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13 Best Things to Do in Pine, Arizona

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When I need to escape the hustle and bustle of life, my mind gravitates to finding a new getaway destination. Time to relax and unwind! One of the places I enjoy visiting and keep returning to is Pine, Arizona. I have uncovered the best-kept secrets of Pine and what the beautiful land provides.

Pine is located in the northwestern part of Gila County, bordered to the north by the Coconino county line and to the northwest by the community of Strawberry. Pine was founded in 1879 by the four Mormon families.

The ponderosa pine forest gives this scenic city its name. Pine, Arizona, is a true gem that offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere to enjoy sightseeing and making memories.

Pine is known for its scenic environment and beautiful trails, perfect for riding, walking, and exploring the wild. Here, you can enjoy the ideal outdoor experience of having fun with friends and families!

So, what are the top attractions to visit in Pine? The top attractions in Pine include the Tonto National Forest, Marya Art Gallery, Tonto Natural Bridge Park, the Fossil Spring Trailhead, and the Old County Inn. If you’re looking for day trips from Pine, the Grand Canyon is less than 3 hours away!

Discover the best things to do with expert advice, travel tips, destination information, and activity inspiration. Below are the several fun and best things to do in Pine, Arizona!


Things To Do in Pine, Arizona

1. Tonto National Forest- Pine Trailhead

Tonto National Forest- Pine Trailhead

Address: Chandler, AZ 85224, United States

Tonto National Forest is easily accessible from Pine and is a great destination for outdoor lovers. It’s Arizona’s fifth-largest forest, with more than 400 named mountains in place. The most prominent feature in the forest is the Sonoran Desert.

Tonto National Forest has a variety of thrilling activities. A trip to this place will be worthwhile if you enjoy adventures in the forest. You will enjoy wildlife viewing, beautiful views, and exclusive activities.

Explore the desert while hiking, camping, or boat riding. There are many hiking trails in the forest for both beginners and experts.

The pine trailhead, part of the Arizona trail, is appropriate for beginners and intermediate hikers. If you are experienced, try the Barefoot trail. The trees and snow will make your hiking experience exceptional, and the scenic environment is perfect for picnic lovers.

There are seven wilderness areas within the forest where Arizona’s unique natural character is protected:

  • Superstition Wilderness
  • Hells Gate Wilderness
  • Sierra Ancha Wilderness
  • Salome Wilderness
  • Salt River Canyon Wilderness
  • Martial Wilderness
  • Four Peak Wilderness

Other eye-catching features like the Coconino National Forest and the Kaibab National Forest surround Tonto National Forest.  Book a canoe trip or UTV excursion today with GetYourGuide to have a lifetime experience in the largest national forest in Arizona!

When I visited Tonto National Forest, I snagged a room at the Majestic Mountain Inn in nearby Payson – I highly recommend it to visitors who want to explore the park.

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2. Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Address: Nf- 583A, Pine, AZ 85544, United States

Your tour to Pine will be incomplete if you don’t visit the Natural Bridge State Park! The park is between Pine and Payson, surrounded by four different trails visitors can visit.

The park is best known for hiking and sightseeing. If you plan to bring your dogs, know they are only allowed in the parking lot but not on the park’s trails.

All trails are less than half a mile but are steep, so get ready to enjoy scenic views on your trails. Remember to pack drinking water. There is a picnic area to rest in after hiking.

The Natural Bridge and park are suitable for both children and adults. There are coloring books with local wildlife at the visitors center for kids.

After hours of enjoying this site, don’t worry about where to spend your night. The Rustic Goodfellow Lodge is next to the park. It was constructed in the 1920s and will make you feel like you are reliving history.

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3. The Old County Inn

The Old County Inn

Address: 3502 AZ-87, Pine, AZ 85544, USA

After a long day of moving around Arizona, you’ll need to fuel up your body with finger-licking food as you relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. The Old Country Inn got your back.

They offer tasty, sumptuous, and unique food, including woodfire pizza, delicious salads, and much more. The Old County Inn offers excellent craft beer, such as the Scottsdale Blonde, a delectable smooth beer made in Tempe.

The place is packed because of its great food, excellent service, and friendly staff. More so, the restaurant is pet friendly, so you can bring your pup.

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4. Pine Strawberry Museum

Address: 3886 AZ-87, Pine, AZ 85544, USA

The Pine Strawberry Museum is a community treasure made to honor the hard work of the town’s founding families.

There are various artifacts and documents showcasing the prehistory and history of the Pine community. The Pine Strawberry Museum has clothes and farm equipment used by the Mormon pioneers who first settled here.

This is an excellent area for adults and children to have a historical experience of the Mormon community. A tour guide is available to take you around the entire museum.

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5. The Mogollon Rim

Mogollon Rim

Mogollon Rim is famous for its breathtaking view that overlooks the forest full of pine trees. There are many excellent recreational activities to engage in here, including rock climbing, horse riding, hiking, hunting, fishing, and stargazing.

The hiking trails will take you through forests, grasslands, and valleys. You will enjoy seeing the local wildlife that calls this place home.

Mogollon Rim has camping options surrounding the lakes resting within the pine trees. You can also spend a night at the Wooden Nickel Cabins and continue your adventures the next day.

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6. Fossil Creek Creamery

Address: 10379 W. Fossil Creek Rd, AZ 85544-2764. 12 km away in strawberry Arizona

This unique llama ranch on Fossil Creek Road has a beautiful view and bottle-fed goats! This place is suitable for both children and adults. If you come at the right time, you can milk the goats and even feed them! Your kids will also enjoy petting the goats and Illamas.

The Fossil Creek Creamery is a goat and llama ranch and produces cheese, fudge, and soap at the farm. People can access these products at Flagstall, Phoenix, and Scottsdale farmer’s markets. The Ilama ranch is also the source of fresh, sustainable, and local food for Arizona.

If you want to visit the goat and llama ranch, make a reservation, and you will be given a scenic farm tour. You can also take a hike at the ranch for fun. The llamas can carry your possessions as you go on a scenic walk around the huge property. While at the farm, you can also enjoy bird watching with your family.

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7. That Brewery and Pub

That Brewery and Pub

Address: Tonto National Forest, 3270 AZ-87, Pine, AZ 85544

After exploring the city of Pine in Northern Arizona, you can unwind and spend the day off at THAT Brewery and Pub. This is the perfect spot to mingle with old friends and make new ones at the pub while sampling beer flights, enjoying a pint, and eating yummy burgers.

THAT Brewery and Pub has a reputation for serving the community, like friends of the Tonto Natural Bridge and the Pine Strawberry Business community.

THAT Brewery and Pub has seventeen homebrew taps you can sample when you visit. Other activities here include volleyball and horseshoes, as well as beer and good food.

Visit this place to make your nightlife in Pine more memorable as you enjoy the cool evening air.  

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8. Myra’s Art Gallery

Address: 3824 AZ-87, Pine, AZ 85544, United States

Many art galleries come and go, but Myra’s Art Gallery has stood the test of time. The gallery has been in Pine for over 19 years. If you love art, you will adore this gallery at the heart of Pine City.

The studio was founded by an artist known as Myra Kraemer, and she manages it with her husband. A wide range of artwork displayed in the gallery is worth seeing.

The gallery has beautiful pieces of prints, sculptures, photographs, hand-made gifts, Indian jewelry, and unique pottery. When you go in, Myra will walk you through the gallery and discuss the art pieces and the artists who created them.

Myra’s Art Gallery offers free entry and viewing of items, so carry some cash and purchase a piece of the available masterpieces! Visit Myra’s website to view other outstanding pieces at Myra’s Art Gallery. 

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9. The Randall House

The Randall House in Pine, Arizona

Address: 3821, North Highway 87, Pine, AZ, 85544

The Randall House is a beloved eatery known to all Pine dwellers. The old house was built using pine and insulated with adobe. This family-owned restaurant has served Pine people homemade food for over 20 years.

It is a fantastic place to relax, eat great food, and spend your day with family and friends. The main-house menu includes soups, sandwiches, and a variety of baked pastries made from scratch.

The Randall House offers traditional hospitality and prepares meals using garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. Visit the Randall House and learn about the family’s unique history as you enjoy their delicacies.

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10. Trident Winery

Trident Winery

Address: 6261 Hardscrabble Rd, Pine, AZ

Are you looking for an exquisite location to unwind and relax on a calm evening or weekend? Get your mind off work by escaping reality at this nerve-cracking location. Trident Winery is a small mountain town located in the Rim Country with various wines to taste.

You can taste the different types of wine while relaxing and watching the sunset at the Trident Winery. The wine at this place is made from locally sourced fruits and medicinal herbs.

It’s good for your body and good for your soul! The location is gorgeous and a worthy stopover after a long day of adventures and hiking.

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11. Travertine Bridge

Travertine Bridge

While visiting Pine, you should take a short, steep hike to the Travertine Bridge. There are four viewpoints that you can easily access. Cacti and pine trees have grown along the park trail, making for a lovely nature walk.

The Travertine Bridge is the masterpiece at the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. Geological forces led to the formation of this natural bridge. Apart from hiking being hazardous, it is an excellent place to visit. The water flowing over the entrance makes it slippery and might cause an accident. Use caution!

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12. The Honey Stand

The Honey Stand, Pine, Arizona

Address: 369 N Highway 87, Pine, AZ 85544

You can’t travel through Pine and fail to stop over at the Honey Stand. They have arguably the best raw, pure honey, fruit jams, jellies, and butter in Arizona – all locally sourced.

You can visit the honey stand with the whole family. The kids will enjoy the yummy honey sticks, while the adults can purchase the pure honey and jam varieties that are second to none.

To get more information on the Honey Stand, visit their website.

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13. Fossil Spring Trailhead

Fossil Spring Trailhead

For more outdoor adventures, you can visit the Fossil Spring Trailhead. It is one of Arizona’s top attraction rivers. The river will amaze you as it seemingly appears out of nowhere and bursts 20,000 gallons of water per minute from the Fossil Spring.

The water accumulates pieces of limestones that form around plants and old creatures. You can visit this wild and scenic Fossil Spring or go hiking, bird watching, cliff jumping, and wading.

Is Pine, Arizona a Good Place to Live?

Deer in the Arizona forest

Before moving to a new city or state, there are basic things that you have to take into consideration, like climate, cost of living, schools, job availability, and other activities to do. Pine is an excellent place to live, with many exciting things to do.

Public schools in Pine, Arizona, are highly ranked. If you plan to move with school-going children, you can choose one of the top-performing schools like Pine Strawberry Elementary School.

There are a lot of good bars and restaurants in Pine, Arizona, so you won’t get bored on weekends! There are many recreational activities for kids, like fishing at Knoll Lake, and many kid-friendly playgrounds.

The cost of living is not high, and a person making more than a living wage can live a decent life in this city. The neighborhoods are friendly, with a lower crime rate than other parts of Arizona. Many people buy homes and become permanent residents of Pine due to the conducive environment.

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The Climate in Pine, Arizona

The climate in Pine, Arizona, is generally superb. The summers are usually hot and clear, with mild to cold winters that snow. The snowy period in Pine can cover about five months.

The best time to visit Pine is from early June to late September. During this period, the weather is warm. The cold season runs from November to March.

Pine, Arizona, is a fantastic place to visit, away from the big cities and towns. Pine is full of fresh air and beautiful landscapes for outdoor and indoor activities. It is a conducive place for both adults and children.

Visit Pine today, enjoy the breathtaking views of nature, and view local wildlife!

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Places to Stay in Pine

1. Pine Cabin Top Recommendation

Looking for a mountain getaway? Look no further than Pine Cabin! This cozy cabin is nestled in the pine trees and offers stunning views of the mountains. It's the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. The cabin features 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. There is also private parking and free WiFi. Whether you're looking to enjoy the outdoors or just escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Pine Cabin is the perfect place for you!

2. Modern Pine Retreat with Deck and Stunning Views!

Looking for a breathtaking modern retreat in the heart of Pine? Look no further than this stunning property, which comes complete with a spacious deck and incredible views! This thoughtfully designed home features two separate bedrooms, a large living room, and a fully equipped kitchen, making it the perfect space for entertaining or simply relaxing in style. And with free WiFi and easy access to all of Pine's best attractions.

3. Modern Pine Cabin with Game Room, Deck and Fire Pit!

Located in Pine, this cabin boasts 4 bedrooms, a game room, a deck, and a fire pit - perfect for cozy nights in or entertaining guests. The kitchen is fully equipped with all the essentials, and there's even a washing machine and dryer for your convenience. With 2 bathrooms and plenty of space for everyone, this cabin is perfect for families or groups of friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Fun Things For Adults to Do in Pine?

Adults can enjoy horseriding, fishing, hiking, boating, and camping in Pine, Arizona. Destinations like the Mogollon Rim has all these activities in place. It is surrounded by many lakes where you can enjoy boating and fishing. You can visit some top restaurants like the Old County Inn to relax.

What Are Some Fun Activities For Kids in Pine?

Kids will enjoy horse riding, boat riding, and fishing activities. You can also take them to the Tontos Natural Bridge State Park to enjoy the beautiful view. You can do picnics with them in many areas and allow them to play around.

What is the Best Time to Visit Pine?

The best time to visit Pine is during the warm weather period. The most accommodating months are May, September, and October. During this time you will enjoy beautiful weather which means more activity.

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