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11 Best Things to do in Alexandria, Minnesota

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Witness beautiful sceneries, explore tourist attractions and destinations, learn, and experience a memorable trip. These are the exciting things to do in Alexandria, a spectacular town in Douglas County, Minnesota.

Although Alexandria is generally overlooked, it’s lovely to visit and explore. The city has plenty of things to offer, as well as the chance to have a fantastic travel experience. You’ll discover beautiful adventures in its quiet surroundings and tranquil ambiance.

Don’t forget to add Alexandria, Minnesota, to your itinerary if you’re visiting Minnesota. We’ve compiled a list of activities you can do in Alexandria to have fun and see what the city offers.

Let’s get into some of the top attractions and things to see in Alexandria.

Things to do in Alexandria, Minnesota

Runestone Museum Foundation


Address: 206 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN 56308, United States

Minnesota has a number of historical locations, and the lovely town of Alexandria features its heritage landmark, the Runestone Museum Foundation.

It is a historical museum that holds available information, artifacts, and numerous ancient pieces from the region. For almost 60 years, the museum has collected, conserved, and presented Alexandria’s remarkable history.

The historic site’s name derives from the well-known and debatable relic, the Kensington Rune Stone. When the museum opened in 1958, it was the sole crucial historical object.

The Runestone Museum Foundation is a museum with many interesting historical things, images, relics, and tales to uncover—a perfect location for a relaxing and peaceful indoor activity.

The museum showcased the rich heritage of Native and Nordic American history, culture, ecology, and significant events leading up to and influencing what Alexandria has become in the present.

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Big Ole – Big Viking Statue

Things to do in Alexandria 1

Address: Central Lakes Trail, Alexandria, MN 56308, United States

A wonder statue of Big Ole – Big Viking Statue catches every passerby’s attention in Alexandria, Minnesota, mainly because it’s located on the Central Lakes Trail. It’s the cornerstone and centerpiece of this small town in Minnesota.

It is an iconic attraction and structure to behold in town, close to some beautiful attractions in the city, like the fascinating Runestone Museum. The attraction is the largest Viking stand to behold in the United States of America.

The twenty-eight-foot-tall Big Ole – Big Viking Statue serves not only as a giant statue in town but as a reminder of Alexandria’s history and fascinating beliefs about the settlement of Nordic explorers in the 1300s. The monument depicts a Viking in clothing and holding a shield with the words “Alexandria, the birthplace of America.”

Visiting Alexandria’s famous figure, which stands near the harbor, is one of the city’s most popular activities. One of Alexandria’s most notable features is the enormous Viking edifice. The town’s main attraction should not be missed or neglected.

Taking photos and stopping by the statue is ideal after checking out the nearby establishments and attractions to visit in town. How could you miss visiting Alexandria without a Big Ole Central Park stopover?

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Best Outdoor Things to Do in Alexandria, MN: Central Lakes Trail

Central Lakes Trail Alexandria Minnesota

The 55-mile, paved track ran parallel to the abandoned Burlington North Railroad line through 10 towns. It is 14 feet tall and has at least one shoulder on each side with a total width of 100. Snowmobiles are permitted on the trail during the winter, although no motor vehicles are allowed.

No matter the season, this trail is where you can see the showcase Minnesota lake life has to offer. Central Lakes Trail is suitable for mountain biking, cross-country skiing in the wintertime, and much more.

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Lake Carlos State Park

Colorful Trees at Lake Carlos State Park, Minnesota

Address: 2601 County Rd 38 NE, Carlos, MN 56319

Lake Carlos State Park is a 15-minute drive from Alexandria in Minnesota’s Lake Carlos area. It is located near the well-known Lake Carlos, a lovely spot to visit. Many people enjoy visiting this lake because of its numerous outdoor activities.

The park also offers a number of beautiful views of the lake, as well as spectacular hillside vistas. If you enjoy birdwatching, you’ll appreciate that this location is ideal. Hummingbirds, geese, hawks, and sandpipers are common inhabitants in the region.

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Casey’s Amusement Park

Mini Golf at Casey's Amusement Park, Alexandria, Minnesota

Address: 1305 N Nokomis NE, Alexandria, MN 56308, United States

Alexandria, Minnesota, is the home to a fun-filled destination of Casey’s Amusement Park. It is a vibrant, adventure-filled spot in town that provides various exciting and fun outdoor activities for all ages.

The park is a family and kid-friendly place to perform enjoyable activities, highlighting when traveling in Alexandria. Casey’s Amusement Park features memorable outdoor and indoor activities, including go-kart tracks, a play on the pool, and batting cages that the entire family can enjoy.

The park’s multiple go-kart tracks feature kid-friendly courses that allow children to enjoy thrilling and secure activities. A tiny golf course is one of the park’s lovely features to enjoy, in addition to thrilling go-kart races.

For water games, engaging bumper boat rides are also available. Casey’s Amusement Park focuses on providing a fantastic and fun drifting experience to enjoy in Alexandria, Minnesota. This popular amusement park is an excellent destination in town to stop by, have fun, and bond with family and friends.

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Douglas County Historical Society

Front Knute Nelson House, Douglas County Historical Society
Gobonobo, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Address: 1219 Nokomis St, Alexandria, MN 56308

The Douglas County Historical Society has a lot of history. It has records of towns, churches, schools, and more. You can find information like obituaries and plat charts.

Douglas County Historical Social has all the information about the architecture and buildings in Douglas County and, most notably, Alexandria, Minnesota. There is a lot of information about the history and how people lived in Douglas County. You can rent a place to stay for an extended period to take in the history and learn about the culture of Alexandria, Minnesota.

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Alexandria City Park

Address: 118 City Park Rd, Alexandria, MN 56308, United States

If you are looking for good outdoor things in Alexandria, Minnesota, visiting Alexandria City Park should be on your list. It is a public park that provides an opportunity to have fun, bond, and engage in outdoor and recreational activities with family, friends, and locals. The park is a part of downtown’s fantastic destination for a lovely weekend getaway.

Alexandria City Park is a lovely location that serves as a gathering place for residents and visitors to participate in a variety of activities. It is bordered by the environment’s natural beauty, creating an exquisite, peaceful atmosphere to rest and unwind.

The park’s main attraction is its huge and exciting play structure, picnic areas with shelters, and a ball field where you may use the facilities to their full potential.

In Alexandria’s lower regions, the city park offered amenities such as a public beach, a fishing pier, and several beautiful hiking trails and cycling routes.

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Kensington Runestone Historical Marker

The Kensington Runestone on display in Alexandria Chamber of Commerce
Kuvasz1988 / TripAdvisor

Address: Alexandria, MN 56308, United States

Kensington Runestone Historical Marker is the most notable historical site artifact in Alexandria, Minnesota, and it is within the historic museum Runestone Museum Foundation. It is a great destination to book a lovely tour.

The creator can be seen in the historical museum of Runestone Museum Foundation and witnessed up close. The museum houses the town’s historical data, artifacts, and several historical pieces. This cultural institution has collected, preserved, and presented Alexandria, Minnesota’s fascinating history for over 60 years.

Kensington Rune Stone is a prominent historical piece that weighs about 202 pounds. Runestone Museum Foundation is a museum with many entertaining and exciting historical items, photos, artifacts, and stories to discover.

An ideal destination to enjoy a pleasurable and passive indoor activity. The exhibition center tells the rich history of Native and Nordic American people, culture, wildlife, and significant events that led to Alexandria’s development. It’s a historic place that allows kids to play and learn in its engaging children’s discovery room.

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Legacy of The Lakes Museum


Address: 205 3rd Ave W, Alexandria, MN 56308, United States

Minnesota is recognized for its scenic beauty and a number of natural wonders. The Legacy of the Lakes Museum in Alexandria, Minnesota, contains and honors a variety of magnificent boats that are typical of river cruises.

The waterway is filled with breathtaking vistas and rolling meadows of grass, which surround the plethora of historic wooden and fiberglass boats. Legacy of The Lakes Museum celebrates the town’s long, fascinating history and traditions by collecting, preserving, and exhibiting boats.

The boat museum has a number of other activities to keep you occupied. Visiting the museum is not only about seeing amazing vessels. The facility also includes the area’s history, legends, and fascinating facts.

The centerpiece is made of wood. Boat enthusiasts will enjoy viewing unique vintages and rare wooden boats from Century, Hackercraft, and Chris-Craft. Discovering new woodworking and carpentry techniques constructed of fiberglass is a must-see for boating enthusiasts and visitors looking to take in a piece of the local culture.

Noonan Park

Address: 905 Lake St, Alexandria, MN 56308, United States

A small but fun-filled Noonan Park in Alexandria, Minnesota, is ideal for visits to town. It is a lovely city park that provides a mini getaway and recreational area for the community and tourists of Alexandria to stop by.

The park is located near a lake and offers magnificent scenery. Noonan Park is a picnic area with a rustic atmosphere and numerous activities for visitors of all ages. It’s a location where people of all ages can participate and enjoy many activities on the park’s vast grounds.

Amenities of interactive play areas, picnic areas with tables, and sports courts can be used and maximized for recreation ideas: a lovely lake, colorful flowerbed gardens, diverse wildlife, and a picturesque footbridge to enjoy.

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Escape Room Alexandria

Baker Street Mystery Room at Escape Room Alexandria, Minnesota
Source: Tripadvisor

Address: 115 8th Ave E, Alexandria, MN 56308, United States

Escape Room Alexandria is an exciting challenge. Escape Room Alexandria is a fascinating and innovative entertainment venue you won’t miss in Alexandria, Minnesota. It’s one of the more fun things to do in Alexandria.

An array of engaging and tough but fun real-life escape game that provides a one-of-a-kind adventure and memorable trip in town. Planning to stay and visit Minnesota is worth it when experiencing the mystery and games in Escape Room Alexandria.

The thinking out-of-the-box entertainment establishment’s escape game is an ideal activity to enjoy with family, friends, and strangers. Escape Room Alexandria has been providing entertainment and challenge since December 2016. The unique destination provides a fun-filled and interactive adventure where a group of locals and tourists or a mix of both can have fun and sharpen their skills.

Escape Room Alexandria has different themed escape rooms to try. Each room is equipped with clues, puzzles to solve, and mysteries.

The tourist attraction focuses on providing enjoyable real-life escape games that build, expand, and shape abilities. This includes excellent communication talents, in-depth problem-solving abilities, and collaboration.

Carlos Creek Winery

Things to do in Alexandria 3

Address: 6693 County Rd 34 NW, Alexandria, MN 56308, United States

Carlos Creek Winery, located in Alexandria, Minnesota, produces wonderful wines that are free to sample. It is a scenic winery in town that serves as a place that grows and produces fine wine and is a wonderful destination to drink wines and behold the beauty of the vineyards it houses.

Carlos Creek Winery features a wine tasting, a great pizza restaurant, and a fascinating overlooking backdrop of vineyards on its outdoor deck seating.

Aside from delightful wine, the Carlos Creek Winery also serves brewed beers, which goes well with the pizza they cook and serve. Food trucks were also available in the winery but under a schedule.

Enjoying wine at Carlos Creek Winery, where the musicians perform live on its deck, providing a lively and colorful ambiance. It is a fantastic place to unwind, drink wine, enjoy gorgeous vistas, and listen to wonderful live musical performances while drinking award-winning wines. The scenic beauty and romantic vineyard backdrop of the winery are among Alexandria’s most popular wedding spots.

Try Copper Trail Brewing Company

Copper Trail Brewing, Alexandria, Minnesota
Source: Tripadvisor

Address: 205 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN 56308

Copper Trail Brewing Company is one of the most famous breweries in this region. They reopened in 2011 after passing a law that said you could brew beer and drink it simultaneously. You can order pizza or other snacks while you’re there or take them with you from a nearby restaurant if you want.

You can find favorites like Brambleberry and Copper Sunrise at the brewery and new favorites like Lucky Red and Black Betty. You can buy cards, board games, beer, and food. There is fun for all family members.

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