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14 Fun & Best Things to Do in Wiesbaden, Germany

Wiesbaden is among the best cities to visit in Germany. And, there’s an enormous list of things to do in Wiesbaden. So, where do you start?

In the Western part of Germany, you find the second-largest city in the state of Hesse. Wiesbaden is a city with over 290,000 inhabitants and a great tourist destination. Its history dates back to the Neolithic era, with settlement traces dotting its landscape.

However, the first record of the location is during the Roman era in 121 AD. Like many other German cities, it oozes the history of the different dwellers. It’s worth noting that after WW1, it fell under the Allied Forces and was part of West Germany until the wall came down in 1991.

Today, tourists flock to the city every summer hoping to get a taste of this amazing place for its entertainment venues and great day trips for an outdoor holiday. There are lots of things to do in Wiesbaden, so be ready for an adventure.

Below are different places to visit and activities to do on your vacation, if it leads you to Wiesbaden.

Fun & Best Things to Do in Wiesbaden, Germany

1. Neroberg Hill

Neroberg Autumn

Among the top Wiesbaden attractions is the 254m Neroberg hill that’s a buzz with activities. Usually, the best way to see the layout of a city is to find the highest point. It gives you a fantastic view and a chance to take memorable pictures, right?

Well, hiking up this hill is worth the time and effort, because of what awaits you at the top. In other words, you should place it at the top of things to do in Wiesbaden. From here, the view of the whole Rhine valley and the city of Mainz far from a distance is simply spectacular.

Not to mention, you can catch a breath at the Monopteros temple. It’s the right spot to enjoy the view of the entire Wiesbaden. Additionally, there’s a small park at the top of the hill. This was the brainchild of Phillip Hoffman, an architect who lived in the city back in 1851.

Furthermore, you can check out the remains of a hotel built here in 1989, which later burned down, leaving behind a tower.

And, the activities don’t end there. You can take a dip at the Opelbad open-air pool or enjoy different events at the theater.

Even better, ensure you pass by the Riesling grapes vineyard. The vineyard is at the bottom of a WW1 memorial terrace and offers such an amazing view.

2. The Marktkirche (Market Church)

Marktkirche Architecture

There are many remarkable things to do in Wiesbaden, and admiring the city’s Marktkirche is also among them. It’s hard to miss the enormous red place of worship smack in the middle of the city. The Neo-gothic masterpiece dates back to 1853, with Carl Boos, a German architect, as the designer.

Before the Market church construction, the spot was home to St. Mauritius church. This was the pride and joy of Wiesbaden going as far back as medieval times. Unfortunately, a fire gutted down the building, prompting the city to commission Carl Boos, to construct the Marktkirche.

Today, it’s the perfect spot in the city to take magnificent pictures – you’ll love the great red brick background. Afterward, step inside to take in the marvelous interior of the church.

The tranquil atmosphere provides you with the best surrounding to sit on the pews and reflect.

3. St. Elizabeth Church

St. Elizabeth church

Up the Neroberg hill, sits St. Elizabeth church that dates back to 1847. It’s a Russian Orthodox church of worship commissioned by the then Duke Adolf of Nassau.

The church was a memorial and grave for his wife, who passed away at 19. The loss was a big blow to Duke Adolf, causing much grief and thus the memorial.

Top architect Phillip Hoffman got the assignment to build the church thanks to his Russian architecture background.

Many attendees here were resident Russians who followed the orthodox religion. This served as a place of worship and burial site, the most significant outside of Russia.

Be ready for a breathtaking experience. The church tops things to see in Wiesbaden due to its outstanding architectural design. It’s made of sandstone and has five distinct domes, with an extended archway on its northern part.

However, entrances are on the west and south sides. Back in time, nobles entered the church from the south while the rest of the population used the West entrance. This is the only Russian Orthodox church in Germany.

4. Kupark Park

Kupark Flowers and Pond
image by Management/TripAdvisor

A visit to Wiesbaden won’t be complete without touring its parks. Take Kupark, for instance, which is a haven for visitors seeking some great flora experiences.

Add it to your list of things to do in Wiesbaden and your surroundings as you plan your trip.

The park is a sight to behold, especially during summer when all the plants come alive. Kupark started as an English garden back in 1852, and inside, there are lots to see and do, including some boat riding.

Kupark also has a lake with some boats to rent. You can choose to tour the park via water or walk around.

Every corner is a great spot to take some pictures or take excellent arrangements. Not to mention, there’s a stunning 6ft tall fountain that you won’t want to miss.

5. Wiesbaden City Palace

Wiesbaden City Palace

The city has no shortage of significant architectural buildings. For instance, another profound place to visit is the Wiesbaden City Palace.

Once upon a time, it was meant to be the home to the Duke of Nassau, Wilhelm. He, however, opted to relocate his residence to the center of the city to reconnect with his people.

Now, it’s a great tourist destination and the official residence of the Hessian Parliament. As you contemplate more on stuff to do in Wiesbaden, be sure to spend some time at this grand palace.

Back in 1835, the Duke commissioned the palace and baroque residence. Unfortunately, he never got to set foot inside it. He later died in 1841 before construction was done.

From then on, it fell into the arms of several residents. It was the 2nd home of the Kaisers of Prussia in 1848.

You can’t miss it as you walk around Wiesbaden. It’s part of the tremendous central attractions in the city’s marketplace.

6. The Museum of Senses

Are you wondering what to do in Wiesbaden?

Be sure not to miss out on the Chateau de Freudenberg. Commonly known as the Museum of Senses, it’s definitely worth the visit as you get to challenge your senses.

The Museum of Senses first opened its doors in 1993 after the restoration of the 20th-century building. Before that, it was a resident villa constructed by Paul Schultz- Naumburg, a German architect.

Over the years, it changed hands numerous times until 1984, when a fire left the building with severe damage.

However, in 1993, the Society of Nature and Art took up the restoration project. The result was a place where visitors could explore their senses using culture and art. It’s a great place to have different experiences using only your senses.

Outside the museum are loads of activities that make up Wiesbaden tourist attractions like one of the many special Wiesbaden tours.

Explore the lush garden and get involved at the hands-on stations. Moreover, you can engage in wall climbing or walk the barefoot path.

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7. The Biebrich Palace

Biebrich Palace

Picture this: A one-of-a-kind palace with a massive park on the outskirts of Wiesbaden city. It’s quite a sight to behold and requires you to just take a train from the city to the Biebrich station.

Visiting the Biebrich Palace is one of the best things to do in Wiesbaden for sure.

The impressive Biebrich Palace was the creation of Prince Georg August Samuel in 1702. It was meant to be a more remarkable palace than his former Idstein residence in Taunus.

After his death, the Nassau-Usingen Lineage took over the palace. In 1734, Prince Karl Von Nassau-Usingen took up residence in the court after his inauguration.

Later on, in 1935, Charlotte, the Grand Duchess of Luxemburg, sold the palace to the Prussian State government. It incurred severe damage during WW2 and underwent heavy renovation from 1980 to 1982. And, it’s now under the ownership of the Hesse state.

In regards to its purpose, this is home to the Historic Preservation Agency of Hesse. Besides, the state government uses the palace for representation.

8. Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden (Hessian State Theatre)

wiesbaden opera house

By User: Pedelecs at wikivoyage shared, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden (Hessian State Theatre) is home to an independent orchestra: the Hessian State Orchestra, which performs hundreds of symphonic and concert performances each season.

Each May Fledermaus (The Bat), an operetta by Johann Strauss II, is typically performed which is typically called the International May Festival.

The theatre offers visitors several things to do in Wiesbaden at night and is one of the best cultural attractions in the Frankfurt region.

Each year, there are superb performances on the lineup that keep guests coming back for more.

Head over early before the shows start and spend some time in the Foyer – enjoy a drink and catch up with friends. As a solo traveler, you can mingle with the locals and learn more about this charming old city.

Once the doors open, be ready to enjoy a high-standard performance. Wiesbaden has impressive artists that deliver influential non-conventional shows. There’s a balance between the new and more traditional, catering to a broader audience.

Besides, the opera house’s beauty, architecture, and design deserve a tour of its own. There’s surely no shortage of things to do in Wiesbaden day or night.

9. Rheingau Royal Riesling

Rheingau Vineyards and Scenery

How about a tour of an outstanding vineyard? Got you feeling excited, right? In Wiesbaden, you can explore the Riesling grapes vineyard that’s under a WW1 memorial terrace. It’s the perfect location for growing these grapes, thanks to the Rhine River. And, the slop receives the right amount of sunlight that the grapes need to grow.

As the tale goes, the first grapes planted in the area were by Charlemagne. Since then, the area has been known across the world as home to the Riesling grapes. Additionally, the production of top-quality wine here started as far back as the 12th century.

As part of your wine tour, make sure your guide takes you to Johannisberg. It is home to one of the most ancient vineyards in the world.

Here, you can witness all the stages of wine production and even sample some. These wine interest tours give you a look into what to see in Wiesbaden.

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10. The Kochbrunnen


Imagine a hot spring in the middle of the city! Visiting it is undoubtedly part of the select things to do in Wiesbaden. The Kochbrunnen is a salty hot spring and spa house with boiling waters reaching temperatures of 66 degrees Celsius.

The first mention of this spring was back in 1366. It can produce more than 350 liters of hot water in a minute, and you can smell a bit of hydrogen sulfide when you get closer. When you fetch a bit of this water, it’s clear but turns yellowish after a day.

Wiesbaden uses water for numerous purposes. The hot spring’s main flow is channeled to the Kaiser-Friedrich-Bad processing plant.

The next stop is the Wiesbaden thermal water system which it’s used to heat the city hall. Also, water has numerous medicinal uses.

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11. Enjoy Delicious Currywurst

Currywurst sausage

Not only are there plenty of things to do in Wiesbaden, but there are also lots of traditional cuisines to sample in the city.

Take Currywurst, for instance. It’s a local German fast food that consists of fried pork sausage, some French fries, and ketchup.

Herta Heuwer gets all the credit for coming up with her favorite German dish back in 1949. She was a food kiosk owner in West Berlin at the time.

She obtained some curry powder and ketchup, mixed it, and poured it on grilled pork sausages. She then sliced the sausages and served them with some fries as a filling snack that Germans came to love.

Today, you can find the dish in many local restaurants as you seek more Wiesbaden attractions. The dish symbolizes pop culture in Germany, and notable fans include Gerhard Schroder, former Chancellor. There’s even a song celebrating the dish that’s part of the 1982 album Total Egal.

In 2019, the Berlin State Mint came up with a commemorative Currywurst coin. That year, Germans celebrated seven decades since the creation of their favorite dish.

The coin is made using silver alloy and has an image of Herta Heuwer in the background.

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12. Nerobergbahn

Nerobergbahn Ride and Scenery

How about a fun train ride with the family as part of the things to do in Wiesbaden? The Nerobergbahn is a cable train powered by water. It transports visitors from the city to the Neroberg peak.

At the top, you can take in breathtaking sites of the foothills. The train has been operational since 1888 and travels up in three and a half minutes.

From the Nerotal, enjoy marvelous views and capture as many as you can. So be sure to bring along your camera and extra cash for you might spot some nice German gifts to buy along the way. You’re sure to create some unforgettable family memories here. 

13. Museum Wiesbaden

Museum Wiesbaden Architecture

The Museum Wiesbaden, located in the city of Wiesbaden, is a museum with a wide range of art on display.

The museum has a large collection of Russian paintings, as well as displays of sculptures and natural items. Guests can see an expansive zoological, botanical and paleontological collection.

The museum also contains numerous pieces of art, dating from the 10th to the 17th centuries, including Italian religious paintings and Greek mythological works.

14. Kurhaus Wiesbaden and Spa

Kurhaus Wiesbaden Architecture
Firn /

The Kurhaus Wiesbaden, a spa and luxury hotel, was first built in 1868 and has been renovated numerous times throughout the years. This Russian steam bath and spa is known for being one of the best adult attractions in the area.

The Kurhaus Wiesbaden is a Russian steam bath and Finnish sauna. It was first built in 1868 and has been renovated numerous times throughout the years. Wiesbaden is one of the oldest spa towns in all of Europe.

The Bowling Green, which is located to the south of the Kurhaus, and the Kurhaus Kolonnade are next to each other. The Bowling Green is the grand square that is also known to hold several events, an on-foot daily walking tour, a scary sightseeing tour, and entertainment venues.


What is Wiesbaden known for?

Wiesbaden is a major wine destination renowned for its Sekt German champagne as well as the Russian Orthodox church of St. Elizabeth Church. During the 18th and 19th centuries, when Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Johannes Brahms, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky lived in Wiesbaden, it was a thermal center particularly popular among tourists.

What is there to do in Wiesbaden, Germany?

When visiting Wiesbaden, there are a ton of great things to see and do, including going on one of the many great adult personal wine tours to try the Sekt German champagne, explore the charming old city, visit the Bowling Green, or enjoy the excellent theater scene.

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