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18 Best Boutique Hotels in New York City

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New York City holds a little bit of just about anything you could never wish to see, experience, taste, or do in a city. Pretty broad categories, it’s true–but one of the additional areas that New York City excels in is the boutique hotels it offers.

These are the types of stays that can define entire trips to the city, like staying in a now-refurbished Gothic seminary or a comfortable, jazz-infused accommodation in the diverse Greenwich neighborhood. Much different than your typical stay at the likes of a chain hotel, boutique hotels give you a sight into a more unique world, or perhaps one that’s been left in the past. 

As luxurious and unique as some of the hotels on this list may be, they aren’t part of chains like Holiday Inn, or the Ritz-Carlton. Each of these stays has their own quirks and features.

For example, many lack traditional pool and spa services that travelers may have become accustomed to enjoying. Others might not have their own in-house restaurants, either.

Either way, the hotels on this list have found ways to stand out by offering glimpses into the past with historic locations or offering features and services you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re traveling to New York City and are considering a less traditional accommodation experience, this article will guide you through a well-curated list of hotels that certainly meet that criteria.

Best Boutique Hotels in New York City

1. The High Line Hotel

The High Line Hotel building exterior
The High Line Hotel /

Address: 180 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011, United States

Originally a grand seminary in the 1800s, this Neo-Gothic architectural masterpiece tells a story that’s hard to find anywhere else in the bustling metropolis of New York City. Inside, the hotel’s decor features a proprietary collection of carefully preserved antiques.

Stained glass windows and a welcoming fireplace in the lobby create a cozy, inviting space that’s perfect for relaxing after a day of exploring the city. The High Line Hotel features 60 rooms that combine antique, Victorian-style furniture, rugs, and upholstery with a touch of modernity. Rooms are well-lit, with throws, books, potted plants, and reading areas for extra comfort.

Located just next to its namesake, High Line Park, the hotel offers access to one of the prettiest and most unique green spaces in New York City. It’s a great place to stay if you want a quieter accommodation experience while maintaining some connection to nature in the city. 

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2. Merrion Row Hotel and Public House

Merrion Row Hotel and Public House room interior
Merrion Row Hotel and Public House /

Address: 119 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036, United States

Down the street from Times Square in Manhattan, the Merrion Row Hotel and Public House offers guests an accommodation experience that’s filled with eclectic charm and genuine warmth. The establishment itself is somewhat of a nod to New York’s Irish-American history, featuring rich, dark wooden details and furnishings that are equal parts cozy and elegant.

Because of the mixture of vintage accents with modern light fixtures and pops of (mostly green) color, the hotel gives off a vibe that’s both antique and modern. One of the hotel’s highlights is its on-site restaurant and pub, the Public House.

It serves guests an authentic Irish pub experience with a bunch of traditional Irish food and drink options and the dark, smoky aesthetic that Dublin establishments serving Guinness on tap are known for. It’s a great place to get comfort food while also relaxing over a beer and people-watching as crowds enter and exit the Square just outside.

The rooms continue the effortlessly suave precedent set by the hotel’s lobby and restaurant area. Lodgings have pock-mark tiles in the bathrooms, real wood flooring, white-painted doors with gold and brass accents, contemporary art, and plenty of amenities. 

3. Made Hotel

Made Hotel, New York Room Interior
Made Hotel /

Address: 44 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001, United States

Stepping inside the 4-star gem that is the Made Hotel, guests are met with a pleasant blend of industrial chic and artisanal charm that is very much ‘New York.’ Located in the NoMad neighborhood, the hotel reflects the cultural and economic change that the surrounding area is undergoing.

It has a very artisanal spirit, featuring artwork from local artists and featuring a handmade, rustic aesthetic throughout its premises. The main lobby is extremely well-lit, with 2 stories of floor-to-ceiling windows that graciously light up the wicker and wood furniture and reflect off the metallic light fixtures hanging down from above.

Each of the Made Hotel’s 108 rooms features a continuation of this aesthetic, with wood flooring, whitewashed walls, and pleasant accents and features throughout. The hotel also offers a second accommodation option in the form of larger suites on the higher floors.

These spaces have sweeping views of the downtown area and feature outside patio areas. The cushioned all-weather couches and chairs are perfect for relaxing and socializing with groups.

The Made Hotel also offers a unique dining experience, combining a communal urban kitchen with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The main restaurant is Debajo, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an indoor and outdoor setting and is the new tapas bar on the block. 

Speaking of bars, the hotel provides Good Behavior, the rooftop bar on the 18th floor, serving tiki-inspired cocktails and other beverages, as well as the Lobby Bar (guess where that is) and Paper, a coffee shop for pastries and caffeinated beverages.

4. Walker Hotel Greenwich Village

Walker Hotel Greenwich Village building exterior
Walker Hotel Greenwich Village /

Address: 52 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011, United States

With Georgian-style architecture reflecting the ‘Golden Age’ of New York, the Walker Hotel in Greenwich Village is a comfortable and luxurious accommodation that blends charm with premium, contemporary style. The facade is constructed of brick and large, steel-paned windows, which sets the tone for entering into the lobby.

The space is historic and comfortable.  Rooms at the Walker feature leather furniture, patio spaces (for some rooms), and a functional environment that’s utilitarian and stylish.

Rooms feature workspaces, large beds with plenty of storage, and Art-Deco aesthetic touches. Guests are treated to spa-like bathrooms with black and white tile and marble bathtubs for an extra bit of luxury that fits in with the hotel’s theme of early 20th-century New York. 

The hotel features some amenities, like an on-site gym and fitness area. The comfortable and well-decorated bar area is covered in darkly stained wood.

Dining at the Walker Hotel is also quite nice, as the establishment features Society Cafe, a modern eatery set in a classic dining room that’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Parlour is another nice addition to the hotel, a space for conversation, cocktails, and live music. 

5. Ace Hotel New York

Ace Hotel New York room interior
Ace Hotel New York /

Address: 20 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001, United States

Ace Hotel New York occupies a piece of land in Manhattan’s Midtown area and is a combination of history and contemporary culture. The building was first constructed in the early 20th century and still retains much of its historical elements.

The inside of the hotel, beginning first with the lobby, is a much different feel, though. It’s colorful and energetic and can best be described as an industrial design meshed with the neighborhood’s eclectic culture. It’s decorated with modern art and other elements. 

Rooms at the hotel are thoughtfully designed, and each has its own personality. They feature retro industrial-chic furniture and upholstery, oftentimes featuring walls decked out with modern art or miniature murals.

Amenities are somewhat standard, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. High-count linens, spacious interiors, well-lit spaces, and large bathrooms ensure a comfortable stay.

The hotel places a strong emphasis on hosting live events, from music to other cultural experiences, like art shows and exhibitions. It’s also located conveniently next to the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden, so it’s a good hotel to use as a base for deep-city exploration.

6. The Frederick Hotel

The Frederick Hotel room interior
The Frederick Hotel /

Address: 95 W Broadway, New York, NY 10007

Upon entering The Frederick Hotel, guests are immediately provided a sight of its sophisticated, warm-toned 19th-century architecture. The lobby’s furnishings create an excellent balance between the raw, historic beauty of the building with the comforts that a modern traveler would expect from a boutique hotel. 

Lodgings at The Frederick Hotel prioritize comfort and convenience and are reminiscent of the hotel’s overarching aesthetic theme. Clean lines and neutral colors emphasize the size of the rooms.

Rooms come fitted with premium linens and large beds, floor-to-ceiling windows, muted blue-toned color palettes, and mismatched boutique furniture. Leather couches and patterned armchairs create a cozy and somewhat rustic environment.

Located in Tribeca, the hotel offers prime access to many of the area’s shopping, entertainment, and dining options. It’s also close to transportation hubs, making travel throughout the city extremely convenient. As for additional amenities, the Frederick Hotel has an on-site gym and a host of well-established restaurants. 

The first of these is Serafina Tribeca, a longstanding Italian restaurant serving traditional fare in an inviting setting. The hotel also has Primo’s, a stylish diner-style space for enjoying cocktails, as well as Starbucks and Sweetgreen for breakfast and fast-casual dining.

7. The Ludlow Hotel

The Ludlow Hotel room interior
The Ludlow Hotel /

Address: 180 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002, United States

An accommodation marked by industrial-chic Parisian aesthetic, the Ludlow Hotel, located on the lower East Side of Manhattan, is a 4.6-star hotel that’s worth a visit. Colorful accents brighten up an otherwise darkly lit space that exudes an early 20th-century presence. 

The hotel features a range of amenities and features, like a hotel garden which offers a quiet outdoor space for guests to sit and socialize during the warmer periods, and an indoor fitness center with free weights. Also available at the hotel is Dirty French, the on-site signature restaurant, which serves classic French-American cuisine. 

Rooms are comfortable and excellently decorated at The Ludlow, featuring hardwood floors, custom-made Moroccan lampshades, and silk rugs to create a comfortable ‘getaway’ space. Some of the rooms also feature private terraces, which is always a nice touch. The hotel is also down the street from the New Museum, the Tenement Museum, and world-renowned Katz’s Delicatessen. 

8. The Standard, East Village

The Standard, East Village room interior
The Standard, East Village /

Address: 25 Cooper Sq, New York, NY 10003, United States

Perched on the edge of the vibrant East Village, the Standard Hotel stands out from the rest of the lower-story surrounding area by adopting an extremely modern, forward-thinking architectural design. This isn’t the same Standard Hotel that’s famous near the High Line, but it’s every bit as elegant.

The lobby is very minimalist but is well-lit and inviting and does well to reflect the culturally diverse spirit of the East Village neighborhood. Floor-to-ceiling windows provided panoramic views of the streets outside, so guests never feel too far (nor too close) to the action. 

Room decor is very modern and minimal, with neutral colors and tones that are designed to maximize light reflection within the space. Light is prevalent enough as it is, too, since each room has large windows that pour in light. Coupled with the fact that it’s the tallest building around, there’s nothing obstructing the bright morning light or soft evening sunset from entering the room. 

Dining options at The Standard include Narcissa, the primary on-site eating option, and The Top of the Standard–the fittingly-named rooftop bar and lounge area. The hotel also features a garden for further connection to nature within the city.

Being located in the cultural hub that is the East Village, The Standard is within walking distance of St. Mark’s Place, Tompkins Square Park, and a bunch of art galleries and other destinations. It’s a great location for modern travelers.

9. Washington Square Hotel

Washington Square Hotel room interior
Washington Square Hotel /

Address: 103 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10011, United States

A small, cozy, and truly boutique hotel, the Washington Square Hotel is an accommodation that comes in at the mid-tier price range. The affordability makes it accessible for travelers with an eye on their budget who still want a premium-feeling lodging experience.

The hotel offers slightly Hollywood-inspired rooms, with long velvet-red curtains hanging from the ceiling and vintage photographs of actors and actresses, the likes of Audrey Hepburn, on the walls. Washington Square Hotel balances Art-Deco aesthetics with contemporary comfort, resulting in a quiet and cozy vibe with a welcoming lobby.

Guests have access to the bar and lounge for socialization and relaxation. The warm color palette, early 1920s and 1930s elements, and dark woods accentuate the atmosphere.

Guests can come downstairs to dine at Washington Square’s main on-site eating option, the North Square Restaurant & Lounge. North Square serves a mixture of classic American fare and international dishes.

This hotel is also the first establishment on this list that offers a rejuvenating spa area as well as a fitness center, so guests can stay relaxed after meeting their gym goals on the road. Washington Square Hotel is within walking distance of numerous tourist attractions, some of which include New York University, countless cafes and shops, restaurants, and art galleries. 

10. NobleDen Hotel

NobleDen Hotel room interior
NobleDen Hotel /

Address: 196 Grand St, New York, NY 10013, United States

Affordable, clean, contemporary, and welcoming to all types of visitors, the NobleDen hotel is an admirable accommodation option in the heart of the city. It really offers bang for your buck as well as a premium lodging experience. 

Rooms are compact but well-designed, with comfortable workstations covered in stone, large windows with blackout curtains, plush bedding, wooden floors, and rolling chairs. The pleasantly modern aesthetics balance functionality with beauty. 

One of the best selling points of the NobleDen Hotel is its direct status as one of the few boutique establishments to be located inside Manhattan’s Little Italy. This culturally rich area has so much to offer, from delicious traditional Italian cuisine to coffee shops serving real Italian espresso, gelaterias, bodegas, and bakeries. 

The hotel, aside from featuring balconies in most rooms, also has a rooftop terrace from which guests can admire the view of the bustling downtown area. Aside from the hotel’s location ensuring that guests have access to some of the best Italian food in New York City, the NobleDen Hotel is also near the Lower East Side, SoHo, and the Brooklyn Bridge. 

11. Arlo NoMad

Arlo NoMad room interior
Arlo NoMad /

Address: 11 E 31st St, New York, NY 10016, United States

Another excellent accommodation option in the NoMad neighborhood, the Arlo NoMad is a stunningly modern yet extremely comforting hotel that balances whitewashed tile and walls with rich, dark wooden textures to create a vibrant atmosphere. Sun bounces off the oak tabletops and cherry-red cabinetry, lighting up the compact spaces.

Compact is certainly an apt descriptor of the lodgings at the Arlo NoMad – if anything, it’s perhaps the most authentic New York accommodation experience, right? The rooms, while small, are extremely well designed, with large beds occupying every inch of space right up to the signature floor-to-ceiling windows. Bathrooms feature stand-up showers that also have floor-to-ceiling walls. 

Native plants, warm reclaimed wood furnishings, and intricate, handmade textiles adorn the interior of the hotel’s lobby and socialization areas. The contrast between exquisitely modern rooms and the overall design aesthetic creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s easy to lose time in.

Speaking of which, the Lobby Bar–the only on-site dining option–offers light fare and plenty of drinks. The hotel’s standout feature, though, is its 31st-floor terrace. It’s perhaps one of the best hotel views you can get in this part of town, especially once it becomes dark. 

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12. Freehand New York

Freehand New York room interior
Freehand New York /

Address: 23 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010, United States

Located in a historic establishment from 1928, this artsy hotel is situated in one of New York’s most culturally bright and active districts–the Flatiron District. It’s a 3-minute walk from the nearest subway station, making travel a breeze, and is only a minute from the Gramercy Theater music venue.

With art by local students decorating the walls, the Freehand offers stylish, compact, shared rooms with modern amenities. Some lodgings have bunk beds, which is an excellent option for people traveling with children or in larger groups. The hotel does offer larger suites, though, with those options coming in 1 and 2-bedroom forms.

Freehand New York offers one of the city’s only North African restaurants, a unique and vibrant option that stands out from the rest of the dining options downtown. The hotel also offers a vintage, chic cocktail bar and a 24-hour gym, as well as a game room for socialization and relaxation.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the aptly-named Freehand Hotel, given its focus on artistry, is the establishment’s resident artist program. One-year Freehand Fellowships are granted for multi-disciplinary artists allowing them to live, exhibit, and work at the hotel.

13. Sonder The William

Sonder The William room interior
Sonder The William /

Address: 24 E 39th St, New York, NY 10016, United States

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, Sonder The William invites you to step back in time and experience an intimate take on the Big Apple’s glamor. This modern boutique hotel is set in a beautifully refurbished building and combines a convenient, highly central location with a premium accommodation experience.

The exterior of the hotel is marked by its classic architecture that fits right in with the rest of the midtown landscape. The lobby takes a more minimalist approach, however, creating a pleasant contrast and offering a simple kind of peace among the decadence and business of the neighboring facades. 

Rooms at Sonder The William feature neutral colors, contemporarily-styled furniture and upholstery, large spa-like bathrooms, and curtains made with rich fabrics that can be pulled back to create black out the tall–while somewhat thin–steel-framed windows. The hotel uses technology to streamline guests’ process of check-in and communication to create more time for a more customized and convenient stay. 

Being in the downtown area, Sonder the William Hotel is next to some of the most famous landmarks in all of Manhattan. Grand Central Terminal, the Chrysler Building, and Bryant Park are all right there.

14. The Wallace

The Wallace, New York room interior
The Wallace /

Address: 242 W 76th St, New York, NY 10023, United States

A boutique hotel that’s situated in the Upper West Side of New York, the Wallace offers a luxurious and modern retreat. It’s characterized by contemporary architecture and a sleek, chic aesthetic design.

The main lobby features soft lights with clean lines and minimalist furniture to act as an extension of the contemporary exterior. Rooms are decorated with custom furniture, with comfortable beds and wooden accents visible throughout.

Some suites also offer small kitchenettes, countered with marble and fitted with soft barstools. These additions open up the space and add to the cozy and modern feel of the lodging. 

Amenities such as free high-speed WiFi, TVs, and custom toiletries come standard with the hotel’s rooms. Fine dining is available nearby, as the Upper West Side is known for having some of the best restaurants in town. The Wallace is planning on opening a cocktail bar and lounge, so be on the lookout for that. 

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15. CitizenM New York Times Square Hotel

CitizenM New York Times Square Hotel lounge area
CitizenM New York Times Square Hotel /

Address: 218 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019, United States

Cozy, chic, and yet integrated with nature–at least, as much as an establishment in downtown New York can be–the CitizenM Hotel, situated right in Times Square, is an excellent accommodation option for people wanting a premium experience. This highly-rated 4-star hotel offers guests an art-filled lobby as soon as they step inside the precipice and a space that’s designed for communal living, with cozy nooks for working and socializing against colorful art installations. 

Rooms at CitizenM are compact but designed efficiently and embody a “smart luxury” ethos. Each room is equipped with plenty of high-tech amenities, such as a tablet to control lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems.

Lodgings feature large, comfortable beds–thanks to efficient space management– along with wall-to-wall windows offering city views. Despite their size, the rooms provide a comfortable, functional space that caters well to the needs of every kind of traveler.

Dining is downright fun at the CitizenM, with the hotel’s 24/7 canteen offering a range of meals, snacks, drinks, and time for socialization in a comfortable setting. The hotel is also great for people traveling on business, as the establishment features a bunch of communal spaces designed for working and collaboration, equipped with plenty of charging ports and free WiFi. 

16. The Greenwich Hotel

The Greenwich Hotel building exterior
The Greenwich Hotel /

Address: 377 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013, United States

The first 5-star hotel on this list, the Greenwich Hotel, is perhaps the most deserving of the ‘boutique’ title. Owned by renowned actor Robert De Niro, this boutique hotel is celebrated for its distinctive style.

The Greenwich blends elegant materials and Italian-inspired comfort with the character of a classic New York City townhouse. Parts of the hotel are also dedicated to displaying the work of De Niro’s late father, Robert De Niro Sr. 

While approaching the hotel, guests are immediately presented with a comforting historical facade of brick and ivy that is extremely compatible with the charm of the Tribeca neighborhood. The hotel’s lobby is warm and inviting and features hand-laid Moroccan tile, curated art, and a refined international aesthetic. 

The rooms at The Greenwich Hotel are individually decorated, ensuring that no two stays are the same. Each room is a showcase of craftsmanship, with features such as reclaimed wood floors, hand-woven Tibetan silk rugs, and custom-made furnishings.

The attention to detail extends to the luxurious bathrooms, many of which are outfitted with deep soaking tubs and unique tiling. Marble, mosaic, brass, tile, glass, wood, and stone–these are truly some of the most beautiful spa-like bathrooms that we’ve ever reviewed.

Dining at the Greenwich Hotel is also nothing short of incredible. Locanda Verde offers an Italian menu inspired and run by chef Andrew Carmellini and sports a rustic ambiance, the likes of which you might be able to find in a Tuscan townhouse.

The hotel also offers a unique Japanese Spa, Shibui Spa, that has a lantern-lit swimming pool, a lounge, and various treatment rooms. It’s inspired by a 250-year-old Japanese farmhouse and certainly looks the part. 

17. Artezen Hotel

Artezen Hotel room interior
Artezen Hotel /

Address: 24 John St, New York, NY 10038, United States

An extreme contrast to the previous hotel, the Artezen Hotel is an affordable accommodation experience in the heart of the city. Artezen offers a well-curated and highly nature-infused aesthetic further accentuated by bright, modern interior design.

It’s located in the Financial District and is known for offering personalized service and having excellent attention to detail.  From the outside, the establishment is surprisingly unassuming.

The main lobby and subsequent rooms feature a calm and elegant color palette with refined lines and clean edges. The refined atmosphere gives way to the rooms, designed for comfort and convenience, that, while they aren’t the largest we’ve seen, offer plush bedding with ample space for storage and relaxation, along with up-to-date technology for a connected stay. 

The hotel offers a yoga studio and a well-equipped gym for fitness and relaxation. The amenities do stop there, as there’s no onsite restaurant.

However, being in New York City and specifically well within the confines of the Financial District, everything from street-corner food to Italian bodegas and fine-dining establishments is just around the corner. No hotel restaurant just means you’ll have to explore.

18. Boro Hotel

Boro Hotel, New York room interior
Boro Hotel /

Address: 38-28 27th St, Queens, NY 11101, United States

Tucked into the heart of Queens, the Boro Hotel offers 108 ultra-modern, ultra-industrial-chic rooms. A plethora of meeting spaces and communal areas are designed to foster socialization and productivity, all at an affordable price point. 

Architecture meets aesthetics in the concrete and steel facade of the Boro, setting a modern tone that is reflexive of Long Island City’s industrial culture and history. The interior of the hotel features clean lines, raw materials, and spacious areas with an abundance of natural light, thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Rooms continue the design aesthetic with comfortable furniture and bedding. The polished concrete floors reflect the light coming in from each lodging’s large windows while also providing excellent panoramic views of downtown Manhattan, Queensboro Bridge, and the surrounding areas. 

The hotel’s location in Long Island City allows guests direct access to a range of art galleries and exhibitions, museums, eateries, top-tier shopping areas, and much more. One final feature of the Boro Hotel is the excellent rooftop bar, which provides a space to enjoy cocktails and even better city views. 

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