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Summer Music Festival Madness: 6 Ways To Survive

Summer Music Festival Madness: 6 Ways To Survive

Summer music festivals are just getting fired up for the season, which means the time is right to be a little too close to some strangers who love the same music you do.

The scent of the open port-a-potty door wafts on the breeze and somehow, instead of getting squished into someone incredibly hot and attractive, you’re squished into a hairy, sweaty guy who hasn’t showered since at least 1992.

Surviving the Summer music festival season can be done if you’ve got the right tools at your disposal!

We’ll help you go beyond sleep deprivation and the heat to make sure you have the best time ever at your preferred series of concerts. Let’s take a look!

Summer Concert

#1. Wear Your Sunscreen

It seems like common sense, but every time you see one of those guys with the raccoon sunburn because of his sunglasses, you realize that common sense isn’t always so common. Remember to pack the sunscreen because even the best stuff needs to be reapplied at least once during the day.

Try to get a water-resistant sunscreen too because when you’re crammed into a small pile of humanity, you’re going to be sweating.

#2. Pack Some Water

There are likely food vendors around and you can certainly eat an ok-tasting meal with a $7 bottle of water if you want… or you could pack water to take with you. Dancing under the hot sun burns more calories than you might think, so bringing along so good snacks that can help you stay fueled up is a good idea too.

Think protein bars, maybe some meal replacement shakes, and then lots of water. To stay hydrated at most Summer music festivals during the day, you’ll need a minimum of 1 liter of water per hour.

#3. Baby Wipes

One of the most essential things you could bring with you is a pack of baby wipes. Seriously. You can get a huge container of them for less than $5 at most stores and they work to clean virtually everything. You can get mud out of your hair with baby wipes. You can use them in the horrible port-a-potty that doesn’t have any TP. You can use them as a bath substitute! If they can get crayon off of a wall, then they can get dirt off your skin.

#4. Exercise Caution

Having a good time at a Summer music festival often involves some alcohol, some legal weed if you’re in Colorado or Washington, and plenty of substances that aren’t quite so legal. Manage what you’re doing because even though it seems like you’re around friends at a festival, you’re really not.

Take a little too much and you could find yourself in a very compromising situation quickly. As a general rule of thumb, don’t take anything you haven’t brought yourself, and don’t use the festival as a place to experiment.

#5. Carry a Flashlight

Trying to stumble through the muck on a starless night to hit the bathroom isn’t the most wonderful experience that life has to offer.

Are you sure that’s really mudded your foot just squished into? A flashlight helps to solve that problem! If you’re not camping overnight, you can still bring light sticks and other options that will let you see what you need to see while still being able to enjoy the concert. You could use your mobile phone too, but it’s generally a good idea to leave the good phone at home so it stays operational.

#6. Don’t Count On Your Car

Your vehicle is essentially a traveling oven when it comes to the heat of summer. Temperatures quickly rise above 100F once parked, even with the windows open… and do you really want to leave the windows open on your car at a music festival?

That means temps can soar into the 140F range very easily. Sleeping in your car, storing items that can’t resist high temperatures, and all the other uses you have for your vehicle shouldn’t be in your plans here.

Discovering new bands, enjoying your favorite music, and having a good time is what the Summer music festival is all about. Use these tips to plan for your escape and you’ll be certain to have plenty of good old-fashioned fun!

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