10 Best Colleges in Germany for Military Spouses

Aerial view of RWTH Aachen University Campus

Which are the best colleges in Germany for military spouses? If you are an army spouse needing to further your education, this article will be significantly helpful.

Military service members move a lot depending on where they are stationed. Most usually tag their spouses and families along to their new stations. This may mean having to start afresh in each new station.

While their husbands or wives are busy serving, military spouses usually have a lot of time on their hands. Some choose to get jobs, while others prefer to further their education.

Many world-class colleges offer physical and online classes for military spouses in Germany who want to study. They offer a wide range of programs on a full-time or part-time basis. If you fall into this category, below are some of the best colleges in Germany for military spouses you can try out.

Best Colleges in Germany for Military Spouses

Let’s get into a few college options for military spouses in Germany.

1. HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration

Based in the city of Hamburg, this college offers a unique approach to education. It allows students to combine learning with on-the-job training.

The college has partnered with over 300 organizations nearby to allow students to gain work experience as they contain their education—this benefits military spouses who may struggle to find internships or work as foreigners.

The college offers business, economics, law, engineering, humanities, and social science courses. These programs are offered on a full-time or part-time basis.

With a population of just 1000 students, the school is ideal for those who want a small university. The population is also divided, with about 13 percent of students being from abroad. Military spouses do not have to worry about being the only foreigners.

Another thing that makes HSBA one of the best colleges in Germany for military spouses at that it has programs that are taught in English. Also, the college offers scholarships to deserving students.

2. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Locomotive in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
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KIT is a renowned center of learning in Germany. It offers over 100 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in engineering, social sciences, architecture, and environmental sciences.

The college also offers students a chance to pursue a double degree. This allows you to pursue a degree at a German university of excellence while also studying for another degree at a foreign university of your choice. For military spouses, you can choose a university from your country of origin for strategic reasons.

Alternatively, you can also choose a degree in the English language. This offer applies to both German and international students. And in case you are moving to Germany briefly, you can take advantage of the school’s exchange prog, Ram, where you can only study for one to two semesters.

Again, this is a golden opportunity for military spouses whose partners have a temporary assignment in Germany. This underscores why KIT is on this list of the best colleges for military spouses.

3. Central Texas College Europe

Central Texas College has a few campuses spread across Europe. One of them is in Kindsbach, Germany, and is one of the best colleges in Germany for military spouses.

The college prides itself on providing accessible and quality education to a diverse student population. The college aims to promote access to education, completion, and employability through its many offline and online programs. The Central Texas College Europe is accredited by regulatory bodies in the US and Europe to offer a range of programs. They include:

  • Automotive mechanics
  • Early childhood professions
  • Emergency medical technology
  • Hospitality management
  • Criminal justice
  • Paralegal/legal assistance

The classes are taught on base or in nearby facilities. If the course you want is unavailable at the German campus, there is the option of Europe Distance Learning which is offered online.

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4. Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich is one of the most highly regarded universities in Germany and across the globe. It has a population of over40, 000 students. Of these, more than 10,000 are international students; thus, it is one the best colleges in Germany for ex-patFor that reason, military spouses from overseas will be in good company.

The university offers high-quality academic programs that enable students to excel in their careers. The programs offered include;

  • Computer science
  • Economics
  • Architecture
  • Medicine
  • Sports and health science

The language of learning is German. But if ycan’tn’t speak German, there are over 65 programs at the college that are taught in English. The college also goes out of its way to offer individualized support to the students. It also has initiated programs targeted toward female students.

Military spouses, especially women, are, therefore, in good hands. As a result, TUM is one of the colleges in Germany for military spouses.

5. Free University of Berlin

The "Rostlaube" (rusty building), Free University of Berlin, FU Berlin
Silvia Friedrich / Shutterstock.com

Founded in 1947 with the US government’s support, the Free University of Berlin is now among the elite colleges in Germany. The university offers a wide range of programs to enable its students to gain the necessary skills to deal with 21st-century challenges.

It has eleven departments: education, psychology, medicine, cultural studies, pure and applied sciences, business, and economics.

It has about 25 programs that are taught entirely in English. The college also offers intensive German language courses for those who want to learn the language. So non-German speakers like military spouses from abroad can take advantage of these two programs.

About 21 percent of the student population comes from outside Germany. This figure rises to 27 percent of amoMaster’sr’s students. This is another reason why the university is one of the best colleges in Germany for spouses.

The university has established hundreds of close-knit relationships with other institutions and countries. This gives their students access to invaluable and resourceful contacts.

6. University of Maryland Global Campus

The University of Maryland Global Campus Europe (UMGC Europe) is another college in Germany that caters to military spouses. The Europe main campus is in Kaiserslautern, Germany. UMGC is accredited to offer education services to the military community, including serving members, their spouses, dependents, and veterans.

It is crucial to note that UMGC has a global reach and continues to offer educational opportunities to students in over fifty locations, mostly in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. So, military spouses do not have to discontinue their studies when they move stations. This is why it is among the best colleges in Germany for military spouses.

There is also a robust support system through their academic advisors, who are always available to assist students. Military spouses are also eligible for tuition assistance, other education benefits, and financial aid.

Some programs include communication studies, accounting, human resource management, and computer science. The classes are offered in-person and online for maximum flexibility.

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7. Heidelberg University

The university is in the city of Heidelberg, which has three campuses. It has over 600 years of tradition, founded in 1386.

Heidelberg has a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs totaling over 160. This includes courses close byre of modern languages, social sciences, biosciences, theology, computer science, astronomy, American studies, and medicine.

Like many other German colleges, instruction is done in GermaButver; a few programs are also taught in EnglisRegarding of diversity, one in every five students at the university is an international student. Over 130 nationalities are represented in the college. Military spouses would blend in comfortably.

The university has a robust student exchange program that allows its students to learn and understand a different curriculum. Another thing worth noting is that the university has the best library in Germ, with over 3.2 million books. Do you see why it is among the best colleges in Germany for military spouses?

8. RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University Aerial View
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Located in the historic town of Aachen, this is one of the best ten universities in Germany, and it is still comparable with other prominent universities, as it has a population of 45,000 students. International students account for a quarter of that population.

RWTH Aachen University offers its programs both on-campus and online. Military spouses will be spoilt for choice because of the many courses the university offers. They include;

  • Computer science and natural sciences
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Arts and humanities
  • Business and economics
  • Medicine

The university has also forged valuable relationships with the industry. This makes it easy for its graduates to get employment during and even after their studies. And if you can’t speak German, the university offers about 41 study programs in English.

And for the needing for financial aid, the university has different scholarship opportunities. You should strongly consider RWTH if you want to study in one of the best colleges in Germany for military spouses.

9. OU Extended Campus

The University of Oklahoma Extended Campus has over fifty years of experience offering non-traditional education. Through innovation and flexibility, the college provided global higher education opportunities to military-affiliated students, including service members, contractors, and their spouses and dependents.

The college has campuses in Germany, including Geilenkirchen, Ramstein, Stuttgart, and Wiesbaden. This means military spouses can access the school irrespective of their station in Germany.

The college also has a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, most read in English. The university also has an online campus designed to deliver the agenda in a highly interactive and practical manner; the college can serve students with varied work schedules and lifestyles, making it one of the best online colleges in Germany for military spouses.

OU Extended Campus has also started offering master’s education, human relations, and international relations programs. Financial aid is also available to military spouses.

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10. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich Building
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The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU Munich) is one of the top universities in Europe. It is renowned for its cutting-edge research and high standards of instruction.

With over 500 years of history, it is one of the oldest universities in the world. It offers world-class education to thousands of students from Germany, Europe, and across the globe. The international student population stands at 7,000.

The curriculum is highly diversified,ied with courses s as theology, law, business administration, social sciences, medicine, languages, and physical sciences. In addition, over 30 lessons are taught in English to accommodate non-German-speaking students. This shows that it is one of the best colleges in Germany for military spouses.

The university has also cultivated partnerships with over 400 institutions of higher learning across the globe wide. This offers students a chance to participate in exchange and joint-degree programs. Military spouses wanting such an experience should therefore consider studying at LMU Munich.

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