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6 Best Travel Kettles: Portable Options for Trips

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If you travel often and are an avid tea or coffee drinker, a travel kettle can be handy, but only if you have the best one. If you plan to buy one, here is a list of the top options available.

If you’re an avid coffee or tea drinker, you’d want your caffeine rush early in the morning, even when on vacation. Heading out to buy a cuppa every time your body craves caffeine will be hefty on your wallet. 

That’s why you need to get your hands on a travel water kettle. A portable water boiler in your luggage means instant tea, coffee, noodles, and warm water whenever and wherever you need it.  

However, if you’re confused about the best travel hot water kettle, I’ll discuss some options in this guide. Plus, I’ll drop some tips to help you choose among all the travel electric tea kettles you’ve shortlisted. 

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Best Portable Kettles for Travel

During the holiday season, you’ll find yourself on your favorite sites for booking tours. However, before you finalize a trip, ensure you have a suitable portable tea kettle. 

Best Kettle Bottle: Sekaer Travel Electric Kettle with 4 Variable Presets

Sekaer Travel Electric Kettle with 4 Variable Presets
Sekaer / Amazon

Why let a bottle take up extra space in your travel luggage when you can get a kettle cum water bottle? The Sekaer Travel Electric Kettle with 4 Variable Presets has a superior quality food-grade build to ensure healthy usage. 

You can use this Sekaer Travel Electric Kettle with 4 Variable Presets as a water bottle when you’re not using it to boil water. Its functionality is just as awesome as a bottle as a travel electric kettle. It will keep the water hot for a whole day and cold for two days. 

Moreover, a silicone rubber covers each lid to prevent leakage, which is imperative while traveling. Due to the stainless steel construction, the travel kettle does not have a plastic smell in the boiled water. 

Interestingly, it has a microbiology design. Therefore, it stops boiling once the water has reached the right temperature, keeping your hands safe from scalding. 

However, you must remove the cap before boiling, as the hot water or steam may lift the lid. It would have been the perfect addition to every hitchhiker’s travel backpack if it were a USB kettle. 


  • Silicone rubber prevents leakage 
  • Can be used as a water bottle
  • Keeps water hot for 24 hours 


  • Does not support dual-voltage 

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Best Stainless Steel: Eglaf Portable Electric Kettle

Eglaf Portable Electric Kettle in color blue
Eglaf / Amazon

The Eglaf electric travel kettle has a capacity of 500ml, which is sufficient for making tea, coffee, or boiling eggs. Since this portable kettle is made of stainless steel, there’s no question of durability or longevity.

Not a single plastic component of the kettle comes in direct contact with water. Thus, the water does not taste weird or have a plastic smell. 

Additionally, the kettle has a large opening with a four-inch diameter, making it very easy to clean. Also, when storing this traveling kettle, you can remove the handle, base, and cord.

As for ease of use, the appliance only has one button. You have to press it to turn the kettle on and off. Thanks to the 110V and 800Watts, boiling water doesn’t take long. 

The Auto Shut Off feature turns the travel water boiler off when the water has heated sufficiently. 


  • No plastic contamination
  • Large opening for easy cleanup
  • Auto Shut Off for safe usage 


  • Lesser capacity than average travel tea kettles 

Best Capacity: AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Kettle 

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Kettle 
Amazon Basics / Amazon

If traveling with family or a larger group, you’ll need a high-capacity travel water heater. The AmazonBasics travel electric tea kettle can boil up to a liter of water in a few minutes.

Owing to the 1500 watts of power, it works much better than a mini travel electric kettle. Moreover, it has a 30-inch cord that makes placement a breeze. Since the jug is cordless, you can easily fill water and serve hot beverages. 

Once it’s time for packing, the cord can be folded for convenient storage.  The heating element of this kettle is concealed at the bottom. Plus, the BPA-free build makes it safe for your family. 

If you use the kettle consistently, remove the removable filter for cleaning. During traveling, there’s more going on inside your head than keeping track of the water’s progress in the kettle. Worry not; this travel hot water maker has an Automatic Shut Off functionality to give you total peace of mind. 


  • Has a long cord
  • Cordless jug
  • Higher power than the average travel kettles
  • BPA-free build 


  • Rusts at the bottom
  • The body gets hot due to a lack of insulation 

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Best Collapsible Kettle: D&D Foldable Ultrathin Upgraded Electric Kettle

D&D Foldable Ultrathin Upgraded Electric Kettle
D&D / Amazon

Before going into detail about the kettle’s features or functionality, let me inform you that it comes with a one-year warranty. An extended warranty is something I find quite reassuring since it shows me the company’s confidence in its product. 

This D&D Foldable Kettle has a Rapid Boil feature that lets you boil up to 600ml of water in a few minutes. Plus, the Auto Keep Warm functionality keeps the water warm for a long time. If the kettle’s default 110-120V is not suitable, you can switch up the dual voltage feature from the kettle base to get 220-240V. 

When packing your travel backpack, you can detach the cord and handle from the main unit. Therefore, the kettle easily fits even in smaller bags and pockets. It also has a food-grade silicone build, making it safe for use. 


  • Supports dual voltage
  • Is collapsible
  • Keeps water warm for an extended period 


  • Takes too long to heat
  • The pot needs to be held from the base while pouring, or it collapses 

Best for Car: Uniox Car Cigarette Lighter DC12V Electric Kettle

Uniox Car Cigarette Lighter DC12V Electric Kettle Boil Water Heating
Uniox / Amazon

If you don’t have the budget for international travel, why not visit some unknown places in the US this year? And when you do so, take this Uniox travel-size electric tea kettle along. 

Firstly, there are two power settings for this kettle. You can set it to 80 watts or 120 watts, as required. Secondly, it is made of food-grade silicone and stainless steel, thus safe for usage. 

Moreover, this mini electric kettle for travelers has an insulated body. So, you won’t accidentally burn yourself while driving, nor would you need a mitten to pour water from the travel jug. 

The LED display is another feature that makes this portable water kettle cool. It shows the temperature settings, allowing you to monitor the water’s progress. 

Since it’s a mini travel kettle, it has a capacity of just 348ml. However, even this is enough for making coffee for two or preparing baby formula on the road. 


  • Fits in the drink holder of larger vehicles
  • Insulated body
  • Dual power settings
  • Food-grade construction


  • E7 error code frequently occurs during temperature customization
  • Not very long-lasting 

Most Quiet: BonNoces Portable Electric Kettle 

BonNoces Portable Electric Stainless Steel Travel Kettle
BonNoces / Amazon

A common issue with some travel hot pots is the plastic interior. It leaves an undesirable taste in water and food.

However, the NonNoces electric kettle for travel has a food-grade stainless steel construction to eliminate this concern. The cool-touch exterior is insulted to keep you safe from getting burnt. Also, the ergonomic handle lets you pour hot water without getting too close to the jug. 

Whether it’s for cleaning or storage, you can separate the base from the kettle’s body with a simple twist.  Since the portable electric kettle has a large opening and a detachable cover, cleanup is not a problem. The seamless interior lets you fill the jug with water in seconds. 

Besides performance, the kettle also offers unmatched protection. It has an Automatic Shut Off feature that stops operation when the water has boiled. 

While most other kettles produce loud wheezing while working, the BonNoces small electric travel kettle is almost noiseless due to its precision design.


  • Ergonomic handle and insulated exterior
  • Shuts off automatically 
  • Is almost noiseless
  • Detachable cover for easy cleaning


  • Takes up a lot of room in the luggage 

Best Travel Kettle Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Travel Tea Kettle?

As clear from the reviews above, there are many types of travel kettles that you can get for your next trip. However, before you purchase any of them, you must consider if they will satisfy your needs. 

Here are some factors to help you determine that. 


First and foremost, you must consider the material used for making a travel hot pot. In most cases, manufacturers use stainless steel. It’s a popular choice for multiple reasons. First, it does not leave a plastic taste in the water.

Second, it’s more durable than other materials. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, invest in a plastic travel-size electric kettle. If you can handle fancy things without breaking them on your first trip, consider looking at glass kettles, too. 


Are you a solo traveler, or do you travel with friends? The larger the party of travelers, the bigger the kettle should be.  Travel kettles are usually small on average since they must be compact for easy storage. 

You’ll hardly find a travel water heater kettle with a capacity of over one liter. The smallest electric kettle for travel on my list has a 348ml capacity. Another viable option is the Sekaer Travel Electric Kettle with 4 Variable Presets. Along with being bifunctional, it’s small enough to fit in your travel purse


Although it might seem like a must-have feature, not all kettles are insulated. Adding insulation increases the cost. Thus, manufacturers often skip this additional feature. 

However, getting a travel teapot electric with an insulated exterior is best if you’re a bit clumsy or want to be super-safe while traveling.  


A dual-voltage travel kettle typically works in two settings: 110-120V and 220-240V. Such kettles are suitable for international travel, making them a great gift for international travelers. However, a single-voltage kettle will do just fine if you only travel in the US or take occasional road trips

When buying a travel kettle electric, make sure that it doesn’t consume a lot of power. Since you may not have easy access to a power plug with high output during traveling, getting a kettle with lower power consumption is best. 


The obvious feature of a travel kettle is its smaller size. However, some newer models have additional features to enhance portability and storage. 

For instance, some kettles have detachable bases and handles, making packing them in your luggage easier.  If you have limited room in your bag, consider getting a collapsible tea kettle, as it’s the easiest to store. 

Safety Features 

Most importantly, a travel kettle should have an Auto Shut Off feature. In case you forget to turn off the kettle, you should do so to prevent accidents. Also, this feature allows you to do other things while the water boils. 

Besides reducing your expenditure on the caffeine fix, it also frees you from the worry of finding hotel rooms with kettles.  Hopefully, you will find the best travel kettle for your requirements in this guide. You can wake up with a fresh caffeinated start on your next vacation


How Often Should I Clean My Travel Kettle?

Ideally, it would be best if you cleaned your kettle after every use. However, if you only use it to boil water, you can clean the filter after every trip. 

How to Store a Small Electric Kettle for Travel?

Look for a kettle that’s either collapsible or has detachable parts. Remove the lid, base, and cord from the central unit. Store them in separate compartments or smaller pockets of your bag. 

Then, keep the central unit in the bigger pocket of your luggage and cover it with clothes to prevent physical damage during the journey. 

What is the Best Travel Electric Bottle for RVing?

If you need a travel kettle for your RV, it should be compact enough to fit in the kitchen area. Also, it must either be powered by a cigarette lighter or a USB for comfortable usage. 

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