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14 Best Gift for Travel Agents to Buy

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Travel agents lead busy lives and hardly get what they deserve in commissions. If you know a travel agent in your friends and family, here’s a list of gifts you can give them, perfect for any occasion.

When planning local trips or booking foreign tours and excursions, everyone wants to get their hands on the cheapest tickets. Unfortunately, while online flight booking sites have become attractive options for travelers worldwide, some of them are scams or are riddled with fine print trickery.

In such situations, travel agents are the safest way for travelers to acquire good deals on local and foreign tours. These superheroes scrounge through endless airline, lodging, and tourist offerings to find suitable options that meet your budgets and needs.

If you know a hardworking travel agent who makes life easier for you, why not extend a token of appreciation? This list of gifts for travel agents will help you get gift ideas for travel agents from your friends, family, or professional acquaintances.

Best Travel Agent Gift Ideas by Category

Category Product
For Office Desk Business Card Holder
For Moving Around Multipurpose Traveling Backpack
For Organization Business Portfolio Organizer
For Decoration Cute Globe Office Table Ornament

Best Gifts for Travel Agents

Usually, we think of travel agents as busy individuals who spend most of their time glued to their computer screens. However, that’s not always the case.

The life of a travel agent involves many other aspects, such as pitching clients, attending promotional events, and creating healthy relationships with airline representatives.

This means there are many products you can get that they’ll use in their everyday lives. So, whether you’re looking for Christmas, birthday, or graduation gifts for travel agents, this list has a variety of options for you to choose from.

Business Card Holder

Padike business name card holder for professionals on the go, showcasing sleek design and functionality for organized networking. Ideal for travel agents and business executives.

This is the ultimate gift idea if you know a travel agent who whips out his business card to every potential customer. Developing good business relations is perhaps the most essential part of a travel agent’s job, and this business card holder from Padlike can help him achieve that.

Made from high-quality PU leather and stainless steel, the case can hold an entire stack of business cards. This way, your travel agent friend can carry them in style without their cards getting dog-eared.

The holder has an elegant, lightweight design that fits both on-table storage and in-pocket carrying. I also feature numerous interior pockets that can hold different cards without mixing them up.

The best part is you can even get your friend’s name engraved on this cardholder if you’re looking for a useful and chic personalized travel agent gift ideas.

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Multipurpose Traveling Backpack

Tzowla multipurpose traveling backpack

One thing all travel agents share with their clients and prospects is the love for traveling – heck that’s why most of them become travel agents! This multipurpose traveling backpack by Tzowla is one of the best items for a frequent traveler.

With numerous storage compartments and various accessibility features, this backpack is easily one of the best gift ideas for travel agents.

Its anti-theft design has durable, concealed metal zippers to protect valuables effectively. Similarly, it has an in-built USB cable to help you recharge your devices and listen to music during travel.

Most importantly, it is constructed with a robust, anti-slash padded polyester fabric with a widened shoulder strap. This ensures the bag carries all the weight efficiently without digging into your shoulders.

These backpacks are great travel agent gifts featuring separate compartments for laptops, water bottles, and multiple divider pockets for small documents, pens, and notebooks.

This way, your friend can carry all the essentials for work onto the plane and not worry about someone cutting their bag open once they get off.

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Business Portfolio Organizer

COSSINI Premium Portfolio Organizer

If you’re looking for sophisticated gifts for travel agents that they’ll use, go for this professional business portfolio organizer from Cossini. Constructed with a premium leather exterior featuring many interior pockets, the organizer will make life easier for your friend.

Instead of having a messy office table, your friend can organize all the business essentials into this padfolio. Not only does that make a good impression on clients, but it also saves time usually wasted looking for stuff around the workplace.

The padfolio comes integrated with a fully functional calculator. Besides that, it has separate compartments for pens, notebooks, and a padded pocket for a tablet.

Furthermore, the paper storage compartments are a good size with plenty of room, so your friend won’t have their documents scrunched or damaged.

The robust metal zippers are also strong enough to endure rigorous use and glide open effortlessly. To cap it off, this brand offers a 30-day user refund. So you can always get your money back if your friend doesn’t like the product.

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Cute Globe Office Table Ornament

Kurt Adler Globe Ornament

For those who looking for festive whimsical gifts for travel agents, Christmas tree ornaments are a great option. You can find such ornaments in endless designs and sizes, but this one caught my eye in particular.

It features a globe with popular destinations sticking out as labels from above it. These destinations include Rome, Paris, and Hollywood. Alternatively, there are other options that say ‘see the world’ and ‘have a safe journey.’

The ornament is ideal for anyone with enthusiasm for travel. Made out of high-quality resin, the ornament won’t break easily or look too cheap to be kept as an office decoration if not a Christmas tree ornament.

Customized Notebook

Travel Agent Gifts Lined Notebook Journal

Undoubtedly, good-quality notebooks make perfect gifts for travel agents, and how about this customized travel agent notebook with a cheeky message from CloudCorner Press?

In my opinion, that message effectively sums up a travel agent’s job description. They are miracle workers.

Besides flaunting the funny message, your friend can use this notebook to organize meetings, maintain client contacts, and maybe even write notes. The high-quality paper in the sturdy laminated paperback cover is compatible with all kinds of water and gel-based inks.

If you’re looking for the best gifts for travel agents on a budget, this should fit the bill.

Metal Airplane Bottle Opener

Metal Airplane Bottle Opener

Another travel-themed gift option for the travel agent in your life. These gold-plated airplane-shaped bottle openers make perfect gifts for travel agents who love their jobs and a zesty beverage.

Your friend can use them to impress potential clients at parties or display his love for travel. In addition, the protective gold plating ensures the products do not discolor or lose their shiny finish after long-term use.

The best part is these cute bottle openers are astonishingly affordable. This makes them a great gift option for those shopping on a budget.

Travel Agent Keychain

MAOFAED Keychain Travel Agent Gift

If you aim to present some unique gifts for travel agents to your friends and family, check out this keepsake travel agent keychain. This shiny stainless steel keychain comes with an attractive travel agent message to keep them inspired toward their profession.

The keychain is made of nickel and lead-free metals, ensuring no allergic reaction to sensitive skin. Besides, the high-quality material does not rust or tarnish, retaining its smooth exterior after rigorous use.

Furthermore, it has the message ‘Behind Every Great Journey is a Truly Amazing Travel Agent’ engraved on its surface. This effectively displays the amazing efforts that go into becoming a good travel agent.

Do you have a unique travel agent who has made your trips memorable? Then, this keychain would make a fantastic token of appreciation! Moreover, the keychain comes in a luxurious velvet bag, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping it before presenting it to your special someone.

Yearly Planner for Travel Agents

Yearly Planner for Travel Agents

If you know a travel agent highly dedicated to her job, this is the perfect gift idea for her. This customized yearly planner from Sirena Publishing will help your friend organize all her commitments, plans, and goals for every month of the year.

The sturdy paperback planner provides a 2-page planning space for each month of the year. The default layout has individual daily blocks and specified logs for passwords, birthdays, and to-do lists.

Your friend can jot down all the important events for the upcoming months and keep track of her work easily using this notebook.

Besides that, a total of 100 pages of the book are of premium quality white paper. This paper won’t let writing smudge or fade over time.

Moreover, the comprehensive planner is lightweight and portable. So even if your friend prefers writing her notes down instead of using their smartphone, this planner is easy to carry and manage.

Most importantly, it has cute travel-agent-themed drawings and borders on each page, making it one of the unique gifts for travel agents.

How Highly Effective People Speak: How High Performers Use Psychology to Influence With Ease

Book gifts for travel agents

Confused about getting a gift for an established travel agent? There’s nothing like getting some good reading material for professional development.

As I mentioned, a travel agent’s job involves dealing with potentially pesky clients and getting them on the same page. Similarly, they also have to develop diplomatic work relationships with high-end partners to ensure good customer service.

That’s why ‘How Highly Effective People Speak’ can be a useful gift and productive read for your travel agent friend. The book defines how to use psychological tactics while speaking with people to let them know your purpose and promote decision-making in your favor.

Furthermore, it explains the secrets to changing minds, winning over people, and influencing them through effective speaking. Written by Peter Andrei, an accomplished public speaker, the book has some interesting anecdotes and experiences from his life that your friend might find interesting.

Are you looking for cool gifts for travel agents that would help them in professional development and help them pass their free time productively? Look no further!

Colorful Airplane Paper Clips

80 Pieces Airplane Paper Clips

These are perhaps the most interesting articles I found while looking for cool gifts for travel agents. When we usually imagine a travel agent’s office, we picture a meek-looking place with mounds of paperwork and tour advertisements.

Luckily, you can add a pop of color to your friend’s office by gifting them these colorful airplane paper clips. Let’s face it: who doesn’t need paper clips when working with hoards of papers and documents?

This set of 80 paper clips in multiple colors is highly functional for office use. Most importantly, they are shaped like cute little airplanes!

These durable paper clips can be reused multiple times without losing color or integrity. Furthermore, they come with a handy storage box where your friend can store them when not in use.

Portable Water Bottle Filter

Brita Water Bottle Filter

Regardless of the weather, nobody can remain adequately productive throughout the day without staying hydrated. So, if you’re confused about getting a gift for a travel agent who already owns everything they need, this portable water filter is a good option.

While some might have water filters at their office, these portable filters by Brita can help them stay hydrated during on-site meetings and outdoor commitments.

Also, having a personal water filter during travel can help them replenish themselves with clean water anywhere they like.

This high-quality water filter from the world’s leading brand can fit into any 16.9 oz water bottle and remove contaminants and chemical traces. Most importantly, it will help your friend save up on additional bottled water costs during travel or at home.

If you have a travel agent friend and are concerned about their health, hydration or both, this is an ideal and affordable gift option they’ll use.

Travel Agent Client Logbook

Travel Agent Client Logbook

Good travel agents need to rope in new clients everyday to generate recurring revenue. This process of pitching clients involves retaining old ones and providing them with personalized offers and deals.

Remembering the details of every client isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s where this travel agent client logbook comes in.

If you have a friend or family member working as a travel agent, you can make this part of their job easy by gifting them this functional logbook!

This high-quality log lets travel agents record details about their clients. Additionally, it helps them record appointments, commitments, and other client details essential for providing impeccable service.

The 118-page book with a durable paperback cover is adequately sized and lightweight enough to be carried around.

Also, it includes alphabetically tabbed pages so your friend can record each client under their initials. Each page has specific boxes for names, addresses, phone numbers, and other essential details.

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Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massager

Shiatsu Shoulder and Neck Massager by MoCuishle

Believe it or not, booking flights, organizing tours, and answering calls all day can be exhausting. Even though a travel agent’s job does not involve extensive labor, they need occasional relaxation.

If you have a hardworking travel agent friend, this Shiatsu Shoulder and Neck Massager by MoCuishle is the perfect gift. The massager has eight kneading nodes that let you caress your tissues and muscles to provide soothing comfort.

Whether your friend is going through a mental or physical strain, this massager with infrared technology can help ease stress in a few minutes.

Besides the shoulder and neck, it can also be used on other body parts. These include the upper and lower back, thighs, calves, feet, and arms.

The soothing warmth improves blood circulation in the target area and relieves cramps and aches effectively. Furthermore, it has an ergonomic design with three adjustable massage levels to fit your friend’s needs.

The best part is the massager changes its direction automatically every minute to provide a thoroughly relaxing experience. So your friend can easily drift off to sleep, the massager will automatically turn off after 15 minutes.

Although I am just a humble travel writer and not an amazing travel agent, I have one of these. It is worth every penny. Although it comes with a higher price tag, it is a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

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Customized Office Mug

Classic Mug gifts for travel agents

This customized office mug is a foolproof gift option for idea-strapped buyers. If you don’t know your travel agent friend too well or can’t figure out what they might need, the good ol’ coffee mug is one of the safest items you can get.

This 11-ounce coffee mug is printed with a high-definition message on both sides. This means that whether your friend is left or right-handed, they can use the mug while flaunting their borderline contemptuous message.

Made with high-quality ceramic, the mug will last your friend a long time even after rigorous use. Moreover, it is entirely microwave and dishwasher-friendly for easy use and care.

Lastly, it comes within a nominal price range compared to the other gift options!

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