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20 Best Travel Cases For Camera Gear

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Traveling with your camera gear is tough, especially when it’s bulky, heavy, and awkward. Finding a comfortable way to carry camera gear without breaking it is challenging. This is where travel cases come in handy. They can protect your valuable equipment and organize it in one convenient place.

A good travel case for the camera will keep your gear safe from knocks and bumps in transit. It will also protect it from getting damaged or scratched.

Many factors affect the choice of a good travel case: size, weight capacity, durability, price range, and so on. Below, we’ve compiled the best travel cases to help you find one that fits your needs.

Many camera case styles are available today, each with pros and cons. Some cases are designed to fit into your pocket, while others offer a more traditional design with multiple straps or pouches to hold different sizes of cameras.

Some camera bags even have wheels built into them! This makes traveling around town much easier since you can wheel them instead of lugging them.

Different Types of Camera Cases

Best Travel Case For Camera Gear

Want to skip the details? Here’s our list of the best travel cases for camera gear:

Category Our Pick
Best Overall Lowepro ProTactic BP 450 AW II Camera Bag
Hardshell / Watertight Travel Case Pelican Air 1525
Roller / Carry On Camera Bag Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack
Holster Case For Cameras Case Logic DCB-306 SLR Holster
Travel Backpack For Cameras Lowepro ProTactic BP 450 AW II Camera Bag
Messenger Bag For Cameras Lowepro Adventura 110
Waterproof Backpack For Camera Gear CADeN Camera Backpack For Mirrorless Camera

Best Hard & Watertight Travel Case For Camera Gear

1. Pelican 1200 Hard Camera Case 

Pelican 1200 Hard Camera Case 

The Pelican 1200 Case with foam is a heavy-duty case designed for the long-term storage of large items. This watertight, airtight, crushproof case protects your valuables from water, dust, dirt, and insects.

The Pelican 1200 Case is ideal for use in the home, office, or any other location where you need extra protection from moisture or dampness.

Review Highlights:

  1. The Pelican 1200 Case is made with copolymer-polypropylene, making it highly durable and strong. 
  2. The case’s durable hardware will last for years. 
  3. This camera travel case is completely waterproof. It can withstand the pressure of any underwater activity.
  4. It also has an O-ring seal that creates a watertight seal that removes water and dust.
  5. It has a Pick N’Pluck foam that can be customized to fit your camera gear exactly how you want it. 
  6. The Pelican 1200 Case can be stored upright or flat on its side. It comes with a padded divider that protects your camera equipment from scratches when packed away.
  7. To ensures your gear is secure, the case features a double-locking latch, stainless steel padlock protectors, and a single folding front handle.


  • Lightweight, waterproof, and crushproof 
  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • Fully‑customizable interior foam padding
  • TSA approved
  • Great storage for your camera, lenses, and other accessories.
  • Available in different colors, including black, desert tan, and orange


  • A bit expensive for its size

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2. Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-On Hard Case

Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-On Hard Case

The Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-On Hard Case is a rugged, lightweight, and easy-to-use camera travel case. The 935 has been designed with features that will make your life easier while traveling or storing your camera gear.  

It’s a waterproof carry-on hard case that protects cameras, lenses, and accessories. The Nanuk 935 case makes it easy to keep all your gear safe and accessible so you can focus on what’s important.

Review Highlights:

  • The Nanuk 935 has a rugged exterior design and a 2-stage retractable pull handle, so it’s easy to carry when you’re on the go.
  • The Nanuk 935 is made of impact-resistant material to withstand accidental drops and bumps.
  • The exterior of this case is made from high-quality material, making it highly durable and water-resistant (IP67 rated), making it ideal for carrying in inclement weather conditions such as rain or snow. 
  • The Nanuk 935 features a cubed foam insert to customize it to your specific camera gear and protect it. The insert also includes a convoluted egg crate foam lid insert. Plus, its solid base layer helps keep the bottom of the bag stable.
  • The Nanuk 935 has interior padded dividers allowing you to pack multiple lenses or other accessories without falling out when the case opens up fully.
  • The Nanuk 935 is made in Canada from 100% high-quality materials, including heavy-duty nylon power claw and high-quality stainless steel hardware.
  • The Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-On Hard Case is available in 8 different colors, including black, blue, orange, red, yellow, silver, olive, and graphite.


  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof
  • Polyurethane wheels make it easy to roll and carry
  • Integrated slide locks for extra security and protection
  • Features two pad-lockable hasps for secure closure to stick your TSA locks through
  • Self-retracting, spring-operated, and strong extendable handle
  • Meets most airline carry-on regulations
  • Lifetime warranty 


  • Overly thick padding along the edges
  • Might be slightly undersized for professionals with bigger camera gear

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3. Monoprice Weatherproof Hard Case

Monoprice Weatherproof Hard Case

Monoprice is known for its high-quality, affordable hard cases for cameras. The Monoprice Weatherproof Hard Case is a perfect example of this. It’s sleek and professional-looking but also very affordable and easy to use.  

This hard case protects your camera and extra lens from dust, moisture, and other damaging elements while allowing easy access to all of the controls and ports on your camera.

It’s a perfect solution for photographers who need to protect their expensive camera gear while traveling,

Review Highlights:

  • The Monoprice Weatherproof Hard Case is a lightweight, durable hard case that protects your camera gear.
  • Designed to handle the rigors of a busy lifestyle, this protective camera case is made of a high-quality impact and ultraviolet-resistant polypropylene material that is strong enough to withstand most bumps, drops, and impacts.
  • It has an IP67 level water and dust protection rating, which means it will 100% protect your items from dust and moisture. 
  • It is suitable for dry and wet environments and can withstand depths up to 1 meter for 30 minutes without damage.
  • This hard protective travel case also features a manual pressure relief valve that allows you to slowly equalize pressure on both sides of the case without risking damage to your equipment or belongings inside.


  • Affordable camera hard case
  • Sturdy, durable, and impact-resistant
  • Fully‑customizable interior foam padding
  • Double reinforced handle for superior strength
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Great value


  • A little heavy
  • Plastic locking tabs

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4. Pelican Air 1525 Hard Case

Pelican Air 1525 Hard Case and Camera Bag

The Pelican Air 1525 Case is made with the same award-winning design that has made other Pelican camera travel cases so popular.

It’s 40% lighter than other polymer travel cases for cameras, thanks to Pelican’s lightweight HPX resin. You can trust this case to protect your gear from rough handling and harsh conditions.

Review Highlights:

  • The Pelican Air 1525 Case is a lightweight, sturdy, and durable. It features a dustproof, crushproof, watertight o-ring gasket.
  • The case is made of lightweight HPX resin and has a rubberized handle for comfort during transport.
  • The Pelican Air 1525 Case has a full-sewn tub with a flex exterior and a Velcro-compatible Nylex interior.
  • The interior includes two large dividers and six medium foam dividers that separate your gear for easy storage. 
  • It also features double-throw latches to keep the lid secure when closed and provide added security when traveling
  • The Pelican Air 1525 Case also has a front or side placement cardholder.
  • It also features an automatic purge valve that balances air pressure inside the case when you’re not using it.
  • A lifetime warranty also protects the Pelican Air 1525 Case against defects in materials or workmanship. 


  • Waterproof, crushproof, and weather-resistant
  • 20.50″ x 11.31″ x 6.75″ Interior Space
  • Lid foam and multiple dividers for easy packing
  • Great storage for your camera, lenses, and other accessories
  • Feels solid and comfortable in the hand while still being lightweight


  • Bad customer service
  • A bit expensive compared to counterparts of the same size

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Best Carrying/Rolling Travel Case For Camera Gear

5. Neewer Convertible Wheeled Camera Backpack

Neewer Convertible Wheeled Camera Backpack

The Neewer 2-in-1 Convertible Wheeled Camera Backpack is an excellent option for photographers who are in the market for a durable, compact bag that can be used both as an everyday backpack and as a carry-on travel case.

It’s also great to have around if you have to carry your camera gear through airport security.

Review Highlights:

  • The Neewer Convertible Wheeled Camera Backpack is made of durable, water-resistant nylon material. It can withstand rain or other elements without getting damaged. 
  • This bag also has an anti-shock divider system that prevents any damage to your equipment during transport. 
  • The backpack has many different compartments and storage areas. So, you’ll be able to keep all your gear organized. 
  • It also features a large front zippered pocket that can hold your 17-inch laptop or smartphone and two smaller pockets on the side of the bag for easy packing.
  • This backpack has built-in wheels, so you can easily roll it around while you’re out shooting.
  • The bag also features a hidden adjustable telescoping handle. You can set the right height according to your needs.


  • Sleek, durable design
  • Use as an everyday backpack or a rolling luggage bag
  • Multiple carrying options
  • Ample storage space with multiple pockets
  • 11 removable padded compartments 
  • Tripod straps and a rain cover are included
  • Adjustable padded straps
  • Carry-on size for most airlines


  • Wheels aren’t changeable, and some comments mention them becoming noisy after a few uses
  • Only available in black

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6. CADeN Camera Roller Bag

CADeN Camera Roller Bag in Color Black

The CADeN Camera Roller Bag is one of the best travel camera bags on the market. It is a high-quality backpack that can be used as a rolling case or an everyday backpack.

The bag features two different designs, one with wheels and one without. It is made from the highest quality materials and has many features to help you make your photography comfortable. 

Review Highlights:

  • The camera bag is made from high-quality polypropylene that will protect your equipment from scratches and water damage. 
  • The foam-padded base ensures that your equipment is well-protected during flights or transit.
  • The bag has ample storage space. It can carry one DSLR and up to four lenses, a flash unit, and other accessories. 
  • The bag has a padded detachable velcro divider that makes storing your camera accessories and personal items easy. 
  • A padded laptop sleeve is also included inside the camera bag for the convenience of carrying laptops with DSLR cameras inside a backpack. 
  • This travel camera bag has a hidden zipper design, making it easy to access the contents inside.
  • The roller backpack also features a detachable handle with a rucksack. It is strong and tough, with bar-tack reinforcement technology giving it a maximum load-bearing capacity of 50kg.


  • 1-year guarantee
  • Waterproof and scratchproof
  • Durable and affordable 
  • Wide opening for easy access to gear
  • Two-stage extendable handle
  • Large exterior zippered pocket
  • Padded, breathable, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Two external mesh pockets on the side of the bags for water bottles and a tripod


  • No side strap to secure a larger tripod

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7. AmazonBasics Large Carrying Case for GoPro

AmazonBasics Large Carrying Case for GoPro

The Amazon Basics Carrying Case is a spacious, no-nonsense pack that holds a small camera, extra batteries, and memory cards. It’s designed to store and protect things like your GoPro and accessories in a single place, making it easy to carry around. 

Review Highlights:

  • This travel camera bag features a high-quality EVA interior and foam padding with pre-cut slots. Both protect your gear from bumps and bruises and keep your equipment in place. 
  • The high-quality zipper closure keeps dust out of the case and makes it easy to access everything inside the case.
  • The case comes with a built-in strap handle that allows you to carry it comfortably over any surface.
  • The case measures 13 by 9 by 2.5 inches (L x W x H). It is large enough to hold two GoPro cameras but not so big that you’ll have trouble fitting it in your suitcase or backpack.


  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Affordable
  • Pre-cut foam interior
  • Helps organize two GoPro cameras and accessories
  • Interior mesh accessory pocket in the lid
  • Easily fits in a backpack or larger case


  • Not waterproof
  • Only available in black

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8. Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack

Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack

The Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack Trolley Case is another one of the best camera bags. It is the perfect travel companion for both professional and beginner photographers.

With its compact and lightweight design, this 2-in-1 case is ideal for your daily outdoor shooting and easy traveling

Review Highlights:

  • The Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack is made of durable, water-resistant nylon material. It can withstand rain or other elements without getting damaged. 
  • The bag has a detachable padded compartment that can hold your camera, lens, flashlight, and laptop. 
  • The main compartment features an anti-shock design. So your camera won’t get damaged even if you accidentally drop it.
  • The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and wheels for easy transportation.
  • Anti-slip bottom absorbs shock when loading and unloading. 
  • It features a pull handle that makes it easy to lift when needed. 


  • Durable and waterproof
  • Use as a backpack or rolling trolley case
  • Ample storage space with multiple pockets
  • Smooth wheels and an anti-slip bottom
  • Hidden telescoping handle
  • Tripod straps and a rain cover 
  • Appropriate carry-on size for most airlines


  • Bulky because of thick padding

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Best Holster Case For Camera Gear

9. Case Logic DCB-304 Hybrid Holster Camera Case

Case Logic DCB-304 Hybrid Holster Camera Case

The DCB-304 is one of the best camera bags for photographers who need a compact system/hybrid case. It is made of high-quality materials and quality craftsmanship. It is the ultimate camera case for your hybrid or high-zoom cameras.

Featuring a durable zipper closure, custom-molded base, and padded dividers, this shoulder bag is designed to protect your expensive camera equipment from the elements.

Review Highlights:

  • This case is designed to carry a compact system camera or a hybrid camera with a lens attached. 
  • Its compact size means that it can fit almost anywhere in your vehicle.
  • The exterior of this case is made from high-grade polyester fabric that resists wear and tear, keeping the exterior looking sharp for years to come.
  • The interior of this case features foam padding. It helps protect your camera from scratches during transport or storage.
  • Its main camera compartment space has flexible, detachable, padded walls. You can use these to make sections for storing your extra lens or accessories.
  • It features side zippered pockets and an internal slip pocket. In these pockets, you can store batteries, chargers, USB cables, AirPods, lens caps, etc.
  • This camera bag offers many holding options with an adjustable shoulder strap and an integrated belt loop. You can also remove the strap and hold the pack with its soft, padded handle.


  • Sleek, lightweight, compact design
  • Durable and cheap travel case
  • Fits most high-zoom digital cameras
  • Various zipper pockets to hold extra accessories
  • Rubber coated zipper handles for the bag’s quick and safe opening and closing
  • Multiple carrying options with detachable/adjustable shoulder strap and soft grab handle
  • Great for hiking and biking


  • Only available in black
  • Small storage capacity, cannot accommodate large cameras and lenses (think Nikon COOLPIX P900)
  • A few customers have complained of its poor shoulder straps

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10. USA GEAR Camera Holster Case

USA GEAR Camera Holster Case

USA GEAR Camera Holster Case is one of the best camera bags for DSLR cameras. This travel camera case is made of high-quality materials, which makes it very durable.

This soft case has a stylish, minimalist design, making you feel more comfortable when carrying it around your neck. 

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Review Highlights:

  • This sleeve case is made of high-quality DuraNeoprene material. It protects from minor bumps, drops, and dings. 
  • The form-fitting design of the bag makes it easy to get your camera in and out. 
  • It also has reinforced stitching along all four seams to ensure durability and strength in your gear.
  • This travel camera bag features a sturdy hook-and-loop fastener closure and an accessory pocket for storing small accessories. The pocket can hold anything from extra memory cards to batteries and cables. 
  • The camera bag has a built-in belt loop for convenient mounting on a belt or backpack strap. 
  • It’s water-resistant. The bag is not 100% waterproof, but it does protect your DSLR from rain or sweat when you’re shooting outdoors.
  • This camera holster bag is available in many patterns and fun poppable colors.


  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Foldable design, easy to carry and store
  • Provide excellent protection against low-impact bumps and scratches
  • USA Gear 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • The case does not come with a shoulder strap, so you’ll need to buy one separately.
  • Not 100% waterproof
  • Not great protection for high-impact knocks

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11. Case Logic DCB-306 SLR Camera Holster Bag

Case Logic DCB-306 SLR Camera Holster Bag

The Case Logic DCB-306 SLR Camera Holster is a comfortable, durable, and affordable way to carry your SLR and small-to-mid-size DSLR cameras.

This holster is made with high-quality material. The bag is designed to fit most SLR cameras, including the Nikon D3200 & D90 with 18-200 zoom, the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000-2500 series, and more.

Review Highlights:

  • The case is made of nylon with heavy-duty stitching that protects your equipment from scratches and abrasions.
  • The case has a padded insert that provides extra protection for your camera gear.
  • The DCB-306 features an adjustable strap that can be worn over one shoulder or across both shoulders for added comfort. 
  • This holster bag also features a belt loop, so you can attach it to your belt and carry it through airports. This case’s slim design makes it comfortable to wear, even if you’re carrying your camera for hours. 
  • The bag has multiple pockets that can be used for many different things, including storing small items like keys or SD cards. 


  • Secure fit, easy to use
  • Durable and cheap travel case
  • High-quality zippers to whip out your camera fast
  • 7.5 inches deep on the inside
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Has a belt loop for attaching the case to your belt


  • It’s not the right camera bag for you if you need to carry around a lot of gear with you in one go (e.g., extra lenses, two cameras, spare batteries, etc.)
  • Not waterproof

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Best Backpack For Camera Gear

12. CADeN Camera Backpack For Mirrorless Camera

CADeN Camera Backpack For Mirrorless Camera in color black

The CADeN Camera Backpack Bag is one of the best travel camera bags for beginners and professionals alike. It is suitable for a DSLR/SLR mirrorless camera, accessories, and lenses.

This backpack is made of high-quality material and has a large capacity. It is an excellent choice for travelers who love to take pictures on their travels.

Review Highlights:

  • CADeN Camera Backpack features customizable 7-layered inner padding. The padding is shockproof with an 18mm thickness to protect the internal camera and lenses.
  • It has a large inner section where you can place your camera, lenses, or other accessories.
  • This camera backpack offers a front zipper pocket and a stretchable side mesh pocket to hold a photography magazine and a water bottle.
  • It also offers a mesh pocket on the left side of the bag with a fixed fastening strap to firmly hold the camera tripod.
  • This CADeN Camera Backpack features two comfortable, breathable shoulder straps for a comfortable carrying experience.


  • Shockproof, dustproof, and water-resistant
  • Durable and scratch proof
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Long-lasting with reinforced stitching
  • Large capacity bag with various detachable velcro spacers to hold gears
  • Comes in different colors and sizes


  • Not great for hot climates, as it may create an unpleasant smell if warmed…yup

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13. TARION Large Capacity Camera Backpack

TARION Large Capacity Camera Backpack

This rugged travel camera bag is designed to protect your DSLR camera, lenses, and other accessories during your next adventure.

It is one of the best camera backpacks on the market. The padded interior compartment holds everything clean, while adjustable straps keep it secure.

Take this bag anywhere without fear of damage. Best of all, its lightweight design makes hiking or biking easy!

Review Highlights:

  • The TARION Large Capacity Camera Backpack features padded sections that provide ample storage space.
  • The padded compartments are detachable and safe enough to hold and protect one camera, one flash trigger, and six lenses.
  • It is a multipurpose backpack. You can remove the padded dividers and use the bag as a school or transport backpack.
  • The backpack also offers a sizeable inner laptop section to accommodate a 15-inch laptop.
  • It comes with a rain cover that provides extra protection to the gears during heavy rain.
  • The backpack has padded straps for comfort and is adjustable for length.
  • It also offers an inner net pocket with a zipper where you can place essentials like a mobile, charger, headphones, etc.


  • Dustproof, waterproof, and scratch-proof
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Have smooth dual zippers for quick access to the inside accessories.
  • Three color options; black, green, and grey


  • Non-breathable back pads reduce airflow and cause sweating in the back

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14. MOSISO Camera Backpack

MOSISO Camera Backpack Camera Bag

The MOSISO Camera Backpack is a DSLR or mirrorless camera bag with a tripod holder and a laptop compartment. It is made of thick canvas material and has padded shoulder straps.

There are several compartments in this backpack to organize your camera gear. It is the best camera bag for photographers who travel with their DSLR, mirrorless camera, and lenses.

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Review Highlights:

  • The MOSISO Camera Backpack has an outer cover made of sturdy materials with foam padding inside. In case of accidental drops, the hardshell exterior protects the bag and camera equipment.
  • It has detachable padded spacers. You can customize the interior space by making suitable compartments to accommodate cameras and other gear.
  • It offers a small secret pocket on the back where you can place valuable items like mobile phones, wallets, etc. 
  • This travel camera bag has a special pocket on the left side to hold the camera tripod. The point has a strong strap that holds the tripod firmly. 
  • The backpack also features an elastic side mesh pocket on the right side of the bag. You can use it for holding a water bottle, an umbrella, or whatever you feel is necessary (maybe some snacks or drinks).
  • There is a clip on one of the adjustable shoulder straps. You can use that clip to hang our spectacles, towels, caps, etc.


  • Waterproof, shockproof, and durable
  • Adjustable and breathable shoulder straps
  • Available in various colors
  • Several built-in pockets to secure small objects
  • Simple design, 
  • Gender-neutral 


  • Poor zipper construction
  • Heavier than other camera bags

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15. Lowepro ProTactic BP 450 AW II Camera Bag

Lowepro ProTactic BP 450 AW II Camera Bag

The Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Backpack is a great camera bag for travel. It has a versatile design and features will meet any photographer’s needs.

The bag has a large main compartment that can hold up to 15″ laptops, tablets, and cameras. It is also one of the best camera backpacks for any day trip or vacation.

Review Highlights:

  • The Lowepro ProTactic BP 450 AW Camera Bag has FormShell technology, providing excellent protection for the cameras, lenses, and other accessories. 
  • The built-in FormShell technology protects the bag in all weather with its water-resistant and dust-proof features.
  • It features customizable padded spacers in its interior. You can use the spacers to make suitable compartments for placing cameras, lenses, and other gear.
  • The backpack offers two quick-lock straps to hang different items and a pouch to hold a water bottle. The bag also offers a tripod cup to support the camera tripod.
  • It features padded, breathable, adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt for maximum comfort.
  • It also features a laptop compartment where you can easily place a 15-inch laptop. Read our Lowepro Freeline BP 350 AW review to understand the brand’s quality.


  • Large space capacity
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof
  • Quick access to camera and other gears with smooth dual zippers
  • Excellent build quality


  • Quite rugged construction makes it a bit heavier and uncomfortable to carry

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16. TARION Pro Camera Backpack

TARION Pro Camera Backpack Camera Bag

With the TARION Pro Camera Backpack, you can easily carry your camera and accessories. This travel camera bag is made from high-quality material that allows it to withstand heavy-duty use and endure the test of traveling around the world.

The bag is also waterproof and dustproof to ensure that your camera remains safe during any weather conditions.

Review Highlights:

  • TARION Pro camera bag is made of high-quality nylon material, which protects your camera gear in all kinds of weather.
  • It has padded dividers. You can use them to customize the inner space and make separate sections to place your valuable camera gear.
  • It has a large inner capacity and can hold one DSLR camera, one camera flash, and five lenses.
  • It also features a side pocket with a strap to easily fit the camera tripod. 
  • The bag has a lot of handy pockets to help you organize your travel accessories. You can use them to hold batteries, data cables, cards, and other items. 
  • The bag also features secret pockets to store valuable items like your wallet and mobile phone.
  • This is a highly versatile bag as it can be used for travel or outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, or photography.


  • Shockproof and water-resistant
  • Anti-tear nylon and polyester fabrics
  • All-weather protection with a waterproof rain cover
  • Secured and well-padded
  • Dual zippers for easy access
  • Decent design with a rubber bottom


  • Become a bit heavier to carry after storing camera gear 
  • Unstable velcro dividers

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Best Shoulder/Messenger Bag

17. AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera Bag

AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera Bag

AmazonBasics’ large camera bag provides your DSLR cameras with the best protection. This travel camera bag is a versatile, affordable solution to help protect your valuable gear and make your hands-on shooting experience as smooth as possible.

Review Highlights:

  • This travel camera bag is made of high-quality polyester that protects the DSLR camera and other accessories
  • The bag offers enough space to hold a DSLR camera, a flash, and a lens.
  • The black camera bag offers two interior color options (grey and orange). You can choose any interior color that fascinates you.
  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap supported by metal clips and a padded handle for easy transportation.  
  • Two plastic buckles support its upper flap for more security when carrying. 
  • It also features two straps on its bottom to hold a camera tripod, so you do not need to carry them separately.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Cheap travel case
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • Large capacity bag
  • Available in both medium and large sizes


  • Low-quality front zipper compartment
  • With every step, the straps squeak loudly

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18. FOSOTO Waterproof Anti-shock Camera Case Bag

FOSOTO Waterproof Anti-shock Camera Case Bag

Designed to carry your camera and lenses in a bag safely, the FOSOTO waterproof anti-shock camera bag is made with high-quality material that will provide years of rugged use. This camera bag for travel protects all your camera gear from dust, water, and minor shocks.

Review Highlights:

  • It is a two-way carrying bag with an adaptable shoulder strap and a padded handle on the top. The shoulder strap is detachable; you can remove and hold the bag by its handle.
  • This travel camera bag has two customizable padded spacers to secure rooms and hold cameras and lenses in their places. 
  • The bag has a rain cover that protects the camera and accessories during heavy rain. You can fold the rain cover and hang it on the shoulder strap loop when unused.
  • It provides a top zipper compartment to place essential items like chargers, USB cables, etc.
  • There is a small zipper pocket on its shoulder strap. You can place your mobile phones, essential cards, and tickets in that pocket for safety and quick access. 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable and shockproof
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • High-quality zippers and adjustable compartments
  • Long-lasting nylon material


  • Not a good camera bag for photographers with giant camera gear
  • Not ideal for high-impact shocks

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19. Lowepro Adventura SH 110 II Camera Shoulder Bag

Lowepro Adventura SH 110 II Camera Shoulder Bag

For ultimate protection, you need travel camera bags that are built for severe conditions. The Adventura SH 110 II from Lowepro is tough enough to handle anything, from packed tours to backdrops and all-day trips.

Lightweight and durable, this shoulder bag is designed to hold up to your camera, lenses, and accessories.

Review Highlights:

  • The bag is made of high-quality materials that will last for many years. Its design is ergonomic, comfortable, and functional. It features an adjustable strap that lets you choose how long it hangs from your shoulder.
  • The bag has a padded handle, making it easy to carry even when walking or running with it. 
  • The bag’s rain flap is held in place by two plastic buckles, which keep it from flapping open.
  • This travel camera bag also offers a zippered pocket under the protective rain flap of your bag. You can use this pocket to place your keys and other essentials while traveling or working outdoors.


  • Durable and hard-wearing camera bag
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Shockproof, dustproof, water-resistant
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Built-in belt loop for great carrying experience
  • Waterproof protective flap


  • Smaller in size

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20. CADeN Compact Camera Shoulder Bag

CADeN Compact Camera Shoulder Bag in color Black

The CADEN Compact Shoulder Bag is a versatile carrying case for your camera and lenses. This is one of the best shoulder bags for carrying your DSLR camera and other accessories on your daily adventures.

It is one of the best camera bags for carrying your small camera and accessories because it’s durable, easy to use, and functional.

Review Highlights:

  • The CADeN Compact Camera Shoulder Bag is made of 600D waterproof nylon fabric to protect your camera gear. 
  • The camera bag also features smooth alloy zippers that make accessing your gear on the go easy. 
  • The bag’s detachable interior compartments are adjustable and removable. Thus, the bag can also be used as a casual shoulder bag.
  • The bag has a padded shoulder strap that you can adjust to fit your body. 
  • It offers a padded soft carry handle on its upper side, allowing you to hold the bag in one hand comfortably.
  • It also features three pockets, one large pocket on the front, and two side pockets for holding accessories like memory cards or batteries.
  • The bag features 18mm thick padded dividers. These dividers hold the camera and lenses in their places and prevent collisions.


  • Water-resistant and scratch-proof fabric material
  • Durable and long-running with tough reinforced stitching
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Comfortable, sweat-absorbent handle and strap


  • Lower capacity compared to other camera bags

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