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16 Best Things to Do in Alkmaar, Netherlands

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Looking to visit a quintessential Dutch town? Look no further than Alkmaar. There are plenty of great things to do in Alkmaar, and we’ll have you covered with all our top attractions and sights to see while in this cheese lover’s paradise.

Alkmaar is a historic Dutch city and is the capital of the province of North Holland. It has a population of about 145,000 people and an area of about 19 sq km.

Alkmaar’s foundation likely dates back to around 1287. Alkmaar’s culture is known for traditional music, modern art, vintage clothing, a stunning array of unique architecture, beer, and cheese.

Alkmaar is a truly international city that attracts increasing numbers of foreign visitors every year. Given its proximity, it’s an easy getaway trip from Amsterdam. Here are some things to see and do when visiting Alkmaar.

To learn about more global events and places of interest, visit our travel vlog on YouTube to watch our walking tour of Alkmaar in 4K!

Things to Do in Alkmaar, Netherlands

1. Visit the historic Alkmaar cheese market in the center of the city

Traditional Dutch cheese wheels at Alkmaar market with vibrant tulips in the background.
Denis Feldmann / Adobe Stock

Do you love cheese? Then, indulge in a tour of Alkmaar’s world-famous cheese market! The market has stood for about 700 years, with records dating back to 1365, and cheese has been bought, weighed, and sold here ever since, making Alkmaar one of the most important cheese cities on Earth.

Cheese has always been a big deal to the Dutch, and great care to inspect and weigh cheese has always been paramount at the Alkmaar cheese market, where weighing cheese has no small amount of ceremony.

Weighing the cheese was so important that only a select few were entrusted with the process in the Middle Ages, and there was only one set of scales in town to weigh the cheese accurately under official scrutiny.

Being such a huge cheese city, supply and demand for cheese grew over the years, but it wouldn’t be until 1612 that the number of cheese scales increased from 1 to 4.

The tradition of weighing the cheese is still alive and well, and it is a uniquely charming experience for first-time visitors—or those who hold the cheese in the same regard as the people of Alkmaar!

Along with other traditional touches of Dutch cheese markets, such as uniforms, testing and inspecting, cutting, carrying, and trading, this edible gold makes the historic Alkmaar cheese market an exceptional destination.

On your visit, you’ll see cheese porters, easily identifiable from their traditional white uniforms. They will also carry the cheese using old-school wooden tools.

What makes a visit to the cheese market memorable is how positive the experience is as samplers and cheese traders go to work inspecting and tasting cheese and wheeling and dealing in cheese wheels.

If you want to buy cheese at the market, you can’t buy it directly from traders. Instead, you can purchase your gouda and edam from stalls surrounding the edges of the market, as well as other local delicacies like pickled herring or waffles.

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2. Visit the Dutch Cheese Museum because there’s no such thing as too much cheese!

Aerial View of the Dutch Cheese Museum

Haven’t you had your fill of cheese yet? The Dutch Cheese Museum is next to the traditional cheese market in the Alkmaar city center. The cheese market is the only kind in the Netherlands, but this museum provides an insight into Alkmaar’s cheese-making history.

The museum offers the chance to learn how Dutch cheese was made for centuries until large companies industrialized most of the industry. It has interactive exhibits that explain how to make different types of cheese, such as Edam, gouda, kanterkaas, and romano.

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3. Wet your whistle at the National Beer Museum (Nationaal Biermuseum)

Undoubtedly, after all that cheese, you’ll think of something to wash it all down with. In which case, take a short walk to the Nationaal Biermuseum!

This terrific Beer Museum is located only a few blocks from the Waagpleine and the Dutch Market Cheese Factory, making it an excellent point of interest on your trip around the city center. It’s a great way to learn more about the culture of North Holland.

In one section of the establishment, a bar offers an extensive range of exceptional local brews and a delightful assortment of wines.

Additionally, it houses a captivating exhibit that chronicles the extensive history of beer in Alkmaar, dating back to 1295, which is almost as ancient as the city itself. In keeping with genuine Dutch hospitality, you can even sample the beers in the adjacent beer hall before purchasing them.

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4. Enjoy a boat tour of Alkmaar’s canals

Canal in Alkmaar Netherlands
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

No trip to Alkmaar seems complete without cruising along the canals and enjoying Amsterdam-style architecture. A canal cruise is one of the best things to do in Alkmaar for those interested in canals or exploring the city at a slower pace. Several companies are offering daily tours from April to October.

Special trips are available for larger groups. During the canal cruise, you’ll see the magnificent Stadhuis, built-in 1420 during the Golden Age. You’ll also have an excellent opportunity to take in the breathtaking views of the distinctive churches and mills that give Alkmaar its one-of-a-kind character.

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5. Spend A Day in the Life, walking The Long and Winding Road to Come Together at the Beatles Museum

Beatles Museum Entry

The Beatles Museum in Alkmaar is an interactive museum housed in the historic Waag building, dedicated to the world’s most famous and beloved rock band. It’s an essential stop for any rock n’ roll victim of Beatlemania!

This musical museum charts the history of The Beatles, their origins, meteoric rise to worldwide superstardom, and fascinating original archive footage from when they were touring Holland in 1964.

The Beatles Museum in Alkmaar has a fantastic collection of vintage photographs, instruments, music memorabilia, clothing, and even some of the guitars used by The Fab Four.

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6. Gawp at the Grote Sint Laurenskerk (Great St. Lawrence Church)

Grote Kerk, also known as Grote Sint Laurenskerk, is a beautiful old building not to miss on your travels to the charming city of Alkmaar. Checking out the church and historic buildings is part of the walking tour in Alkmaar.

This grand Gothic church, once Protestant, is now a secular house of worship. It stands as an imposing landmark, dominating the skyline of the old town center. Churches have been constructed on this site since the 10th century. The current structure was designed by Anthonius Keldermans and completed in 1498 after 28 years of construction.

The church, dedicated to St Lawrence, is renowned for housing the tomb of Floris V, Count of Holland. Grote Sint-Laurenskerk is admired for its beauty both inside and out. Built-in the popular crucifix shape, its outer walls are made from white Gobertange sandstone.

The church’s high windows allow tons of natural light to highlight the ornate Gothic decorations, especially the beautiful chandeliers and the two magnificent pipe organs. 

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7. Absorb some art at Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar

Interior view of Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar with historical paintings and cultural artifacts display.
Bert / Adobe Stock

The Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, located in the Netherlands, is a significant art institution for modern and contemporary works. Housed within a compact yet ultra-sleek glass structure, this museum may be small but boasts a broad range of unique and intriguing pieces for visitors to appreciate.

In addition to its numerous exhibits, the Stedelijk Museum in Alkmaar also holds an impressive collection of Piet Mondrian’s early paintings, drawings, and prints. This makes it one of the leading authorities in the Netherlands regarding this renowned Dutch artist. Although not substantial enough to warrant a full-day trip, this serene gallery serves as an excellent pit stop amidst a bustling schedule of city touring.

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8. Take a quick day trip to Amsterdam’s Museum Quarter 

Museum Quarter (Museumkwartier) Amsterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

If you have the time to spend a day away from Alkmaar, a brief excursion to Amsterdam’s Museum Quarter is highly recommended. This beautiful part of the nearby Dutch capital city is packed with institutions devoted to history and culture, making it one of the most visited places in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is a melting pot for tourists from all around the world. It offers outdoor and indoor activities and one-of-a-kind attractions, many of which can be found in the city’s Museum Quarter. Once little more than a swamp, the quarter evolved over centuries into a lively neighborhood that now houses spectacular museums and galleries.

Among the best museums are the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the world-renowned Rijksmuseum, and the Van Gogh Museum. Aside from being home to fascinating museums, the Museum Quarter is chockablock with fancy restaurants, parks, and shopping centers. 

You can enjoy canal boat tours and Dutch delicacies from the many outstanding restaurants throughout the quarter and stay the night in one of several world-class hotels in the area or even on a houseboat!

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9. Enjoy a guided walking tour to Alkmaar City Hall

Alkmaar historic city hall facade with Dutch flags, ornate stonework, and Gothic architectural details.
wjarek / Adobe STock

Aside from drifting lazily down the city’s canals, the best way to discover hidden gems of this historic town is by taking an Alkmaar walking tour. The best tours will include Alkmaar’s stunning city hall.

Historic Alkmaar town hall tower with intricate clock against a cloudy sky
Denis Feldmann / Adobe Stock

The Stadhuis, or city hall, erected in 1520 and restored after a fire destroyed much of its original construction, is an awe-inspiring example of Dutch brick architecture in the city center of Alkmaar.

At the entrance of this historic building, the Alkmaar city flag is flown by two stone lions, which bear shields with the town’s crest, adding to the grandeur of this ornate, stripey marvel. It’s easy to see why it’s a popular location for wedding photos.

Even though you are not allowed to enter the structure, you may still walk down Langestraat from the Grote Kerk and enjoy the fantastic architecture of this ancient building. You can admire its magnificent façade and tiny hexagonal clock tower near the city hall.

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10. Pound the pavement by walking Alkmaar’s Canalside District

Dutch Bike in Alkmaar, Netherlands
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

If you want to enjoy more of the city’s beauty and history, checking out the Canalside District is among Alkmaar’s best things to do. The intricate canal system of Alkmaar is fascinating, especially the outer canal that encircles the town—it’s sort of like a wetter version of the Capital Beltway in the US or the M25 in the UK.

The Canalside District is a gateway to Europe and a treasure trove of stunning Dutch art, architecture, and cultural gems. It’s a great starting point for exploring the city on foot and taking in its historic buildings. To begin your tour, head to the Accijnstoren tax tower and follow the Werronkenoord canal, passing the impressive Grote Sint-Laurenskerk.

You could also walk along the Mint Canal toward the historic Alkmaar cheese market stands and through the Luttik Oudorp Canal. An excellent place to end your Canalside District tour is at the Victoriepark, a delightful public garden where you can unwind after the walk.

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11. Sample some of Alkmaar’s incredible cuisine

Gouda Cheese

We at ViaTravelers know traveling is the best thing to do in life – not only because it broadens the mind but also broadens the palate! Chasing Alkmaar’s beautiful sights and attractions is all very good, but no trip is complete without tasting the delicacies the town provides.

As mentioned earlier, Alkmaar is considered one of the most important cheese cities on the planet, particularly for its unique historic cheese market. Sampling some of the town’s cheese should be part of any travel itinerary in the Netherlands.

The most popular cheeses found here are gouda and edam, but many other European-style cheeses are to be enjoyed here. Cheese shows up so much in this article because Alkmaar’s cheese is gouda this world…I guess that joke only works if you use the Dutch pronunciation of gouda.

Aside from the cheese, the town is also known for its herring, and a wide variety of delicacies featuring this tasty fish can be found here. You may also treat your sweet tooth for dessert with some of Alkmaar’s famous stroopwafels.

These mouthwatering sweet treats are made from two thin layers of baked dough waffle wafers and a sticky caramel filling. Tasting the delicacies of Alkmaar gives you a much better appreciation of this beautiful town and Dutch culture.

PRO TIP: In Dutch, gouda is roughly pronounced *how-da*…now try that joke…

12. Catch a football match at AFAS Stadium

Sunlit AFAS Stadion exterior, soccer arena with green pitch and modern architecture, clear blue sky.
ahavelaar / Depositphotos

The AFAS Stadium (or AFAS Stadion) is a football stadium (soccer to us Yanks) in Alkmaar. AZ Alkmaar plays its home games there, and it is often referred to as “Victory Stadium.”

PRO TIP: The terms “Yank” and “Yankee” likely derive from the Dutch nickname Janneke, a diminutive form of Jan (it’s the Dutch equivalent to getting Johnny from John). The Dutch were among the many European peoples to emigrate to the New World.

The stadium has a capacity of 19,500 people and is named for a Dutch computer software firm that owns the stadium. In European matches, the stadium can hold up to 29,000 people.

The AFAS Stadion is also well-suited for sports and concerts. The arena has large uncovered stands and a very modern sound system, allowing maximum amplification of the public address system in case of cheering or musical accompaniment to announcements. 

So, if you’re a footy fan, enjoy large sporting events, or the odd concert or musical, you should definitely check the stadium’s schedule.

The AFAS Stadion is the only all-seater football stadium in the country with an energy-efficient ventilation system, which means it can be used as a “green building.” The stadium was one of three included in FIFA’s first environmental sustainability campaign launched on World Environment Day on June 5, 2007.

The AFAS Stadion has since won several environmental awards, including the Environmental Award by the Building Research Institute for the design and construction of the new roof that emits almost no CO2, as well as a certificate from GreenCalc.

13. Bask in the beauty of the Medieval Garden and City Parks

Tranquil city park with weeping willows in Alkmaar, Netherlands, serene nature escape
Weeping willows in Alkmaar park (Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers)

Nothing beats ending a long day of touring in a picturesque and relaxing vacation spot, and in Alkmaar, the Medieval Garden delivers such satisfaction. The Medieval Garden has a wealth of information about different plants and flowers grown throughout Europe during the Middle Ages and their countries of origin. 

The medieval garden is one of the best places to conclude a day, as its beauty shines during the day and positively glows at night. Other remarkable parks in Alkmaar include Begerbos, Rekerhout, Alkmaarderhout, Victoriepark, and the breathtaking Hortus Alkmaar. Choosing any of these for a relaxed walk or a place to relax with a good book will not disappoint.

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14. Mill about the Molen van Groot

Historic Molen van Piet windmill with spring daffodils in Alkmaar, Netherlands
Noradoa / Adobe STock

The Molen van Groot, also known as Piet’s Great Mill, is located on the edge of what was formerly the city’s walls. It is surrounded by woodland and offers a spectacular view of the canal. Alkmaar is similar to many other Dutch cities, with at least one surviving windmill from the golden era of wind power industries.

In 1884, the mill was bought by Cornelis Piet, who had a house built at the bottom of the mill. While the city now owns the mill, it is still inhabited and pumped by a member of the Piet family. Although the mill is closed to the public, it is still a magnificent structure, truly emblematic of the Netherlands and a source of spectacular photographs.

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15. See the sea on a trip to Egmond aan Zee

Egmond aan Zee

Egmond aan Zee is a charming coastal village roughly 9 kilometers from Alkmaar. Walk along the beach’s length, pack a picnic for lunch, and find some peace and relaxation. There are several public parking spaces and a regular bus service to the other nearby Burriana and Cambrils seaside towns.

This is the ideal spot for those who enjoy the sea air, who want to escape it all, and revel in the distinctive atmosphere you only get from lesser-known coastal settlements.

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16. Go “window shopping” in Achterdam…adults only!

Achterdam is a red-light district in Alkmaar. In 1387, it was known as the “back dam” and was initially built to protect the old city from flooding. It is also close to the locks that connect reclaimed land with the rest of Alkmaar. Amsterdam became its district when Dutch municipalities were divided into neighborhoods in 2007.

Now, it’s a red light district similar to Amsterdam’s Red Light District, except this is far quieter and significantly smaller than Amsterdam’s extensive pleasure districts. Achterdam features over 60 different red-light windows, providing offerings of the flesh 24/7. Just be warned that what is offered during the day is for different tastes than what is offered at night!

This is undoubtedly one of the more…unique things to do in Alkmaar, as I’m sure it’s pretty unlike anything you have back home. In true Dutch fashion, this district is located next to the shopping district in Alkmaar Centrum (city center), so you will probably stumble through the area accidentally.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Alkmaar located?

Alkmaar is a small city in the Netherlands. It’s best to explore on foot or by bike, as Alkmaar has many excellent public parks and gardens. Alkmaar is best accessed by air via Schiphol or as a day trip from Amsterdam.

If you fly, check out delays and departures because Alkmaar’s small airport does not see many international flights, and no direct trains are available. But it also means the city doesn’t feel like a typical tourist destination.

Where can I find the best cheese in Alkmaar?

While the best cheese in Alkmaar may be a bit subjective, if you’re trying to find the best cheese in Alkmaar by word of mouth from locals, ask them where they go when they want quality cheese or local sourdough bread. This is more difficult because few detailed guides to the best locations will not disappoint.

Where can I learn about Dutch history in Alkmaar?

You can visit the Museum Alkmaar, which focuses on local history, or the Rijksmuseum Alkmaar, which has various exhibitions. If you want a great city view, climb the 368 steps to Spitsbergen, with its iconic windmill. It’s best to visit at sunset when the view of Alkmaar is stunning.

What to do in Alkmaar today?

Alkmaar, a Dutch city known for its cheese market on Fridays, is one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands. It has beautiful canals and attractions such as traditional architecture, Alkmaarderhoy Square, and Keukenhof Gardens. Alkmaar features museums, galleries, and more *ahem* adult entertainment.

What is Alkmaar known for?

Primarily cheese and beer. Alkmaar is famous for its unique cheese market, Cheese museum, and National Beer Museum. You can tour the Cheese Museum, which has been around since the 1800s and has over 400 different types of cheese worldwide! Alkmaar is known for its stunning Grote Kerk and beautifully striped city hall.

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