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The 11 Best Travel Bags for Suits

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Business travelers must look professional at all times – even in transit! Okay, maybe, not in transit; however, once you’ve gotten from A to B, you still need to look the part, and finding the best travel bag for suits is a good place to start. Traveling with a suit is a challenge because a regular suitcase or backpack is unlikely to keep your suit looking sharp until you arrive at your destination.

To do that, you’re gonna need a suit garment bag. Travel bags for suits are specialty items that we may not necessarily use on all our trips; however, finding the right one is still important if you want to keep your business duds or that bridesmaid dress crinkle and wrinkle-free!

TL;DR The Best Travel Bag For Suits

We’ve done the research and can heartily recommend every bag in this article, but if you’re interested in the absolute cream of the crop, here’s our best of the best garment bags in an easy reference comparison list (you can check out the full list later in this article).

Category Product Features Best For Price
Best Luxury Garment Bag Briggs & Riley Wheeled Garment Spinner Spinner wheels, expandable, lots of pockets, carry on size Those who want a quality product and can afford to pay for it. $$$
Best Long Garment Bag Wallybags Deluxe Travel Garment Bag Lightweight, fits in overhead bins, attaches to roller bags Those who need to carry a long formal dress or wedding dress but are on a budget $
Best Budget Garment Bag Amazon Basics Tri-fold Garment Bag Budget-friendly, lots of pockets Budget-conscious travelers who want a basic carry-on garment bag for hanging garments of average length $
Best Laptop/Garment Bag Mancro Garment Bag Laptop pocket, carry on size, water resistant Nomads who must travel frequently with both their suits and their laptops or tablets $
Most Versatile Garment Bag Modoker Convertible Garment Bag Shoe pocket, duffel bag style, large capacity. Those who need to carry suits, dress shirts, and nice dresses who prefer a garment duffel bag $
Best Rolling Garment Bag Amsterdam Rolling Garment Bag Rollers, compression straps, zip pockets Those who need a lot of space, want to carry suits or dresses, and prefer the convenience of a wheeled garment bag $$
Best Garment Bag For A Long Trip Briggs & Riley Baseline Deluxe Wardrobe Spinner Spinner wheels, expandable, one-bag solution Those going on a cruise or other trip that requires formal dress who have a large budget $$$

The Best Travel Bag for Suits

With all that in mind, now it’s time to find the ideal garment bag for you. Here are some garment bags we consider to be the best, and we’ve chosen a variety of different styles and price points too!

1. Zegur Suit Carry-On Garment Bag

Zegur Suit Carry-On Garment Bag
Zegur / Amazon

We’re starting strong and simple. The Zegur Suit garment bag attaches to rolling luggage straps so that you can carry both a traditional bag and the garment bag efficiently. It meets carry-on requirements yet still holds up to three suits or dresses.

The waterproof bag has a sleek design that includes a main compartment, plus shoe and accessory pockets. It also has a large exterior front pocket with card slots and pen holders. It also has a padded handle for comfortable carrying.

The garment bag weighs 2.86 pounds and measures 22 inches when fully folded, meaning it will fit in the overhead bin. Overall, it’s a great bag that covers most bases, and it’s pretty cheap too.


  • Carry-on size that attaches to a rolling bag
  • Pockets for easy organization
  • Good value
  • Sleek design


  • Some customers said that the bag doesn’t always fit in the overhead bin on smaller planes
  • Doesn’t work well for long garments

2. Wallybags Deluxe Travel Garment Bag

Wallybags Deluxe Travel Garment Bag
WallyBags / Amazon

The water-repellent Wallybags Deluxe Travel Garment Bag is a simple, lightweight bifold garment bag that should fit the bill for most garments. It is about 45 inches long when unfolded, can hold up to eight hanging clothes, and still has room for shoes and other necessities. It also can handle long items, such as women’s long dresses. It also attaches to rolling luggage for ease of carrying.

When folded, the garment bag measures 30x22x3 and will fit in the overhead bin on most airlines if you lay it flat. It’s also pretty good value for money.


  • Carry-on size that conveniently attaches to the handle of a rolling bag
  • Can handle long dresses
  • Water repellant


  • Some reviewers say it lacks sufficient pockets for carrying other items
  • No straps to hold the garments in place

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3. Amazon Basics Tri-fold Garment Bag

Amazon Basics Tri-fold Garment Bag
Amazon Basics / Amazon

Working to a budget? Amazon Basics offers a good budget option with its tri-fold design garment bag. It holds up to three suits or dresses and has room for belts, ties, shoes, and toiletries.

Several mesh zipper pockets provide extra storage space. It also has a strap to fit into a suitcase handle.

Most reviews say the bag is well made and keeps suits wrinkle-free. They rate it a good value.

However, it has no hooks to hang the bag, so you’ll have to buy your own or rig a solution in your hotel room. Despite the downsides, this bag is an extremely cost-effective option.


  • Good budget option
  • Interior pockets for extra space and organization


  • No hooks

4. Modoker Convertible Garment Bag

Convertible Garment Bag with Shoulder Strap, Modoker Carry on Garment Duffel Bag for Men and  Women
Modoker / Amazon

The Modoker Carry on Garment Bag/Duffle converts from a garment bag to a duffel bag easily. Because it is shaped like a duffel, it is easier to carry than most garment bags.

It has a 45-liter capacity organized into a main compartment, side pockets, and hidden pockets. Additional space is created when the bag rolls into a duffel. The garment bag/duffel also has a built-in shoe pouch.

The fabric is scratch-resistant and water-resistant. It weighs 2.53 pounds and holds up to two suits or dresses.

Most domestic airlines and some international airlines will accept it for carry-on; its soft sides help it fit despite its dimensions slightly exceeding maximums. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, which makes sense for a duffel bag, and a back strap so that it fits over rolling bag handles.

I love this bag; I think it looks great, it’s practical, functional, multipurpose, and even at full price, it’s an absolute bargain. Aside from being a decent garment bag, this is one of those bags that you could consider for one-bag travel.


  • Convertibility to a duffel
  • Spaciousness
  • Back strap


  • Zippers can be stubborn sometimes

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5. Degeler SkyHanger

DEGELER SkyHanger - Carry on Garment Bag with unique Titanium Suit Hanger
Degeler / Amazon

The German-engineered Degeler SkyHanger is an extremely lightweight garment bag, weighing just over 1 pound. It is handmade by a family-owned company too, so you’re helping out a relatively small business.

Its water-resistant exterior nylon fabric comes in a variety of colors, some of them bright and cheerful, which is rare among garment bags. It features a titanium hanger that accommodates three suits or dresses and two small and one large pocket inside.

The hanger’s unique design prevents pants from slipping off. The SkyHanger also has an outside laptop pocket that accommodates a 16-inch or smaller tablet or laptop. When folded, the bag is around 21 inches in its longer size, meeting carry-on regulations for most airlines.

If I have one complaint, it is a little pricey compared to others on this list. Now this might just be me, and I get that it’s a smaller company making these, but it does feel slightly less substantial than others on this list for the money they want for it.


  • Featherweight
  • Titanium hanger
  • Laptop pocket
  • Carry on


  • Long dresses will need to be folded three times
  • A bit pricey

6. Amerileather Garment Bag

Amerileather Leather Three-suit Garment Bag
Amerileather / Amazon

Made of very soft cowhide leather and weighing around 4.6 pounds, the Amerileather Garment Bag is a heavy-duty option that holds up to three suits. It’s easily one of the more stylish garment bags on this list, and you’ll cut a pretty clean figure with this over your shoulder.

The Amerileather bag features both door and closet rod hangers. It also has zippered outside pockets and clasps on each side for security.

Customer reviews say that the garment bag is well-made, but it is a little short for some garments. I’m also not totally convinced this is the best choices at full price, based on its capacity. If you can grab it in a sale, go for it!


  • Stylish and well-made
  • Durable
  • Both door and rod hangers
  • Secure clasp


  • Doesn’t hold longer clothes, such as a wedding dress
  • Some say the clasps are hard to get undone
  • Not as much practical bang for your buck

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7. Amsterdam Rolling Garment Bag

Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag, Black, One Size
Travel Select / Amazon

The Amsterdam Rolling Garment Bag combines the ease of a rolling suitcase with the functionality of a garment bag. It has inline wheels and a retractable handle system to make it easier to maneuver through the airport. It also features compression straps and can expand for up to 25 percent additional space.

At 23 inches, the bag is just over the limit for carry-on luggage on many airplanes. Using the expansion feature makes carrying it into the cabin less likely. It’s at a fair price for capacity and functionality, generally retailing for about $100.

Other features include clothing tie straps and zippered pockets. Most reviewers say the garment bag is of good quality, but most were also required to check it rather than carry it on the plane.


  • Rolling garment bag
  • Compression and expansion capabilities
  • Good quality
  • Decent price


  • Must be checked

8. Briggs & Riley Wheeled Garment Spinner

Briggs & Riley 21" Carry-On Wheeled Garment Spinner
Briggs & Riley / Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley is a premium brand with premium quality and features in all its luggage, including the 21-inch wheeled garment bag. The bag is made from water and abrasion-proof nylon and can accommodate several suits.

It also has internal pockets and a front pocket for your keys, passport, and phone. A SpeedThru pocket helps you access items quickly at checkpoints.

Its spacious center tie-down adds compression and a removable zip-in panel allows for longer garments. It also features a SmartLink strap that allows you to attach two bags together.

The bag’s cushioned handle is comfortable and ergonomic. A plus for travelers is that the spinner garment bag has a Travel Sentry TSA Approved Lock that allows security authorities to open, inspect, and relock your luggage without damage.

Being Briggs & Riley, this is very much at the higher end of the scale when it comes to price, but you can take some of the sting out of that as you can also order the bag with your own personal monogram – money well spent!


  • Premium quality luxury garment bag
  • Carry on rolling garment bag
  • Features to make passing through security checkpoints easy
  • Compression and extension panel for longer garments
  • Ability to attach it to another bag


  • More expensive than most travel garment bags

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9. Mancro Garment Bag

Garment Bags for Travel, Large Suit Travel Bag for Men Women with Shoulder Strap
Mancro / Amazon

The Mancro Garment Bag is one of the best bags for carrying a laptop and a suit. The front pocket is padded and protected by other pockets that surround it.

The bag has other features, too. It is water-resistant and has two internal zip pockets for other items.

It has reinforced handles and soft sides, which make fitting it into an overhead compartment easier. Its internal hooks help keep suits wrinkle-free during transit, and it has a built-in shoulder strap.

The folded bag is 22 inches long x 22 wide and 3.5 high, meeting the requirement for carrying it on the plane. The price is one of the main draws for me, normally retailing for less than $40.

Customers generally praise the bag, saying it is quite spacious. One customer review I came across complained that the bag was wider than their other carry-on, making traveling with both bags difficult.


  • Perfect for carrying laptops and other electronics
  • Carry-on sized but plenty spacious
  • Great price


  • Does not attach well to other carry-on bags
  • Some customers complain that the external zipper doesn’t stay shut.

10. Nomatic Garment Bag

NOMATIC Garment Bag- Premium Black Nylon Garment Bag
Nomatic / Amazon

If you’re looking for something simple, no-nonsense, and high-quality, this one is for you. The Nomatic garment bag holds up to three separate suits and has a separate shoe pocket.

It is 21 inches tall and can handle both men’s and women’s clothing well. Its materials are durable and water-resistant. It has a roller luggage sleeve and a shoulder strap.

Customer reviews say it is a professional-looking garment carrier and doesn’t slouch when zipped. One customer complained that the location of metal wires poked holes in his suit, although this seems to be an isolated incident.


  • Durable, water-resistant materials
  • Roller luggage sleeve
  • Separate shoe pocket
  • Professional look


  • One customer complained about the metal wires

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11. Briggs & Riley Baseline Deluxe Wardrobe Spinner

Briggs & Riley Baseline Deluxe Wardrobe Spinner
Briggs & Riley / Briggs & Riley

Ah, the best till last! The Briggs & Riley Baseline Deluxe Wardrobe Spinner is a large one-bag solution for transporting suits and formal wear, along with a large number of other items. It is a checked bag with very durable ballistic nylon fabric and self-repairing zippers with double pulls.

The luxury bag has three sets of hanger brackets to hang up to eight garments and secures your clothes with tie-down straps and compression. It has a removable zip-in extended panel for longer garments.

It has interior and exterior pockets to help you maximize space and organize your wardrobe efficiently. It also has two corner accessory pockets.

The garment bag also has an impact-resistant aluminum handle with multiple stop heights and spinner wheels that turn 370 degrees. The top carry handle is ergonomic and cushioned, and an additional grab point is at the bottom of the bag. A SmartLink strap allows you to link this bag with another one.

The garment bag has several features to help you move through security gates quickly, including a pocket that allows quick access to items and a Travel Sentry Approved Lock. You can have the garment bag monogrammed.

This high-quality garment bag holds 6,278 cubic inches and weighs 16 pounds, but with such quality comes a cost; this bad boy sells for about $1,000+. Consider buying only if the contents are more valuable than the bag!


  • Premium wheeled garment bag
  • Holds enough suits, formal wear, and other items for a long trip or cruise
  • Features ease passage through security
  • Extremely durable


  • Expensive

Choosing a Travel Bag for Suits

Two types of travel bags can carry suits. A “suiter” generally is meant for one suit or dress only, while a garment bag may carry more than one dress or suit or a suit and shirt.

Garment bags come in three types. Bi-fold bags fold in the middle, and the bottom either zips, tips, or attaches to the top so that you can carry or hang the bag as one piece. They are among the most common suit bags.

Tri-fold garment bags are typically small and fold up compactly for transit. They work well if you only need to carry one or two suits.

Rolling garment bags fold and roll. They tend to be larger and heavier than bi-fold or tri-fold bags and work well for longer trips. They also tend to be more expensive than foldable garment bags.

If you plan to have a rolling traditional suitcase, you might find an additional rolling bag difficult to handle. On the other hand, many wheeled garment bags can function as your only suitcase for the journey.

When choosing a suit garment bag, consider how many items you want to hang and whether your travel style leans more toward folded or wheeled bags. Good garment bags are available at all prices, so don’t feel like you need to spend an arm and a leg for a decent one.


The best travel bag for suits varies with the individual; however, some highly-rated garment bags have certain key features. The first key feature is that the garment bag has a warranty and is manufactured by a reputable, quality brand. The materials should be of sufficient quality so that the bag doesn’t crease when it’s folded over.

If you are buying a rolling garment bag, check that the wheels are of high quality. Wheels built into the frame are generally the most durable. A rolling garment bag also should have a high-quality, extendable handle.

Another feature is that the bag easily holds the suits or dresses you need for your trip. Travel-friendliness is also an important feature; tri-fold design will easily fit in the overhead bin, while a bi-fold or rolling garment bag may need to be checked.

If you plan to travel with only a garment bag, having one with additional internal compartments is critical for organizing your other items.

Having external pockets also can be handy, especially if you are carrying your garment bag on the plane. You can place your passport, boarding pass, and headphones in the external pockets for easy access.

Zippers should work smoothly and be durable. And the bag should have an inconspicuous hanging loop for hanging the bag in your hotel room.


When considering size, decide what you need to put in the garment bag and whether you want to carry it on the plane. A carry-on bag will typically be less than 21 inches on its longest side, while a checked garment bag is often 40 inches long or longer. You can often gain additional space in smaller garment bags by using packing cubes, especially those that compress items into a small space.

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What are the best garment bags for travel?

The best travel bag depends on your needs and preferences. Some people prefer rolling bags; others prefer bifold or trifolds, and still others prefer a garment duffel. In general, however, you should look for a high-quality bag from a reputable company with a warranty.

The bag should be sturdy enough that it doesn’t crease when folded. Internal and external pockets can help you organize your items. If you plan to carry your garment bag onto the plane, it needs to meet the airline’s size requirements.

Unless it is your only carry-on bag, a feature that allows it to attach to your other bag may be helpful. If you plan to carry long formal dresses, be sure the bag allows for them.

How do I properly pack my suit in a travel bag to avoid wrinkles and damage?

If you are using a garment bag, you first drape your pants over the bar of a quality suit hanger. Then put your dress shirt and jacket on the same hanger, pulling the shirt sleeves through the jacket.

Then you put the suit in the garment bag and fold the bag. A quality garment bag will do the rest.

Are there any travel bags for suits that can also accommodate other clothing items and accessories?

Yes, many garment bags for travel have interior and exterior pockets that can accommodate other clothing items and accessories. Some of the larger garment bags can serve as your only bag for your entire journey. The Briggs & Riley Baseline Deluxe Wardrobe Spinner is the perfect one-bag for suit-toting travelers.

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