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13 Ways To Make Travel Less Stressful

13 Ways To Make Travel Less Stressful

Searching for the best ways to make travel less stressful? There are a number of ways that traveling can become an easy, painless experience, but only if you know what everybody else seems to already know. If you feel like you’re the last one to know something, then these travel tips are especially for you!

These are the little tips and tricks that we’ve discovered with our travels over the years that have made life easier and now they’ve been put into this one handy article – just for you!

TravelTipsBW : 13 Ways To Make Travel Less Stressful

13 Ways To Make Travel Less Stressful:

#1. Roll Up Your Clothes

We’re always in the habit of folding our clothing to put them into drawers and that translates into the suitcase of the duffel bag. If you roll up your clothes, they’ll actually take up less space in your travel bag and they’ll compress a lot better. As an added benefit, it’s a lot easier to re-pack your stuff if you run into a cranky TSA agent that tears your suitcase apart.

#2. Use Shower Caps

When you’ve got dirty shoes that need to be packed, do you wrap them up in plastic bags? Shower caps are a better option because they can fit over the bottom of your shoes and prevent the dirt or debris from spreading to your clean clothes or souvenirs.

#3. Pack Your Dryer Sheets

There’s something about a journey that causes clothes to smell… less than fresh, we’ll say. By using those fabric sheets that normally go into a dryer, you can keep your clothes smelling fresher on a long road trip or when your clothing is exposed to no pressure at 34,000 feet. Use one on the bottom and one at the top for the best results of any bag.

#4. Bring a Bag of Buttons

One of the worst feelings you can have on a trip is to lose a favorite pair of earrings during the traveling process. If you pack a bag of buttons, you’ll be able to keep your earrings a lot more organized! Fit the earring through the button hole, match it up with its pair, and then affix them as you would to your ear or let them hang naturally – either method works a lot better than stashing them into a contact case or travel bag.

#5. Double Up Your Exercise

If you’re taking a long trip and jet lag is going to be a problem, then double up the amount of exercise you normally do the day before your journey. It’ll help get you into the next time zone without as many problems as if you just flew the journey straight.

#6. Got Straws?

If you plan on packing necklaces, then plan on bringing straws as well. If you connect the necklace through a normal drinking straw, it’ll prevent the chain from kinking up on you during the traveling process.

#7. Keep Your Old Medicine Bottles

Whether you have kids that like to get into stuff or you just need to take some things along that won’t get lost, medicine bottles are the perfect way to transport your items. Make sure to remove the prescription label from the bottle before doing this so you don’t expose yourself to potential identity theft. Then make sure you can find a kid because they seem to be the only ones who can get those bottles open.

#8. Painter’s Tape Is Versatile

A lot of people like using masking tape or duct tape to secure items for a journey, but painter’s tape is our item of choice to secure items. It keeps things fastened and won’t leave the residue like the other tapes will. It’s easier to remove as well and sometimes is even cheaper.

#9. When In Doubt, Use UPS

After a long road trip without a washing machine in sight, it became necessary to add new clean clothes to the mix. What do you do with the old dirty clothes? Mail them inside a $2 box and ship them via USPS for $13.95. The box got there the same day we got home and we didn’t have to smell the dirty clothes anymore. Our mailman, however, hasn’t spoken to us in 6 months.

#10. Donate Away

Do you have a pile of shirts that you just don’t wear anymore and need to get rid of them? If there is a washing machine somewhere on your journey, then wear the old clothes when you travel and pack the good ones for when you get there. Wash the old ones and then donate them at your destination to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, or another non-profit.

#11. Pick the TSA Line Without Kids

With four preschoolers, we can vouch for how difficult getting through security can be. Don’t get in the line that has a bunch of kids in it because of you… will… be… waiting…. there…. forever.

#12. Skip the Hotels

There are a number of great options that are the same price or less than a hotel when you’ve got a destination trip planned. Short stay apartments give you all the amenities of home and many complexes have a pool, a gym, free WiFi, and security on site so you and the fam can be safe. If you’re traveling solo, there are ways to surf on people’s couches.

Even staying in the car and hitting up the travel plaza showers can save you a ton of cash if you need a holiday on a budget.

#13. Eat Vegetarian

Forget all that processed meat when you travel. Take the vegetarian option for meals on airplanes, trains, or other forms of long-distance travel for healthier, fresher food. If vegetarian isn’t on the menu, go for something Asian instead.

Bonus Tip: Always Look Before You Leave

It’s easy to get distracted and leave something behind. From pillows at a hotel to comic books at a Cinnabon, it’s not difficult to forget you’ve purchased something after you set it down and have someone ask you a question right after you’ve done it.

That includes your suitcases! Try to get into the habit of always looking around your chairs, table, the cashier station, shopping cart, or wherever else you might be to make sure everything you brought in comes out with you.

What do you do to make travel less stressful? Share your tips below and you might see them in a future article!

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Really good and useful post! Definitely agree with skipping hotels- its so fun to stay in other types of accommodation :) Olivia,