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10 Best Travel Bags for Golf Clubs

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Whether you’re planning a trip to Hilton Head Island for the weekend, Pebble Beach, California, or even Scottsdale, Arizona, one thing you have to take with you is your set of golf clubs. Having traveled across the world for the game of golf, I can tell you that there is always a lingering worry in the back of your mind that the airline isn’t going to treat your clubs well, and that’s going to impact your game.

Having the best travel bag for golf clubs makes the process a bit easier (or at least worrisome on those long flights). The good news is there are some excellent golf club bags for travel available today, and most of them can offer ample protection even on long flights with multiple connections.

As a frequent traveler, I have used a few different bags and, more than once, have been disappointed with the results of some products. They don’t hold together, my clubs still get scratched up, and they just make it hard for you to carry them around.

Should you buy a hard-case golf bag? Perhaps you want the comfort of a soft case golf bag. Either option can work if you buy a quality product. This is not the area to skimp on when it comes to protecting your high-end clubs for the next game.

Depending on how serious you are (and if you’re bringing your clubs with you, chances are good you are a pretty serious golfer!), it is worth spending some time finding the best golf travel bag.

But if you’re in a rush, here are our top five picks for the best golf travel bags!

Bag Top Features Price Rating
Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro Golf Travel Bag YKK Zippers, ITW Nexus buckles, Fits clubs up to 47 inches, Comes with pockets for golf shoes, Cordura exterior $521.96 5 stars
Alpha Golf Bag FXT ballistic nylon for protection, 2 top zip shirt pockets, 3 back zip pockets, Pockets for golf shoes, Leather side grab handle $995.00 4.8 stars
CaddyDaddy First Class Premium Padded Golf Club Travel Cover with Wheels 1000D ballistic nylon construction, 2 layers of foam and EVA padding, 2 large internal side pockets for balls and gear, Self-standing wheelbase $199.95 4.7 stars
Izzo Golf Padded Golf Travel Cover Collapses down to 12 inches, 1680D nylon exterior, EVA protective panels, 2 in-line skate wheels, Ample interior pockets for gear storage $234.33 4.5 stars
Sun Mountain Golf ClubGlider Journey Travel Cover 1200 denier polyester design, Pivoting casters for maneuverability, 2 interior pockets, Leg system for support $289.99 4.8 stars

Best Travel Bags for Golf Clubs

Wanna do a little more digging? Let’s take a closer look at our top ten best golf bags for travel.

1. Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro Golf Travel Bag

Club Glove Pro Golf Travel Bag
Club Glove / Amazon

This is a top-notch professional golf bag I’ve used before. The Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro Golf Travel Bag is designed with the reliability you want, and the limited lifetime warranty is a nice add-on. You can also choose the new upgradable unconditional warranty as well, which will give you more protection for the golf clubs.

Some of the best features of this golf club bag include an integrated, two-piece handle for easy lifting of the golf bag, two golf shoe pouches, YKK zippers for durability, and ITW Nexus buckles for overall functionality.


  • Features a Cordura exterior that’s a super durable golf bag material
  • Added foam interior offers nice protection for longer trips
  • Large enough for the longest clubs


  • It’s a bit pricy
  • Can be bulky

2. Alpha Golf Bag

Golf Bag by Tumi
Tumi / Tumi

Some of the best features of the Alpha Golf Bag include the ultra-durable FXT ballistic nylon, which works to provide strong protection from the clubs, two top zip pockets for golf shirts, three back zip pockets, and two side zip pockets big enough for shoes. The interior leather side grab handle is nice and comfortable and built to last, and the padded shoulder straps make long walks a bit easier.

The Alpha Golf Bag stands out from most golf travel bags because it’s luxurious and really looks like a professional bag. It’s very big, but lightweight enough to be comfortable for most golfers and has large pockets perfect for all of your gear.


  • Lightweight
  • Snazzy looking – a sleek option
  • Good pocket size


  • It’s not hard-sided, which makes long journeys a bit more risky
  • The design makes it a bit harder for those shorter to lug it around

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3. CaddyDaddy First Class Premium Padded Golf Club Travel Cover with Wheels

CaddyDaddy First Class Premium Golf Club Travel Cover
CaddyDaddy / Amazon

The utilitarian CaddyDaddy First Class Golf Travel Bag is built for long-term use and durability. The large pockets and the large wheels are highly functional features of this bag.

The last thing you will find is this bag failing you on the concourse in the United Kingdom (yes, this happened to me with a duffel bag, a budget-friendly option I used to use).

Key features include a durable 1000D ballistic nylon construction that can’t be ripped even with a pocketknife and two layers of foam and EVA padding to wrap around the club heads. The two internal side pockets are a good place for golf balls.


  • Nice, durable construction, especially with material and the strong hardware rivet designs
  • Competitively priced option overall


  • Doesn’t hold the largest of clubs
  • The self-standing wheelbase is nice, but it is a bit awkward to learn to use

4. Izzo Golf Padded Golf Travel Cover

Izzo Golf Padded Golf Travel Cover
Izzo / Amazon

The Izzo Golf Padded Golf Travel Cover helps keep your golf equipment safe. Very safe. You will find that you can easily collapse it and throw it in the closet when not in use, too. If you need to minimize the weight limit, this 8-pound bag is the perfect choice.

Some key features of this bag include its 1680D nylon exterior and EVA protective panels that absorb shock from someone hitting the bag.

It also has two inline skate wheels that are reliable and roll easily. It is also designed to be more like luggage in how you carry and move it.


  • Collapses down to just 12 inches when not in use, making it great for storage
  • Slender design makes carrying it through crowded airports easier
  • Super internal and external padding


  • Construction is good but it doesn’t quite seem like it will last for decades…
  • Needs a bit more storage with more pockets for shoes and balls

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5. Sun Mountain Golf ClubGlider Journey Travel Cover

Sun Mountain Golf ClubGlider Journey Travel Cover
Sun Mountain / Amazon

There are a lot of features about the Sun Mountain Golf ClubGlider Journey Travel Cover to like, but this cart bag is an excellent all-around solution for those who carry tons of accessories and need to store them all away neatly. Thanks to the standing bag design, it’s also nice that you don’t have to get on your hands and knees to open it and fill it.

Particularly nice about this bag is the 1200 denier polyester design that’s super durable and the leg system that provides you with one of the best standing bags. It offers tons of room to store your gear, including golf balls still in the box.

I love this entry from Sun Mountain (and Sun Mountain in general, really), and this isn’t just one of the best-performing bags on this list; it’s one of the best on the market – period.


  • Two-way zippers make packing up quick and easy
  • Solid option for those traveling in the rain and wanting a more durable product


  • The price can be a bit higher than some luggage bags
  • The weight is moderate to high, which can be hard for some people who want a lightweight pack

6. Darekuku Padded Golf Travel Bag

DAREKUKU Padded Golf Travel Bags with Wheels

The Darekuku padded golf travel bag is on wheels and designed to be reliable, easy to carry, and good for shorter trips.

Some key features include the 900D heavy-duty design for durability and a soft-sided and foldable functionality that’s super easy to use. The large capacity makes this a good overall bag, especially when it’s built to last. It’s also waterproof, which makes it a good rain gear choice.


  • Nice reinforced handle makes carrying it simple and comfortable
  • More affordable than other bag options
  • Really easy to use


  • Shoulder strap isn’t quite as comfortable as expected
  • The bag is durable but may not last as long as some others due to nylon material
  • Ever-so-slightly derpy aesthetics

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7. Himal Outdoors Golf Travel Bag

Himal Outdoors Golf Travel Bag in Black
Himal Outdoors / Amazon

The Himal Outdoors Golf Travel Bag is a durable product with a universal size to fit most golf clubs. It’s black and sleek and offers six pockets for your gear. It’s also at an exceptional price point.

Some key features include the 600D Oxford cloth design and thick pearl cotton reinforcing to provide ample protection for the clubs within the bag. The adjustable buckle straps are a good choice, and the wheels are durable enough for long walks to the car.

It doesn’t have a stand, which isn’t ideal, but its flat base will allow the bag to stand upright.


  • Velcro carrying handle is a durable and flexible choice
  • Smooth movement of the wheels helps you easily maneuver it
  • GREAT price


  • Lacks a stand
  • If you have two pairs of golf shoes, you may not have enough room for everything

8. Wolt Golf Travel Bag

Wolt Golf Travel Bag with Anti-Impact Support System
WOLT / Amazon

One of the nice features of the Wolt Golf Tavel Bag is its anti-impact support system to minimize the risk of damage to your clubs.

There are a few reasons to choose this bag to keep clubs safe, including the interior design and straps that help to hold the clubs in place, minimizing movement as you move through the country. The bag has superior club protection within and a durable exterior, so you can feel good when you store your gear in it.


  • Sleek-looking grey color that’s easy to spot in baggage claim
  • Folds up easily for storage when not in use


  • The Oxford fabric isn’t as durable as some other bag options
  • A bit heavy for a soft side bag

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9. Fired Up Golf Travel Bag with Wheels

Fired Up Golf Travel Bag with Wheels
FIRED-UP / Amazon

A top-rated option, the Fired Up Golf Travel Bag has a heavy-duty nylon fabric design that’s super comfortable to carry and durable. You’ll also really look the part wheeling this bad boy around.

Key features of this golf travel bag include lockable zippers for added protection and 1680D nylon material, which is super strong for the bag. The grab handle is comfortable and easy to use, and the included dust cover is a nice choice.


  • Strong, durable material that’s solid for most use
  • Smooth and silent wheels
  • Great value for money
  • Looks cool as heck


  • Does not offer a lot of raingear protection
  • Could use more storage for gear

10. Samsonite Hard Case

Samsonite Hard Case Golf Travel bag
Samsonite / Amazon

The Samsonite Hard Case Golf Travel bag has internal compression straps and smooth moving wheels that make it an excellent choice overall.

Some key features include an internal compression system that holds all of your gear in place and a hard-sided design for the best overall durability. Interestingly, it is still a lightweight ABD shell bag that is going to remain comfortable for routine use.


  • Exterior shell is super hardy
  • Interior padding quilted material adds extra foam cushioning for club glove protection
  • The bag features multi-directional spinner wheels that don’t get caught on carpeting


  • The prices range widely in bags, but this one is not a budget-friendly bag
  • Could use more storage for gear and better rain protection
  • Pretty ugly, even if you opt for a color other than basic black

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Tips for Buying a Golf Travel Bag

Just like buying luggage, consider your purchase bags on how often you like to travel and what your expectations are. I know I like to take golf trips often, at least every few months, which means I want high-performing golf bags I can count on to keep my gear safe. To help you, consider these tips.

First things first: you want to look good

Whether you are buying a men’s or women’s golf bag, your golf travel bag should make you look good. I, of course, only recommend cool bags, but you can choose whatever works for you, including a wide range of colors, camo bags, and those with all sorts of styling features.

Clubs are heavy

Travelers often forget how heavy it is to carry clubs through a big parking lot and airport. To minimize the impact, I recommend a lightweight bag. However, remember that the 10-pound bag doesn’t include all of your gear, like your golf balls, towels, car keys, and everything else you put into it.

A stiff arm is worth it

Think about a stiff arm. This adds more protection to the club head since the adjustable metal rod will protect the clubs from any damage as the bag moves around.

Choose one that is as long as the longest club in your bag. Nothing can smash the bag beyond that level, almost like a rollbar on a car.

Hard Case or Soft Case?

This is a big decision and one that often comes down to preference. Both can be protective, but hard-case golf bags will be further protective if they feature interior padding so the clubs don’t move around.

The benefits of a soft case are numerous, including that they tend to be lighter in weight, less expensive, and overall easier to transport. They don’t offer nearly the same level of protection, though.

I use hard and soft-side golf bags, which can be well-versed to meet your needs. I prefer a soft-sided bag simply because it is easier to carry and less bulky to lug around, and that’s important when you’re on the road. But if I fly somewhere and take my clubs on the plane, I always opt for a hard case.

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Durability and Overall Padding

Echoing the earlier point, durability is key. This is where customer reviews can be handy. Look for any durability concerns, such as complaints about rips and tears. You also want to consider how well those inline wheels function and if the zippers fail.

I find durability and padding among the most important features, especially since I’m not using a hard-backed case for most of my trips. I don’t want my driver to snap, nor for any of the club heads to wind up with dings in them that could throw off the entire game.

Look for ample padding – it simply has to be a few inches thick and hold the clubs in place so they do not move around.

Get a Stand Bag

In my opinion, stand bags are worth the money because they tend to be easier to set up when you are waiting in line at the airport or car rental. I also like a bag that is easy to set up, meaning you can set up the lines within minutes.

Choose a quality set of wheels

My experiences with golf travel bags with wheels have been, let’s say, less than desirable. In the past, I have purchased high-quality bags with great-looking features, only to find that the bag fails me when I try to move it.

Have you ever found yourself trying to race down the airport concourse to catch a flight for your stress-free golf trip only to find that the wheel on your golf travel bag is unwilling to move in the right direction? This is the stuff that happens to me.

Wheels are a must-have feature, though. My suggestion is to make sure you choose a bag with copious positive reviews regarding the ease of moving it.

You also want to be sure the wheels are covered in any replacement warranty. This is where I have found the breakdowns happen. The best bag is one that offers the equipment you need. Look at the reviews from customers to gauge this if you are unsure.

Years of unruly bag wheels have led me to a conclusion on which I will not budge: I recommend using inline skate wheels on all the bag options. You may prefer something else – good luck to you.

I find that, for the price, these offer the durability you need. They are not cheap, but the price tends to be exactly what you would expect. And the bag goes where it’s meant to.


Does Protecting Your Clubs with Golf Travel Bags Matter to Your Game?

It can do, especially if the bag prevents your shafts from snapping or the club faces getting dinged. You could play with damaged clubs, but that will not give you the confidence in every swing you need. Your game is better served when your clubs reach the destination safely.

What is the best way to take golf clubs on a plane?

When it comes to carrying clubs, a soft bag is easier, but hard-sided golf travel bags provide better protection, especially when they have padding to store your clubs within to keep them from moving around. Just be sure you know the airline rules.

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