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Best Travel Insurance for the Netherlands: 10 Top Plans

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Many travelers still don’t realize the significant value travel insurance offers. Maybe it’s a devil-may-care attitude that “nothing will happen to me.” More likely, it’s because there’s a dizzying array of options and people just don’t know what to choose.

Travel coverage for the Netherlands and other locations in the Schengen area is a great idea if you’re visiting from overseas. Whether traveling to the Netherlands to visit family or for business or fun, insurance provides a safety net for what-if accidents and sufficient funds to cover them.

Why is Travel Insurance Important for the Netherlands?

When you’re building out your Amsterdam packing list, you’ve likely dug out your luggage, folding your clothes, and sorted out what you need in terms of travel credit cards and electronics. But don’t forget to consider the pros and cons of travel insurance. It’s a good idea to pick out a solid plan before you head out on your journey.

When traveling to Amsterdam from the U.S., some visitors find out that domestic health coverage plans fail to address temporary stays outside of the country. This is one reason why insurance is so critical as a safety net when traveling.

This is not to say that the Netherlands is inherently dangerous; in fact, the Netherlands is about as safe as a country can be. But the nature of travel itself is fraught with potential mishaps that could be soothed with travel insurance.

The world of personal insurance has come a long way since the early days of filling out a paper application at the airport before leaving on a plane. While insurance is easier to acquire now than earlier, choosing what is right for you can be much more complicated.

Types of Travel Insurance

As a general rule, the more expensive the travel insurance for the Netherlands, the more benefits tend to be included. But obviously, it’s not always that simple.

Ideally, an insurance policy for traveling to the Netherlands from the United States should always have a couple of specifics included, regardless of who provides it:

  • The travel coverage to the Netherlands applies before your visit begins (unless retroactive coverage occurs – regardless, it’s amazing how many folks get caught out by this).
  • The coverage protects you in the specific locations you’re visiting for the duration of the trip.
  • The coverage provides financial support for emergency medical treatment, stabilization, and help with arranging return travel with medical assistance if needed.

Considerations When Buying Insurance

  • Most plans don’t necessarily offer renters insurance as standard personal belongings protection.
  • COVID-19 rules may still require a negative Netherlands PCR test 48 hours before physically arriving in the country. Some travel insurance plans fail to address this detail and won’t cover this if your trip is canceled.
  • Local laws change periodically, and keep an eye on the local weather and news – this could influence your choices and what insurance companies charge.

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Best Insurance Providers for the Netherlands

Now, with all of that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our top resources for travel insurance to the Netherlands:

1. VisitorsCoverage

VisitorsCoverage Review Homepage
VisitorsCoverage / VisitorsCoverage

VisitorsCoverage is a primary example of the insurtech evolution of the insurance industry today. It comes with comprehensive versus limited medical coverage protection.

VisitorsCoverage also gives customers a choice between the extent of plans bought, allowing visitors to match coverage for what is needed versus overpaying for an expensive plan. Crucial items include medical emergency help, trip reservation cancelation, and the cost of adjusting for travel disruption. That coverage includes specific travel doctor Amsterdam services and stays in a hospital as well.

More importantly, pre-existing conditions are covered, as is mental health. VisitorsCoverage also maintains 24/7 support with live personnel, not bots or automated scripts, which is great when you need them.

The combination of prices helps make the VisitorsCoverage option an ideal and powerful choice for the savvy tourist.


  • Exceptional response in service for medical coverage
  • Competitive pricing and broad coverage
  • Applicable for individual or group travel


  • Variation in plan coverage performance depending on the broker

2. Website

Remember when I was talking about there being too many options to choose from? And then, I built you a list of options to choose from; ain’t I a stinker?

I get it, I’ve contributed to the problem, so try out something like first, before you dive in. This site works as a consolidator and broker of multiple plans, comparing available plans for which is best for you and your Netherlands trip. You’ll probably find a few of the companies I mention below, too! is best for budget-sensitive trips with quick comparisons. However, you’ll deal with a second party for coverage and claims after purchase.


  • 24/7 support
  • Simple plan explanations
  • Helpful travel advice


  • Not a direct provider (broker instead)
  • No help in claim filing in other countries

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3. SafetyWing

Safetywing Homepage
SafetyWing / SafetyWing

Designed as an affordable plan for digital nomads and young people on a budget, SafetyWing helps those who otherwise might be priced out of a traditional travel insurance plan have viable protection for a trip to the Netherlands, or anywhere for that matter. Their packages include help with surprise medical costs, canceled trips, lost luggage, and similar standard protections young people can benefit from the same as older travelers.

Every interaction with SafetyWing I’ve ever had has been seamless. You can reach out online, and they’re backed up with a 24/7 support system. You can reach SafetyWing online, file a claim, and more. Policies cover holidays in a rush retroactively.


  • Great for budget-sensitive travel but still offers comprehensive protection
  • Awesome customer service


  • Involves a subscription that requires cancellation to stop cost charges

4. AIG TravelGuard

Website Landing Page of AIG Travel Guard
AIG TravelGuard / AIG TravelGuard

AIG has been a traditional insurance standard for medical and property coverage; you’ve probably heard of them before. They also provide extensive travel insurance, including packages with everything from medevac exit to rental car damage help.

AIG TravelGuard is offered in 5 packages, providing choices from premium protection to basic. It also provides flexibility with travel document needs for claims. They’re a reliable option and a solid choice if traveling to the Netherlands, if a little spendy if you’re after extensive coverage.


  • High limit on travel evacuation cost
  • Includes a waiver for pre-existing conditions
  • Various add-on options


  • High cost for premium coverage
  • Many upgrades don’t last the entire trip

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5. IMG Global

IMG Travel Insurance Webpage
IMG Global / IMG Global

IMG is another heavyweight in the travel insurance game that you may have heard of. The company is best known for having an extensive list of allowable reasons for trip cancelation protection. It also offers plans up to 180 days, which is relatively rare in the industry.

Providing comprehensive and streamlined tourist plans, IMG Global offers packages for any land-based trips or Dutch canal cruises you may have planned, with coverage options for family groups or individuals as needed.


  • Lots of standard cancelation reasons allowed
  • Broader protection in premium plans
  • Customized medical protection


  • General cancelation coverage is an upgrade only
  • Coverage performance has been spotty

6. Allianz

Allianz Travel Insurance Homepage
Allianz Travel Insurance / Allianz Travel Insurance

Emphasizing the importance of communication, Allianz has 24/7 customer service, and customers signed up for its travel coverage plan can benefit from an approved network of medical providers, extensive travel accident coverage, lost baggage coverage, and coverage for disrupted travel schedules or delays.

They’re not too expensive either. Allianze offers limited travel coverage for discounted pricing and comprehensive coverage at full-value choices. With ten different general plans to choose from, Allianz has tailored packages for business travelers and offers rental car protection too.


  • Specialization for business and frequent trips
  • Unique property coverage provided
  • Flexible plans options
  • Decent customer service


  • Basic plans are more expensive than the competition
  • Adventure coverage is an upgrade

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7. John Hancock Travel

John Hancock Travel Homepage
John Hancock Travel / John Hancock Travel

Distinguishing its program by name, John Hancock Trip Assistance, this unique insurance company emphasizes cancellation coverage, providing help for any reason versus just specific cancellation instances like you’ll find with most insurance firms.

The JH Trip Assistance package also provides great luggage protection, emergency medical help, 24/7 support, cancel or interruption protection for travel schedules, and emergency evacuation.


  • Up to $2,500 for lost bags
  • High medical evacuation cost protection
  • Travel delay protection kicks in after 3 hours


  • Higher cost plan versus other companies

8. AXA

AXA Assistance USA Website

AXA customers can be covered with a comprehensive package or a basic program that still delivers up to $100,000 in medical help and five times that much for evacuation.

There is also $50,000 in property loss and travel change/cancellation coverage. Baggage loss coverage, however, is okay, but at only $1,500 in protection, it’s better for solo travelers.


  • Upgradeable protection limits to unlimited cancellation
  • Missed connections help, but they are limited to cruises and land tours
  • Interestingly, lost rental equipment has protection as well


  • There is a 12-hour delay before schedule delay protection and baggage loss apply.

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9. SquareMouth

SquareMouth Homepage
SquareMouth / SquareMouth

Definitely standing out with its odd name, SquareMouth Travel Insurance is another consolidator that provides travelers with a list of comprehensive plans. It doesn’t offer its own coverage; customers will, ultimately, end up working with another company.

But I like the company for its easy-to-use site and the way it breaks down its findings. They also work with some of the top names in the industry.


  • The site is easy to use
  • Allows one to compare policies
  • Quick multi-quote review possible


  • Newer company with fewer reviews
  • Customer hotline is only 8 am to 10 pm ET
  • Not a direct provider

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10. World Nomads

Home page of World Nomads
World Nomads / World Nomads

World Nomads, provides both trip and medical help coverage for travelers, in addition to 24/7 support. More importantly, their policy is specifically viable for digital nomads, solo travelers, adventure-type activities, and higher-risk engagements off the typical tourism track.

Whether it’s boat races or the Tour de France, World Nomads provides top protection at a decent price. Customers (like us) have consistently praised the company for smooth response and management of claims filed, with minimal delays, which people who dislike dealing with insurance companies can appreciate.


  • One of the most flexible plans for adventure travel
  • 24/7 support
  • You can add on more coverage mid-trip


  • No pre-existing issue coverage
  • No coverage for travelers aged 70+
  • No general cancellation

Step-by-Step Guide for the Claim Process

  1. You want to connect with your provider online or by phone, so make sure you have a means of doing that. This simple step ahead of time will save a lot of trouble later instead of navigating a new country’s local phone systems or borrowing access to a foreign computer. 
  2. If you, your children, or someone else covered on the same plan is hurt, your top priority is to get help first, then worry about the claim. The same can be said for any serious issue; get safe and stabilized before worrying about filing your claim.
  3. Once you’re stabilized, collect and collate any relevant information that may help your claim. The more info you can provide to the firm, the more likely you’ll see a speedy resolution.
  4. File your claim with your insurance provider with as much information as possible. Make sure you obtain things like medical records and contacts or lost baggage receipts. These details go to your insurance provider as these contacts will be who they need to settle financial obligations. Reserve the right to add more issues such as lodging, property loss of personal belongings, trip cancelation, and travel changes after finding the time to detail them.
  5. Try to have all the emergency services documentation emailed to your email address that you can access on your phone or texted to your phone number. Both will help ensure you have the necessary records from the same emergency services later.
  6. Maintain contact with your provider’s assigned adjuster as your claim progresses. Especially with medical care, additional costs may occur with prescriptions, possible medical equipment, and potential medical help for transport home and emergency services.
  7. Do not close out your claim until you are sure your expenses and related support for recovery have been fully addressed! At the end of the day, insurance companies succeed on the principle of not paying out!

Considerations When Filing a Traven Insurance Claim in the Netherlands

Phone Service

Your standard phone network from the U.S. or any other non-EU country may not work in other countries like the Netherlands. Double-check with your provider, and find a replacement if your phone isn’t going to work in the Netherlands.

Payment Tools

Anticipate that some Netherlands medical costs may need to be paid immediately and reimbursed after the fact by your claim. So, regardless of having your country travel coverage in the Netherlands, you will still need a viable payment tool (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX). A credit card pre-authorized to work in Europe is smart.

Contacts, Cash, and Documents

Have a contact list in your baggage for emergency scenarios. Include the names and contact info of anyone on your trip, as well as folks back home to contact in emergencies, as well as the info for any booking sites and, of course, your insurer.

Pack a stash of a couple hundred Euros in your suitcase. Cash helps if your wallet disappears.

Keep extra photocopies of your travel documents and passport. If you lose your passport, extra copies of travel documents will come in handy. A new passport or identity card takes a while to obtain.

Obey the Law and Dutch Authorities

This should be obvious, but obey the law and stay out of trouble. If insurance companies get a whiff of you doing anything shady like illegal drugs or getting into trouble with local authorities when you’re filing a claim, they’ll cut you loose.

Planning Makes Things Work!

The best way to visit family or see the Netherlands is when everything works, even for citizens. However, having a safety net ready to go anyways is always smart. Get insured.


Is there universal health coverage for anyone in the Netherlands?

In short, no. Those who live and work in the country must buy health insurance by local law (a pittance compared to the cost of U.S. health insurance).

There is no automatic health coverage for visitors or tourists. Additionally, even local citizens must receive regulated approval before accessing a specialist versus a general medical provider.

Is cancelation for any reason standard in most travel insurance plans?

No. The majority of plans only offer trip cancelation for specific reasons. However, with an added cost upgrade, many offer general cancelation protection.

Does my coverage end as soon as I return to the U.S.?

No, in most cases, your plan abroad lasts the duration of your trip, from when you leave your home address to when you return, assuming a short travel window. If you need coverage for extended travel, obtain an extended trip insurance plan instead of short-term travel.

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