. Booking a flight is not as easy as it seems, but with CheapOair flights, an easy-to-use site and a neat layout that provides all the buttons it has on its search engine and other helpful controls to use on booking flights.

Booking roundtrip prices can be high where. You need to pay a hundred dollars, whereas with CheapOair flights, you book a roundtrip flight and save money simultaneously, for they also have cheap roundtrip and multicity flights.

It is also another one-stop-shop kind of booking service where, aside from booking flight deals, it also provides excellent travel needs such as hotel bookings, rental cars, and arrangements of travel packages.

It is a great up for all kinds of travelers for it has choices of what type of traveler is booking a flight from infants, youth, adults, and senior citizens.

Aside from its features of admitting what kind of traveler is booking a flight, it has the best search engine filters where you can narrow each result on specific data you want to see.

CheapOair flights have a strong flight metasearch engine where you can set filters and look for specific airlines, flight dates, connecting flight options, and more.

Aside from its primary function and purpose of featuring cheap flights, the website has a 24/7 live customer service chat that can assist you in booking or answering flight questions.


  • Has mobile application
  • Live chat features for booking queries
  • Type of person traveling features (e.g., infant, adult, senior citizen)
  • In-depth search features and tools
  • System that sends you emails when the best deals on trips you’re interested in become available.


  • Acquisitions are subject to processing costs.
  • The desktop web layout can be a little cluttered and overwhelming on some occasions.
  • Cancellation charges, if not waived, can be expensive.

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Kiwi Webpage

Kiwi is one of the websites and apps like Skiplagged, and Kiwi is a website as well as a mobile platform because it has an app that provides an incredible array of cheap flights to select from.

It offers some great deals and low-priced flights to book, but the difference between this lovely sight is the features. It’s a place for booking flights, renting cars, and booking rooms, making it a unique jack of all trade sites.

Its incredible features appeal to every traveler looking for a potential one-stop-shop site to do most of the significant travel appeals a traveler needs. It is an excellent alternative to Skiplagged ’s services, especially for those looking for a place with much cheaper selections of flights.


  • Over 750 airlines’ selection
  • Assurances toward missed flights
  • User-friendly with a simple layout
  • Provides the cheapest flights
  • Price shifts, the latest searches, and updates are all easily accessible.


  • Slow to average loading time
  • Limited local airline
  • Customer support’s varied reviews


Priceline Webpage

Booking an ideal flight with the best deal is not easy, and looking for the right and reliable site where you can land the cheapest flights for your travel with Priceline won’t be a problem anymore.

Priceline is one of the sites like Skiplagged, a booking service site with the most extended reputation for looking for and booking cheap flights and acquiring great travel deals. It was founded in 1997. The site’s layout is straightforward and allows travelers to get into the business of searching for flight deals.

Everything the site offers is put directly on the homepage, making it a little crowded. Nevertheless, it is convenient for everything is already set in front of the screen.

Providing cheap flights is one of the primary services Priceline offers aside from accommodations like lodging bookings, cruise bookings, and car rentals.

The transaction of booking flights in Priceline is smooth, and it has Express Deals that each type of traveler can avail of, same with the services of sites like Skiplagged. With this feature, travelers can save up to 40% on their flights.

Priceline is undeniably one of the great go-to web pages for travelers who want to check out sites full of cheap air ticket listings.


  • No hidden added booking charges
  • Has a refund policy
  • User-friendly and straightforward web design
  • A trustworthy and reliable brand
  • Up to 40% discount on Express Deals


  • Slow to average loading time
  • Baggage fees are not included on the price list
  • Airline rewards can’t be paired with the site’s deals


Edreams Webpage

If you want to travel and don’t have a specific place to visit, Edreams is one of the Skiplagged alternatives and sites like Skiplagged. It is one of the sites like Skiplagged that is a great place to look for cheap flight deals. The only difference between Edreams and other cheap flight bookings is its unique feature, ‘Anywhere.’

Anywhere‘ is an incredible feature where the site visitor or a traveler can look for inspiration of what great destination to visit. This feature makes Edreams an ideal site for landing flight deals and makes it more fascinating where to go next.

The website layout of Edreams projects, the less is more layout that the home page is not messy looking on the screen, creating a professional site presentation.

Booking on this site is similar to other booking services sites of signing up with your email, where exclusive deals, discounts, and helpful travel notifications are given.

It also has another feature called ‘Smart Choice’ that claims to provide a few flight layovers with the best value of flight tickets from various popular airports. Read our full Edreams review.


  • Clean layout
  • Sends emails whenever there are travel discounts
  • “Anywhere” search feature
  • Has refund policy
  • Displays best aircraft seat options


  • Distracting pop-ups
  • Slow loading time
  • Hard to tell whether fares equate to those on the official airline pricelist

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FlightHub Webpage

Many travel booking agencies claim to offer the best and cheapest travel plane ticket rates, but they don’t. Flighthub is an incredible page that is not like the other sites, for it keeps its promises of providing the cheapest flights to book online.

The site layout is simple and directs travelers directly to the flight search engine. It has key features that differentiate the site from Skiplagged and other booking sites. Flighthub lets travelers access and book cheap flights from big-name airlines.

With this feature, travelers can get special discounts on their preferred airline flights and even use your customer loyalty advantages. Another great feature this lovely site has is its daily deals; this feature is perfect for those looking for an urgent flight.

Much cheaper flights can be offered on their daily deals, and Flighthub is like an everyday blowout where you can land great deals any day of the month.

Its primary role is to provide excellent air travel deals, and it is also a website that gives outstanding travel deal bookings for hotel rooms and car rentals.

Travel by air is not the only way of transportation you can book in Flighthub but also by sea, where you can also book cruise ship tickets here. The site aims to provide convenience and not stress to travelers chasing a great travel experience.


  • Minimalist layout
  • Offers daily travel deals
  • Easy to compare flight prices
  • User-friendly layout
  • Flight, lodging, and car rentals in a single hub


  • Nonrefundable Bookings
  • Inflexible travel offerings
  • Difficult to get in touch with customer service


MakeMyTrip Webpage

Planning to travel takes a lot of steps and considerations, from the flights to booking, accommodation, and more. One of the sites, Skiplagged, the MakeMyTrip booking site, has it all.

MakeMyTrip is one of the better sites and mobile application booking services that allow travelers to look for cheap flights but experience significant and memorable travel.

It has a good site layout and is easy to navigate; it directly shows a flight search bar with no other unnecessary nuisance pop-ups of advertisement that distracts travelers from their search.

Definitely a great site that provides a list of cheap and best flight deals, but it has only been limited to only three language and currency options due to the MakeMyTrip application’s target market being the countries India, UEA, and the USA.

It also has a great feature aside from having a mobile app. The ‘Smart Value’ feature makes it easier to choose a flight and quickly combine the best deals and cheap airline ticket prices.


  • Good site interface.
  • Guaranteed cheap flights
  • Accurate price match guarantee
  • Refer & Earn features
  • Smooth way of booking flights


  • Slow to moderate loading time
  • Only three language options
  • Only three currency options


Hophs Webpage

Travel is fun and should not be expensive and stressful, especially when looking for flight deals with Hophs Flights. It makes looking for cheap flights easy.

Hophs is one of the sites like Skiplagged that gets the same reviews as the Skiplagged reviews, both sites, offer convenience to every traveler who wants to save money and yet reach stunning destinations simultaneously.

It is the right place for travelers who want to compare airplane ticket flights first and land with the cheapest offer to save. It has a neat and minimalistic layout that is pleasant when searching for flights, easy to navigate, and its search engines load fast when providing a list of cheap flight results.

Booking in Hophs Flights is easy. You only need to encode your origin, the destination you’re traveling to, travel dates, number, and types of people traveling.

Hophs and Skiplaaged have a fast search engine, but unlike Skiplagged, it does not have a fixed restriction of flight dates and has a currency range for travelers’ convenience in checking out prices through the type of currency they use.

Aside from providing cheap flights, it also has a feature where travelers can book a hotel room and car rentals and find a taxi, as well as a site for purchasing ticket tours. No wonder it is one of the sites travelers need for their great travel adventure.


  • Currency ranges
  • Fast search engine
  • The site layout is good
  • The website layout is adaptable to mobile devices
  • Thousands of listings for low-cost flights


  • Don’t have an app
  • Distracting pop-ups
  • Heavily reliant on third-party websites

What is Skiplagged?

Skiplagged Homepage

Skiplagged is a cheap flight booking service website founded in 2019, providing cheap flights to any destination. It is a valuable site to look for, a great place to travel wherever it is cheap, and an ideal site for travelers who want to travel and save money at the same time.

The site has a clean and precise layout, buttons ready to navigate, and a fast search engine. It has a wide range of airline carriers with matching helpful price tracking.

This booking service site has a feature of travel anywhere, perfect for every traveler looking for cheap flights across the globe. Skiplagged is undeniably a great place for travelers seeking cheap flights, but there are alternatives to consider that give the same service.

Many sites like Skiplagged provide opportunities for traveling more cost-effectively not only sites but also apps like Skiplagged with unique features and different benefits for every traveler.

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